Chapter 13 – Travel on a Ship (Again)

~~~~ Mia POV (15 year old, on Ship) ~~~~

Before I could fully close my eyes, I heard Josh…MY Josh mutter ‘Time sure flies’.

Memories of the past started flashing back inside my head. I still remember the first time that I met Josh, It was love at first sight what’s more we are forever eternally bound together, which no gods nor demons could do anything to separate us.

I am currently resting against one of Josh’s arms while hugging his toned chest. Just remembering what we did a moment ago is making me blush, my god, I never knew I was that bold… I wonder if it was the wine that drove me to act that boldly. Or was it because of jealousy?

Yea… I was probably Jealous of master Octavia, I can’t be believe that she tricked me with that rock, paper, and scissor game. To top it off, I could not even win one time against her. I always wanted to be the first one to do it with Josh, but…*sigh* there’s nothing I can do about it I guess.

“Hmm” Josh smell is so relaxing, I wrapped my arms over his body and snuggled my head closely near his neck. I then caressed the face of my beloved carefully.

“haa…haaa” this is bad, I am starting to get horny, my breathing is getting rougher and rougher by the second.


I started to lick his neck bit by bit savoring his taste and flavor. I know that what I am doing is indecent but because of master Octavia taking his first time, I just can’t control myself and think that I have to do it with him a lot more times to compensate right?

These past few years really had passed by so fast, my body had really developed well, and I have to thank master Octavia for that. Even though I know that being a pure blooded vampire, I was destined to have an appareled body which could sway any man alive. But without master’s help then I would have blindly trained myself and would developed muscles.

With great curves on the right place, I was static and satisfied about my looks. I always dreamed to have a body comparable to master Octavia or rather better than hers. But in terms of breast size, I could not compare to her. Hers are just ginormous I wonder what she eats in order to have those kind of breast.

While I was thinking about master Octavia, I recalled a scene where she had once told me that she was jealous of my small adorable body, and milky white skin.

At first I was just thinking that master was only joking around, not until she had shared to me her secret. She told me back then that she was a draconian. An ancient powerful being that could rival, or rather could defeat a pure dragon.

I asked master why she told me about her secret, but she only said was ‘I want to return to my original body and show Josh how adorable I am’

Then it hit me, I realized what master was talking about. Back then I was skeptical and just shrugged the thought of it. But now I fully realized and understood master’s words. How could I not? When we were still little, Josh would always hug me from behind and snuggle his face against my hair or neck for hours. *giggle* He even fell asleep one time doing that to me.

But now, he rarely do that to me. I know why, it’s because he can’t help but feel horny like I am feeling right now. Seeing his perfect tone body as if it was chiseled by the gods themselves, I could hardly control myself.

“Ahh, Josh…why do I love you so much? I want to monopolize you for myself…” I whispered to his ears while slowly licking him down to his neck, up towards his chin, then to his lips.

“Mmmhp, haaa…haaa… Josh….mmmhppp….my Josh…”

I could not control myself any longer, so I decided to insert my tongue deep inside his mouth. Sucking my beloved tongue is really great, no matter how many times I do it I could not help but still love how he taste.

“Ohh Josh….My Josh, I love you so much, so much that I could not control myself when I’m near you, so much that I could only think about you, so much that I don’t want any other woman near you, so much that I could not help but think of ripping master Octavia apart when he flirts with you, so much that I regretted letting her taking your first time…”

“Mmmhhppp” I keep kissing him for a couple of minutes until I was satisfied, but sadly my switch got turned on…now I feel much more hornier than earlier.

“Haaa….haaa….what should I do? We already did it for hours a moment ago, but remembering his big rock hard cock going inside of me…aahnn!”

With all my might I was suppressing myself from my desires, I wonder why I became like this? Back then I already knew that I love Josh…but now that I think about it… I am obsess with him, is it because of master Octavia taking his first time before me? Or is it in my nature? Or I just truly love him? But seeing my beloved near me naked. I could not hold myself any longer and started to pleasure myself for minutes thinking about him.

