Chapter 12 – Time sure flies.

~~~Within the forest of death, (Arya POV 4years old)~~~

It is a grim morning here within the forest of death. Autumn had come to our land, and the heavy rain was beating on the keep’s wooden roof. It’s been a week already since I felt that mysterious aura beyond the forest.

I felt attracted to that mysterious feeling, since that day I yearned for freedom, freedom from this imprisonment. I knew that 300years ago the goddess of war had sealed us within this forest. But I felt deep within me that someday this entire forest would disappear.

My father always used to tell me: “every being has his or her own fated partner and destiny, you don’t need to be in a rush to leave, and remember this, you can determine the strength of others by their eyes, and their aura.” It was evident that in my father’s eyes that he was a skilled practitioner of magic, especially within the branch involving fire and flame.

He was in a grim mood, and that occurred only when he anticipated a grim event. My father has a limited sixth sense of some sort that worked best at predicting that kind of thing. I knew I had to prepare and be on alert because of my father’s mood, but also because of the possibility that a grim event might be coming our way…

My father called me and my mother to talked about his foresight, I admit that I might be unable to understand it all due to being too young. But, I could think logically, understand and mostly grasp the situation. It’s probably not that rare since it’s expected because of our bloodline, yes the bloodline of a demon lord, I bet all the other demon lord children could also think logically and grasp the situation more at this age. I began to wonder if the other girls also felt that ferocious and baleful yet attractive aura coming from beyond the forest. Or is it only me? With the blood of an elf flowing in me, not to mention that my father is also a demon lord.

Based on what I had learned, demon lords are only titles that was given by the supreme overlord to his subjects.

There were three figures who receive the title of demon lord, my father was one of them. While the other two was a human, and a beast man race

After that event my father and the rest of the two demon lords had come in a meeting. While we the children played with each other, I was confuse as to why is it that there is no male heirs or rather the demon lords only has daughters as their heirs.

I was quite friendly with Leyla(Ley-chan), Lilia(Lili-chan) and Shane(Sha-chan), but Lucia(Lu-chan), who was the daughter of the beast man , and also the heir of the beast tribe demon lord, the two of us is not that close, but we could still be called friends.

Since it was so rare that all five of us could get together like this, I immediately called out to them

“Ah, Ley-chan,Lili-chan, Sha-chan and Lu-chan, it’s great that all 5 of us could finally bond together.”

The first one to reply was Sha-chan, she was adorable and probably the smallest among us, I wonder why she is a head smaller than us? Our age is only 2 months apart.
“Arya-Oneechan, did you also feel that scary aura?”

I was surprise hearing what Sha-chan had said, at the same time I was also thrilled that I was not the only one who felt that strong , oppressing yet attractive aura.

“Really? Umm, Sha-chan, did you also feel something?”

“Hm? What do you mean Arya-oneechan?”

“I-I mean, did you feel something else from that scary aura?”

Sha-chan was tilting her head while thinking deeply, she looked really adorable while doing that. Just looking at her felt relaxing, I wonder if this is how an older sister would feel for her younger sister.


It seems like Sha-chan finally reach her conclusion, basing on her reaction, I guess the conclusion she had gotten is almost the same as mine…I hope not, please~

“W-what is it?”

I timidly ask, my heart shook as if it predicted that Sha-chan’s answer is really the same as mine.

“ “ “ “ Fated partner “ “ “ “

I was left speechless, not because of what Sha-chan had said, but because Ley-chan, Lili-chan, Lu-chan, and Sha-chan had exactly the same feeling like mine. I never would have expected that all five of us could actually tell that the aura that we all felt was our fated partner.

I don’t want to believe it, but I heard it once from my mother that a truly powerful being is allowed to have multiple wives, it’s mainly because, for some reason our world with the power of the two moons can only make us women feel attracted to our fated partners. Really mysterious, even the best scholar cannot explain the reasons why.

The more powerful we women became, the harder it is for us to feel attraction to the opposite sex, since only the strong and powerful could move our hearts, it’s rare for a woman to fall in love with a weaker man. I don’t know why, but I guess it’s just the laws of our world…

After hearing their answers, I immediately gave up on continuing the topic regarding to that baleful and attractive aura. I was not afraid of sharing, it’s just that, I feel like I have known that aura for a long time, and by feeling that one time made me felt relax, is this what the other girls felt? I feel like I have known the owner of that aura for a long time. I just can’t put it into words.

End of Arya’s POV

~~~~~~~Josh Vermillion’s POV (5years old)~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A year had already gone by, I manage to gain some understanding about gravity magic from master Octavia. The training was very very very tiring, not what I had expected.

Master Octavia made a daily training schedule for me, at first I thought it was very easy, but as the days pass by, I could feel that the training is starting to get very hard and tiring.

Who would have thought that master Octavia would make me lift a boulder…at first it was easy since the boulder was only the size of a cow, but now it’s almost the size of a mansion… with some gravity magic control that I learned, I could manage to lift the boulder with both hands.

((Authors Note: Imagine Hercules, when he was lifting earth…))

I could manage it somehow even though the weight of the boulder increases daily.

But then 5 months after… Mia started to get bored from master Octavia’s training, I don’t know what training they did, all I know was that, master Octavia was training Mia’s illusion magic and her combat magic.

5 months after the beginning of my training, Mia suddenly walked up close to me with a bored expression on her face, but still she was adorable to the point that if I wasn’t lifting this god damn boulder, I would have already leap towards Mia and cuddle her.

As per the rules that master Octavia had set beforehand, me and Mia could only sleep together twice every week. And of course it means that Mia would smooch me very very passionately within those two nights.

But now…here I am standing very still, while holding up this boulder up above my head with two hands.

“Mia? What are you doing here? Did you finished your training already?”

I ask cautiously, because Mia’s eyes was filled with boredom.


Mia answered with a bright smile on her face, the boredom vanished….I have a bad feeling about this…



“W-why are you coming closer and closer to me?”


Hearing Mia’s reply I relaxed a little bit, I had thought she would take advantage of my training and start smooching me. I guess Mia is slowly growing up now, little by little I felt like a proud parent watching his daughter growing up…weird right? Since we flirt and kiss.

“Phew, I though tha-“

I could not finished on what I had wanted to say, since my lips were now tightly sealed with her soft pinkish lips. I retract my previous thoughts, Mia is still the same as ever, she would take the opportunity given in order to steal a kiss from these lips of mine. And man…she is now waaay better at kissing than she was at our first kiss a year ago.
“*gasp* hmm, M-Mia,Hmm St-op”


After a few minutes of ravaging my mouth and tongue, Mia finally separated from my lips. Not like I hate it, but I am still training.

