Chapter 10 – Meditating…?

When I woke up, I saw that Mia was on my right, sleeping peacefully. It was such a good thing to see.

I was worried that I lost myself back then…I was filled with rage, and lost control of myself. I could still remember the things that I had said and done. And the symbol that appeared on my eyes… yes it was the same symbol on my chest and Mia, I guess it was thanks to these symbol that I have not completely lost control of myself and went berserk killing everyone back then.

I had such a nice nap…, well it’s weird since I did not even felt anything when I killed those bastards.

As I was reminiscing the events that had transpired earlier this day, all of a sudden someone pulled me from my left side and hugged me, embracing me tightly…


When I turned around, I saw that it was my master… yes, she was sleeping on my left side. And she’s also was the one who suddenly pulled me and made me her hugging pillow.

Mine and my master’s face is hairs breath away from each other because of her hugging me closely. Since I was being made her hugging pillow, all I could do was stare at her sleeping face.
(ohh, she is really beautiful. She looks cool and very beautiful upon a closer look.)

As I was admiring the beauty of my master, her eyes suddenly opened.

Which got me startled and accidentally kissed her on her lips.

She was confuse for a minute but then smiled at me.

“I-it’s an accident master.” I was frantically proving my innocence to my master Octavia. Which made her smirk all the more.

“Oh really? You were not admiring my beauty?”

Well…since I was really admiring her beauty, I could not reply on her question. Which made my master blushed even a little.

Her eyes widen, cheeks flushed red and said. “What…so you were really admiring my beauty?”

Now it was my turn to blush, well since it was true anyway, I just nodded in agreement.

And then someone suddenly jumped at me from behind and embraced me.

Yes it was Mia, she just awoken up.
Upon seeing her close to me, I could see that Mia was somewhat pouting,

I’m guessing it’s because she saw that I accidentally kissed my master earlier…

She stared at me as if waiting for something… after a minute had passed… she was still staring at me, our head leveled and our eyes locked to each other.

I then suddenly realized that she must have also wanted a kiss.

Hoping that my hunch was right, I leaned closer to Mia and kissed her, her lips was soft, so soft that our kiss lasted for a minute.

“Oho, so you kids are ok in doing that in front of someone? I see I better have to raise and train you strictly from now on…”

Mia was having this victory look on her, while my master was having this scary smile on her…

I was going to say something but lost my chance since Mia spoke some terrifying words.
“ehehe, Josh is Mia’s husband”

Well it might be true in a sense…but it’s still a terrifying word coming out from her mouth. But Mia looked so innocent, I bet other people might take what she said as a joke or something like a kid would say… but I for one assure you this… no one kisses someone and used their tongue for minutes, as someone who would jokingly say those words.

Master Octavia’s eyes were somewhat twitching upon hearing what Mia had just said, so she suddenly pulled me and kissed me deeply. Her tongue was coiling over mine, which even reaches towards at the farthest back of my throat.

Mia then screamed something like, “Nooo!”  Because of what my master had suddenly done.

She immediately went towards me, pulling my head towards her, our lips touch each other again for the 2nd time…

Then master Octavia also pulled me…and kissed me again… They were repeating this over 5min until I screamed.

“Stooop*pant* *pan*” I was panting for air because of their nonstop kisses.

“Seriously… I almost suffocated…”

I scolded the both of them, which miraculously was accepted with open arms. They just lowered their heads as if repenting on what they had childishly done.

(*Sigh* I can accept if it was only Mia who was like that…but I did not expect my master was also childish?).

I relaxed for a bit because the two of them were now behaving. But that relaxation was destroyed upon hearing what Mia had just said.

“Booo, ok fine. Mia will share Josh with Octavia”

I admit I was startled upon hearing Mia say those things… but the thing that surprises me the most, was that, Mia spoke master Octavia’s name nonchalantly with no honorifics. I was going to say something but, master Octavia took the initiative, I bet she saw my troubled face and answered my question as if she was reading my mind.

“Yes, me and Mia are rivals, and since I am older, I might as well take the 2nd seat as your 2nd wife Josh”.
I was now dumbfounded… (Huh? Wife? Me and master? And Mia?).
I took a look on their faces, and saw that the both of them were dead serious.

