Chapter 0 – Prologue

In the year 2489, the earthlings was already making their way into space, heck they even made massive warship, battleship etc… and made colonies on the moon. They slowly captured and ruled each planet around their solar system. Using their massive warships and combat units, yes I am referring to those 3 story high mechanical robots… is it gundam? Well… call it whatever you want?.

You guys must be wondering why I said, “their solar system” right? Well it’s because no one really knows how large the universe really is. And how many light-years it is apart from each solar systems.

Of course humans are one of the intelligent beings. But humans are also one of the most greedy beings born. They keep waging wars with each other for supremacy, even though they manage to capture all 9planets(?) in their solar system.


Josh a 18year old white haired with supple and toned muscled body from his daily training since his childhood, his height is 6.2ft, Josh struggled since birth. Because he literally have no parents because his parents died from the never ending wars that humans wage with one another. He was told that his mother gave birth to him in a middle of a battle field… yes it was the colony that his parents were at. The opposing forces attacked that colony and it became a battle field.

His mother gave birth to him successfully in a supposedly safe area. But unfortunately the colony itself could not withstood the attack of the enemies’ battle ships, which cause the colony to fall apart. His parents together with other civilians were going to escape through a pod, But since there were too many of them. They just decided to let the children escape which leaving the adults and elderly in a collapsing colony.

Josh parents left Josh to the daughter of their close friend, Diane, Diane is 2years old with a pinkish hair and a cute face…((Yea all children are cute)). Diane is happened to be the daughter of a Colonel. Her father is the Colonel of the Earth’s federation.

Since both of their parents were close, Josh was adopted to the family. 2yearshad past Diane’s father died in a never ending war. Josh then were abused by his supposedly step mother. And Diane who is now 4years old were being taught by her mother how to treat lower class people. Yes on how to treat them like trash and such.

Josh was treated to be the house…butler… no he was treated lower than a butler. He was abused and sometimes the step mother won’t even give food to Josh. Because her husband… yes the previous Colonel of the Earth federation, were infatuated to Josh mother. Or we could say that he was in love? Even though he was rejected on their teen years, and he ended up with a woman who he does not love and had a daughter name Diane…

Of course the step mother knew it. That’s why she was venting her anger to Josh and even Diane also started to look down on Josh. When Josh was 6years old, the best friend of the late Colonel visited and saw Josh malnourished face, even though the stepmother did not leave any injury on Josh’s body. Bern, the name of the late Colonel’s best friend.

Bern decided to take care of Josh, he even paid the stepmother a large sum of money just to have her give up on Josh. Bern is what you may call Businessman that’s why he can afford to pay the stepmother a large amount of money just for Josh.

Diane click her tongue upon seeing that her plaything is going to be taken away from her. Yes Diane would often bully Josh verbally.

“Hi, my name is Bern, what’s yours?” asked Bern to Josh with a gentle smile on his face


“Nice meeting you Josh, starting today I will be the one who will take care of you”

“Re-really?” Josh face brightened and turned towards Diane and smirked because he is now free from the two devil who somewhat mistreated him.

Upon seeing Josh smirked for the first time, Diane’s face twitch and you can easily see that she was angry…yes very angry indeed.


Over the years, Mr. Bern, Josh’s current stepfather, had Josh trained in all kinds of combats, martial arts, weaponry (includes swords and guns) and piloting (those mecahnoids thingy and all kinds of battleships) heck he even had Josh house study with a personal private tutor

More years has passed and now Josh is 16years old, Mr. Bern forced Josh to enter the best military school, yes the school is located on the moon. The entrance exam was a cinch, since Josh excels in every field, weather in combat, athletics or academics.


On the first day of school the instructor introduced Josh to the class,

“Ok, class we have a special transfer student” said the instructor to the his students in a somewhat good mood

The students clatters with each other, the males were hoping for a cute and beautiful girl, and the females were hoping for a handsome cool guy. Of course it was the latter

When Josh entered the supposed to be class room, which is designed somewhat unique, the class room is designed like some kind of mini opera house or something like that, the trainer or what we should call the teacher is at the center while the student is sitting in a somewhat in a row higher than each other, yes somewhat like an elevated position.

The females were somewhat restless when Josh entered the classroom, while the males clicked their tongue in disappointment.

