Chapter 14 – Troubles of being a beauty

~~~~Josh POV~~~~

Damn! Why is this happening?

I remember a few moment ago that as I was just strolling around when I just happen to stop here in order to admire the beautiful sunset, and then suddenly that Elly girl came out all of a sudden, she even suddenly caused a ruckus…of course it wasn’t my fault that I saw her underwear. Yup totally not my fault.  Then another one came out which was a beautiful woman called Alia, we exchange a few greetings and then she also suddenly caused a ruckus… and of course it was also not my fault when I also saw her underwear.

Things happened so goddamn fast and now here I am finding myself getting embrace by this black haired beauty. Everything should have been ok until my beloved Mia showed up.

Her expression coupled with a bone chilling killing intent which was emitting all over her body. She was like the most beautiful goddess of death slowly walking nearer and nearer towards me.

I was of course innocent. I mean, it was Alia who had suddenly embraced me out of the blue after she fired those two fireballs at me. Well it was a pretty weak one, but the point is I am innocent, I did not initiate the embrace so why should I feel guilty?

I was going to explain to Mia that it was all just a misunderstanding, but the proof she needed is right in front of her eyes. I am getting embrace right now…what should I say? Should I just play it off? Should I apologize? Should I run for it? Damn it I’m confuse and afraid at the same time. Afraid to what Mia would do.

Seeing Mia stopping right in front of me with a beautiful smile minus the bone chilling killing intent emitting from her made my heart race. My Mia is really beautiful, even her angry smile is very beautiful that I would probably instinctively reach out for her and give her a passionate kiss…


“Fuaaa, J-Josh stop their starring at us”

Oh shit, I actually instinctively reach out to her and gave her a passionate kiss.

Hearing Mia’s words, I tilted my head around and saw both Elly and captain Emelda’s blushing face while Alia was standing frozen at the side. Yes, I think I instinctively shove Alia away and reach out for Mia.

I felt bad for her, but it’s also her fault. She should not have embrace me. I mean, even if she was really beautiful it won’t even matter since Mia is a level above her. Her beauty can’t compete with my beloved Mia.


Seeing Mia giggle made me smile at the same time I breathe a sigh of relief. I wonder why Mia was giving of that killing intent earlier…oh it must have been because that seeing me her man embracing another woman huh?

Feeling a bit guilty, even though it wasn’t me who initiated the embrace. I quickly pulled Mia into a hug and whispered to her.

“I’m sorry for what had happen Mia, but it’s because… (explanation bla bla bla)…”

After explaining to Mia about the situation earlier. Mia glared at Elly then at the frozen Alia.

Mia’s mood brighten after confirming that what I said was really the truth.

Confirming that Mia wasn’t mad anymore made me feel relax and happy. Since for me, the greatest crime of all is hurting my beloved and making them cry. I’m just glad that Mia understood my situation.

“Ehem, how about we have our breakfast?”

Hearing captain Emelda’s suggestion broke the trance that me and Mia were currently at. I took a glance at Alia who somehow has a weird glint in her eyes while looking at me, I somehow had a bad feeling about that gaze of her, but since I’m probably stronger than her then it does not really matter.




Walking at the lavish ship together with Mia who was currently embracing my left arm lovingly. Her smiling expression holding my arm while walking was truly such a grand sight to see, I could tell that Mia’s beauty is really a blessing from the heavens, since every time we pass a noble male they would shot a jealous, murderous and even envious look towards me.

Thinking that they would sooner or later make trouble to me does not really matter. Even though that the only thing I did in Hells Island was just lifting that ever increasing weight boulder with magic each day, I could still feel that I’m probably 100 times stronger than them.

Master Octavia was really weird, at first she had ask to spar with me with purely physical strength which of course I won in just a few seconds. With my deadly fighting style which I learned when I was a space commander, master Octavia could not even fathom how or where I learned those fighting techniques. Of course I never told her where I learned them, all I said was that my body only instinctively move on its own.

So after losing to me, master Octavia decided that I do not need any more combat training, so she made me train with my gravity magic by lifting that boulder which weight was increasing daily. My training wasn’t really bad because my mana capacity even multiplied and expanded a couple of times. I don’t even know what my current mana limit is, since I never really tried to exhaust myself.

