Hello guys, It’s been a while.

Another sincere apologies from me guys.

I have been unable to update my stories since I have too much problems that is needed to be dealt in ‘RealLife’.

But I assure you that now I have somewhat lessen that burden of mine.

I will now talk about my current stories.

A world with two moons – is a fantasy base story that I written from various fantasy manga, anime, and novels that I have read over the years of my entire life. Since it is written from those various manga, anime and novels that I had watch and read, then some parts here in ‘A world with two moons’ may have been taken out from those other manga, anime and novels. It’s just a tiny bit just to make this story a bit interesting.

New World Online – is a Virtual Reality base story that I have written from those various Virtual Reality anime, manga and novels. Well to be honest my motivation at first was from watching SAO(Sword art online) and as time pass by, I started to read/watch those other manga, anime, and novels about VirtualReality and wrote this story base on those awesome manga, anime, and novels. But, I wrote this story with a 95%originality…well the content anyway.

Conquest Apocalypse – is the last and final story that I will write(Unless one of my current three story ends). I always wanted to write a story about zombies and such ever since I watched the movie ‘Resident Evil’ and the series of ‘The Walking Dead’. Those two is most likely the two movies that gave me motivation. Then again, I already read and watch some manga, anime and novels like HoTD and such. I admit that they also gave me motivation, but 85% of my motivation came from the movie ‘Resident Evil and The Walking Dead’.


And here is the new chapter of Conquest Apocalypse. Chapter 1

If you guys are wondering like “W-wait a minute, wasn’t this story previously called Conquest Online?”

Then my answer is “Yes, thing’s happened and when I wrote it somehow I got the urge to watch again the movie ‘Resident Evil and The Walking Dead’. ”

When I wrote chapter 2 and so on, things gone hi-wire and zombies entered the story and I decided there and then that I will not write another VirtualReality aside from ‘New World Online”.

My current Stories:

A world with two moons – Fantasy

New World Online – VirtualReality

Conquest Apocalypse – Zombies…


PS: As of now I am still busy with RealLife problems, but I will surely promise to try and keep posting new chapter/s each month.




4 thoughts on “Hello guys, It’s been a while.

    1. If you are talking about chapter 14, then it is already out, but I still have not updated the index, so you can try searching it on the Pages on the right part of the screen in front of you.
      But chapter 15… hmm maybe this month? if I have free time ^^


  1. Thanks for the info, and good luck with the RL problem. Now, I understand why I noticed one or two references from the stories. Then again, I actually found those references funny. They just made the stories more awesome than it already was.

    Liked by 1 person

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