Hello guys, I am embarrass for not posting new chapters these past few weeks.

I previously already stated my reasons for being away and not posting any new chapters.


Good news is,

I am now not too pressed with RealLife problems. My health is improving, my thesis is almost done

(Well, maybe not, since my thesis this time is to build a 3 Axis Gimbal, if you guys wanna know what a Gimbal is, you guys can just search it in google ^^ )

Expect new chapters these upcoming days.

Bad News is,

Some one/ they  (well 5 people emailed me so) said to me to make a proposal of having a sponsored chapters.

The first guy said to me if I am too hard pressed with RealLife problems I could ask my readers for support. But I am embarrass to do so, so he propose to me to do sponsored chapters, so are the other 4 people who emailed me.

So here is what I decided to do.


50$ of donation will get 1 sponsored chapter’s of A world with two moons.

25$ of donation will get 1 sponsored chapter’s of New World Online.

10$ of donation will get 1 sponsored chapter’s of Conquest Apocalypse.


Here’s how it will go,

I will start doing sponsored chapters for A world with two moons starting now until the end of February.

Then the whole month of March will be for New World Online.

and lastly the month of April will be for Conquest Apocalypse.

I will be doing Sponsored chapters Alternately since I have no confidence in doing them at the same time.


No worries, regular posting chapters will be the same.

1 chapter per month for A world with two moons (Fixed)

1 chapter per month for New World Online. (Monthly release of chapters might increase depending on my RL situation.)

Unknown chapters per month for Conquest Online (I am still planing and deciding which path MC does)


So every Donation that I get starting from January until the end of February will be  be part of ‘A world with two moons.’ sponsored chapter.

So far donation is 15$/50$ in the month of January – February.


I owe you guys a chapter for A world with two moons and New World Online this month, so maybe a day or two from now I will release them.


PS: Sponsored chapters will be release within 24 hours.


Reason for doing a sponsored chapter,

I read the advice people sent me on my Email, and I got touch to the point of wanting to try them out. I have no expectation since I am only an amateur(Self proclaimed) writer. But donation’s are gladly accepted and will be properly rewarded.


Many thanks for the donation


and the other 3 anonymous guys (Since they want to stay as anonymous)

You guys are awesome.



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