“*sigh*” I sighed again, this time It was a sigh surrendering to my fate.

“But… I am still young” I tried to make some excuses at the last minute. But it was automatically shut down by master Octavia.

“My dear Josh, love knows no boundary”

“….ok fine, I give up. But I won’t promise that I will only love the two of you” I was going to tease the two of them for a bit, but then I realized I just dug my grave deeper.

“No worries Josh, Me and Mia will decide if to accept your new wives or not.” Mia nodded happily on master Octavia’s words of wisdom…
(…huh? It’s as if they are expecting me to have dozens of wives….)

This time I dare not reply to her words. And decided to change the subject.

“Master, what happened to me back then?”

Upon hearing my question, Mia suddenly went closer and seated herself on my lap, and patiently waited for my master’s explanation.

“Josh… its……*Explaination….bla, bla, bla*….. So I guess you  need to get stronger in order prevent you from losing yourself again.”

“I…see…, so master can you explain to me the full story of my bloodlines background?”

My master was thinking deeply to herself wither to tell me or not.

I then use my puppy dog eyes, hoping that my master would tell me the story of my bloodline.

“pwetty, pwease master” I was using a puppy dog eyes technique…which made my master smile, she then suddenly grabbed my head and hugged me. Which had gotten Mia who was in between us crush in her breasts. But I guess it was a mission accomplish since master agreed to tell me.

“ok listen carefully Josh, and you too Mia, because this story is concerning our beloved Josh here. Other beings might come for him and take him away from us, or much more, some may come in order to kill him.”

Mia just nodded and is silently waiting for my master’s story. Of course Mia is still at my lap sitting comfortably.

But I was also a little worried since, now I know that I may have some important role in the future…or something like that.

Then upon seeing our resolve from our face, master Octavia started to tell us the short story about my ancestor…

“Long, long ago… there was a never-ending battle and wars between humans and monsters.

Foul creatures—filthy monsters—assaulted and devoured humans. which Surely could only bring about the fall of mankind.

Ceaselessly, the monsters continued to appear, even as humans beat back tens of thousands of them. Exhausted, and facing a world that held nothing but ruin, mankind fell into despair.

However… one man, even in the midst of such despair, he never ceased slaying monsters; never ceased reclaiming the future.

The goddess of war saw a future in this man and protected him; she gave him the strength to wipe out evil.

With the goddess protection, the man obliterated a multitude of monsters.

In him, the people found hope. They came to call him a hero.

As this hero cut down countless of monsters, he discovered the source of their endless proliferation.
The Supreme Overlord—that was what they called it.

The Supreme Overlord needed to bury the hero that discovered him, and unleashed his legions of beasts and dark mages with power far greater than most monsters.

But the hero killed every last one, and finally reached the feet of the Supreme Overlord.

The epic final battle between Hero and the Supreme Overlord, Good and Evil, was savage in the extreme, but in the end, the hero, who was mankind’s strength had manage to defeat the Supreme Overlord.

The battle between mankind and monsters was finished. Just as everyone believed such to be true, but then there was much more than the Supreme Overlord, yes it was those three Demon Lords.

The Supreme Overlord, continuing to release such minions even in death his power was truly immense. While the Demon Lords began to form their forces of Evil.

There was no way to escape the curse of destruction and alter the course of history.

At the very moment, the goddess of war appeared and told him that the filth had abated with the death of the Supreme Overlord, but that alone was not enough. Since the other Demon Lord was still alive and is more or less powerful than the Supreme Overlord.

The hero asked what he should do, and the goddess smiled in return.

At once, the Supreme Overlord’s flesh and the monsters themselves were sucked into the hero.

The goddess had sealed evil away inside the hero’s body. And the Demon Lords were sealed in a special forest which is 30% of the world of Earthus.

And thus the dark, tumultuous chapter of history that would come to be called the “Supreme war” saw its end…

The power of, one of the most powerful creature had been sealed away by the goddess inside of the hero’s body, while the three demon lords were sealed in the forest of death.

The people began to hope that the hero who had taken back the future for the world of men would become a king to lead them.

However, the hero did not believe himself to be of kingly caliber;

He was nothing more than the man who slayed the Supreme Overlord.

Confessing that the goddess was truly the one who staved off their destruction, he became a recluse.