“I am still in the middle of training Mia, it’s dangerous, and what if I lose concentration and accidentally drop this 50k Ton boulder…”

Mia just stared at me, I felt like the words that I had said only traveled from one of her hears to the other…I miss the old shy and obedient Mia.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Josh Verimillion’s POV (8years old) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was not very long after that there occurred the first of the mysterious events that gave us some problem, it is a bitter cold winter, with long, hard frosts and heavy gales; and it was plain from my sigh that my poor beloved Mia was shivering like a little kitten snuggling on top of my chest.

I was honestly holding myself up, I don’t know why but these past few years, Mia became really enchanting. Enchanting to the point of me having lustful thoughts on her day and night. It would have been ok if my lustful thoughts were only hidden, but with our soul link together it was really hard hiding things from her.

I had grown taller, but Mia stayed almost the same… but the weird thing is, whenever I see Mia’s face, I felt like she’s becoming more mature and beautiful each passing years. Her height might have not change much. But no complains here since her height being at my chest level is just too damn perfect fit between my arms. It was easy to wrap my arms around her whenever she snuggled up close to me.

Her enchanting beauty which were enhance by master Octavia’s teaching is just too high level. If Mia and I were not soul bounded for eternity, then maybe I would have worries about her future. With her god given beauty, many men would flock around her like bees attracted to a sweet flower. Of course being her husband, I have a duty to protect her from all harms and possible dangers.

Not to mention Mia’s illusion magic, thinking about it now, her illusion magic is really scary and dangerous. I remember the first time she showed me her illusion magic.

It was past midnight, I just finish my 50k ton weight lifting training using my gravity and was laying on top of the roof of master Octavia’s mansion while bathing in the moonlight shine that came from the two mysterious moon which shone in a reddish yet bluish hue. Then Mia suddenly came, to be precise, Mia who had the body of an adult woman suddenly arrive in front of me.

At first I was startled at the breath taking beauty in front of me, my mind had frozen for a minute back then, her long golden hair which were immensely had been enhanced by the moonlit and her alluring body was mind blowing. All my reasoning’s where slowly being destroyed by the mysterious beauty back then. If Mia didn’t spoke then, then maybe I would have been already became an adult by now.

I would have attacked Mia without knowing that it was her all along using illusion magic on herself. That’s how captivating her adult beauty was.

But of course if I were to choose which one I like the most, I would say that the current shy and timid Mia is better… or was it the past shy and timid Mia? Since the current Mia isn’t as shy as she used to be a couple of years ago.


If Mia kept increasing and improving her flirting method…then I am afraid that sooner or later, Mia would be eaten by me. No joke, because our current situation is really dangerous. Why?

It’s because right now, Mia is breathing heavily or should I call it moaning? Well whichever it is it’s probably the same thing.

As I was saying, Mia was breathing heavily on top of me. I don’t know whether if it is because of the cold winter… yes that’s probably got to be it. Mia is shivering and breathing heavily because of this wintery cold season… as if, if she wasn’t caressing my chest and body at the same time then I would have decided that Mia was definitely breathing heavy because of the cold climate.

Damn it, her breathings tickling my neck. I can’t believe that I am having a hard on right now, why am I feeling like this? It’s not the usual me, I should not be feeling turned on right now.

Ah I got it, it must be the cold winter, yup that’s got to be it.

(Mia’s hot breath smells kinda sweet, damn it what am I thinking? If I don’t pull myself together somehow, then…)

*rustle* *rustle*

“Hi darling~”

Before I could finish my thoughts, someone had suddenly snuck in inside our blanket. And when I lifted up the blanket, I saw my mischievous master.

Her alluring body had snuck in close to mine while she wrapped her legs on top of mine making me unable to move. With Mia on top of me and my master Octavia besides me, how could I sleep properly in this cold winter?

“M-master, what are you doing?”

I was stuttering, because my master feet is clearly touching my man hood. If Mia was not on top of me, then it would have been ok, but since I was feeling aroused for a moment now I don’t have any excuses to make if master Octavia decided to question or interrogate me.


Master Octavia only made a little bit of sound before she flashed me her mischievous grin.

“W-what are you doing master?”

I wanted to shout, but since Mia is sleeping peacefully on top of me, I could not bear to wake her up by accident because of my voice, so I can only produce a voice loud enough to be called a whisper.

(This is bad, master Octavia went in inside the blanket. I have a bad feeling about this)

For some reason, I am starting to sweat like crazy. It’s actually pretty weird because our blanket is not that thick and even though I could feel the cold winter season on my skin I still kept of sweating like crazy.

“Eh? W-what..ah…”

Now she’s done it…damn it master, I know this would happen eventually. But I could not fathom that it would be with you first, I thought that the recent aggressive Mia was going to be the one to do this to me first. But I guess that I was mistaken then.

When master Octavia went inside our blanket, she immediately caressed my raging manhood. Even though I am still 8 years old, I am pretty confident of my little junior because I do have the physique and body of a 15 year old boy, and for some reason when I was taking baths by myself, I always found the size of my little junior amazing.

When master Octavia caressed my manhood, I felt my whole body quivered as if I was struck by a sudden jolt of lightning. The warm touch of her hands felt really good.


I was breathing heavily because of the sudden stimulation that I was feeling, even though my beloved Mia is sleeping on top of me, I can’t believe that I am feeling it this much.

“Wow, it keeps getting bigger and bigger”

Upon hearing master Octavia’s praise, I could not decide whether to  be happy or sad.

“Umm, *slurp* uhhmm”

(Damn it master, ah…It actually feels good, If I had known it would feel this good, then I should have had my taste on those space whores back then…)

As my master began to lick and slurping every corner of my cock, I not help but pant and gasp louder. I don’t know if I was this timid before, or I just actually like what master Octavia was doing to me. Of course if I had wanted to stop master Octavia for real, then she probably could not do anything about it. But it just so happen that I actually like what she’s doing to me.

“haa…haaaa, M-master….haa.. I-I’m cum-”

Weirdly, before I could finish my sentence, my mouth was tightly sealed by a soft and wet sensation. Of course it only took me a second before I realized that it was Mia who had sealed my mouth.

My cock was still inside master Octavia’s mouth, so when I came, I actually felt her slurping all my white milk inside her mouth.

That’s not all, while I was still Cumming inside master, Mia kept on deep kissing me. With her tongue entwined to mine, I could also feel that she was slurping my saliva as if it was the most delicious thing that she had tasted.

Feeling all this pleasure all at once, I had decided to just go with the flow.

With that, I started to push my tongue deeper inside Mia’s mouth. Weirdly, Mia started on sucking my tongue while we deep kiss from time to time. And I also started shaking my hips up and down in slow motion inside master Octavia’s. With my hard cock grazing master Octavia’s throat and her tongue wrapping around my cock, I felt like Cumming again for the second time.

In the span of 10 minutes I actually came a second time inside master Octavia’s mouth.

