Many thanks

Hello guys, Its been a day or two now since I posted a Donation button.

I didn’t expect much but, the result is still shocking. I don’t know what to say but, thank you.

To show my sincerest thanks, I decided to each send those ‘donator’s’ an Email.

If you had receive the Email please don’t spread it around, Its not much but its all I could think of as an appreciation of thanks from me.

I know its a hassle but, believe me that the password I sent  you guys will be a very big help 1-2 weeks from now, since I would be releasing a chapter after another this semester break. of course the chapters are scheduled, but if you received an Email from me, then  you only need to input those password at the password protected chapters and you can read in advance before the others.

PS: If you donated and did not receive an Email from me, please inform me.

Thank you once again,

Sincerely yours;


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