(His huge manly cock…ohhh, my Josh…my beloved Josh…)

I promised to control myself, but these kind of promises is meant to be broken right? And it’s not like I promised it to him, I only promised it to myself, so breaking it myself is ok right?

With that, I slowly climb on top of him and slowly started to grind myself on his rock hard cock.

“fufufu, this belongs to me, master Octavia is not here for a whole year…so Josh belongs to me right?” I muttered to myself while still grinding my hot soaking flower against his rock hard rod.

Being obsessed with him is justifiable, the reason is, I love him, he loves only me… ok maybe he also loves master Octavia a little, yea he loves her a tiny bit…

And also there was this small presence of someone else deep within his heart. It’s so small that I think that he probably have forgotten about her. If not, then ufufufufu….

Licking my beloved Josh chiseled body is making me static, trailing my tongue up to his chest then to his neck and finally landing a deep kiss upon his very lips, I could do this again and again without getting tired.

“mmhn, delicious”

Oh no, I just realized that I’m addicted to his taste now. I could no longer turn back to the way I use to. Back then I was innocent and know nothing about how to express my love to him but with hug and kisses, but now. I can fully express my love for him as many times as I want.

“Josh…you asleep?”

I unintentionally asked him, I was excited to know whether he was pretending to be asleep like he did earlier or not. But to my dismay, my beloved Josh is really in deep slumber right now.

“Haaa…no matter, even if you’re asleep or awake, I will still make love with you fufufu. Because I love you, love you, love you, love you…”

Repeating it over and over again while kissing him, I expressed my undying love towards my man who is currently sleeping. I never expected an answer but then I heard him mutter in his sleep.

“I… too Mia”

Tears began to roll down my eyes, I can’t believe that I was allowed to love a man such as him. I am truly a blessed woman, I will protect him. Not from harm such as in battle since I know Josh is waay stronger than me, but from other woman. I know that me and master Octavia can’t monopolized Josh for the rest of his life.

Thinking about it, it is just a matter of time until another girl falls in love with him or the other way around. So until then, I’ll try my best to repel those bitches away fufufu.

I decided to do it with him for the third time while his asleep. I felt every corner of his body and then I slowly reach for his manhood and inserted it inside me.

“Hhmmm, aahhhn…S-so big~”

W-what’s this feeling? It doesn’t hurt anymore, on the contrary I feel really great right now. So much different than our first and second time, I don’t feel any pain or discomfort at all.

All I feel are surges of pleasures, each time I shake my hips making his him slide in and out is making me moan loudly in pleasure.

“Ahhhnnn, sooo goooood~” I think I am already shouting in pleasures all over the place, I hope that the Captain and her crew are not listening on us right now. Thinking about it, they could not possibly hear us right? I mean the sound of the ocean waves will surely cover the sounds of pleasures that I am making right now right?

“Ahhhnn, I’m cumming! Ahhnnn!”

As my pleasure reach its peak, I finally came. Weirdly Josh also came inside me once again, albeit still asleep.

(Fufufu he must have felt great, ahhnn! I just can’t have enough of my beloved Josh.)

After cumming, I started to lick Josh chest training my tongue again upwards towards his neck nibbling him there for a bit and then landing on his lips. Kissing him deeply, in response Josh started to use his tongue and he also skillfully matched the movements of my tongue.

I am having doubts whether Josh was really asleep or not, but then again I saw him return to his steady breathing once I separated my lips from him, so with that I kissed him one last time. It was a very very deep kiss that I greedy took advantage of.

“Mmmhhmp, muaaahh haaa-haaaa”

And finally being satisfied to my heart’s content, I flop down towards his chiseled chest while slowly closing my eyes.

(…I feel uncomfortable) With that, I slowly climb my way up until I was now burying my face against his neck, being able to smell my beloved scent made my fluttering heart calm and finally I started to doze off.

