Chapter 11 – Wheels of Fate

Finally we had arrive at Hell Island, I regretted not being able to master the art of meditating while I was on the ship, it’s because a certain someone kept on stealing kisses to me whenever I meditate. Which had gotten me scolded by my master.

“Josh, I had expectations of you…but…maybe a week is not enough in order for you to master the art of meditating.”

At those words I was depress, it’s not like I could blame it all on Mia. It’s just because I never really scolded Mia, and shall never will, unless she did something grave that is deserving for scolding. But kissing? Naaah it does not bother me …just that she distracts me for a while by kissing me and it also made me forgot about meditating.

“I’m sorry master” I lowered my head while Mia mimic my action.

Master Octavia then motioned her hands, signaling for us to follow her.

Mia took a hold of my hand then we diligently followed right behind master Octavia.

(hmm, Hell Island… its different than what I had imagine, I thought it would be an Island devastated by magic and such…but I could only see a tropical Island. One that is the most beautiful that I have ever seen.)

As we followed behind master Octavia, I could see that there are only few people who are presently residing on Hell’s Island. They live in either one of the mansions or cottages scattered all over the place with great distance between each houses.

What took my interest was that, each houses, I could see some young children’s being trained by their respective masters. (Oh, I guess I am not the only prodigy child.)

It was really fun to watch those young girls training hard…yea for some reason I could only see young girls being trained by either an old man or an old woman, I am really lucky that my master is not an old woman.

And for some reason Mia was in a good mood, it was the first time I saw her in a very good mood just by walking…(maybe…Mia has something planned together with master? Meeh, I might be over thinking it.)

Then I suddenly felt an attraction, it’s like I was getting pulled by a mysterious force towards a certain tree.

My feet moved by themselves, Mia who was holding my hand tilted her head in confusion.

“Mia, get master, I can’t seem to control my body! It’s like I am getting possess by someone or something and is leading me to somewhere.”

Mia showed a concerned look on her face, when she saw that I was not joking around, she immediately took off to get master Octavia.

(Seriously…why is this happening to me?)

Then to make it worst, I began running. I could not help but frown as I ran, because I can’t seem to control myself. It’s like I needed to go to the place that is attracting me.

As I was getting near to the place that is calling me? My chest began to tighten, and my breathing began to be haggard.

*pant* *pant*, (I don’t know how far I am running now…I entered a forest…then jump through a water fall…then entered a forest.)

Then I saw a large tree, large enough to be called a world tree or something like that, and for some reason I already knew that the destination and the place that had attracted me was the very tree itself or something inside the tree…

Finally I arrived, but what made me worry is that…I can feel Mia approaching me maybe it’s because we are bound together for eternity,(oh I guess Mia can feel my location too, I am guessing she brought master with her too, I just hope there aren’t any dangerous monsters here, because I kinda feel restless for some reason…)

As I was standing bellow the huge tree, suddenly, its vines started to move and wrapped around my waist lifting me up upwards towards.

Then I was place on the huge hole located at the very top, it felt like I was inside of dark dungeon.

The atmosphere at the entrance of this huge tree is heavy and cold. As if something dangerous is laying await for me deep inside.

As I was walking deeper and deeper inside this huge tree, A cold wind suddenly blew over, my hair blew back as if I am in the harsh storm that was building on the horizon. I looked up to the ceiling that seems to glow in the this dark, and then back at the open path that lay before me. There was a certain stillness that rang through me,(this silence…it feels like back then when I was a military commander floating silently on space after a vicious battle…),

I could hear leaves rustled in the wind, but nothing could disturb this aura of calmness. I whispered a slow chain of words under my breath, and expressed how pointless I now felt. This was it, I though; and finally started to delve deeper.

Walking deeper and deeper, I even started to think that I somehow entered a never ending tunnel or something, but then as I delve deeper I could now see rotted bones before me in their eternal sleep.

With one deep glance I double check weather if those bones really are real or just an illusion…, I leaned in closer, to the point that I could smell the sickly odor coming off of the dead thing before me. I looked into the empty eye sockets of the creature. I was confuse at first since now I can freely move my body…but I can only free move if I move deeper inside, I tried turning back but to my dismay my body won’t listen to me as if its telling me to delve in further inside.

And then, in one moment as I was staring intently at the empty eye sockets, then suddenly its dead and deserted eyes turned into radiating crystals of a beautiful azure and the creature got up from its bed of death. Reaching a bony hand outwards, it clamped onto my neck. Forcing a smile as much as a skeleton possibly could smile, it began to strangle me as if it found his/her newly victim.

(…damn it, I got careless.) As I was cursing myself for being careless, I could feel my vision slowly disappearing.

“If only my body is a bit more mature…,” I silently whispered some regretting, while trying my best to break the grip the skeleton had on my neck, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to exert strength much less feel my mana because of being strangled. Then I thought again; (perhaps this is how my fate will end…) I closed my eyes once more and disappeared into a long lying sleep and he fell forwards.
As I fell forward, I felt the skeleton crumbled under my weight, and as I turned and looked upwards, I saw the first truly living being I had seen in these what felt last few hours of walking deep inside of this overgrown tree. Or so is what I had assumed.

the man was wearing a robe and a long hood draped over his face; hiding it in a veil of shadow, well I just assume that the being standing before me is a man because I felt like it’s impossible for a woman to be in these cold and dark place.

