Chapter 1 – New world

I woke up like any other day, I thought that today is going to be another one of those boring days.
*sigh* Like any other day I would reminiscence daily on why this had happen to me. It’s been 5 years, and 5 boring years at that.

Let me tell you a part of my story. My father is one of the 3 demon lords. And he, like any other male species out there, longs for a partner, he fell in love with his servant. That servant was my mother. I was told that my mother was offered by her family or forced to be a servant of a demon lord.

I was told that, as my father was on his way to subdue another rebellion on his country, as he passed by on a village, he saw my mother and fell in love to her at first sight. And of course the elder of that village found out that my father had taken a liking to his daughter, and for some reason he offered her to the demon lord (my father). Then they live happily ever after for 5 years… Yea I would love it if it happened that way. But to my dismay my father found out that my mother wasn’t a virgin anymore that’s why he can’t get her pregnant, which is a very big deal in our world, since our world has a power from the two moons to make any woman submit their body and soul to their very first mate/partner. Of course only at certain partners. If the partner was weaker than the woman. Then the woman won’t get pregnant, and if the partner is stronger than the woman then the woman would get pregnant and her body and soul will belong to that partner, and even if other stronger males appeared before the woman, she won’t get pregnant may it be gods or demon lords. Because that woman already had her body and soul belong to her partner.

My father ask my mother to which man owns her body and soul. But my mother did not answer my father’s question. My father was blinded by rage and accidentally killed his first love. He cried and was going on a rampage that would kill him, but his rage quenched and felt a presence similar to that of his first love. He immediately went back to the village of my mother and found the 5 year old me. As my father walked towards me, he had this expression on him that he found again the light and the strength to keep on living.

My father forcefully took me from the elder, he asked the elder who my father was and my mother’s lover before him. But the elder did not budge and kept on staying silent just like my mother. My father could not hold in his anger, he couldn’t comprehend why they wouldn’t tell him? So he burned the village and every one in it except for me. That’s how I became the step son of a demon lord. And he erased parts of my memories and named me Vermilion. Yea it’s a pretty weird name, it feels like my father took that name out from the word ‘vermin’.

As years passed by my father found his fated partner and had twins, two daughter as his offspring. At that time I was already 7 years old. I was going to be a nuisance to his newly found family. As I was already the right age. I understood him well and his newly found family that I was going to be a nuisance. Yes it’s most likely because my father only took care of me because his lingering affection for my mother.

I told my step father that I would like to live separately from them, they then agreed immediately, that cleared my lingering doubts, because both my step father and his wife did not even stop the 7 year old me from leaving.
As time goes by I became 12 years old and I was the number one student in my class, I was enrolled on the one and only academy in the country, since half of the world is still unexplored the 3 demon lords decided to create an academy for their daughters… The rest of the demon lords also only had daughters as their heirs. Of course I am not the heir since I am only an adopted child.

Then one day my peaceful days were shattered, when my father went to the academy, he introduced and announced that his daughters would attend the academy. I greeted them as they pass me by, sadly they ignored me. Even though I greeted both of my sisters, as they passed by, they totally ignored me and just walked directly to the class.

Of course since I am a gentle man, I had let the rudeness passed. And went to my own class, as I enter the class room, I was beyond shock, because there they were sitting and happily chatting with my classmates. Tears almost fell from my eyes, because they totally fit in with the entire class on their very first day. And as for me, I was what you may call a gentle guy… ok fine I am somewhat fat, yea around 200 pounds.

As I walk towards my table, I heard a snickering around me, then my sisters looked towards me and called me pig. It made me think how rude my sisters are. And of course the rest of my classmates also called me pig. But since I am a gentle man… I did not mind them and concentrated on my studies.

Few days have passed and everything is still the same. Except my sisters already have many henchmen. They would insult me and sometimes tried to hurt me. Few more days have passed suddenly my step father fell ill and we were recalled to the main house. As I entered the main house and went towards my step father’s room, I could see the rest of the family members staring at me with scornful eyes. Then my sisters started insulting me saying something like, “Why is this pig here?”, “Why is this trash here?” and so on.