~~~ Josh POV ~~~

Waking up with the smell of sex in the air made me felt proud, proud because I finally deed it with Mia and at the same time embarrass. It may be too late for that now, but I truly did lost myself there didn’t I?

Remembering the lustful expression Mia had back then is making me grin all over my face. I took a good look at the beautiful woman sleeping on top of me.

“You’re really beautiful Mia”

I slowly reach for her head and caressed it lovingly while thinking ‘I can’t believe I dreamt of Mia doing it again with me while I was asleep…or did she really do it while I was asleep?’ I had my doubts but I just shrugged it off like it did not really matter.

Feeling my libido starting rose up again made me speechless, I can’t be blame because Mia is really a goddess, with her unparalleled beauty and loving nature. If someone says that she’s a goddess herself, then I would be the first one to support the claim.

Mia’s warmth was transmitted to me due to our naked body overlapping with each other, remembering her white milky skin which automatically sank my fingers in or her blonde hair which miraculously glitter under the moonlight…

Thinking all about it, I could say that I am such a bless man to have someone like her to fall in love with me.

Smelling a faint sweet scent coming from Mia because of her face being buried against my neck, her hair producing such aromatic scent is one of the mysteries that Mia had which I could not uncover no matter how hard I try. I could even feel her licking and nibbling my neck while she sleeps comfortably snuggling against me.

I slowly turned her head which is facing down towards me and gently gave her a kiss, while I caressed her face slowly moving the hair that had overlapped on her beautiful face.

“Really beautiful” I couldn’t help but admire Mia’s beauty. Master Octavia is also a beauty herself but Mia’s beauty is just out of this world… well for me at least.

While I was gently caressing Mia’s face I felt her squirmed for a bit, she then gently moved her head towards my neck and nibbled on them while still being asleep. Mia might have grown a lot, specially her body and over all looks, but her playful and adorable side still remain.

I could barely contain myself so I decided to spread my arms and slightly squeezed hera in a hug. I then buried my face near her neck, smelling her sweet scent and slightly licking her at the same time. I think that I am slowly becoming a pervert…

After a couple of minutes had passed, I decided to slowly stand up, gently laying my beautiful wife down the bed while I covered her naked body with blanket. Calling her my wife is not an exaggeration. Mia and I is literary bound for all eternity and I am actually thinking seriously about when our wedding is going to be held or where is it going to be help. But then again we are still young so I decided to have it planned out near in the future.

Moving silently, I was going to go out of the room to get some fresh air and maybe a bit of mana training. But I realized I was still naked so I turned back to look for my trouser.

When I found my black colored trouser, I saw a letter inside the packet. Seeing the letter had master Octavia’s signature, I immediately unsealed the letter and read it.

Dear Josh,

Upon reading this letter, both you and Mia are probably on your way to the main land kingdom.

I had overseen both you and Mia’s training and saw great potential to the two of you, so I decided to have you two enrolled to an elite academy. Upon arriving at the capital, I hope you will immediately go to Gaia Academy and search for Principal Zeeg. Just show him this letter and he will immediately know what to do, he will also be providing both of you and Mia’s necessity.

PS: I can’t wait to show you my appearance when I search for the two of you after a year.


Your wife, Octavia.

After reading the letter I was shock, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But what had shock me is because of master Octavia, she actually had already things planned out. I knew why master sent me this type of message, she does not want me and Mia to explore this world without her. So what’s better way to do it than to send us to an academy for a year? This way she can ensure our safety and at the same time she could also easily find us.

“Hmm why not” I mumbled to myself. While thinking about the pros and cons.

Going to an academy would be a first for me, even though I already have all the information, especially all the things that I needed to learn from the late Vermilion’s memory. But it’s still worth to try having a normal student life with my beloved Mia. I’ll just spend 1 year on Gaia academy together with Mia while waiting for master. Of course I am planning to fully enjoy myself there.

~~ Narrator POV ~~

After wearing his trousers, Josh went to have a nice stroll at the overly gigantic ship. Seeing the lavish design at the corridors made him think more whether this ship truly only had Mia and him as passenger.

“Wow, I wish Mia was here, so that she could enjoy this grand view together with me”

When he arrived outside, Josh saw the sun rising. It was such a magnificent view that could have been a romantic view for couples. But sadly, Mia was still asleep. He could have just woken her up, but thinking that it was his fault for going at it with Mia for two rounds making her tired much more, it was her first time to boot.