His gloved hands had firm grasp on something that looked like a staff? Or was it a stick…meeh who cares.

And the last thing I saw before drifting into unconsciousness was the dark aura that he seems to emit…

There was a cold maniacal laughter that drifted far on the wind in every direction, for a second there I felt like it was a woman’s laughter…but I just shrugged it off thinking that I might heard it wrongly , and I swore that I could see smile beneath the shadows of the figures face. Then finally drifted to unconsciousness.

I then suddenly woke up feeling somewhat uncomfortable, I slowly opened my eyes and saw Mia was on top of me crying…I wondered why before noticing the hazel eyes gazing coolly at me from across Mia and master Octavia…. The woman looking at me through those hazel eyes held her gaze on me for only a moment before she suddenly licked her lips…(huh…why do most girls I met is somewhat perverted… or the other way around.) I was in deep though before realizing that I was now gazing deeply into her hazel eyes.

She then went closer to me while I was still laying dawn on the bed.

She then spoke in a cool tone, her voice was loud enough that Mia found out that I had already awaken from being unconscious.

“Josh, do you know who I am?” I didn’t know who she was because it was probably our very first meeting. She was a really beautiful woman, deep hazel eyes, long azure hair and a perfect body comparable to the most beautiful goddess that I have ever seen…well not like I have already seen one…

I was going to shake my head, when Mia suddenly locked her eyes with mine. I could see from her eyes that she was really crying for quite some time now.
Before I could even utter a single word, Mia suddenly kissed me. I was going to complain, but because she was recently crying, I tasted some of her tears which made my heart tightened. I don’t know why, but I felt like I don’t want to see her cry again.

(I don’t really get it…but why is Mia using her tongue? I though she only kissed be because she was glad that I woke and is not in any danger?) as I was thinking deeply, I forgot that Me and Mia was still kissing…heck I don’t even know how long we were kissing. Then suddenly I heard master Octavia’s voice, when I looked towards her direction I could feel, rather I swear I could see that her eyes were twitching as if she was annoyed on something…

“Ehem, really Josh? Here I was worried and the first thing you do when you woke up is do something perverted? *sigh* sometimes I wonder if the both of you are really 4yrs old. I bet if you two were not still children you two would have already had sex already…

At my master words, I realized that it was unnatural for 4years old to always kiss…much less with tongue action…meeh who cares as long as no one gets hurts.

Mia, after kissing me, suddenly snuggled on my chest. Then after a few seconds she is now fast as sleep.

(*sigh* she must have been really worried about me) I then caress Mia’s head while having a warm loving look on my eyes.

Then I suddenly felt someone ruffled my hair, and when I looked up it was the hazel eyed woman, she has big breast, maybe as big as my master. Since when I looked up the only sight that my eyes met was her ample pair of mounds.

She then spoke again as if continuing our conversation earlier.

.”Josh, you are Dante’s son. There is no way that you would not know who I am.”

“…..” (What is this beautiful woman saying…) I only stared at her…but suddenly master Octavia glared at me as if I did something bad… it was a piercing glare that made me shiver down to my spine.

(I wonder why master is giving me that look? Did I do something…) as I was deep in though I suddenly realized that all my eyes could see was this hazel eyes girls breast…(ohh that’s why…because of my height I could only see her breast if she’s this near me.)

Then all of a sudden master Octavia steadily got closer to me, I shivered each step that she took closer.

Then both the hazel eyed woman and master Octavia are now inches away from each other. Master Octavia then took a sit beside me. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t, because Mia is sleeping soundlessly on my chest and I don’t really want to wake her up.

“Oh right Josh, let me introduce to you the goddess of war Aura” I was dumbfounded when master Octavia introduced the hazel eyed woman to me as the goddess of war. I don’t really care…but I wanted to know why I could not control my body back then.

(-_-…well when I think about it, she really looked like a war maiden. She wore something like a belly dancer would wear, but with some armor on her hips and shoulder…) but if I wear to describe this goddess of war, I would say that she is half naked. Her clothes around her breast is almost too revealing, it looked like her clothes would slip form either side. (Should I be happy? Well I wanted to…but master Octavia is glaring daggers at my side)

“umm, Aura sama, I wanted to know why was I not able to control my body in coming here. and what was that earlier?”

Seeing my face worried face, master Octavia just sat near my side and patiently waited for Aura to answer my question.

“oh that, it might be probably because of that” I looked towards the direction on were her fingers were pointing at.

Upon landing my gaze, I was speechless, I did not expect something like that to actually be the reason on why I was un-able to control myself from coming here.

“This…this can’t be possible right? Why would I come for that corps?” as I pointed at the black dragon corps, Aura just giggled to herself while master Octavia was somewhat frowning.

Master Octavia then said “Josh, that dragon is not dead you know, it’s just in its slumbering state.” I was wondering why master Octavia was defending the dragon, but I had a feeling that if I asked it would result into something bad.

