Apologies :(

Sorry for the hiatsu guys. I have just gotten out from the hospital from a heart attack.

It seems I have a coronary artery disease (CAD) or the sickness of atherosclerosis. I am sadden upon learning that I have this sickness, I mean I am still young to have a heart sickness. the doctor even warned me to take good care of my health, and I mean physical health. Its not Like I am very very fat, its just that I am very busy and I kinda forgot to exercise and I am kinda chubby now I guess.

I was even warned that I might not even live past 30 years old  (T^T)

I am feeling really down right now, I have two part time jobs and the free time which was supposedly going to be the time on which I will write new chapters and post is now going to get shorten. I need to exercise and take good care of my self if I want to live past 30years old. (I’m 23 now)

When I was on the hospital bed lying. I had plenty of time to think about my life. And I reach a conclusion that I will just post and update my novel from time to time, there will be no fix update time.

Its because I need to take good care of my health, the doctors said I could take an operation or daily supplements.

but lets face it, I don’t have that kind of money for operation and supplements, so I will just have to with exercising and eat healthy foods from now on.

Sorry again guys but please understand, I am a student with two part time jobs, and now I have this heartsickness.

I wish I could just pass this sickness of mine to those other people who has it easy on their life :(.

PS: Heart attack is no joke, I could have died. But I guess it was not my time yet. I need to prevent a 2nd heart attack from happening.

sincerely yours;


16 thoughts on “Apologies :(

  1. I have to agree with Daniel, just try to improve your health. I know my words may be meaningless, but I sincerely hope for you to just do your best and simply do what you think what you wish to do or think it best.


  2. Kllick

    That’s why you should dedicated yourself more to write “A World with Two Moons” and drop the others cause they don’t have much harem served for us 🙂


  3. Zachary Kotlerman

    I understand your efforts to improve your health. My personal (and soon to be professional) suggestion, if you are willing to try something new, is to find a chiropractor in your area and make sure your spine is healthy. 🙂 Good Luck and good health to you!


  4. Obreezy

    I know that chapter 14 has been released but I can’t read it not to mention it’s not on japtem were you usally post your chapters is there a way you can let us fans read it please and still post the new chaps on japtem.


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