What Josh did not know was that, Mia had actually did it again to him for the third time while he was asleep. If he found out about it, he would have question himself on why he felt refresh and strolling casually rather than dead tired laying together with Mia.

“Hey, who are you?”

Hearing a sudden voice of a woman behind him, Josh turned his head around but saw nothing but the door.

“Over here”

Josh lifted his head up and saw a woman with long flowing pink hair. She was wearing a somewhat knightly armor, except her armor was more revealing. Only half of her top was covered in armor, making the shape of her breast in full view. She also wore a plated skirt, a really short plated skirt which showed all her glory to Josh who was standing below.

“What are you staring at-“


“Kyaaa, you pervert. Die!”

The beautiful pink haired woman asked, but when she saw Josh gaze at her underwear and even spoke the color of it, she screamed and immediately leap towards him with her sword unsheathe.

“W-what the hell!”

Being taken by surprise, Josh would have been hack in two by the sword of this beautiful woman. well maybe not, But thanks to his prowess in many different styles of fighting. Josh easily dodge her attack by side stepping. He reach his hands towards the woman’s sword in order to disarm her.

But the woman had instinctively pulled her sword changing her body movements thus making Josh’s palm which was about to disarm her grab one of the her bulging mound instead.


“…oops my bad”

The beautiful woman did not react to Josh words, it was like she was still thinking at what had happen. After a few seconds, her face suddenly flushed. Smoke could be seen coming out at her flushed face. She released the sword she was holding then bent down while covering both of her breast with her two arms.

“Hic….Hic, waaah. I can’t get married anymore*crying*”

Seeing the now crying woman in front of him made Josh shock, he could not comprehend the situation he was in. First the woman called him, then he accidentally took a good look at her underwear from below, then the woman called him a pervert and leap towards him with her sword unsheathe, then he skillfully avoid her while attempting to disarm her from her weapon but some twist of fate, he instead accidentally grabbed her breast…

Josh at this very moment is probably thinking of why is this beautiful pink haired woman crying and speaking nonsense about not being able to marry anymore?

Josh didn’t know what to say, until another woman’s voice could be heard.

“Elly what’s wrong?”

Seeing another woman, Josh was now on his guard. Not because of the appearance of the new woman, but because the new woman was dressed in a black dress which highlighted all her curves. Her beauty could be seen 2nd only to Mia.

Of course Josh sudden wariness is justified, it could be said that this accident with the pink haired woman is the second accident that happened which he didn’t meant to happen. the first one was with his master Octavia, He was flying towards the ship his master was on and skillfully landed face first on her soft bosom. and now he accidentally felt up the breast of this crying girl in front of him. So the probability of having a 3rd accident of feeling up this black haired woman is  80%.

Josh alternate his glance towards the crying woman and the black haired woman.

“I…I did nothing wrong”

He instinctively gave out a defensive answer before the black haired beauty even ask him anything. Of course he could have just left and things would have been gone from bad to worst. Not because of making the pink haired woman cry, but because he heard her saying something like she could not marry anymore. Who knows what other nonsense she would say without him defending himself.

“Oh, and who might you be my handsome good sir?”

Hearing the polite words coming out from the black haired beauty, Josh immediately though that the woman must be a noble or a princess. With her beauty, grace and the fact that she’s riding at this grand ship is enough proof of the matter.

So he answered in a polite manner in return.

“I’m called Josh my beautiful lady” he said while slightly bowing.

“oh my, I’m Alia my good sir”

When Josh raised his head, he slightly caught a glimpse at the black haired woman’s underwear and accidentally muttered.


Hearing Josh sudden spoke of color. The black haired beauty only raised her eyebrows wondering what he meant. But then she saw his gaze, following his gaze, she saw that this handsome silver haired man before her was actually staring at her underwear which is slightly visible because of the slit of her black haired dress.

Without any words, the black haired beauty only smiled at Josh with killing intent oozing out from her body. She raised her arms and was going to cast some magic at him. But halted when she hear captain Emelda’s sudden intrusion.

“Oh what are you guys doing out here this early morning?”

“Hic…hic Emelda-san, no one’s going to marry me anymore”

Elly who was crying on the ground immediately stood up when she heard captain Emelda. She spoke her nonsensical things again then ran towards her with all her might and ram against her in a hug while crying.

