Sorry T^T

Hello guys, its been a while.

Firstly, I like to say please stop the emails asking this and that, like I replied to each and everyone, I don’t have time this year for my story, that its on a stasis because I am on my critical year of my college life.

Yes! I am about to graduate, I just need to deal with my thesis papers then after I will proceed to implementation. If you are wondering what my so called thesis is all about, it is a robotic arm controlled by hand motion with multiple degree’s of freedom, quite costly but I can manage so far.

Enough about my ramblings, I am just posting this to let you guys know that this year 2016, I will be on stasis. I did assign a friend to post the available chapters…but I guess he was lazy or probably forgot about it.

When will I return? probably around 2017, January 1? or this coming December.

I Apologize for suddenly disappearing without word, but I do have a very good excuse, I went on a tour for a month or so, I did not bring my laptop with me, and it was an educational tour to boot. Me and my partner went to different schools around the world…yea right, maybe just around 2-4 countries and around 20 universities?

PS: I am sorry again, but I have my responsibilities as everyone else does. So I will try to binge some chapters this coming Christmas… Don’t get your hopes too high up though, since you might get disappointed 🙂


Sincerely yours;


Quote “Life is short, why not do something worthwhile before its too late?”

7 thoughts on “Sorry T^T

  1. Carter

    I understand that you are busy, I was just wondering can I get the passwords so I can finish reading you stories. I’m in Afghanistan right now and I like your work


  2. Asura

    Hi, after your post i checked every 2 days if maybe i mean maybe you posted 1-2 chapters or the code for the locked ones, kinda cant wait any longer :/ is it possible to get the code for the already existing chapters or do we need to wait till you get active again? btw if i remember correctly you sayd that at 100k views you gonna post 1 chapter from each story 🙂 , know you are bussy ,but would appreciate it if you gave me an answear 🙂


  3. Cell

    Hey buddy its mid january just wondering are u coming back to your stories anytime soon or are they dropped. Just wondering necauae u dont see stories like yours that much around the internet and just wondering if you are coming back.


  4. Cell

    Hey buddy its march you coming back soon or are we just going to have to gind something else. I really like your series and i would hate for them to be dropped is there away we can see them update anytime soonnplease because i really want to know what happens in the zombie apocalypse one were the girl duped her great boyfriend for some rich guy. And the giy who has a vampire wife please let us know.


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