“Ok, go on introduced yourself” said the Instructor to Josh

“Hello, I am Josh Maizen, my dream is to become the Colonel of the Earths federation”

The students smirked some even laugh because they all knew that the next Colonel is going to be Diane, because Diane’s mother had re-married the current Colonel and of course Diane would inherit the position of Colonel when she graduate.

And then a pinkish long haired female with a voluptuous body and beautiful face stood up and stared at Josh and then she said

“hey you, I remember you, your that trash who brought bad luck to my family.”

Josh flinched upon hearing the Pinkish haired beauty, of course he could not forget who she is, how could he forget one of the demons who abuse him when he was a child, yes it was Diane. He did not replied and just smiled back at her. This caused Diane’s face twitched from anger because Josh had just ignored her, and even just smiled at her. Which is for her is kind of insulting.

There was tension in the air, and it was the instructor who broke the tension and started the class. and After the class, 4 bulky male and Diane approached Josh.

“Hey trash, come outside for a sec I want to test your skills if you are truly worthy of being a special student, or if not it just shows that, your step father is just using his vast amount of money and bribed the school” said Diane to Josh with an evil smirked on her face

Then Josh stood up and he leaned towards her, closed enough that others would mistook Josh of kissing Diane, then he distanced himself and said

“Diane, I got to be honest, you turned out quite a beauty”

Diane’s face kind of blushed a little, and then she retorted,

“Hmp, no need to say the obvious, come now and I shall teach you the meaning of being A SPECIAL STUDENT”

“woa woa, slow down tiger, and I bet you won’t be teaching me but them right? Alright I will show you that I am not the same as I was back then.”

They then went outside. By outside I mean in the combat ground were they exercise and do some combat practice with each other. Of course they attracted many onlookers and even some trainers/teachers. Upon arriving Diane looked towards Josh and said

“If you beg for mercy I would not pressed this matter anymore”

“Ha-hayz you’re still as bossy as ever huh and evil to boot, don’t worry about me”

“And by the way, this is a challenge right? Well how about we have a little wager?” said Josh while winking his right eye to Diane

“heeh, how about if you lose your my dog for the rest of your life?” said Diane Jokingly while his personal bodyguards laugh

“Deal, and if I win you will be my Girlfriend”

“……” Diane got taken offguard and though to herself (hmm well he did turned into quite a man, but there is no way I will be this trash’s Girl)

“Sure why not” then Diane signaled with her eyes for her guards to attack Josh….

“Woa as underhanded as ever huh”

Of course Josh easily beated all 4 of her guards and then he said

“Ok as per our agreement…” before Josh could say anymore

Diane retorted and said “Hmp who would become your Girlfriend” and then she walked away… but before she walked away Josh stopped her by grabbing her shoulder and then he leaned forward and said to her.

“Hmm then I will just take something else then” Josh then kissed Diane…((well I though he hated her… she must be really Hot lolz)). In turn Diane’s face turned red… yes I don’t know if it’s from anger or she is embarrass.


Around 2 years had passed and for some reason Josh and Diane are now a couple? Or should a say Boyfriend and Girlfriend. It happened so quickly that even I the Author is kind a shock… well I will just tell you guys a little bit about it.

When Josh won the bet against Diane, he took a kiss from her and then Diane somewhat got angry from what Josh had done. That’s why keep sending more and more tugs(?) or should I call them bodyguards(?). But it was futile and every time Josh would win he would kissed Diane whether she like it or not, whether she runs or hide, Josh would get a kiss in no matter what. And somewhat Diane somehow asked Josh to become her Boyfriend and that leads us to the present. Josh and Diane are now Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Even though they don’t do what other couple’s do. Like going on dates etc…


No matter what Josh did he could not achieve the spot of becoming the Colonel of the Earth’s Federation. Even though he always comes out at top in every mock battle and written tests. I guess it’s the work of Diane’s mothers influence.

Of course everyone in the academy know that Diane and Josh is already a couple. They even think that both of them suit each other. Because Diane is a very beautiful 5’7ft woman with Pinkish hair, blue eyes and a voluptuous body. While Josh is a 6’2ft tall handsome guy with somewhat silver hair, black eyes and a well-toned body.