“My… Elly what’s wrong dear?”

“He-he touch my breast, waaahhh”

*boom* *boom*

When Elly said that Josh had touch her breast, the black haired beauty Alia immediately casted two powerful fire ball at Josh without saying anything. It was an instantaneous cast which could have proven than she was a prodigy magician that could use instantaneous magic.

“Alia, what have you done!”

Captain Emelda was worried. Worried because Josh might have died in front of her, and without even knowing Josh background. It could either make her alone suffer or make her whole family suffer together with her.

She didn’t know whether Josh was just a noble of great importance or whether he was a prince of some kingdom. Only knowing that only the rich among the rich could afford a trip with her grand ship made her face pale in fright. It would have been ok if Josh was just some ordinary noble, but what if he was a prince of great importance? What would happen to her and her whole family then?

Emelda had not even thought whether Josh was a low class noble but immediately deduce that his a higher class one or a prince. With his handsome features and being accompanied by Mia who was even comparable if not a goddess herself.

“Huh…I…I instinctively-“

“Enough go and ensure whether his injured or not. If his a prince and his badly injured then…”

There was nothing more that could be said, if Josh was a prince and was badly injured by them, much more if he actually died. Then their whole family will become criminals and will be hunted down, heck even speaking badly of him could have lead them and their whole family to death.

Hearing Captain Emelda’s angry tone, Alia lost her composure and immediate went in order to check Josh condition.

With the smoke covering the area where Josh at,  Alia nervously stammered closer. Each step she took she prayed for his safety.

~~ Alia’s (Aliana) POV ~~

I have been living with Captain Emelda for over 10 years now, I clearly remember the day that Captain Emelda found me on her ship food storage. I was shivering from cold and suffering from hunger, I would have eaten the frozen food but since it was frozen and conserve with magic. My 4 year old self back then could not do anything but suffer from cold and hunger in a corner. If she hadn’t found me back then, I would have already died from the cold and starvation.

It was the first time I suffered that kind of experience. I always thought that I was born as a princess and will someday become queen following my mother’s footsteps, but who would have thought that my mother actually lied to me.

She kept telling me that I was a princess and that I would someday rule over the kingdom with my future husband. I admired my mother for her beauty and intelligence, she was my role model and I really love her.

But all of it crumbled in just one day. The castle was being under attack by just one person in black robe. The castle guards and all the servant were saying about the black robe man was the devil reincarnate himself.

He attack and wreak havoc on our kingdom with just flickering his finger.

I still clearly remember that day as if it was recorded inside my head.

-Flash back-(narrator)

“Hurry, get the princess and the queen to safety” shouted by one of our royal guard.

“*hic* mother, mother where are you” A small girl was crying while being escorted to her mother.

“Don’t worry princess, you’ll be safe”

Upon arriving, both mother and daughter hug each other tightly while tears flowed down from their eyes.

“My darling Aliana, I’m sorry, I-I’m really sorry…”

The queen was apologizing while hugging tightly her daughter as if it would be the last time that the two of them

Aliana was still 4 years old back then so she didn’t understand why her mother was apologizing.

Then before she knew it, Aliana was covered in a bright light. The last thing she saw was the crying face of her beloved mother.

-End of flash back-

Now that I think about it, I overheard my mother and father talking about me when I was 3 years old.

-Flash back-

“Are you out of your mind? Why did you bring your daughter with you?”

“My love…you need to understand, I might not love her father but I deeply love Alina. She’s-“

“Enough! *sigh*”

“Sorry for shouting my love, but you have to understand. What if that man search for her? You know that his crazy obsess about becoming the pillar of the new overlord.”

“That’s why I brought my daughter with me. My love for that man had already died, but not for my daughter…now she’s also your daughter.”

“I…I give up, I love you too much dear. I will accept Aliana as my own daughter.”

-End of flash back-

So I was a daughter of a powerful mage huh, that would explain my enormous talent for magic.

I don’t hate on what my mother had done, in fact I should be thanking her. Without her giving birth to me, then I wouldn’t even be here in the first place.

