A world with two moons

Ever been in love? well I know I weren’t at first except… I met them 1 by 1 with different circumstance’s and situations.

I did not even know that we were meant to be together. hell I did not know it was still possible for me to learn what is love. and to actually fall in love.

With all the crazy things that happened I though that I would forget all about love and such. but I was wrong. At the end, they came for me.

Not just one, not two. but a lot of them came and sought for me, chased me and showed me how much they love and cared for me.

It all started when I met her, she was my very first love. she was my everything and now she is part of my everything. I lost her then, I found her again, this time I shall not let her go and so the others that loved and cared for me.

I really am glad that I manage to land to this planet. I have a harem*cough* I never knew life could be so wonderful if we just have to live it fully and enjoy it while we can.

Now come and read my story and learn all of my adventures.
-WARNING- this FF will contain Mature content as I update this,
* Sexual
*Foul language’s


Chapter 1  Chapter 11

Chapter 2  Chapter 12

Chapter 3  Chapter 13

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

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