“haa..Wow…you girls, that was-“

(You got to be kidding me…)

While feeling satisfied, I was going to compliment both master Octavia and Mia for what they had done. But to my surprise, both of them were actually asleep…I swear I saw master grinned at me earlier.

As I recalled the moment master Octavia grinned at me, I actually remembered her flustered face.

“Don’t tell me…”

With a sudden realization, I raised Mia’s mouth and sniffed it, with our drool mix together, it would have been impossible to smell something other than her sweet saliva. But because of my good nose, I smelled some acidic scent inside Mia’s mouth.

“Hmm…is this liquor? Mm no…it smells more like….grapes?”

Upon realizing the cause of master and Mia’s sudden aggressiveness, I felt like a burden was suddenly lifted off my shoulder. At the same time I felt some sadness.

“Damn it, and here I thought I could graduate from my virginity…*sigh* I guess it’s not yet time…but it sure felt good fuehehe”

I laugh a perverted laugh while remembering the things that both Mia and master Octavia had done earlier.

~~~ Josh Vermillion (15 years old) ~~~

A couple of years came by after that weird wintery night.

I could finally lift easily my sword Nova. At first I was skeptical, was this really a sword which weighted 50k ton? I’m not bragging but I could now easily lift Nova with one hand. No gravity magic being use or what so ever.

With just my physical strength alone, I could swing my sword Nova hundreds of thousands of times without sweating. I didn’t actually knew that what master Octavia taught me was a physical training, I thought it was a magical training. Or was it actually both? Using gravity magic against a 50k ton boulder continuously everyday was truly worth it. Even though I felt like my muscles were being torn every day, I still continued the harsh training.

Hell I have a gut feeling that I was even lifting more than 500k ton of weight yesterday, I have a hunch that master Octavia was secretly increasing bit by bit the weight of the boulder which I use for training with every day.

Mia became the beauty that I had seen 7 years ago, I clearly remember the night when she used her Illusion magic against me. I still had some doubts but it all went away because every day I saw for myself on how Mia was growing.

It was a very natural growth, if I didn’t compare the old Mia and the current Mia, then I wouldn’t even realize that the shy and timid Mia became a goddess. A goddess with great body proportion, milky white skin, bluish red eyes (her deep red eyes back then became bluish red now) and her long golden hair which shone under the moonlit and would glitter under the sun.

All in all, Mia became a very very beautiful woman, recalling the Mia’s image when she was still shy and little makes my heart aches. But everyone grows up, (*tear* I wish Mia remained little though…)

“Josh? What’s the problem?”

With my arm wrapped between her breast, Mia tilted her head while asking me what the problem was. Hearing my beloved Mia worrying about me makes my heart throb. But I think its mostly because of her appearance though.

With her well-developed body accompanied with her black gothic style dress which shows the perfect figure of her hips and her bust makes me feel horny…damn, I guess I am already at that age huh? Sooner or later I might actually attack Mia.

“Nothing much, I was just thinking that time sure past by very quickly”

I answered Mia while gently stroking her head with my right arm, even though Mia grew up in height spontaneously, she’s still a head smaller than me. It also seems that Mia as always love it when I stroke her head, I could even see her close her eyes with a delighted face.

I was 6.5 feet tall with lean compact muscles which could be even called a perfect body. My silver hair got longer, now reaches around my back, and my face became even more handsome *cough* is what Mia and master Octavia had told me.

My stroking on Mia’s head suddenly halted, because my right arm which was stroking her head got caught by a tigress, yup it was caught by master Octavia and now it lays dormant between her soft mounds.

“You know Josh…”

I can see that master has something important to tell me, with her tranquil expression I felt something was odd or off. I just can’t help but feel a bit nervous all of a sudden.

“W-what is it master?”

“I think it’s time for you and Mia to return, you both did a great job and became really powerful in these past few years.”

I have no Idea why master Octavia has that kind of face, is she praising both me and Mia? Why is it that it sounds like she’s saying good bye? Noo…I don’t want to think about it, but I had already grown fond of master, I don’t want to be separated with her. As much as I love Mia, I got to admit that I had started to develop feelings for master.

“M-master, it sounds like y-your saying as if you’re not coming with us…”

With my eyes getting terry, I could not help but replied to her in a frantic tone. I glanced at Mia’s reaction but I saw that she only gripped my arm which were being sandwich between her breasts. Basing on her expression, I have a hunch that Mia already knew that master is not coming with us.

“Yes…I had planned to hide this from you, but I have a secret, a secret which you would found out eventually someday, so I decided to just tell you now.”

*ba-dump* *ba-dump*

Upon hearing master telling me about a secret, her secret. My heart keeps pounding, and my stomach felt odd… I don’t like this feeling, not one bit. I-I don’t want to know what master Octavia’s secret is, I can’t help but think of thoughts like ‘Is she probably already married?’ or ‘maybe she already had a son or daughter’.

When I was thinking all kind of things, master Octavia gently caressed my face while looking upwards meeting my eyes with hers.

*ba-dump* *ba-dump*

Here it comes…I just wish that the secret that master is talking about is not what I am thinking.

I feel like my heart was going to explode in anticipation, I also feel like covering my ears. I don’t want to hear what master’s secret is. But looking at her, I saw determination in her eyes. So I steeled and prepared myself for master’s secret.

“I…I am actually a dragon.”

I froze upon hearing what master secret was, but at the same time I also felt relieve, relive because master’s secret was not what I had in mind, I guess I was just being paranoid for thinking such things, I knew master had feelings for me.

Upon knowing what master’s secret was, I felt like it didn’t really matter. I also felt confuse, if she’s a dragon? Then was is it that I can only see a human in front of me? Even I at first glance knew that Mia was a vampire.

With all kinds of thought’s surging inside my head, I felt master’s grip on my arms getting tighter.

I think master became insecure because of my silence, so I decided to answer her with the first thing that came to mind.

“Is that it? Master, you’re actually a dragon? Why is it that I can only see a beautiful human in front of me?”

Hearing my nonchalant answer, master heave a sigh of relief. She must have thought that I would maybe hate her if she told me her secret being a dragon.

“And master, why is it that you’re not coming with us? It’s not like I would hate you just because you’re a dragon master. Take a look for Mia for example, I knew she was a vampire at first but I still love her, it’s the same for you master I don’t care if you’re a dragon or an elf, my feelings for you won’t change.”

Knowing my feelings for her, master Octavia became cheerful and playful again. She pulled my face closer to her and deep kissed me. Our tongue entwined with each other for a couple of seconds before separating.

I glanced at Mia but she just stood beside me with a tranquil expression on her face.

(This is weird…why is Mia not kissing me? It’s not like her.)

It was really weird, I knew Mia’s personality the most. But right now I am really speechless, why is she letting master have her way with me? Why is she not getting jealous?

Questions started popping up one by one inside my head until I heard mater talk again.

