Hello guys,

I just came back from my part time job training. and it was one hell of an experience!

I never knew I had to juggle wine bottles, damn I broke a couple of bottles before I got it right. Then I was stationed at night duty… which is horrifying  (T^T).

By the way, the ladies are nice and hot though…but my time that I could offer for my stories got lessen again.

What’s more, tomorrow until next week is going to be a one hell of a week for me. I will defend my system that I created in every subject at Uni… then at night I am on duty for my part time job for around 6-8 hours. (T^T) Life is unfair.

And I also need to apologize in advance. I did promise continuous chapter this coming semester break…but It so happen that I needed to get another part time job in order to save up for my college tuition.

I already have a part time job ready for me this coming semester break, and here is the schedule.

1:00 pm up to 7 pm I am on duty in a restaurant.

then from 7:00 pm up to 3:00 am I am on a night club doing a bartender part time.

So from 3:00 am up to 8:00 am I am sleeping.

then from 8:oo am upto 11:59 am I am vacant, so that span of time I will dedicate for my stories. Since I am tight on my schedule, I might casually update but some of the chapter’s or rather the majority of it are going to be (To be scheduled).

Of course those password protected chapter’s which are titled (To be scheduled) will be open to public one way or another.

But bear with it for while because I am just so busy and my schedule is pack to the brim.

Don’t worry after I save up 500$ for my tuition, I promise to immediately quit my morning part time job this coming 2 month semester break. By the way my wage monthly is around 200 bucks or so, but hey if they tip me, I can save up that 500 bucks easy. (I know it’s a small wage, but its a part time job nothing I can do about it…)

Ok I gotta be honest, my parents did gave me allowance and tuition…but thing’s happened and I kinda spent it all up…

PS: 5 Hour’s is enough to write a decent chapters, so don’t worry too much ^^ well…unless I do somehow get a sudden urge to laze around on my break time then there won’t be any chapters…

PS: If you wanna know what system I current have to defend this coming week and the next. its Book store monitoring system and Bus ticketing reservation system. If you wan’t a copy of my system just give me a ring on my Email.

PPS: I decided to put one of my friend fiction story here on my site. so expect it in a couple of days or so. You guys might have read it already though. but I am doing a little bit of proofreading on it right now. I wanna know what you guys think about it.

Your’s truly;


7 thoughts on “Back!

  1. James

    That sucks. I hope you’ll have a steady life bro.
    I see a couple of to be scheduled chapters and I am so going to read them now. hope you continue on writing, I’m dying to know what will happen with Josh and Mia when they start attending the academy.


    1. That was a fast reply…
      Don’t you ever go to school? or work? damn I envy you.

      and shhhs don’t spoil please. I will forgive you this time, but the next time you spoil. you won;t be able to read those password protected chapter’s any longer.


  2. Damn, that’s gotta be tough. I wish you the best though and just hope that you don’t push yourself too much. On the bright side, the ladies may make the job worth it all the more


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