Sorry T^T

Hello guys, its been a while.

Firstly, I like to say please stop the emails asking this and that, like I replied to each and everyone, I don’t have time this year for my story, that its on a stasis because I am on my critical year of my college life.

Yes! I am about to graduate, I just need to deal with my thesis papers then after I will proceed to implementation. If you are wondering what my so called thesis is all about, it is a robotic arm controlled by hand motion with multiple degree’s of freedom, quite costly but I can manage so far.

Enough about my ramblings, I am just posting this to let you guys know that this year 2016, I will be on stasis. I did assign a friend to post the available chapters…but I guess he was lazy or probably forgot about it.

When will I return? probably around 2017, January 1? or this coming December.

I Apologize for suddenly disappearing without word, but I do have a very good excuse, I went on a tour for a month or so, I did not bring my laptop with me, and it was an educational tour to boot. Me and my partner went to different schools around the world…yea right, maybe just around 2-4 countries and around 20 universities?

PS: I am sorry again, but I have my responsibilities as everyone else does. So I will try to binge some chapters this coming Christmas… Don’t get your hopes too high up though, since you might get disappointed 🙂


Sincerely yours;


Quote “Life is short, why not do something worthwhile before its too late?”