“Ah, I am so sorry master, may I ask how do you know that the dragon is in slumbering state?”
I could that when I had ask master Octavia about how she knew that the dragon was slumbering, her eyes twitch as if she did not know how to answer my question.

“ahh, look the dragon move”

Master Octavia suddenly shouted while pointing at the location of the dragon.

Me and Aura turned our heads towards the location of the dragon. Then I felt that someone suddenly grabbed my head and the next thing I knew, master Octavia is now kissing me, she even inserted her tongue, twirling it around with mine. It all happened in a few seconds before Aura returned her gaze towards me and master Octavia and said;

“Impossible, that dragons soul has yet to return to its body…is something wrong Josh?” (…!!) I was startled by the sudden question that Aura sama has suddenly asked me, I was now nervous that maybe she saw what master Octavia had done.

But before I could answer Aura sama,

Master Octavia then suddenly said “ ahh, the dragon moved”

Which made Aura sama turned her head back again to were the dragon was located.

And also my head got pulled again by master Octavia and she gave me again a deep kiss, this time it was a rough kiss, she shove her tongue as far as it could reach down my mouth to my throat, she then swirled it around as if wanted to taste me badly.

I got to be honest… It did felt good. So it’s not like I have to complain about it, it’s not hurting anyone. But I think this kind of thing is not good for my heart, since I felt like my heart would go burst out from my chest from being too nervous, thinking that maybe Aura sama would found out about me and master kissing behind her back… I actually held my voice in silence while gasping for air pretty well, so I guess I can assume that Aura sama has not found out about the indecent thing that master Octavia had done to me…oohh poor me.

Aura sama turned around with a pissed of look in her, after checking that the dragon was not really moving, she narrowed her eyes towards master Octavia and faced me and said “hey Josh, you know what, that dragon is really…” before she could finish her sentence master Octavia then shouted “aahhh, please don’t, I am terribly sorry Aura. I just had to play some prank on you like old times.” (huh old times? Are the two of them friends or something…oh well it’s not like I needed to know anyways…and I am pretty sure she only wanted to distract Aura sama so that she could smooch me…or am I just over thinking this?)

As if giving up on this farce, I decided to ask Aura sama on what had happened to me back then earlier.
“umm..Aura sama, about what happened to me back then…”
“ahh that, sorry about that Josh, some evil spirit must have lingered around here on my shrine.”
“oh I see…wait, what? Shrine? But we are inside of a tree right?”
“of course it is a tree, since the people who worshiped me built this long ago after your father defeated the Supreme Overlord”
“ohh I see, but why does it feels like your shrine is soo huge Aura sama? I mean this tree is huge, but the side is humungous!”
“*giggle*, it’s magic my boy-its magic.”
Aura sama gave a heartfelt laugh, which is really suit her beautiful face.
“and by the way Josh, its seems like I could feel that you and that girl is somehow connected. Is she your…” before Aura sama could finished her sentence, it seems like Mia coincidentally woke up, upon seeing me, she then went ahead and kissed me for around a minute before she realized that master Octavia and Aura sama was present at the moment and saw everything that she did…on how she licked my lips before she shove her tongue inside, and smooch me for a minute.
She Mia covered her face with her small hands and snuggled closer to my chest as if she was embarrass.
(*sigh*, I guess kissing is now considered normal for me…but I got to admit, its really embarrassing when someone is watching.)
When I looked toward Aura sama, she was staring at me wide eyed with her mouth almost left hanging.
“….” She was speechless so I decided to answer her question.
“Aura sama, Mia is my…wife”
Upon hearing my declaration, Mia suddenly twitch, and so is master Octavia.
Mia took a look towards me, she was smiling and giggling to herself.
She then seated herself on my lap while snuggling her head on my neck as if showing that she was in a very good mood.

With Mia on my lap, while master Octavia is on my right side.
The four of us together with Aura sama began to chat.
First, Aura sama explained to me about my birth place. It turns out that I was born in an ancient land hidden from memory. A land of hills, valleys, forests, lakes and majestic mountains. A land where the supernatural was not a stranger, and where man was not always the absolute ruler of his destiny.

So it was into this land, that I was really born. Bearing a holy mark not seen in thousands of years, and given a forgotten name that held a powerful history.

At the name giving ceremony, attended by only my mother, father and Aura sama herself as an immediate family, the name was innocently chosen, for no member of that family could possibly have known its storied past. Neither could anyone have properly recognized the significance of the deep black mark on my left shoulder blade.

To the uneducated eyes of my mother, it looked like a simple star like birth amrk, though admittedly a well-defined one. What they did not know was that they were looking at a seal. The seal that held the power of the Supreme Overlord. An ancient seal whose destruction marked the birth of the present age.