I could only lower my head and waited for a moment, then my father spoke and said. “Could you leave me and Vermillion alone for a minute?” Before the rest of the family members went outside they had this look in their eyes towards me that I was some kind of nuisance. I did not mind their rudeness towards me because I am a gentle man… Oh who am I kidding, it’s because I am an adopted child.

My father began speaking and after a few words I was speechless. Because after my father was done talking, he touched me and power began flowing from him to me, of course I know what it means. He passed me his power and I became the next demon lord. I could feel the power overflowing from within me. Then I ask my father on why he had chosen me who isn’t blood related to him as the next demon lord. I was kind of depressed on what my father had answered me, it was really unexpected. He told me that the twins were still too young to receive the burden, so passed it to me with no other choice. He also told me that I will know in time on why he decided to pass to me the burden of becoming the next demon lord.

Few minutes have passed and the rest of the family members came back in, they were in shock on what had just happened. I mean who wouldn’t? If you suddenly felt the presence of a demon lord on an adopted child. Of course they aren’t stupid, I did not even need to explain because my step mother immediately asked my father on why he chose to pass to me his powers and thus made me the demon lord. But unfortunately he died after passing his powers to me, I don’t know why, it must be from sickness? Hell I did not even know what disease he had.

Since the day my father died, I was treated worse and worse, heck they even told me to pass the demon lord powers to my step sisters, I was going to do what they had wanted just to stop them from bothering me. But I recalled what my step father had told me, it’s too early for the girls to receive such powers. Upon recalling those words, I suddenly realized that maybe my father passed me his powers just to hold it for the girls since his going to die…? Damn it, life is soo unfair, no one loves me*tears*.

While walking down the hallway of the academy, as I pass by, I could always hear some snickering behind my back, damn it I know it, it’s the demon lord armor which is customized for me by my step mother. I looked like a round boulder walking down the hallway.

As I entered the class room, I saw my adorable sisters… Who am I kidding, I am pretty sure that these rascals are the culprits for my boulder-like armor. As I walk towards my table, I heard my step sisters saying “Hey the pig demon lord is coming” the rest of the class follows and called me pig as well. Ohh come on! I might be fat but I am a good guy *tears*.

As I could not take the torture of getting insults every day by my sisters and around 90% of the academy students. I decided not to attend the academy for a while. Of course I am probably the smartest if not the 2nd smartest in the academy. And my step sisters are most likely just as smart.

After I left the academy I spent 5 years of my time polishing my skills and learning different languages, magic rituals and such. That’s the end of my short story. Now back to my present boring life

As I was strolling out I saw something falling down from the sky and landing near my garden. As it was my first time seeing something falling from the sky, I wasn’t sure what to think of something falling from the sky. Once I cleared my mind I immediately went towards the crash site.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><>Josh POV<><><><><><><><><><><><><>

As I open my eyes I saw a message in front of me, and I realized that I was still in the pod. The message I read left me speechless. Because what was displayed in on the monitor was something like this

—– You have awoken from approximately 100 years of stasis ——

What?! One hundred years! I immediately looked towards my hands and sighted with relief that I saw no changes at all, phew I though I became an old man. So I am guessing that the stasis worked fine for those one hundred years. Then I keep on reading the rest of the message.

—–TheMicro type GTX9000 pod has safely landed on an unknown planet—–

Suddenly another message appeared on the screen.

—–Due to achieving the goal of transporting Lt. Josh to a new habitual planet the pod will now self-destruct in 20 seconds. Please exit immediately—–

After reading the message my face turned pale while sweating a lot. I then immediately crawled out of the pod and barely escaped the explosion. Once my mind cleared up i realized that I was lying on the ground naked. With some bruises here and there but my life not in danger.

When looking around I noticed a large man… or rather than large, I guess it’s proper to call him a fat man? Walking towards me, since I could barely move because of the recent explosion. I could only stare towards the fat man as he came walking towards me. And I saw it… A very weird fat man clad in a full body black armor…
(Omg what kind of planet did I land into… I hope it’s not the same of the novel that I once read… was it Romance of the three kingdoms?)The large man with full body armored took off his helmet and then spoke words that I could not understand. Then I felt a warm sensation of light enveloping me, the next thing I knew everything went black.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>Vermillion POV<><><><><><><><><><><><><>

As I ran towards the place on where the meteorite had crashed, as I was running from afar I saw a white haired human male come out from the supposedly meteorite. Then after a few seconds I got a big shock, because the meteorite exploded. Thankfully the white haired person manage to escape just in the nick of time.