Josh is currently the Lt. Colonel while Diane is the Colonel of the Earth’s federation. You guys must be wondering how they got that position at such a young age right?. Well it’s because the previous Leaders was killed in combat. Yes KIA (kill in action) that’s why Josh and Diane as well as the other student’s fill in on the missing positions.


“Paging Lt. Colonel Josh, please proceed to the hanger”, Josh was called out to the hanger, yes because since they were already in what you may call a mother ship(Note: it’s a very large ship that contains, hundreds of battleships and such for war).
Josh Immediately went to the hanger and saw Diane and an old man around 54years old. Both of them Josh and Diane exchange a somewhat heartfelt smile with each other then went to the private quarters to talk. Then Josh said

“Lt. Colonel Josh reporting” said Josh to Diane and her guest(?) while saluting

“ah Josh meet General Arman”

“Nice to meet you General Arman, I am Lt. Colonel Josh platoon leader of Division 1,2,3,4,5” while saluting, yes most of the Division’s is under Josh commands since he is really unmatchable in terms of talent. And that Diane is somewhat just a Colonel in name only… yes every knows it that Josh is the favorite one to become a Colonel but they could not do anything anymore about it now since Diane has the better connection.

“Ah yes, I heard about you from Colonel Diane” said the old general with somewhat a smirked in his face

“Ah Josh”

“What is it Diane”

“Me and General Arman here talked it over that we should give you the mission of disposing of the remaining guerrilla’s left in sector 7.” Is what Diane said while her eyes was somewhat looking down and she was kind a tense. And the old general was somewhat touching Diane’s butt… yes Josh did not noticed it

“wha-… ehem… but Diane I already disposed of them a week ago” said Josh with some sorts of suspicion on his mind.

But all of his suspicions went away when Diane showed him some photos of the Remaining force, saying that it has been took by their scout on the way.

“ha, leave it to me Colonel Diane and General Arman” said Josh while saluting

“you can leave us now Lt.” said the Old General with somewhat lustful gaze towards Diane… yes Josh did not noticed it since he has no experience in these kind of things and also that since he was a child he did not even receive some love and care towards him, even though he was adopted again by Mr. bern, all Mr. Bern did was train Josh to be the best and give him all that he needed.

“General not now.” Said Diane in a low tone voice because Josh has not yet left the private quarters.


Josh prepared his Units, he took with him Division 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in order to deal with the remaining guerillas. Then he said

“ehem, I got a mission from Diane and General Arman”

“Yes! A mission finally” replied one of Josh unit member

“We are hereby disposed of the remaining guerilla’s left in sector 7”

“Aye aye sir” is what his unit said while readying to depart”

When Josh and his fleet’s arrive at the said location. All they saw was 1 enemy flag ship, when they got closer they were suddenly surrounded. And one of his units said

“I-Impossible, there was nothing on the radar!”

“Tsk, I think we fell on a trap Lt. “said another one of his member

“No this can’t be, it was a direct order from Diane and General Arman”

When they were going to panicked a sudden request of transmission suddenly appeared”

“Lt. a request of transmission”

“Ok it through”

Josh eyes suddenly bulge and he was almost on the verge of explosion from anger, yes it was the first time Josh felt this kind of emotion swelled up in him. And the he said while almost shouting

“What’s the meaning of this Diane!” Because Josh saw Diane in a some kind of night outfit while sitting on General Arman’s lap

“Don’t speak to me trash” said Diane in a harsh tone

“Tsk look at her Lt. She was a whore after all” said one of the males on Josh’s ship

“kekeke how do you like your woman’s outfit? Eh Lt. Colonel Josh kekekekeke” said the Old general while laughing

“Why?” that’s all Josh could say while holding up his rage.

“It’s because I never liked you, I just played you around because you were everyone’s favorite can’t you understand that?” said Diane. Yes anyone who has seen Diane would want to kill her because of her unfaithfulness

“kekeke, and Lt. , I was shocked when I first laid my hands of your woman kekeke I never expect that you have not touch a beauty like her kekekekeke, now can you gladly die for Earths Federation’s survival” is what the old general said while licking Diane’s face”

“Earths Federations survival?”