The child was named Vermillion and upon that naming, the destiny of all living creatures took a dramatic turn. Events were once again set in motion that would forever remake this world…

I was pretty much speechless and dumbfounded and confuse at the same time, because on my memory, I though that it was my step father who named me Vermillion, but now I found out that it was Dante, Aura sama and my mother who came up with the name. and what more, I just found out now that I was born in hells Island, mainly speaking, here on Aura sama’s shrine…

Both Mia and master Octavia were just silently sitting and intently listening on what Aura sama had just shared. She did not explained how my mother got out of the forest of death, since I thought that my mother and father met inside the forest of death…but now more questions started to pop out my head. I wanted to ask Aura sama for all the answer, but I felt like it’s better to ask my mother directly. Since oddly enough I felt like me and my mother would definitely meet again.

Aura sama had shared to me some information regarding the gods and goddesses of this world, and it seems like Aura sama was a supreme being, linked to the Gods that now ruled this world. He communicated with them daily, received their guidance and instruction, which was then passed on through a series of mental thought waves to the initiates, who would dutifully carry them out.

Then Aura sama said in a gloomy face, “The time is coming, everyone knew, when the price for allowing you to live as long as it had, would have to be paid.”

“What are you saying to him Aura?”
“I am saying that, time is nearing when all other countries, kingdoms would get wind of Josh. It’s either they would offer their daughters, in order to get his favor or kill him and take his power away”

I frowned while thinking that my future is full of hardships…and more woman….

After that for a while we talked with lots of other things, like what I would do from now on, which I replied “get stronger, much stronger than anybody.” I was dead serious when I said it. It made both Mia and master Octavia smile, while on the other hand, all that I could think about was (none would dare take anything away from me anymore, let them try and I’ll be sure to send them to oblivion.)

Then suddenly Mia reach out for my face and caresses it, it looks like she felt that I was thinking too much and wanted me to feel relax.

“Josh, I promise that I would always stay together with you from now on, even if the whole world hunts you. I would only love you for eternally even death won’t be able to separate us”

At those words, I felt something warm on my chest. It felt like I truly fell in love with Mia. It’s pretty weird…but love is unpredictable so I will just follow my heart and do my very best to make Mia happy.

Then master Octavia suddenly began to speak again, it was shocking at first but, meeh I knew this was bound to happen.

“Don’t worry my darling, I would personally train you, of course you would make me your 2nd wife too, after all my feelings for you won’t lose to Mia.”

I just smiled, it’s the first time that I actually like being popular for a change. Since when I was still learning to become a commander in my previous life. I was more or less feared, everyone would only suck up to me and gain my favors and such. But Mia, master Octavia and Arya are different, I could feel that I was really love by them so I guess Its better to become stronger so that I would not lose these girls.

“haha, Octavia. You wanted to secure your spot eh?” Aura sama’s laugh was loud. But the content on what she said was disturbing in a sense… (Spot? What did she mean by that?).

Upon seeing my reaction, master Octavia immediately spoke “don’t be mistaken Josh, when I said that my love for you won’t lose to Mia was 100% real. No other intention behind it.” master Octavia then glared Aura sama for the nonsense that she had spouted.

“*giggle* haha I apologize, it looks like you really fell in love with a four year old eh Octavia.”

Master Octavia began to blush, that showed that she really do love me.

“But it’s probably understandable, since it’s really hard to find a perfect mate, or rather a husband stronger than you, and I could feel that little Mia over there is probably on par with you Octavia*wink*”

“huh?” is all I could say. But Aura sama explained to me. it seems like for some reason 70% of the population on Earthus is compose of females and females only get pregnant to stronger mate or spouse.

“If I were not a goddess myself, I would have wanted to secure a spot as your wife Josh” when Aura sama said it both Mia and master Octavia immediately tightened their grip on me, or rather they both snuggled on my chest.
*giggle* “ I don’t have much time anymore, I will leave this last gift to you.”

As she said those words Aura sama took out a very ominous black sword. It looked like a broad sword but with some engravings and design that shows that it was really powerful.

“Josh, this was the sword that your father Dante had use in killing the Supreme Overlord”

The sword was around 4ft in length which is too long for me to use for now, but whats more it’s really heavy… I could not even lift it. I am glad that Aura sama did not tossed it towards me, or I would have been crushed by it.

“Oh I forgot Josh, you need to learn how to control gravity in order to use that sword, since its pretty much weight 50ton, it’s made from the compressed metal known as gravite ore which is only found from beyond the skies”

(Beyond the skies? Are they talking about space?)

“I meant it literally Josh, it came from a meteorite that fell here in Earthus a thousand years ago.”

“ohh” with sparkling eyes I stared at it for minutes and said “does it have a name?”

“Yea its…Dante G sword…”




The three of us fell silent for the ridiculous name of the sword. “umm, can I change the name?”

“…uh yea, I also agree that your father’s naming sense is not his great points…”

“Ok, then from now on this sword is called, Josh Junior sword” with a happy expression, I actually though that the name I gave to the sword was actually pretty cool.




Now it was the three of them who were silent…

“What? Whats wrong?”

“Well Josh, your naming sense is as bad as your father…so I will name it myself, from now on this sword is called, Nova sword”

Both Mia and master Octavia nodded in agreement to the new name of the sword…well I got to admit, it was a pretty cool name for a sword.