As I was running towards the white haired person, I saw him looking towards me. I pondered inside my mind while walking towards the white haired person, then I got enlightened. (What if I use the years worth of research that I have done to help this stranger here?) That’s all I could think of while getting closer and closer to the weakened person. I said weakened because the white haired person is still on the ground so I assume that he is weakened and is dying from the previous explosion… maybe? Oh well who cares his life would be over pretty soon.

I grinned as I walk towards the weakened white haired person. As I was around 5 inches away from him, he then took another glance towards me. Then I steeled my resolve and did what I had in mind to him. I invoked a demon lord unique magic spell called “Spirit Merge”. This spell is the fruit of the 5 years of research that I had done. This spell called “Spirit Merge” is a spell which will merge 2 spirits, and in the process, the stronger person who has a stronger willpower to live would consume the other one and absorbing all its memories and powers into its own.

As I invoke the “Spirit Merge” spell. The white haired person was then covered in blood red light making him fall unconscious. As it was also my first time trying this Spell that I created, I myself don’t even know the negative effect.

As he was covered in a blood red light, my vision blurred, the moment the blurred had disappeared. I could see his memories. He was a child born in a battle field, mistreated by his step mother and also betrayed by his lover. As I falter I suddenly lost all my strength. And I had realized a tad too late. The moment that I felt and realized how he live his life to the fullest until the end. Is the moment I realized the true power of “Spirit Merge”.

As the name implies, “Spirit Merge” is a spell that could merge two spirits into one. Of course only one soul would be left. And the stronger the will of that person to live will give him the higher chance to keep his soul and absorb the other. Once the other soul is absorbed he every memory that person holds and even his identity will merge. So for example if a dog and a cat souls merge, and It so happens that the cats soul’s will to live is stronger than the dog, then the cat would absorb the dogs soul/spirit does the cat would gain all the memories of the dog and even his identity. The cat now has two identity. Being a dog and being a cat…

And as lady luck wasn’t on my side, but to the white haired person. As I was disappearing from this world. I decided to leave some message to the white haired person. As he would be the one who will become me from now on, in this world that he landed.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><>Josh POV<><><><><><><><><><><><><>

As I awoke, a surge of images and feelings went through me; I knew that they weren’t my memories. But still, it felt like it was mine all along. Then at the end of the flashback I saw an image of a fat man covered in black armor. He explained to me what had happened after I was enveloped by the light which caused me to lose consciousness. And as expected I got a massive shock, if that fat man was still here, I could have beaten him to death. But unfortunately he is now gone from this world. To be exact, it seems like I am going to be that man, from now on.

Hmm it seems that all of his memories are my memories now? So this is what he meant, by me becoming him,

“Alright! I have decided, since I am new to this world, I guess it isn’t bad to become him for a while” as I muttered to myself, suddenly, a very good looking black haired female in a maid outfit suddenly came rushing towards me. It was obvious she didn’t like what she saw. Of course who would have expected to see a naked man sitting in the middle of nowhere?

“Eekk, wh-who-who are you? What are you doing here in the demon lord’s private garden?”

Ohh this is it, since I am going to be that fat man from now on… I guess I have to play my part? As I rummage to my new profound memories, I learned that the fat man was the demon lord and his name was Vermillion… Then I muttered to myself

“Damn him, I knew it, his life is such a…” I then stopped my muttering since the gorgeous maid was keenly eyeing me, I followed her eyes and then realized that she was staring at my nether region. (she was staring at my beloved Junior). Then I stood up, smiled at her and then spoke in a calm manner as if I wasn’t aware that she was staring at my nether region.

“Pardon me, but don’t you recognize me Arya?”

Arya tilted her head in a cute manner as if she was thinking deeply. After a few seconds, it hit her, her eyes widen and then she looked again at my nether region and blushed. That made my heart jump, and I was thinking (why is she staring again on my beloved Junior? I thought I was going to have a heart attack when her eyes widen, I though she realized that I wasn’t her master.)