Another good thing about the result of my 10 years of training was the tremendous increase of my physical strength. I can even lift my 50k ton Nova sword and wave it a couple of hundreds of times without even using gravity magic or even breaking a sweat.

Imagine what would have happen if I punch someone with my fist, they will probably be sent a couple of hundred meters away or they might even die on the spot.

While walking, some of those arrogant nobles suddenly blocked our path. Two of them were middle age men while the other two are probably their respective son.

“Hey there, how about leaving this trash behind and come with us? I promise you riches and happiness if you bear our child kekeke”

Hearing the bald old man’s disgusting words and the arrogant laughter of the four of them could only made me sneer in reply. Are they perhaps joking? So I just decided to ignore them and followed Captain Emelda and the others.

“What the fuck? You wanna die huh? You trash!”

“Come on here you whore, leave this trash behind and have fun with us”

Both of the sons also spoke nonsense, can’t they feel that even Mia here could actually kill them easily with a flick of her finger.


Seeing Mia’s disgusted expression on them made the two stupid sons face boiled in anger. It was pretty comical seeing this lower lifeform think that they could possibly even hurt a hair on us. Calling them lower lifeform is not exaggerated, I mean if Mia is a goddess then I’m probably a god right? Even I could feel this unknown power sleeping inside of me. I don’t even have any confidence of controlling this power if it ever awakened.

Seeing our predicament, captain Emelda and the two girls Elly and Alia did not even cast a second glance or even attempted to help us. I was confuse whether these moronic nobles who were blocking me and Mia’s path are really that powerful and influential to the point that Even captain Emelda could not lift a finger in attempt to help us.

One of the noble son had move forward in order to grab Mia who was happily grasping my left arm. His eyes was filed with lust towards Mia’s heavenly beauty. Not only him but the second one also moved forward.

Their stupidity really knows no bounds, who would have thought that they would casually attempt to do this kind of thing to people who they meet for the first time. They must have thought that since they were a high noble to some country then they could do anything they want?

Sneering to myself, I moved my vacant right arm and made a flick to the forehead of the nearest noble.


My flick was too strong that the second noble son who was behind the first one froze in place when he saw his friend past him and got smashed into the wall behind the two bald old men.

The three noble were now shaking in their feet’s while captain Emelda, Elly and Alia had a look of astonishment and bewilderment shown on their faces. My simple act of killing caused them to heave a breath, they probably have thought that I was some kind of lower class noble or something.

“Noo my son”

One of the bald noble ran towards the guy who I just flicked towards the wall, so I’m guessing he must be the father then. I never meant to kill anyone, but I never knew that I could kill someone with such a casual simple flick of a finger.

“Y-you! Do you know who we are?”

“Of course not, I wouldn’t know any moronic trash nobles”

There was no time to be methodical about it, so I frantically wracked my brain for every type of physical affliction, enhancement or transformation that my body had underwent. A lot of the crazy stuff happened to me back on Hells Island, but I swear didn’t feel any sorts of changes on my body.

My strength must have multiplied dozens of times without increasing my muscle mass.

“Thank you Josh”

Before the bald noble could spout another nonsense, Mia suddenly thanked me while she tightened her grip on my arm and snuggled her soft silvery head on my chest. Her sudden action really bewildered me, why did she even thank me? Even if her strength is inferior to mine, she could still easily kill these kind of fools.



“What have you done?!”

Hearing the commotion happening, Captain Emelda immediately yelled while having a look of shock and utter bewilderment upon her face. She could not imagine that I casually killed someone, even though I didn’t mean it.

Both Alia and Elly had a complicated look on their faces, astonishment, fear, and Idolization can be seen. They were astonish that I easily killed someone with just a flick of my finger, fear had momentarily flashed on each of their faces, I bet they were imagining what would happen if I retaliated earlier when they had attacked me. And Idolization, their eyes shone with a hint of fanaticism.

I don’t know why but the moment I saw those eyes of them glued to me, I could not help but think that I may have gotten myself two stalkers… or maybe just fans? I mean, it is ok if they just admire my strength, but my instincts is telling me that there admiration is more than just fascination to my strength.