“oh before I would go, here I will give you my blessing Josh” before I could blink, Aura sama, closed the distance between us in a flash and kissed me…she even swirled her tongue inside mine for minutes until master Octavia and Mia pulled as apart.
Before I could even react, Aura sama then told me that, the blessing that she gave me is the ability to understand all kinds of humanoid creatures language.

Both Mia and master Octavia are glaring at Aura sama, but Aura sama then suddenly got close again and gave me a 2nd kiss. This time both Mia and master Octavia was frozen in their place, for a few minute. And they then pulled away Aura sama. This time both Mia and master Octavia are hugging me tightly.

“….umm” I was going to ask what was the 2nd kiss for, but Aura sama beat me to it and said.

“the 2nd kiss is because you three keep smooching each other behind my back”(…darn, so she knew it all along.)

Both Mia and master Octavia are now beat red, oh well in my eyes, the two of them are kissing demons, in every opportunity they always smooch me…

“ok its about time Josh, I got to get going now.” Then Aura sama’s image slowly disappeared in our sight, as is she was only a hologram or something.

“…well how do I learn this gravity magic thing master?”

“well, its not my specialty, but I know a little bit about it, but before that” master Octavia then suddenly kissed me, Mia pouted because she beaten to the punchline by master. But she regain her composure and pulled me and kissed me deeply…((yes for around hours))

And now it was the start of my training together with these two beauties and my hellish love life…oh well its better than being alone hehehe


Meanwhile, in a faraway kingdom.

Hurry, darling ready the teleportation spell. At least let’s make sure that our daughter would live.

The Queen and King with their elite mages prepared the most powerful teleportation spell that would allow them to send the princess far away so that she would live.

Their kingdom is under attack by a certain powerful mage that brought them to this predicament.

Upon successfully sending the princess, both the King and Queen and their vassal had a smile on their face. Saying at least the princess is safe.

The black mage laughed as they shut the castle gates to him.

A smile lighted his face as he slowly rose in the air, caught up by an unfelt wind. His smile widened as he shot threw the air, a trail of smooth purple mist left streaking the space behind him. A groove was left in the ground as he flew over it, a lasting impression of his sheer force. He flew straight at the castle gates, his eyes ablaze with a dark fire. The smile disappeared, his face showed no emotion.

The wooden gates of the rich castle shattered as he flew through them, the iron hinges torn from the walls and sent spinning through the air. The mage slowed and halted, coming to a stop floating high above a large courtyard filled with awestruck peasants.

“I told you hand over to me my daughter you whore” His enraged voice echo’ed into every crack of the castle, not one there missed it, “I come here to take my daughter back!, you dare betrayed me and ran away with my daughter you whore! And even named her the princess of this country? Ha I will show you that she is more than a princess, her fate is already sealed, she will become the maiden of the Supreme Overlord.”

Then the king spoke “don’t speak nonsense, the Supreme Overlord is already dead, he has no heir.”

“hahaha, I personally felt his power a week ago, whoever it was, he was strong, stronger than most creatures.

The war torn era will once again ravage this world. Every nation would search for the Supreme Being, every king would offer their daughters to him to win his favor. Every kingdoms would try to hunt and kill him.”

With that, he unleashed a great ball of blue flame streaking toward a nearby tower. The side of the tower imploded as the flame sunk into it and the tower itself began to fall in on the courtyard. People screamed as they ran, trying to escape the falling stones. The crowd trampled itself into the ground, providing an easy target for the massive structure. A ground-shaking crash sounded as the tower collapsed on them, crushing hundreds of people.

The black mage watched, emotion returned in full to his flaming eyes, and smiled as the tower struck. Archers had been assembled on the walls around the tower and began launching volleys at the wizard under the command of their captains. Every one of the many arrows snapped in half before reaching their mark.

The black mage/wizard eyes turned to the walls while he lifted his hand in the air. A whole wall of archers rose into the air, horrified looks dawning on their faces. They were suddenly flung back and tossed outside the castle walls. Other archers saw this and began to run; panic spread through their ranks and they joined the remaining crowd in the courtyard.

“I come for my daughter, and the head of the king and his wench!”

“The Lord have mercy!” the King knelt before the statue of an unknown god/goddess as he prayed, his eyes running with tears of fear. “Spare us this!”

The chamber where he knelt contained not only the king, but his wife and several chief advisors. All knelt.

The immense stone wall of the chamber, the one closest to the inner part of the castle, began to shake and tremble. All heads rose and turned to the direction of the wall, staring with wide and wet eyes.

Almost calmly, the wall slowly removed itself from the room, floating through the air wholly intact. The people in the room could now see the destruction that befall the castle. The king’s wife let out a scream at the sight of bodies crushed under the fallen tower.

The wall suddenly fell to the ground, landing on the fleeing crowd, and the black mage appeared in its stead. “Hello, king, how pleasant of you to see me.”

“Please, Henri, don’t do this!”

“Silence, whore! Your words fall short of what I would call ‘sincere’. Meet your fate as you deserve.”

Pleas started to rise from the king and his advisory, but all fell on deaf ears. Henri, the black mage smiled a new smile, an open-mouthed smile that showed all his pearl-white teeth, and his eyes grew wide. Not with fear, but excitement.