“you know Josh…me and Mia already had a deal…that I would have you all for myself the whole day today…”

My eyes widen in surprise, I glanced at Mia for confirmation.

Upon seeing my confuse look, Mia answered me with a nod that say’s that what master Octavia was saying is all true.


I can’t help but just agree, they both had probably talked about it among themselves. I guess it’s better for me to just go with the flow…no it’s not, I want to hear what Mia has to say about this.

“Mia, are you really ok with this?”

(I mean…master Octavia was already the first one who took a taste on my *ehem* junior 7 years ago, and if you leave as together alone, I am 100% sure that master would take my virginity.)

“Yes…It’s because I lost at rock paper scissor at her…”


Damn it, I know something like that happened, there is no way that Mia would allow a head start without getting a head start herself. I will lose my virginity because of a goddamn rock paper scissor…

“A-and, also because I could have you all for myself for the rest of the year Josh.”

Hearing that statement coming from Mia, and seeing master Octavia’s agreement. I can only deduced that what master Octavia had said about her not coming with us back in the kingdom was actually true. There must be a reason, and I hope the reason is not because of the rock paper scissor game…

“Master…you’re really not coming back with us?”

“Yes, it’s because I need to go back to my original body, and it would take a year’s worth of time for me settle back to my original body.”

I followed master Octavia’s gaze, and I saw that the body she was talking about was inside that gigantic tree, the tree which we met Aura sama.

With little bit of thinking, I found out that the master Octavia’s original body was probably that large black dragon inside that large tree. I wanted to ask for more question but I decided to just let it go for now since I know that dragons have the ability to polymorph into a humanoid form.

(fufufu I can’t wait to see what master Octavia’s humanoid form)

I didn’t really hate the Idea of having a wife as a dragon, I mean I already have a vampire as a wife. Having a dragon as a wife is actually not that strange anymore…probably.

“Now…Mia would you please…”

Upon hearing master Octavia. Mia reluctantly released my arm and walked away.

D-don’t tell me that I am really going to get eaten by master…naah, I might just be overthinking it.

Seeing Mia walking away, master pulled me back inside the mansion up to our bedroom and pushed me down towards the bed.

“M-master? W-what are you going to do?”

*ba-dump* *ba-dump*

My heart was beating loudly while I asked master that stupid question.

Anyone with the right mind could actually guess what will happen, but I could not help but asked stupidly. I had always wanted to have my first time with Mia, but I guess having it with master was ok too since she has Mia’s permission. *sigh* I feel like I’m some object, but at the same time I also started to feel my pelvis getting bigger.

Master Octavia looked at the tent building up inside my pants and smiled slightly, then looked up at my face and shrugged

“It seems like you know what will happen, don’t you Josh?”

She asked, and I kind of choked and my face flushed, not really believing that I’d heard what she said correctly. Master skillfully pulled down my pants, as my eyes widened in shock, she knelt on the side of the bed, she then took my cock between her soft palm while looking over her shoulder at me and she said.

“I think you’ll find what we’re going to do much nicer than 7 years ago”

She then lowered her mouth straight onto my cock.

Well, I jumped as if a thousand bolt of electricity had just rushed through me, but all that did was push my cock deeper inside her mouth. Master clamped her mouth shut and started sucking and slurping all over my cock.

When my body bucked up again, master Octavia had lifted up her head so that the head of my cock was just brushing against her lips while she ran her tongue from the top to the bottom while also wrapping my cock with her tongue. Master then said while looking upwards.

“Do you like it Josh? Do you like feeling of me sucking your cock?”

My whole body shuddered and shook as waves of fire rushed through me, I can’t believe maser is talking dirty while sucking skillfully on my cock, while panting I could only reply with a hoarse voice.

“haa…oh yes, master, yes, it feels so good!”

Hearing my voice filled with pleasure, master grinned and turned her head away and began to lick and suck again my throbbing cock. Master Octavia’s hot mouth and snake like tongue soon drove me to the very edge of my control, I was reaching the peak of pleasure but master still didn’t stop, so with a howl of agonized joy I erupted, shooting my hot juices deep inside her mouth down to her throat. Tasting my white milky cum, master Octavia still continued to suck and sucked until I was sucked totally dry, my cock finally slipped from her lips losing all its glory from earlier.

Master straightened up and stood by the bed once again, looking down at me with some of my milky juice oozing out from the side of her mouth, I even saw her tongue licked all the oozing milky juice, It was an erotic sight that sent shivers right through me.

Master then sat on the bed alongside of me and grinned down at me and said.

“Mmm, that was real nice, did you enjoy it Josh? Cause I certainly did”

I was still in a state of semi shock, so I could only roll my head from side to side with a silly grin pasted on my face. She reached over and brushed her hand over my flaccid cock and said.

“I hope this beautiful cock of yours will be standing tall again in no time, but perhaps we should help it along”

With that said, master Octavia stood up again and reached her hand behind her, I heard the sharp sound of the zipper on her dress being dragged down and with a quick shrug of her shoulders it cascaded to the floor, she stood there in a brief pair of red lacy panties that did little to hide her bush of brown hair on her womanhood, and an equally red lacy half bra that lifted her breasts, which also did little to hide them.

My eyes were almost popping out now, I always thought that master had an amazing body but hadn’t realized just what a fantastic body she has until now, she was slim and trim and about medium height but everything seemed to be in perfect proportion. Master Octavia made no attempt to cover up, so my eyes roamed back and forth towards her hot dripping wet pussy to her high, firm, and exciting breasts. With this heavenly sight in front of me, I could feel that I was starting to get turned on all over again.

Master Octavia’s hands both moved behind her and there was a soft snap before she leaned forward slightly making her bra slipped off her breasts and cascaded to the floor. With that I sucked in my breath in amazement, master taking off her bra had made absolutely no difference to her breasts, they still stood proud, perky and firm, god, master’s breast is such an amazing sight, I wonder if Mia’s bigger than her… with her erect nipples… my god I’d never seen nipples like this before.

I admit that I had seen both master and Mia’s naked body before, But still master’s nipples right now stood a good inch out from her breasts and is a deep, deep pink color. I drooled as I imagined taking master’s nipple inside my mouth.

As if guessing what I was thinking, master Octavia lifted up her hands and lightly trailed her fingers over her nipples which made me saw her nipples swelled up a little more, clearly stating that she was as horny as I was.

“Mmmm, I Think I love to have these sucked”

Master Octavia said while pinching her nipples with her own hand, and of course upon hearing her say it in an obvious manner, another shudder ran through me making my half erect cock stood up in all of its glory.

Seeing my fully erect cock, master Octavia’s hands moved down her hips while inserting her fingers inside the waist band of her panties and slowly peeled them off, with her fully naked, master straightened up posture and she immediately lifted up her left foot and rested it on the bed, moving her knees apart, so not only was I seeing her pussy lips, but I also saw her deep inside.