The people built a large, solitary shrine for their goddess—a shrine to deify the goddess of war.

Before the people could thank the lone hero who fought for them.

The hero was already gone, with the power of the Supreme Overlord within him. “

“And that’s about all the information I know about Dante, and in the last 300years, Dante, your father was that hero. I thought he had died already…but I never thought he would have a son, but upon seeing that power…. I believe you are Dante’s son Josh”

I did not quite catch what my master was saying, because after she told us the story. I felt a burning sensation my chest, my eyes then began to glow and those symbols on my chest appeared again on my eyes. And the next thing I knew I was already flowing in a dark void place. Then the next thing I knew I heard a voice saying

“”My child.
You may not know me,
but I know everything about you.
I know when you sit down and when you rise up.
I am familiar with all your ways.
Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.
For you were made in my image.
In me you live and move and have your being.
For you are my offspring.
I knew you even before you were conceived.
I chose you when I planned creation.
I determined the exact time of your birth
and where you would live.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
I have been misrepresented
by those who don’t know me.
They regard me as a being of destruction.
But know this my child.
I am not the being of destruction,
but am the complete expression salvation.
You may not know yet the real reason of the Millennium war,
But in due time you will understand.
It is my desire to lavish my love on you.
Simply because you are my child
and I am your Father.
I offer you more than your Biological father ever could.
For I am the perfect father.
Every good gift that you receive comes from my hand.
My plan for your future has always been filled with hope.
My thoughts toward you are countless
as the sand on the seashore.
I will never stop doing good to you.
For you are my treasured possession.
I desire to establish you
with all my heart and all my soul.
And I want to show you great and marvelous things.
If you seek me with all your heart,
you will find me.
And you will have full control over my power.
Delight in me and I will give you
the desires of your heart.
For it is I who gave you those desires.
I am able to do more for you
than you could possibly imagine.
For I am your greatest encourager.
I may have not experienced what is love myself.
But I have carried you close to my heart.
I’ll make sure you don’t suffer like I did my child.
One day you will know why I was called the Supreme Overlord.
And one day you will find out the true purpose of my actions.
When the time is right, you shall be enlightened my child.
Become strong my child, for this might be the first and last
That you will receive this message from me.
I am just a friction of memories stored in my overwhelming power
That resides within you….””

The unexpected message ended. I did not felt scared or anxious, but I felt understanding, and being who was talking… I was somewhat confuse, either not or to trust him… but I decided to trust my feeling. Yes I decided that he was also truly my father… or rather Vermilions father, but since me and Vermilion are one soul that means his also my father.

My master was somewhat worried upon my reaction, it was clearly shown on her face. But I made sure to not worry her too much and just said my thanks.

“Thank you master” I slightly bowed to her showing my sincere thankfulness that she decided to tell me about my father/father’s? And the source of power within me. Mia was also slightly bowing her head as if also thanking her.

After a bit of chatting, master Octavia decided that it’s time to begin my magic training. And of course Mia is somewhat included. Since Mia literally always tag along where ever I go.

Then my master Octavia asked me if I knew the basic information about magic. And I answered yes because Vermillion already covered those minor information when he was at school… but the weird thing is…he never practice them… or rather he just likes reading books or lazing around all day.

So basically the four major element in magic is Earth, Fire, Wind, Water.

Earth: Stable and resilient, earth is the element of solidity and support. It is frequently the strongest element, but also the slowest or it’s good at defensive magic, others rarely use it in offensive. Earth characters are frequently dependable, strong, and, if female, motherly. However, they can also be stubborn and far too stuck in their ways. As such, it is aligned with the melancholic temperament. Generally represented as by either the color of their eyes, Green, Brown, etc… (More often used if this element is based purely on actual earth rather than plants or other stuff). This is the “element” corresponding to the solid state.

Fire: Has positive connotations like warmth, light, purification, and even rebirth. On the flipside, it’s very, very easy to exaggerate it into an antagonistic element by emphasizing its wild, destructive, and unpredictable nature. As it is aligned with the choleric temperament, fire characters have a habit of being impulsive, hotheaded, and brash. As such they make a great Red Oni to any Blue Oni and are typically The Hero, The Lancer or an important bad guy. More rarely they can be The Smart Guy as the ability to make and manipulate fire is often seen as the being first step towards “inventing” science. Usually represented by the eye color of Red , even though it is naturally more Orange in color (of course, they aren’t the only possible fire colors). This is the “element” corresponding to either the plasma state or to heat.

