I need Help :(


Many many thanks to Shia Veldr, with out her, I don’t know If I could have finished ProofReading(The Adventure of Jman) my chapters Alone. If I can, I would have already kissed her lolz. XD, (just a figure of speech, no lustful thoughts behind it…promise….ok maybe a little hehe Lolz joke.)

but to sum it all up, I thank you from the bottom of my heart Shia Veldr. 

Now I can concentrate on my other stories a little bit more.

expect new chapters for The tale of a slave today.

and thanks again Shia Veldr




7 thoughts on “I need Help :(

  1. jormlung

    Sadly I neither have the time nor the skill to help you :s my grammar being what it is. But I hope you find someone to help you man! Good luck!


    1. thnx man, I got your email :). I be sure to update tale of slave and new world online soon. I explained it on my reply on why there is delay on my updates these past few days.


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