“You like?”

She whispered,

“Oh master!”

With a perverted expression on my face, I could not help but add.

“You’re absolutely beautiful, hot, and sexy~”

Hearing my compliment a huge smile came to her face, her hands moved up to brush over her breasts once again.

“I’m glad you like what you see Josh”

“But there’s a couple of things you forgot…”

Hearing her say that I forgot something, I actually started to think what I had forgotten until she added

“You forgot to say that I’m horny, which I am, and you forgot to say you wanted to fuck me, which I can see you do~”

Master then glanced down at my now extremely rampant cock, her words inflamed me even further and I knew the moment of truth had arrived. So reaching out I grabbed her by the waist and tumbled her on top of the bed beside me, her naked body came willingly to mine and our lips sought each other’s out in a frantic sucking, tongue twisting kiss, there was not a semblance of fumbling, it was as if each of our bodies knew what the other body was going to do, and within seconds master Octavia was now lying beneath me, her legs spread wide, and her hands guiding my throbbing cock to the mouth of her pussy.

Then I slow pushed my raging boner inside, I can’t believe how good this feels, I felt my cock getting squeezed hard by master’s tight and wet pussy. With my Cock pushed inside the deepest point of her writhing pussy master Octavia cried out so loud that I stopped momentarily.

“Oh no. I forgot that it was your first time too master…”

“Ahhn, don’t stop”

She moaned

“I want it so bad, I want your big cock deep inside, I want you to do me hard, please Josh, please, make me feel good”

I must admit that at one stage in the proceedings I thought that maybe master had a drink or even something else, I thought that she didn’t know what she was doing, but her use of my name told me she knew exactly who she was with and what she was doing, or should I say what she wanted me to do.

The excitement exploded in me, my master really wanted my cock inside her, so I gave it to her, long and hard, having had my cock pleasured by master not that long ago, I was in no hurry to cum, even though her pussy was incredibly tight and incredibly hot, the walls of her pussy had squeezed me real tight, making it seemed like it was trying to milk me dry. Her head was rolling from side to side and her ass was lifting and thrusting up as I was thrusting down on her, she was moaning and whimpering.

“Oh yes Josh, aahhn… that feels so good, your cocks so big and hard!”

I admit that I had at one point dreamed of doing this with master and Mia, but none of my dreams or fantasies came anywhere close to the reality. That’s how good I really feel right now.

As I continued to pound master, I began to lap and lick over her breasts, occasionally flicking one or either of her stiff and swollen nipples with my tongue, causing her to jump and cry out even more, then I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it hard, well you would might have thought that I had used an electric magic, because master Octavia’s body formed into a beautiful arc while she keeps moaning loudly.

Her body crashed back to the bed in a series of shudders and shakes that threatened to toss me off, I felt a cascade of super-hot juices blast across my thrusting cock while she was screaming in pleasure.

“ahhn, ahhh…I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming, cum with me Josh, released it inside me!”

Which of course I did, spurting my white milky juices deep inside her pussy. My cum kept pouring inside master, while she kept on shuddering and as I kept thrusting in and out of her. As I cummed inside master I leaned my face towards her and kissed her a hot and passionate kiss, our tongues doing mad dances which lit even more fires of pleasure inside our bodies.

The orgasms seemed to go on forever, but eventually our bodies wilted and our juices dried up, we slumped exhausted from each other’s arms and lay looking dreamingly at each other, I still couldn’t believe what had happened, but the proof was before my eyes, one very naked beautiful woman still spattered with my milky cum juices and is looking incredibly beautiful, and incredibly sexy.

Maybe master was thinking the same thing as I, because she suddenly grinned at me and leaned over brushing her lips across mine


“I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming”

I grinned back at her and said.

“Yeah, I feel a bit like that too, but right now I think we both need a cool drink”

I then rolled off from the bed and padded downstairs towards the Kitchen in order to fetch some cool refreshments. I think master used my absence to take a quick trip into the shower, because when I returned he hair was wet, master Octavia was still naked, and was still smiling, so I knew there wasn’t going to be any wailing and gnashing of our teeth over what had happened between us, in fact, from the way her eyes dropped down to my cock as I walked over with the drinks, a sultry and saucy grin could be seen upon her face, I guess it’s time for round two.

With that, me and master Octavia’s love making continued for a couple of hours before I totally lost all my white milky juice…damn it master, I know that we won’t be seeing each other for a year, but do you really need to wring me dry? Well, it’s not like I hate it though, in fact I totally love it ehehe.

(Now that I have some experience… I’ll make sure Mia gets the best out of this experience later hehehe.)


After having a wonderful time with master, we decided to head downstairs were Mia was patiently waiting. Seeing her face, I felt sorry for Mia, I should have invited her and had three some with master…but it would have been pretty weird because the both of them already had a deal. And I was pretty much a virgin, not to mention that master was also a virgin.

Earlier, I had inquired from master the reason for her not coming along with us back to the kingdom. I had always though that it was because of her and Mia’s deal, but when I heard her say that she needed time in order to return from her original body which is that big black dragon slumbering back then inside that freakingly huge tree.

Of course master also said to worry because she brazenly said that I would totally love her original humanoid form. I got to admit that hearing my master say that to me face to face was still embarrassing, did she perhaps found out my ideal girl? It can’t be right…even Mia don’t know what my Ideal woman truly is.

Arriving towards Mia, master had a big grin plastered on her face. She came close and whispered something on Mia’s ear, which obviously did not escape my detection. I knew that master said something about my cock…yes I am 100% sure that what master Octavia had whispered to Mia is related on our awesome time together earlier.

Seeing the two of them get along very well together made me somewhat happy, at least there won’t be any dispute over me if there that close with each other right? I just hope that when the time comes of me doing the deed with the both of them at the same won’t kill me.

I really need to improve my stamina, I could lift my 50k ton sword and swing it a  hundred of times, but I could not last more than 5 hours of sex with master Octavia…damn it, even now I’m having doubts whether if  it was really master’s first time. Well the blood the flowed out is a sign of her being a virgin right? Or was I just too big? I wanted to ask her face to face earlier but lost my gut’s to do so when we were doing it nonstop for 5 hours.

I do have a feeling though that it was also her first time, but that unlimited stamina of hers…damn it, I need to also improve my stamina in bed.

“Really master? He was that big?”

Hearing Mia’s sudden outburst made me blush, *tsk* I knew it, master is really flaunting her experience with me to Mia. Now I am afraid that Mia would eagerly also want do it with me…I don’t have the courage to do it though, I felt really tired for some reason.

“Yes, and *whisper* *whisper*”