Air/Wind: The element of change and movement; unpredictably calm one moment and flying into a tempest the next. The quickest of the elements, but sometimes seen as the weakest (unless it is referred to as “sky” or “heaven”), therefore, what it lacks in raw power it makes up for in offensive and defensive maneuvers. It can also include Weather Manipulation. Aligned with the sanguine temperament, air characters are often cheerful, energetic, free spirits. Noise, when used as an elemental attack, is sometimes depicted and treated as an air-like attack. It can also sometimes feed energy to Fire, so an Air Mage working with a Fire Mage is not a team to tangle with. Green is often used to represent it , but it’s also fairly common to see Yellow, Light Blues, Purples, or White. Air typically corresponds to the gaseous state.

Water: The element of change and adaptability; capable of taking any form. Water is pretty much always seen positively, symbolizing healing, adaptability, and calm. While earth is strong and solid and air is weak but fluid, water is both strong and fluid, but not to the same extent as the other two. This is analogous to the liquid state of matter, insofar as liquids have a definite volume as solids do, but lack a definite form just like gasses.note  Aligned with the phlegmatic temperament, water characters are usually laid-back and go with the flow. Usually depicted as Blue or Cyan. Although not thought of as much of a combat power, when roused a Water Mage can be unstoppable and unpredictable—especially combined with Wind (think Hurricanes.)

That’s the basic, the more rarely ones seen are lightning, ice, Light, darkness, Gravity,

Lightning/Electricity is sometimes paired with air or fire, but more often is considered a separate form of power. Lightning usually carries the same connotations as fire, but may also include speed (“moves like lightning”) or mild insanity (from having fried his brain too many times), or even more. Like fire it’s sometimes an ability of The Smart Guy as controlling and conducting electricity is integral. Usually depicted as either very yellow or very blue, although in real life it’s actually more often white.

Ice/Snow: may or may not be combined with water or air. As a separate element, it carries connotations of coolness, detachment, harshness, and even death. As a foil to fire they tend to be The Lancer or villains, Snow is almost the same as Ice generally but carries connotations of fun, softness, cheerfulness, and even love.

Light/Holy: Light can be for healing or destruction. Commonly used by angels, priests, and the forces of heaven (even if they’re not the good guys). Light is, however, usually associated with absolute good. Sometimes mixed with Lightning or Fire. May also be portrayed as Sunlight.

Darkness/Shadow: Even if Dark Is Not Evil, the vast majority of bad guys will use this. Often causes Standard Status Effects or Instant Death. Usually the opposite of and weak to Light. Occasionally manifests as gravity-based powers (as in black hole).

Space/Gravity: The ability to control the fabric of space. Teleportation, causing objects to phase in and out, or the ability to control gravity is usually included.

My master then told me to just meditate… since me and Mia already slept… or rather we were unconscious in these past hours, we don’t have a choice but to meditate the whole night. Since we can’t literally make noises and such because the others are sleeping…and meditating is also a form of training that most successful Arch mages had gone through before…well that was what I had been told by my master. But I also have had some prior knowledge of it from my memories.

My master left us and went to bed…yes she went to sleep on my bed…boohoo my bed…my fluffy comfy bed was stolen by my master….oh well I better start meditating.

As I meditated Mia also joined me, that’s what I had thought at first… but as I entered the meditating state. I felt a soft sensation on my lips as if someone was kissing me… so I opened my eyes and looked around. But I could not find out the reason of that soft sensation on my lips. I took a look at Mia and she was in her meditating state so I just thought to myself (….it can’t be her since she is also meditating…is my mind playing a prank on me?).

So I entered my meditation state again… after a few minutes I felt this warm sensation on my lips again. I just shrugged it in the corner of my mind thinking that my mind was playing a prank on me (hhmm maybe it’s because of those kisses Mia and master was always giving me that I could feel I was being kissed even on my meditating state.)

