Chill down -_-

Hello again… *sigh*


First things first, I put a scheduled chapter mainly because, I create stories, I don’t translate or magically summon a story.

Note to those who keep mailing me about me being unfair because I put password…well, its a scheduled chapter, what do you expect? it’s suppose to be released on the scheduled date.

I also had read questions such as, why do others can read it before the scheduled date?

ans: I didn’t exactly know how to repay their kindness, so I decided that I might as well give them some leeway…you know, like a VIP or something.

and also about the questions, are you asking money for every chapter that you write?

ans: well, actually no. whether you guys, donate or not, scheduled chapters get released on their scheduled day one way or another. but hey, I write stories, not as easy as translate an already written story/ web novel.

The point is, I need time to write, and I need resources such as…did you really think about those sex scenes? why can I write them so exact, like I experienced them my self?

Duh of course I experienced them my self for example the sex with master Octavia and Mia scene…, by the way not on a whore, so I experienced it first hand and wrote it on my story. of course I added a bit more to what exactly happened, but the Idea is there no?

So to sum it all up,

To write a story, I need time, Inspirations, research materials…might as well some real time experience (Lolz)

and also the mood, since I am basically still a college student, and I need to concentrate on college and stuff. Specially my part time Job.

Speaking of my part time Job, I’m going on a training tomorrow for 2-3 days on my part time Job. Seriously, I wanted to ask my boss why I needed to attend the training…I am only a part timer, but I decided to just follow what my boss wanted and be done with it, I don’t exactly want to get fired from my part time job do I?

And by the way, to those again who donated that did not receive an Email within 3 days since they donated, give me a heads up on my Email.

5 thoughts on “Chill down -_-

  1. Well, I can’t speak for others, but I do appreciate your stories. As an honest reader of your work, I am impatient to read the stories due to liking them and finding them somewhat different than the norm, but I know you are HUMAN. I hope………….Well, I just hope for the best and will continue to appreciate your stories either way, so good luck and do your best with your life and hopefully your written works.


      1. Ah, thank you.I just believe its every reader’s duty to leave a comment and say your thanks every once in while. Still, i appreciate the Email and wish you luck.


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