“you betrayed me and went together with this man.” He then pointed his finger to the cowering king and continued, “that’s not all, you even took our daughter, no, you took my daughter from me. Spreading lies that she were this foolish of a kings own daughter.”

He then motioned his hand, still floating in the air, and a wall of purple flame flew from him, expanding out and through the castle, incinerating anything it might touch. A final wailing scream went through the air before silence took the castle.

The castle lay still, nothing left of it but charred rubble and burning embers, a testament to a true massacre. Henri the black mage dropped slowly to the ground, replacing the black hood over his face, and walked slowly away.

While inside the forest of death~

The twin, Leyla and Lilia were sparing, both has dark bluish hair.

Leyla stepped back and lunged, panting heavily. Lilia’s blunt practice sword countered hers easily and swung back to slice at her unprotected legs in the same stroke. She barely blocked her, half tripping in her haste to avoid being hit. Lilia grinned. She was two seconds her elder, but nevertheless, she was never too old or too busy to spend time sparing with Leyla. Leyla was determined that she would learn swordplay from her twin and her alone. Lilia was good with a sword, although Leyla could beat her in magic any day.

Leyla’s eyes flickered up toward the sun, now high in the sky. They’d been practicing out in the courtyard for an hour at the least, judging by the sun’s movement. The brief glance was fatal to her guard. Lilia’s sword slipped under her guard and to her neck, the point hovering just below her left ear.

Lilia sighed. “I yield.”

Leyla still held the sword up, her expression darkening. Others might have been fooled, but Lilia knew her twin very well. Well enough to know when she was fooling around, as she was now. her expression might be evil enough, but her eyes were filled with laughter.

“I give you. . . death,” she proclaimed solemnly, sounding so melancholy that Leyla bit her tongue to keep from bursting out laughing.

“Go ahead and kill me *giggle*” she replied while snickering. “I doubt you’ve the guts to behead a chicken, let alone slaughter your own twin.”

Her chin went up ridiculously high. “We mages have no compassion, to our rivals. We kill all.”

Leyla tilted her head to one side, glaring at her twin challengingly through narrowed eyes. “We practitioner of swords have no fear, no regard for our own safety. We risk all.”

“Not true,” she corrected her. “The swordsman are not so reckless as to risk all. And we risk our lives only when it’s necessary. Never for vain or glory. To do so would be selfish, because we’d be ignoring our loved ones’ worry and anguish.”

“When did ‘you’ become a swordsman?” Lilia teased her twin.

Leyla thought for a minute. “When you depicted the swordsman as an arrogant, selfish people.”

“Oh, so now I’m selfish and arrogant as well as dead? How nice of you to say so.” Lilia’s tone was offended, but she smiled as she spoke.

Leyla withdrew the sword and tossed it aside in mock despair, shaking her head. Instantly, Lilia slashed out at her with a triumphant “Ha!”. Her sword met with empty air as Leyla ducked and drove into her waist. They tumbled over on the grass, struggling for possession of the weapon.

Leyla, being heavier and more experience in the art of swords than Lilia, eventually gained the sword and pinned her to the ground. She drove the sword downward, letting out a blood curling yell, but Lilia twisted to one side and closed her hand over Leyla’s own fingers on the hilt as the point lodged in the moist earth. The scene was perfect; each had their hand in a death grip over the hilt, both were striving to drive the point into each other’s’ heart. . . the clearing had fallen dead quiet. Sweat dripped off both their noses as the silent combat went on.

“oh, Onee-chans are a happy couple,” a voice drawled suddenly.

Lilia and Leyla both looked up. To see a silver haired little girl, it was Shane, she stared haughtily down at them, a smug grin plastered across her cute face.

“Leyla-Oneechan and Lilia Oneechan? Wh-why are you lying on the ground. . . Tossing this way and that, and such noise they were making, too,” she said softly while stuttering a bit, deep blue eyes flickering from one to the other. “M-may I join your game Oneechan?”

“hehe come here Shane” Both Leyla and Lilia played with Shane, since Shane was their step sister. She was around 2months old younger than Leyla and Lilia.


And lastly in a kingdom that is currently at a gruesome war.

A small face loomed from the darkness of a gloomy day.
A very gruesome battle had been fought that day.
The glitter of the white snowy fields petrified the being’s eyes. He had a dark-red suit of armor on and his sword gleamed in the light of the sun. The hilt of the sword was gold with sparkling jewels upon it. The being had been unconscious through the battle after being hit on the helmet with a maul.

His helmet was dented and pieces of its metal were on the ground beside him. He had a bloody nose and a horribly massive headache. He sat up and rubbed his head with his right hand. He looked at his sword, which was still sheathed which told him that he went unconscious at the beginning of the battle. He thought, “Maybe when the arrows were fired one hit my helm, or maybe I was frightened, I don’t know.” He stood up, crouching over. He took off his mail and kicked it on the ground. ‘No good armor!’ he shouted as he looked at a bloody gash in his stomach.