“Woa, he came dozens of time inside you!”

Oh, my worst nightmare is going to come true, damn it master, your saying some unnecessary things to Mia. I wanted to be the one leading, but seeing Mia’s hungry gaze at me, and that longing in her eyes is making me feel horny? Fuck, what is wrong with me? I had just did it with master for 5 long hours, I thought that I was already wrung dry by master earlier, but I guess I’m the type who recovers fast given a couple of minutes of rest huh.

But seeing both of their happy faces while they chat together makes me happy. I feel really proud right now, having two beautiful woman fall in love with me at the same time is really great. That is why I need to become stronger so that I can properly protect them, and no one can take them away from me. Their beauty is really god given, and if what master had said to me earlier is true, then her dragonic humanoid form is much more beautiful than her current appearance… fuehehehe.

I sat down on a couch and waited for master and Mia’s conversation to end while thinking some perverted thoughts, pure thoughts… I was not really in a hurry so I just watched them talked and giggled with each other.

“Mia, it’s time for you and Josh to go now, you two might miss the ship if you dilly dally here any longer”

“I hope you’ll find us as soon as you settle yourself in your original body master”

Finally both master and Mia’s chat is coming to an end. I wanted to talk to master one last time, but I already said and asked all that I wanted from her earlier.

“Josh, be sure to take good care of Mia ok? And make sure to satisfy her later *wink*”


I was no fool, I know what that wink of master signifies. I glanced at Mia checking whether if she knows what master Octavia was talking about. And true enough, Mia understood pretty well what master Octavia was hinting me to do later.

“Mou master”

Mia pouted, match with her god given beauty, her pout is really attractive. Not like her innocence pout back them, but Mia’s pout right now has some weird effect that I could not really explain well. If I will elaborate more, then I could say that Mia’s pout is really attractive. Attractive to the point that I wanted to hug and deep kiss Mia while doing perverted things with her.

“See you guys after a years’ time”

“See ya master”

“Yup catch you later master”

With that, me and Mia made our way towards the port located on the southernmost part of hell’s Island.

While master Octavia went on her way towards that gigantic tree.


Arriving at the ship, I could see that there wasn’t really much passenger apart from me and Mia. It felt like we own the entire ship, being the only passenger on board we could pick any room we wanted.

The captain was a middle age woman, so she obviously wanted to make me and Mia have a different rooms, but Mia automatically  declined her offer, saying that Me and Mia was already engage.

Talking about being engage, I wonder when we are going to held the wedding officially? I guess it would be after a years’ worth of time huh, since I really wanted to marry both Mia and master Octavia. And I don’t really wanted to favor one from the other, so if I’m going to marry, then I want to marry both master and Mia at the same time.

I already made my resolve, I just hope I could stick with it in a span of one year.

Seeing Mia stubbornly decline her offer, the middle age woman which is name Emelda, reluctantly gave up while shaking her head and said,

“I just hope that you two won’t be too noisy”

Hearing her words, Mia who was declining her offer immediately flushed red on her face in embarrassment. Even me, became red in embarrassment.

Upon entering the room that we picked, we were both got amazed on how lavishly grand the room was. If anyone said that this room that we had pick was for the emperor, then no one would refute it, that’s how grand and wonderful the room is.

“Wow such a grand room”


Mia was exited, that goes for me too.

But after a few moment of silence, my thoughts traced back on what Emelda had said ‘I just hope that you two won’t be too noisy’

That though alone made my exited feelings into an awkward one. Feeling my stiff reaction, Mia also realized what I was thinking and she too flushed red and became silent.

“H-how about we drink some wine”

I suggested.

“Y-yea l-lets drink”

Even though we are still minor, I unknowingly suggested the worst excuse ever. I somehow know what will happen if both of us got drunk…but Mia already agreed, there’s no turning back now.

And before I realized it, I was butt naked, while Mia was still slightly drunk.

(OMG, how did this happen?)

I was utterly confuse, the minute I realized it, I was already naked. Mia was blushing intensely while staring at my exposed half erect cock. I was really embarrassed to the point of wanting to jump out from the ship onto the vast ocean.

So to keep my dignity, I started to plan a scenario which would make me keep at least a part of my dignity right? I only had one chance. She wouldn’t think it was odd if I was sleeping nude right? I mean, in her eyes I was already drunk…so why don’t I just pretend?

So I jumped on our bed, draped part of the blanket over my loins and closed my eyes. I lay on my side, facing the door and tried to breathe deeply, like I was really asleep and down because of the wine.

Oh shit, upon thinking it over again, my idea is really stupid…

Now I was stuck trying to convince Mia that I was actually sleeping. I couldn’t open my eyes because I didn’t know where she was or what she was doing.

Then Mia spoke


She whispered. Again

“Josh … are you sleeping?”

I didn’t open my eyes or change my breathing. Then after a few minutes I felt the blanket which was covering my important part being moved. Mia must have lifted it up because she gasped and then said softly

“Well, well, well, he must be having a really nice dream.”

Oh man, she is totally gazing at my dick right now.

I heard Mia moving around with a rustling sound. I just had to know what she was doing, so I cracked open one eyelid just a teeny bit. At first I couldn’t see anything. Well, that’s not right. I could see, but I couldn’t tell what I was looking at. Then when I focused with one eye, I felt like I was about to choked. Mia was getting undressed. She already had her shirt off, she didn’t know that I was looking at her breasts hanging from her chest as she bent over to remove her skirts. Mia Then skinned out of her panties and now she was practically butt naked.

Mia then glanced at me, she didn’t find anything wrong so she must have thought that I was still asleep. Mia then looked towards me again. I frantically closed the eye which I used to peek at her and realized that I was holding my breath, so I started breathing again normally, but that stopped as soon as Mia got into the bed with me.

Man oh man what was I going to do now?

At first all I felt was her hair grazing over me. Then she did something and the feeling of her hair grazing me disappeared. So I cracked my eye open again and saw her back right in front of me. She had taken her hair and pulled it all in front of her. Mia then wiggled herself backwards until she was pressing her naked back against me.

I felt that luscious soft round butt of hers press backwards against my boner.

Talking about shitty scenario. Well, not shit, but I almost came. I think there were two reasons I didn’t blow my load. First, my cock was at the stage that it was so hard it was actually pointing towards my head.

When Mia moved back again making it so that her butt was pressing against the underside of my cock, where it wasn’t as sensitive as the tip.

But the big reason was because if I squirted I’d never have been able to explain how THAT happened, and being scared about that took the edge off just enough.

OK. I know what you’re thinking. Mia must have thought that I was really asleep, and she has seen that I have a monster hard-on, so she has taken her clothes off and climbed in bed and pressed her butt up against that very hard-on. From your point of view I can see how you’d think I was crazy to be afraid.