This time I thought I felt a tongue was slipping into my tongue…(this is weird…this kisses felt too real…I may be getting a hang on this meditation of mine…)

Minutes have passed and the feeling of being kissed on my meditating state was becoming more and more real…(…how real can this become…even the tongue felt familiar…and this sweet scent, I know this smell….but I can’t think clearly because of my mind playing a prank on me…damn this kisses surely felt too real I am even gasping for air…)

And then suddenly an arm wrapped all over my neck and the kisses I felt become more and more erotic…and I swear  I heard a gasping voice…(ok that’s it…my mind is clearly NOT playing a trick on me). I then suddenly opened my eyes, meeting a reddish eyes in front of me.

“Mmmph, M-Mia, whhatchh yoo…u mmhhmp dhoing”  I was having a hard time speaking because our lips was still sealed with each other. Mia then removed her lips from mine, I could clearly see some saliva dripping from our kisses on side of her lips, and also on mine.

Mia looked at me with her innocent face…and gave me a small hint of blush on her face.
(I…I won’t be fooled this time…)

The both of us were panting, but I have to know the reason why she did that.

“*sigh* Mia, why did you kissed me while I was meditating? If you just asked I would have agreed anyway…”

The reddening on Mia cheeks was now clearly visible on my eyes. She fidget with herself as if thinking whether to tell me or not.

And after reaching a conclusion, Mia spoke the reason why she did that.

“ummm…Josh….its because….while I was meditating…I saw you and Octavia kissing on my mind…and I felt jealous…so when I opened my eyes….I saw you, and your lips….somewhat” she then covered her face with her small hands, taking a peak from her fingers before saying “taste delicious” and went back to cover her blushing face.

“*sigh*…. I guess it’s my fault for having delicious lips?” I asked her questionably as if trying to feign ignorance.
Mia blushed again, taking another peak from her fingers towards me and nodded… (What…so she’s saying that it’s really my fault? Haha, Mia is really adorable, I can’t even get mad at her…)

“Mia, we can’t do any meditating at this rate…so I am asking you what you will do from the time being.”

(well…since if I meditate, I know that you will assault me again…seriously… is this the influence of my master? Did you learn that assaulting me like she did, is acceptable…*sigh* well I can’t actually complain since I kind of like it myself…)

Mia was fidgeting again with herself, before saying that she wanted to do some more kissing with me…”Mia…don’t you get tired of….” Before I could finish my sentence she lunged herself to me, our lips to each other, our tongue hovering inside our mouths. Our saliva dripping from the sides of our mouth.




We were making loud noises… I even forgot that master was sleeping near us on my bed…Mia pushed me on the ground. She mounted me and kept on kissing me for minutes. Then I heard a cold voice…


I looked towards the direction of the voice and saw that It was my master…she had this smiling face on her… it was a scary one…

Cold sweat started to form at the side of my face…I desperately tried to avoid my masters gaze, but I felt drawn to her gaze and could not avert my eyes from hers.

“Josh…did I not say clearly to meditate? And yet…you were having fun with Mia?” my master had this somewhat jealous look on her face. Her scary smile disappeared from thin air…

“And Mia, why are you straddling him? I think it’s too early for….” My master pause for a minute as if she were blushing and said “that…”

Mia also blushed a little… even I also blushed… because there is only one thing that represent “that” and its ….what adults do….well I am an adult already but…if seen by others perspective, I am clearly still a child and so is Mia.

My master then signaled for Mia to come closer to her.

Mia hesitantly went to her, well who would? I even though that my master would hit Mia…but all she did was whispered some worlds to Mia.

Mia then looked again towards me…no she were scanning every part of my body then closed her eyes as if imagining something.

She then opened her eyes, her eyes was now shining with anticipation. She then looked back towards master Octavia and gave her a nod, then they shook each other’s hands. Which made me shiver instinctively…
(wh-what…. Did my master whisper to her? could it be….no its impossible…but….maybe….naaah… I am over thinking…)

Then the both of them looked towards me and was laughing



Which made me instinctively say ”do-don’t tell me that you two will assault me?” my eyes where somewhat showing fear in them… but the next thing they said made me felt a little more at ease…but a bit anxious.

“Nope” my master casually said it as if she was telling the truth.

“Nope, not now…” and Mia’s words was somewhat confusing… (meeh… I might have heard it wrong…)

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