My goal in life was to get revenge, I trained with all my might without rest. Because talent without hard work is a wasted talent. I improved myself bit by bit, but then when I receive the information years after that the mage who destroyed my home and killed my mother had actually died in the hands of the kingdoms guardian.

My purpose in life had died, I was downhearted then. Without Captain Emelda, then I would have lost my way. It’s all thanks to her that I had found my new resolve to continue on living and to continue on getting stronger.

She told me about the prophecy of having a new overlord rising up, she suggested that ‘why not continue on training and become one of the hero’s that will vanquish evil’.


Lying here watching the sunset rise is giving me a soothing feeling. I wish Elly was here with me, *sigh* that girl can’t just stay put in one place.

I met Elly when I was 8 years old here on this very ship, she was training to become a hero. At first I just laugh at her, saying it was childish, but thinking about it now I guess I was foolish to do so.

Without her father telling stories about his adventure. Then I wouldn’t have found out about the mage who killed my mother. The shock of knowing that he had died made me froze, tears flowed down my face from shock. But thanks to captain Emelda, I decided to also become a hero together with Elly.

Since then, the two of us became the best of friends. She was the best warrior I have ever seen.

Elly is the only one who I could truly called my best friend. Others just wanted to either pull me in to their respective kingdoms because of my abilities, and those arrogant princes and nobles keep pestering captain Emelda and me for marriage proposals.

The term ‘same feathers flock together’ is true to a certain extent. Nobles tend to stick together while they ridicule others of lower stature. And in my case, Elly and I became the best friends because we had the same goal and get along together.

Even though I had this cold expression always plastered on my face, Elly always seems to understand my emotions.

Without Elly, I wouldn’t have anyone to call my true friend.

“Kyaaa, you pervert. Die!”


Hearing Elly’s shout, I immediately stood up from my relaxing position and ran towards her location.

When I arrive, I saw a tall man. His silver hair that seems to glow from being expose in the sun, his deep golden pair of eyes that seems to pierce my soul…

*ba-dump* *ba-dump*

This is weird, this is the first time that my heart is this frantic and restless… Oh right Elly. I almost forgot about Elly…

“Elly what’s wrong?”

Hearing my voice, my first love-, I mean the man who was standing in front of Elly turned his attention towards me. (Kyaaa…w-what should I do? His looking at me.)

Seeing his wariness towards me, I could not help but frown. It’s not like it would show on my face anyways, I heard many people saying that I am a cold beauty or emotionless beauty. How rude of them, it’s not like I can’t show my emotions…it’s just that, that’s just how I was born…. I think. I feel embarrass and happy like other people, but for some reason It is hard for me to show my emotions on my face. I mean, I am so nervous right now, my heart keeps on pounding inside me but just gazing this handsome… no good, my bad habit of thinking too much is showing again. I need to say something.

“Oh, and who might you be my handsome good sir?”

(kyaa, did I just say that? Aahhh I’m going to die from embarrassment, good thing my emotions does not show on my face.)

“I’m called Josh my beautiful lady”

Seeing him replying to my question, calling me beautiful lady and even slightly bowing to me made me happy for some reason. This is the first time I felt like this towards the opposite gender. I usually just ignore them, but her I am becoming extremely happy from just knowing his name.

“Oh my, I’m Alia my good sir”


I was confuse upon hearing him, is he perhaps talking about my clothes? But when I followed his gaze which was on my underwear made me froze. I was so embarrass that I could only give him a smile while thinking (nonono h-he s-saw my… I wanna die)

For some reason I could not help but release my killing intent. I was so embarrass that I even raise my hands in attempt to cast a magic from embarrassment.

“Oh what are you guys doing out here this early morning?”

Seeing Captain Emelda, my feelings started to cool down a bit.

“Hic…hic Emelda-san, no one’s going to marry me anymore”

My bestfriend Elly who was crying on the ground immediately stood up when she heard captain Emelda. She ran towards her with all her might and ram against her in a hug while crying.

“My… Elly what’s wrong dear?”

“He-he touch my breast, waaahhh”

*boom* *boom*

I don’t know what had happen…but I think I just instinctively casted fireballs towards my first lo-, I mean towards Josh.