But I wasn’t really thinking very straight right now, so I didn’t realize what Mia was doing. So cut me a break while I tell you what happened next.

You have NO idea how mind blowing this all was. I mean I’m lying here, my cock just as hard as it’s ever been and leaking like crazy. The ship is rocking along and it must not have been a good whether today because the ships swayed too much occasionally. I figured that because of the swaying of the ship.

Mia’s naked butt was pressed against the bottom of my cock and her naked back was touching my chest. As the ship swayed, my cock got pressed into her extra hard.

(I think that there is no way that Mia is not feeling this.)

As to agree with my thoughts, Mia did another little thing that changed my life forever.

I felt Mia’s hand on my hip and then it slid between us and she lightly grasped my penis. She rolled away from me and bent my dick down so it was pointing right at her. She must have raised a leg because when she rolled back toward me my dick was between her legs. Then she lowered her leg and my dick was trapped between her legs.

Believe it or not, and I know you don’t, I thought she had done this because of me pressing my hard-on in her back making her uncomfortable. Then I realized that the head of my dick must be right at the opening of her pussy.

If you are a guy you know there are times when your cock gets so hard that you can’t piss. I mean you physically cannot get a stream started. That’s how hard my cock was. I actually tried to let myself come, and just get it over with, but I couldn’t do it. It was like my dick was paralyzed or something. I think I was in sensory overload.

So I just laid there paralyzed while the ship swayed back and forth, making Mia moved away from me and then back towards me. Not very much, but plenty enough for it to feel like I was fucking her. Her legs were tight on my dick and there was plenty of friction.

Well, at first anyway.

Pretty soon I realized that it was getting slippery between those legs. I knew I was leaking cum, but it was slipperier than that. Believe it or not, yeah yeah, I know you don’t, THAT was the first time I began to have a clue as to what was actually going on. Mia, my beloved Mia who was once shy and timid was now using me to get herself off!

It was beginning to feel good.

Really good.

I don’t know if the hyper sensitivity passed or whatever, but suddenly I could feel my cock again. It was sliding back and forth between her legs and it was all slippery so I began to worry again that I might cum from the pleasure.

Then I thought to myself

(Shit, she knows what she’s doing, and if my cock squirts she can’t say she didn’t expect it.)

Then I had a thought. My cock was probably large and long enough that it was actually sticking out in front of her. I had this picture in my head of it looking like it was HER dick and then squirting and it seemed funny … but I didn’t laugh. Whatever was going on I didn’t want to interrupt it or make things change. I was going to get myself off after all, and this was infinitely better than doing it with my hands.

Mia made a sound. It was low in her throat. Not a moan exactly, or a growl. If she’d have been a cat I’d have sworn she purred. Then I felt her fingers on the head of my cock, she was pressing it upward, making it rub right into the groove of her pussy lips. Now the glans was rubbing right on her clit making her moan in pleasure.

Then something else happened that cause the entire scene to have a drastic change. The ship suddenly had a large sway.
Yup, the combination of that and Mia’s grinding on it in her opening made my dick slid right inside the mouth of her pussy.

It only penetrated her an inch and a half or so, but that was all it took. Because of the sudden tightness enveloping my cock, I could not help but release my milky white juice in the split second it took for my brain to register that my cock was already inside Mia’s pussy.

I released buckets of my milky juice inside Mia, making her moan loudly at the sudden penetration and my sudden release of my white milk inside of her. I also felt that when I entered inside Mia, I felt that I teared her pussy apart, she’s probably bleeding by now…I should have been gentler.

Since I had already penetrated Mia, I left all my reasoning to instincts, when I felt the first batch of my milky juice leave my penis and blasted into Mia’s pussy, my right hand instinctively gripped her hip and I pulled her into me. My hips flexed and I buried my whole raging cock inside of her. Man oh man did it feel good, my silvery milky cream sperm shot up insides Mia’s pussy.


Mia squealed as she felt my whole dick go inside of her,

As Mia realized that my raging cock was shooting off milky white stuff inside of her, she started to gasps in pleasure. And there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Her hands were in front of her and she had nothing to grab to pull herself away from me. The only thing she could have done was just roll off the bed frontwards and sprawl into the aisle, not like she wanted to pull herself away from me anyway hehehe.

As I moved my hips in a rhythmical manners, I think Mia had some instinct too, because as I felt my third or fourth shot went off inside of her, I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick a couple of times because of too much pleasure.

“Josssssh, aahhnn, stop!”

Like I’d stop or something. Well I did stop eventually, but only after every drop of my potent white creamy milk had been implanted deep inside her sweet soft pussy.

Since all pretense of my being asleep was blown, I said with a gasp on my voice


Hearing my sudden voice, Mia moved. She DID a roll forward, right out of bed, and fell on the floor. it was actually comical, She scrambled to her feet, flipped her mass of hair over her shoulder and stared down at her exposed pussy, sort of squatting bowlegged. A big glob of milky white sperm mixed with some blood came flowing out from her pussy lips trailing down from her legs down to the wooden floor, before it slowly began to form a huge teardrop and fall towards the floor. She was panting hard with her face red from pleasure.

Then with her bluish red eyes rose up and locked on my face. “J-Josh … y-you c-came I-inside me~”

Mia’s voice was filled with lust and happiness, I guess she was really happy that I came inside of her huh.

Now I don’t know why my cock was still hard.

I wouldn’t have been surprised, considering how horny I had been, or if seeing my sperm dripping out of my beloved Mia’s pussy had gotten me hard again, her face was so attractive, filled with life that I had almost forgotten already that Mia was a virgin a moment ago. At any rate, my dick was standing tall again, pointing right at her. At her outburst I decided to call her apparent bluff.


I said with straight faced.

“I sure did, and I want to thank you Mia, because that was awesome. By the way, it’s getting all over the floor.”

It was comical to see her look back at her pussy and then at the puddle that had dripped on the floor. Her hand slapped to her pussy to keep any more of my sperm from leaking out and she said

“Oh damn, I’m such a klutz.”

I did laugh at that. The absurdity of her thinking that her being a klutz was the reason why my cum was leaking down from her pussy towards the floor.

Then the ship swayed again making Mia fell towards me. I caught her, getting a nice handful of her soft breast in the process. Her face was right in front of mine. Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden she kissed me, with our tongue fighting each other for dominance I could feel Mia’s rough breathing and her love transmitted true that hot and passionate kiss.

It was a lip lock to remember. It started out all soft and rubbery and very quickly went to each of us trying to suck the tonsils out of each other. Mia was all over me, rubbing her breasts against me and moaning. She finally broke the kiss and pulled back a whole three inches.

“Ahhnn, Josh I love you~” she said in a lustful voice.

The fire within me got lit up and I had decided on the spot to play a little with Mia.

I tried to look hurt and said “What?”

