Apologies again….

I apologies guys…again.

I was going to post the next chapter of ‘A world with two moons’ today. But unfortunate things happened and I lost the whole chapter, I think it was some kind of virus. Since I literally lost the whole chapter 15, I don’t know what or how it happened.

So to make it up to you guys, I will instead post the prologue of my latest and final work.

Introducing, Conquest Online. Prologue

7 thoughts on “Apologies again….

    1. I don’t know, probably 3 days from now or a week or two, I am writing chapter 15 from scratch again.
      And to be honest, I am having fun writing new chapters of ‘Conquest Online’
      I don’t know when I will be able to post the chapters of Conquest Online, but so far I am satisfied on what I had currently written, all I need is proofread.
      PS: I am looking for a proofreader, give me a nudge on my yahoo if you are interested, I can share my blog(This blog) to you, that means you can access this blog and can leisurely edit etc…


      1. mivaels

        … What? 😱😱 anyway goodluck
        Oh wait a minute i got 1 more question ….!
        By anychance did you edit your story yourselves since the start? and obviously it will take some of your time too 😓


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