“A-are you perhaps master Vermillion?”

She tilter her head again cutely as if waiting for my reply. I readied myself because she might not believe me. Well who would? Her late master was a fat man then suddenly here I am claiming to be that master…..oh wait sec, did she just call me master Vermillion… I looked towards eyes, as meeting my gaze she gave me a warm smile, ohh what a lovely smile she has, its waaaay different than the smile of that bitch who betrayed me. I then walked towards her and held her hands and said

“Yes, but how did you know?”

“Of course master”, I then gave her an eyeful hinting that I don’t believe her

“Well at first I thought that you were a trespasser or an assassin, but then again I felt your presence.”

Oh, I see, that’s explains it. This world is like those fantasy worlds from a fiction novel that I once read when I was little. It’s about a world of magic and such. Just thinking about it gave me thrill on this new world and new identity that I got.

As I got excited, I forgot about the beautiful maid who was still staring at my nether region. I was going to talk some more with this beautiful maid, but I suddenly lost all of my strength, as I fall unconscious, I felt my body falling towards Arya.
Sometime just before dawn I dreamed about the crash. The dream was like an endless loop replaying the impact as if I did not make it. Over and over I watched, Each time it was like the film was rewound and restarted. Eventually I caught myself fighting with the covers trying to avoid that impact. I must have been thrashing in real life because Arya, my maid was suddenly holding me tightly in her arms, talking soothingly and stroking my hair and back.
When I was awake enough to know it was a dream, I look towards the girl who was holding me tightly and stroking me, I grabbed hold of her and let myself be comforted. Eventually her ministrations worked their magic and I apologized for the trouble. My actions felt like I knew her from the start and.

“Master, what were you of dreaming just now?”

“It was the crash,” I said. “it was crashing into me. Again and again and again. I tried to get out, but nothing worked. Sorry that I spoiled your sleep.”
I answered her like I had known her a long time. But I did not dig it any deeper because I felt comfortable laying in her arms.

“Master, nothing to be sorry about. It was awful and you must still be traumatized by it, especially with the pain from your bruises. That probably is what triggered your nightmares. Every time you move, you groaned from the pain and it must have over flowed into your dreams”
“Master, Let’s try to relax and see if we can fall back to sleep. I’ll stay awake for a while, in case the dream comes back. You sleep.”

“I’m fine, Arya. I really am fine. Please don’t let my wimpy-ness ruin your night. I love you, though.”

Upon hearing the word I love you, Arya seems to blush for a moment and then asked me something and eyed me all over, I paled upon hearing what she had just asked.

“umm master I love you too, it’s you who gave me a home to stay, a life that I could never imagine to have as an abandon child and you treated me very well, I just hope that I am not being rude to you master, but can you explain to me what had happened to you? You change a lot master, e-especially your body.” as she blush I paled.

Yup it’s as I have feared… how am I to explain this all to her? I pondered for a moment and then I thought for a solution

“Arya, its because when the… Meteorite, had hit me, being a demon lord I automatically activated a very high level magic and I manage to survive. But it seems like in the process all my body fats got burned in the process and here I am now…” O damn it, who would buy this outrageous lie as an excuse… But the next thing I realized …
She reached for my face and kissed me, gently. Her touch was electric and I knew I was going to have to keep tight control, or I would be making serious moves on her, any second. Rudely awakened from a sound sleep, her hair sweeping across her forehead and looking like she has just awakened, there was a loveliness about her that captivated me.

Lying there, I contemplated, thinking about Arya. She had this clean and sweet beauty about her that separated her from almost any woman I had ever met. The best word I could find to describe her was, “CLASSY.” She just exuded class. I felt such a strong attraction that I couldn’t stop thinking about her and fall asleep. She haunted my mind and I imagined all kinds of scenarios where we fell in love, had lots great sex and lived happily ever after.

Being evicted from my previous life and landing in this new world, it was like winning the lottery. I went from lonely and alone, to loved and cared for by a gorgeous, sweet and loving woman. How could it get any better? Well. I could think of a few ways it could get a whole lot better, fast, but I knew that now was not the time. That worked and I drifted off to sleep about an hour later.

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