“What did I do? All I did was try to take a nap.”

She wasn’t buying it. Those reddish eyes of her’s bore into mine.

She then replied as she realized my playful intention, she curved a cute attractive smirk on her beautiful face and said.

“You do know, don’t you, that I didn’t cum.” she said, her voice still level.

Hearing Mia says that she didn’t cum made a great impact on me, I mean that she was totally enjoying herself and there is just to way for her to NOT cum when she was feeling it and moaning so loudly earlier.

“You got yours off … IN me I might add, and I didn’t get anything. that’s not fair.”

I got the feeling where Mia was going to.

(Oh, so she want’s to do it again?)

Realizing her intentions, I smiled brightly which caused Mia to blushed deeply as she understood that I had found out her true intentions.

“Well, as your husband, I want you to be fulfilled, so I recommend you do something about that. I’m more than willing to help if you can think of any way I can BE of help.”

Mia kissed me again, this time a quick one.

“I knew you’d understand~” she said cryptically and happily.

Then she straddled me, and had immediately inserted my dick inside the entrance that I had so recently vacated, and sank down on me with all her weight.

I hadn’t thought about the fact that Mia was a virgin an hour or so ago.

But when I blew my load inside of her, I wasn’t exactly thinking about her hymen, and, in fact, hers was already gone for the most part when I accidentally inserted my cock as the ship swayed back then.

The truth that she was still a virgin back, and she had never had her pussy that full of anything before. So, when her full weight dropped onto my boner she winced.

Once she was fully impaled Mia sat still, her hands on my chest while she breath haggardly as she straddled me back an fort in a rhythmical manner.

She was tight…oh right, of course she was, I had just broken her hymen a moment ago hehehe.

But the ‘lubricant’, in other words, my milky sperm that I had left behind inside her made her first full penetration a lot easier. She sat there for maybe a couple of minutes before she rocked her body back and forth a couple of times experimentally. Mia leaned forward and rocked her hips, she purred like an adorable kitten as she orgasm again and again from pleasure.

I knew her clitty was being massaged, and that she had full control over how much movement and pleasure she could feel, so I just lay there being a hard dick for her hehe. It didn’t take long for her discomfort to fly away and then Mia started to have a really good time rocking me back and fort, feeling the pleasure in her every movement.

Her hips rose up and then flopped back down a couple of times, each time going her voice was going “Ohhhhhhhh” or “Ahhhhhhhn” as she gasps for breathing from her movements, but mostly Mia was grinding me like an expert, I guess Mia really is a fast learner hehe, still from time to time I would reminiscence the old shy and adorable Mia, comparing her back then to the now daring and beautiful…well if I had to pick, then I guess the current Mia much more to my liking…

Mia being on top was really nice for the both of us because my raging cock was  really long to reach clear to her cervix in that position and I even though that My cock had entered her womb in and out from time to time, I was even afraid at first that Mia could not take the whole thing in but now…I’m just glad to have this moment together with my beloved Mia.

When Mia rocked her hips, the head of my cock dug deep into her cervix, making its way inside her womb deeply and massaged it.

And vice versa. I had been doing just fine, having to released my milky milk inside her so recently, I had though that I could last a longer but when her womb started kissing and swallowing the head of my cock my balls started making more semen on overtime. Her hair fell forward and made a tent. It was caressing every part of my chest and face as she rocked back and forth, which had gotten me even hotter and aroused.

I saw one of her perfect breasts in front of my face so I leaned up and latched onto her nipple, sucking hard.

“Ohh, ahhhnn, keep doing that” she moaned.

I smirk a little thinking ‘well, I’m glad you like it Mia’

I got my hands busy on both of her soft breasts, squeezing her puffy pink nipples, pulling them and then licking or sucking them.

“Yeahhhh that’s it … you’re doing it … I’m gonna …yeahhh…Ahhhhhhhhn…OH! Joooooshh” And then she came.

Mia came from pleasure like a bomb. First she stiffened, and then her hips jerked back and forth about four or five times hard enough that I thought she was going to rip my cock out at the roots. Her pussy started doing the milking maid thing, rippling up an down, squeezing my dick, as if almost saying ‘Come on pretty penis, and give me a bath.’ Her head was whipping back and forth, which meant there was hair everywhere, flying through the air, making a cloud all around us. I think it was the sounds she made that got me off though. I can’t even describe them, except to say she sounded happy – really happy. So I came with her, I came deeply inside her.

This time it wasn’t explosive. I felt it start deep in my balls and travel up through my cock up. My dick pulsed and a long string of my white milky sperm shot out deep inside her.

(I’m mating with my beloved Mia) I thought comically.

Another gooey rope lanced into the mouth of her cervix.

(I’m pumping my beloved Mia’s virgin pussy full of my Milk hehehe.)

Her weight came down on me and my dick head spat a pool of sperm that got trapped deep inside her, soaking her cervix and being sucked into her womb. Two more surges of my seed flowed out until it ran out of energy.

(My milky sperm is the first sperm ever to enter her womb, and it would only be me from now on) I thought with resolute in my eyes, I could never allow any man alive to touch her.

My balls ached as they tried to supply even more fluid to shoot into Mia. But I was done.

She was leaning over me again, her face close.

“Thank you Josh” she whispered.

“I knew I’d like it if I did it with you too, master Octavia was right.”

“You’re more than welcome” I said back. but thinking back then…master did told Mia everything huh.

“I stand always ready to serve your needs Mia.” I then started to caressed Mia’s head like I always did.

Her pussy muscles squeezed my softening dick.

“I have a feeling I’m going to have some pretty intense needs.” she said smiling.

“Oh, then of course I’ll be sure to satisfy your needs Mia~” I said to her while trailing my fingers through her blonde hair until to her smooth and milky face. carassing her with loving emotions in  my eyes

“And we only have another week and a half to go before we arrive…”

I don’t know if captain Emelda and her crew noticed our passionate love making or not, but we decided to leave it at that and took a nap.

Before I closed my eyes, I unknowingly said “Time sure flies”.

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  1. And Thanks for the Chapter. can’t wait for the next chapter, but since it is still some weeks away can’t be helped. lol
    anyway, that was an interesting chapter as always.


  2. Jman09, I was reading ur stories in royalroad and jeptem, I saw the notes u gave about “A world with two moons” and “The tale of a slave” but I want to ask that are you continuing “The adventure of Jman” and “New world online” or not, cause those two are damn good stories.


    1. Yup, I still am. Actually I have the chapter here right now, I am just deciding whether to put it in a scheduled chapter or immediately post it.
      but I will probably put it in a scheduled date released chapter. I just need to find a proper date now.
      Expect some delay updates, because I am really Busy at Uni and on my part time job.


    1. This chapter is 12k words… and I will probably write around 6k words or more each coming chapter.

      So basically, I think the wait is worth it? but hey, when I’m in a good mood I might actually release the next chapter much earlier than what is posted 🙂


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