“Yes we are planning on surrendering on the enemies”

“What! How could you do that? Do you know how many of us risk our lives to fight them? “

“now now Lt. it’s because you think like that, that conflict won’t end, a small sacrifice is ok if it’s for peace right?, kekekeke, now then die for me, no, die for Earth.” Then the communication were cut off leaving some kind of disturbing evil laugh from the old general and some of Diane’s moans could be heard for around 10sec.

“What shall we do now Lt.? We are getting surround by the minute”

“GRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Josh shouted, yes it was probably the very first time he shouted that loud, which also surprised the whole member of his Division

“Lt. hold yourself, the Earth still need you, we must somehow survive, please pull yourself together” said his best friend and who is also the captain of his Division

“ha ha ha ha” Josh was panting and then he said “I will have my revenge” with the blaze of fury on his eyes he commanded his Division

“We must return to the mother ship and reclaim what was once ours and kill the traitors!”

“Aye aye sir!” shouted all of his members

“ok then all members formation alpha” Josh used a formation which made all of his Fleets spread out like a star formation and his very own fleet is at the center while the enemies’ were almost encircling them and cutting of their pathway of escape. It was a battle of 10 to 1, yes the enemies were overwhelming in numbers.

Transmission from Division 2, “ok let it through”

“Lt. we will use the new weapon that was installed yesterday”

“What!, don’t you want to return alive?”

“If it’s for Earth we shall gladly offer our life Lt.”

“ok go down with a bang” said Josh while saluting, all of them saluted to Division 1’s sacrificial attack, because the new weapon that was installed is somewhat a suicidal attack which needed for it to charge in one spot and release all of its energy at once which causing it to deal self-damage even to the ship itself. But the sacrifice of Division 1 was not in vain because they took down 70% of the enemies. And of course the remaining 30% was dealt with Josh fleets and his remaining forces.

“Ha ha ha” Josh and his men were out of breath, of course they would because even though 70% of the enemies were annihilated, the 30% were still overwhelming

“Lt. reporting for the damage receive”

“Ok, proceed”

“There is no survivor on Division 1, and Division 4 and 5 were also shot down during the battle of the remaining 30%”

Josh and some of his remaining men miraculously survive the 500battleships vs his 5battleships (Note: each battle ships also has around 50-100men in it, and 20-40of those men are what you may call a Mechanoid pilot, yes like those giant space fighting robots thingy)

“hm we have 2 Division left, and with my fleet , we have 3fleet left…” Josh though deeply and realize how they could avenge their fallen comrades and annihilate the traitors

“Listen up, I have plan which would allow us to annihilate those traitors and avenge our fallen comrades. But this plan will also lead to our deaths, I shall say this now. Our deaths shall not be in vain since we shall take those traitors down with us”

“Aye aye sir, we shall avenge our comrades and destroy those traitors”

“But who will lead the new generation?” said one of the men

“don’t worry, I saw with my own eyes the new generation and I could say, at least they are better than the current one” said Josh remembering the time he had spent with Diane…well did he just fell in love with that wench, true love is blind lolz.

Josh explained to his men on what to do and how they would do it.


Meanwhile, in one of Earth Federation Mother ship, yes that bastard and that wench Diane were f**ing each other. Then the old general said

“kekeke I bet that Lt. is grinding his teeth to his grave”

“ahn ahhn ..Geez don’t remind me of that trash anymore general” said Diane while f**ing with the old bastard

“keke but I got to hand it to you Diane I never expected you to be this evil yourself, I even though you love that Lt. since everyone keep saying what a perfect couple you two were.”

“but I guess fame and power is what attracts a beautiful woman like you huh?”

“Yes general, ahn ahn harder”((f** damn this bitch))

*Alarm sounding*

“wha-whats going on!” shouted the old general

Both the old general and Diane immediately dressed and went to the control room to see what was happening to the mother ship

“gen-general glad you are here, it’s a disaster general” said one of his men, while that man is eyeing Diane because she had dressed on a rush. And the dress that she had accidentally picked is tight around her breast

“General a request of transmission, should we let it through?”

“Let it through”

Both the general and Diane has a shock look on their face and then the other party said ((yes it was Josh))

“woa, the two of you looked like you have just seen a ghost” said Josh in while having a cold attitude

“Ho-how did you survive?” is what Diane could only utter upon seeing the man who she betrayed and led to a trap in order to die, is a live and even attacking them.