He struggled to yell but it seemed that he could only whisper. It began to drizzle. Finally he got out, ‘Is anyone alive out there’? There was no reply at all. He saw the snowy mountains that enclosed the small battlefield within a circle. At that moment he remember that the battle had taken place in the middle of the ice land of Xervan muntain. At that moment he also remembered that no caravans or carts had taken the road to Xervan in over sixty years. He wondered with a bloody nose, a gash in his stomach and a horrible headache how he was going to get back to the castle and to his wife and daughter?

The being sighed at his options, though he was beat in the head with a maul, he was dumb – yet. He knew what direction things were in; he had only few choices though.

His choices were: Go south towards the Lands of the Dark-Elves; Go north, towards the memorial of the Midnight Song, chances are that Orcs patrol that area, or he could go down the road that hasn’t been taken. He thought only to go down the road, for maybe it would lead to the Towns of the Maze.

He shivered in the cold of the snow. He saw his captain who had fallen in battle. He seemed to have the best armor of the soldiers. The being took the captain’s armor and put it on. He walked among the dead bodies and saw the dusty road loom and whirl up into the mountains.

By now his head was throbbing. He could think of nothing else but the pain. Small drops of blood fell from his head to his cheek. As he stopped and took out a map to see which way on the road he should go, everything became blurry. He began to doze off and suddenly he collapsed on the cold, hard snow.

He dreamt that he was in the battle and that he dodged the maul that sprang at him. He dreamt he was invincible. As soon as he woke up, it was dusk. He found himself on the back of a cart. The cart seemed to go upward. He opened his eyes and saw the mountains towering before him.

His head hurt even worse than it did before. He was lying on top of sacks of grain and wheat. Suddenly the cart came to a stop. He laid his head down and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he saw a man covered in black robe. “ah, hello there, good thing you finally woke up!” shouted the man”my name is Henri” he added. The being laid in silence.

“I found you on the road a few hours ago; you were as stiff as a tree in that snow, so I brought you in. It’s not every day when someone goes on this road but, I was on the way back to search for my daughter and when the battle ended, I found you” said Henri.

Henri stood in silence, since the man before him claimed that he could not remember anything, even his name. He then sighed and walked back to the head of the cart. The being threw his head back again and closed his eyes. He couldn’t sleep. He had so many questions in his mind and the cart was bumpy along the old rocky road. The cart came to a halt. Suddenly, the being felt drops of liquid on his face. He opened his eyes suddenly and touched the liquid. It was blood! He jumped up and looked at Henri. It seemed as though someone or something just lopped off Henri’s head.

He saw the head upon a stack of hay. He drew back in horror. He took a quick look around. He gulped and started running down the road. With so many questions in his mind he couldn’t carry on. As he fell on his knees he heard a horses galloping towards him. He turned around and saw three headless riders in back cloaks on black horses riding towards him. He struggled to get up but his legs were petrified. He closed his eyes and opened them again. He then saw in the distance, beautiful snowy mountains; and beyond them, he saw something flying at him at great pace. The riders were very close now. As soon as they came within two feet on him, he felt himself be pulled up into the air and carried off. He was saved from death by of all things, a red dragon?

He had once again slipped away into unconsciousness. A yell of battle came and once again he found himself in a dream about a battle. The only thing was that in this dream he dreamt he was fighting with the men who wanted to cause corruption. He felt the heat of battle come upon him.

He then was tapped on the shoulder by a soldier who said, ‘Good luck Captain Adrian.’ He then woke up again. He found himself lying in a cave. It was very hot and fire scorched the walls of the cave. He yawned and stood up. He knew everything about himself when he woke up; it was as if he never had amnesia at all, like it was one big dream. He laughed but he thought that if he dreamt a dragon carried him away, why was he in a cave? He just answered in his head that he had went unconscious on an assignment.

He turned around and then, to his horror, saw a very large face of a red dragon right at his own face. The dragon breathed deeply and with its humungous eyes it stared into Adrian’s eyes.

“Hello,” said the dragon in a deep, rumbling voice.

Adrian stood straight up in horror.

“Surprised to see me talking, eh”? Asked the dragon in a chuckling sort of manner.

Adrian shivered and let out in a low voice,

“Yes, something of the sort.”

“Well, you should be surprised you’re alive. Two more seconds on the ground with those riders would’ve made you headless,” said the dragon.

“Riders”? Asked Adrian in horror.

“Yes, don’t you remember, you were on the ground and I picked you up and took you here,” said the dragon. “But I thought that… that was only a dream,” said Adrian.

Adrian then became a little shaky. The dragon turned his head and lined up his eye with him.

“A dream you say? Well then, how do you suspect you aren’t headless then? How do you suspect you are here, in a cave with a dragon?” said the dragon with an amuse tone in his voice.

Adrian began to sweat. “I don’t know… but is there any way you can take me to the Cranvorn castle’? Asked Adrian, eager to get back home. The dragon chuckled.

“Not for another ten hours I suppose, dragons can only fly fifteen hundred miles without rest,”
“You flew me fifteen hundred miles” We are not in Xervon? Are we’? Asked Adrian with a worried face.