“Alia, what have you done!”

Hearing captain Emelda’s angry tone. I immediately got worried. I just realize that I just attack Josh with a powerful magic, and if he got injured… oh no, what if his actually a prince? My prince… I would receive punishment…like becoming his personal slave or something muhehehe. No good, no good, my bad habit is showing again.

“Huh…I…I instinctively-“

“Enough go and ensure whether his injured or not. If his a prince and his badly injured then…”

There was nothing more that could be said, if Josh was a prince and was badly injured, Then I would get punish very badly…no my prince, I hope his alright. Why did I even did that? Is it because he touch Elly’s breast and not mine?

Hearing Captain Emelda’s angry tone, I lost my composure and immediate went in order to check my prince condition. I just hope that his fine, and that his handsome face is not injured.

When the smoke dispersed, I saw that my prince Josh did not suffer any injury or even get a scratch on him. I was shock and staring all over him, especially on his face…

I was glad that my magic did not do any harm on him, and at the same time I was amazed because I know that my magic is strong enough to kill a vicious demon in one shot. But seeing him still standing in front of me while also staring at me made me feel somewhat aroused?

This is the first time I feel like this towards another man. So I instinctively hug him.

“I’m glad that you’re alright”

I know that the hug was unnecessary. It’s just that this feelings is a first for me, I don’t know what to do but just follow my womanly instinct.

Hugging Josh is making me smile in delight. I even intentionally pressed my breast against him. (kyaa how shameless of me.)

I slowly raised my head to see what the expression of my first love is.

His expression was stiff, as if he saw a ghost. His eyes widen in shock while sweet slow started to appear on his handsome face.

Thinking about it, I’m quite a beauty myself. So he must have been shock on my sudden embrace. But then I felt killing intent from behind me, I shivered and slowly turned my head.

I saw a very beautiful woman. She was so beautiful that mistaking her for a goddess is not an exaggeration. Her long flowing golden hair matching her reddish eyes, her black frilly dress and her smile which was filled with killing intent sends shiver down my spine.

If she’s really a goddess, then I can say that she’s a goddess of death. I don’t know why she’s here but I can’t stop the shaking. I’m glad that I don’t show expression on my face.

The beautiful woman started walking towards me, did I do something wrong?

My head was filled with all sort of thoughts, but no matter what, I could not think of anything that could earn her hatred to me. I was staring at this beautiful woman who stood before me, I anxiously await on what she would do.

“I hope you have a good excuse J-O-S-H”

(What! D-don’t tell me that she’s somehow related to my prince? No-no, it can’t be! That expression of her… that’s the expression of a woman who had found his man cheating on her.)

Is my love going to end this soon? Why is she staring at me? Oh right, I’m still hugging his man.

I reluctantly released my embrace on Josh and downheartedly walked away. My eyes was teary from finding out that my first love was already taken.

When I arrive at captain Emelda and Elly’s side, they both patted my shoulder and said ‘It’s ok, it’s not like polygamy is banned’

Hearing their encouraging words, a smile could be seen from my face.

(That’s right, it’s not like Josh can only have one wife. I will work hard and confess my feelings to him.)

With that, I added another goal in my life, and it’s to marry Josh.

Author Note: Chap 14 will be delayed, sorry donator’s, thing’s are really rough on my side.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – Travel on a Ship (Again)

  1. Test-Run

    Thanks for the awesome chapter! Loved it.
    Yandere Mia and the Cool Alia! Haha just awesome. Now I’ll just have to endure a month of torture (waiting) for the next chapter 😦

    I hope you’ll get better.



  2. mivaels

    I suggest that you change the beauty 2nd to mia , to comparable to mia
    ( comparable doesnt means better sometimes even lower )
    Or you could say that shes a different type of beauty and to him mia’s more beautiful because she’s more alluring or mia’s his type maybe? Or he feel that shes more beautiful because he love her.

    Because for a harem type of stories using words like mia was more beautiful or one or two grade better than another waifu seems kind of degrading that waifu , arghhhh idk how to say it but something along that i think?


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