Josh has a scornful look on him, and then he said through the screen, since both parties are just having a transmission with each other,(Note: they are communicating via live on their own fleet/battleship)

“Diane…” he called out Diane’s name and then paused he was going to say something but then change his mind and called out the old General.

“kekekekeke General Arman, you know, today my supposed to be girlfriend betrayed me… yes I don’t even know when she started on betraying me, I evenlost 3 Divisions of my units, how great is that kekekeke” Josh said it with a face like a crazy person, he was laughing while tears falls from his eyes at the same time

And then his face suddenly became more serious and somewhat more scary, Diane, the old General and every one present even his own Men were shock, because it was the first time they saw this side of Josh. And Josh was clearly emitting a killing intent, which even the enemies from across the screen shuddered. And he said

“Diane betrayed me, I can understand that because since long ago I knew full well that the both of us were not compatible, yes since I don’t even know how to love, even though, I still tried loving Diane… But! I won’t let you both do as you like, that which cause many innocent lives to be lost”

Diane was speechless, she did not even know what to say. She was going to say something but lost her chance to do so, since the old general spoke

“Hmp you’re just a Lt. How can you make Diane here happy? She was the one who approached me. And even though you manage to get closer, do you think you will survive with this overwhelming odds?” said the old general mockingly to Josh, since Josh and his battleships were already surrounded by the enemy forces

Josh closed his eyes for a sec and then he opened them and said. “we came here to die together with you” after he said that all both his fleet and the remaining Division started to charge, which caused Diane and the old General to flinched.

“yo-you, are you out of your mind? Stop it this instance! Are you really going to kill the woman you love?” said the old General with sweat falling down from his face

“Woman I love huh? If you were in my shoes which will you choose old general? The woman who betrayed and even wanted to kill you? Or the lives of the innocent people?”

The old general was silent he did not gave an answer to Josh’s questions. And then Josh said

“Goodbye Diane, you could have live if you were not in the same place as the General” said Josh and then cutting the transmission and then he said

“fire!,”the energy cannon which is already bursting from being overcharge, fired, to be exact two energy cannon fired towards the mother ship.

The funny thing was… Josh’s revenge ended soo quickly lolz
“Lt. the ships cant take it the damage from new weapon it’s a matter of time before…” Josh interrupted and said

“Its ok, at least we got rid of the traitors. Now it’s time for the new generation to take over the Earth Federation and lead it to a better future”

“Lt. please escape” said one of Josh subordinate

“don’t make say nonsense you know we can’t escape anymore since after firing the compressed energy of our new weapon, our fleet won’t even function well that’s why…” before Josh could finished his sentence he was hit behind his head and he lost consciousness

“wha-what are you doing to the Lt.” Josh fleet members argued with each other then suddenly one of them said

“we have no more time, help us save the Lt.” the others were somewhat speechless and one of then said

“huh? Are you stupid or something? You knocked the Lt. unconscious and now you want to save him? He cant even walk and we are already goners here. we don’t have an escape pod….” Then he realized

“ooh right don’t you mean that experimental escape pod which is said can travel billions of lightyears?”

The guy nodded, while the others talked to themselves and reached a conclusion,

“All right, even if there is a 10% chance our Lt. will survive even though it’s a different solar system we shall take the risk” all of them nodded and loaded Josh into the unique Pod

“Salute” all of them saluted as they launched the Pod with the remaining power of their fleet/battleship

“Lt. leave the Earth’s safety to our new generation, and may god be with you”

They watched the Pod as it launched into the emptiness of the galaxy, the pod traveled from wormhole to wormhole, solar system to solar system,
Then they somewhat died with a smile on their faces ((damn such subordinates it makes me cry))
There was a screen inside the Pod which allowed to whoever was inside of it to know how many light years he/she had traveled and how many solar system he/she had passed
Light years – 1999842788329??????
Solar system passed – ????

The Pod could not even estimate how far it traveled and how many solar system it passed, Josh body remained in a sleeping state, and yes his body is somewhat in a deep freeze slumber.

And finally Josh Pod landed on a certain planet with 2 moons


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