“Look for yourself,” said the dragon. He pointed at a small opening in the side of the cave. Adrian rushed forth through the crack. He found himself standing on a ledge of a steep cliff overlooking a beautiful ocean. He walked alongside the wall of the cave on the ledge. He then came to a steep opening and looked upon the place where he was. He was on a beautiful island with green rolling hills and fresh grass and forests.

“Where am I” turning back. He saw the opening of the cave. The dragon was walking outside to join him.

“You are on the ocean-island of Karamja,” replied the dragon, looking at the sun. “It’s beautiful,” said Adrian.

“Well, beauty comes at the expense of danger to humans,’” said the dragon. With his claw he pointed at a small group of large scorpions with large and scary looking pincers. Adrian jumped back in horror. “I dreamt I had amnesia, of course I am fine now, but was that real”? Asked Adrian with a worried look on his face.

“Oh yes, it’s all real.”

“Since the guy who save you, was the guy who destroyed a whole kingdom single handedly. He was chased by those headless riders, they were guardians summoned by the last breath of those protectors of the destroyed kingdom.” With an amuse look on the dragons face, Adrian shivered upon realizing that he was almost mistakenly killed because of Henri.

“Oh and before I sent you home, take this powder.”

“What is it?”

“It’s just a magical powder if drank by someone he/she would gain tremendous potential and would play a great role in the coming war” the dragon chuckled a bit and said.

“Do you have a daughter?”

Adrian was suddenly startled at the sudden question, but decided to tell the dragon all about it since he did save his life.

“Yes, and she is 4 years old” with a warm gaze, Adrian though that how sad would it be for him to die without seeing the growth of his daughter.

“Good, be sure to have her take in this powder, just mix it in water and have her drink it, this would make her play the important role in the coming war. Kekeke”

“What do you mean?”

“Trust me on this Adrian, I save your life it’s the least thing you could do, your daughter might become the savior of the world.”

Adrian’s eyes widen at the word savior of the world, but he missed the words that the dragon had said “ or the partner of the new Supreme Overlord kekeke”.

Then the dragon took off together with Adrian in order to help me return home.

(hehe, such interesting event is happening, I wonder if the other dragons, not to mention the dragon lord have already heared about the rise of the new Supreme Overlord kekeke)

While soaring up high in the sky, the red dragon was laughing hysterically.

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  1. lvl 1 leech

    There are several times when I think you messed up who said/did what:

    1.)”*giggle* “ I don’t have much time anymore, I will leave this last gift to you.”
    As she said those words master Octavia took out a very ominous black sword. ”

    I think Aura its suppose to me Aura not Octavia

    2.)”Leyla’s eyes flickered up toward the sun, now high in the sky. They’d been practicing out in the courtyard for an hour at the least, judging by the sun’s movement. The brief glance was fatal to her guard. Lilia’s sword slipped under her guard and to her neck, the point hovering just below her left ear.
    Lilia sighed. “I yield.””

    Shouldn’t it be Lilia who looks up at the son and Leyla who puts her sword at Lilia’s neck.
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  2. Thanks for the chapter. I just can’t seem to hate Henri. I mean, there have been circumstances, but no matter of being good or evil, the actions of betraying your lover, running off with the kid, and lying about the child’s father are just plain wrong. The king didn’t even make a valiant final stand. The king and queen can’t say that they couldn’t see all that coming and that they were not in the wrong.

    I am honestly hoping that Henri faked his death or found a way to either leave a message or resurrect himself for his daughter. He does seem to love her. As for whether he want to gain favor or help the Supreme Overlord, that could be a different matter than wishing to see the happiness of his little girl. Basically, this is this, and that was that. I am not sure if she is super smart kid or not, but I hope she figured out or eavesdrop on the information of the king not being her real/biological father.

    P.S I am kinda surprised that Josh didn’t feel embarrassed by saying those chuuni lines. (We know the reference.) I mean, it is one thing when it is on purpose or on a whim, but when it is said seriously or subconsciously, even I would feel like dying from embarrassment when recalling such events. I can still understand wanting to say chuuni lines just because of wanting to say in certain situations at least once.


    1. Also, this seems like the perfect point to perform a time skip and possibly add more side stories.

      His future self could even use more anime-inspired ideas and techniques. For example, by using wind to erode the hard earth around him, he could imitate Gaara’s sand techniques. There is even the basic idea of removing the atmosphere around living targets to make them implode or explode, and he could even poison opponents by slowing focusing concentrated oxygen around them or suffocate them by removing the oxygen around them. Concerning the latter suggestion, concentrated oxygen can lead to opponents self-exploding due to using fire magic or can lead the opponents to let their guard them down by shooting relative weak/harmless fire magic which would unsuspectingly explode on a much grander magnitude due to the oxygen around the opponents. If suffocation is chosen to be used, he simply redirect the oxygen to feed his fire magic. After all, I doubt a medieval world is well-versed in even basic science (of Earth’s 21 century).


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      2. Well, it is to be expected. The story-line is quite different and alluringly interesting. Of course, the kiss scenes even surpassed Campione to the point where I almost forgot they were 4y/o…… I honestly can’t wait to see what happens after they reach puberty (whenever that is). Of course, this is under the assumption that Vermilion doesn’t get distracted during training too much.


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