“I didn’t mean to kill him…”

Captain Emelda squinted her eyes upon hearing my excuse. Facing the three other nobles, Captain Emelda bowed her head and she apologized.

One of the nobles seems to have gotten back his self-confidence because of Captain Emelda’s bowing figure in front of them. They must have thought that Captain Emelda is afraid of their backgrounds.

“You think a mere apology will bring back my dead son Huuh?”

The bald old man grabbed Captain Emelda’s hair lifting her, making her face the ugly noble face to face. While he rant on and on about him being a family relative of some king which I obviously don’t have any Idea of whether it was some bigshot or not.

But basing on the cold sweat pouring down from Captain Emelda’s face, then I’m guessing that the king that the ugly noble was talking about has a certain degree of power which is making captain Emelda afraid of offending him.

Did I do something bad perhaps? But then again, Mia is technically my wife. How could I let other lecherous men casually touch her?

Thinking about it again my rage started to boil. Why the hell is Captain Emelda lowering her head? Oh right because of those waste.

My eyes started to slowly turn red, my body started to shiver as if a power which was sealed within me is starting to emerge.

(This feeling feels nostalgic…)

With my vision starting to slowly dim from anger, Mia who were beside me suddenly had a serious look on her face. She shivered for a second then casually waved her hands towards the three remaining noble.

When Mia waved her hand, the three noble started to get set on fire.

Their screams echoed on the entire ships while the sudden burning of the three nobles made Captain Emelda frozen from shock.

Her dumbfounded expression only lasted for at least 20seconds before she turn her face towards Me and Mia.

Upon seeing the glowing red eyes of Mia, Captain Emelda shuddered. Even both Elly and Alia shuddered from the mere might of Mia’s flame and her casual act of killing. If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, then they would probably think that Mia with the beauty of a goddess could commit an act such as killing.

The three nobles had already been burnt down to ashes in a span of a minute. When I sensed that the three nobles where already gone, my anger suddenly subsided. I regain my bearings and immediately knew what had transpired on the short amount of time that I had lost my self, or rather, I almost lost my self.

I knew what would have happen if I truly lost myself, I would probably kill the three noble and would have probably destroy the entire ship in the process.

Knowing that it was my fault that drove Mia to kill the three nobles. My heart felt a bit shaken but at the same time ashamed. How could I almost lost myself? I should better start to take control of my emotions.

When I was a commander, I had always judge the situation calmly and deal with them accordingly. But ever since I have taken over Vermillion’s identity, my emotions seem have taken the better control of me. Is it because of this ginormous power that is within me? I could not tell by now, but I will swear that from now on, I shall never ever again lose myself due to emotions.

With a burnt meat smell lingering in the air. The hallway had suddenly became deadly silent.

Feeling the awkwardness, I unconsciously held Mia by her waist and pulled her body closer to mine. Upon touching her body, I felt Mia shivering. Thinking about it, her shivering should be normal. Since if I’m not mistaken then it should be the first time that Mia had ever killed someone.

Of course knowing that it was originally my fault why Mia was forced to do such thing is making me feel bad. But the past is past, the only thing I can do now is comfort her.

I casually moved that which was holding Mia’s waist towards her head and pulled her into a deep kiss. With our lips overlapping with each other Mia’s eyes became wide from my sudden action. But of course we had kissed hundreds of times since when we were little so my action really was just a small matter, but it is a big one to the three women who were recently shock from Mia’s sudden killing.

The three of them stood as Me and Mia started to deeply kiss each other. I bet they could probably see our tongue moving in and out from each other.

Such scene caused the Captain Emelda, Elly and Alia’s face flushed into a deep red. It is probably the first for them to see such couples doing it shamelessly in front of other people.

Of course I wasn’t casually emerging from the flow, I even actually took a glance at the three dumbstruck women and saw two of them showing a jealous look on their faces. Yes, it was Elly and Alia, their faces was flushed red while a look of envy could be easily seen.

I know what a jealous face looks like since I already saw it a hundreds of times when Mia and master Octavia was competing with each other on who gets to kiss me each morning these past few years…

“Mmhhhmm, haaaa”

It took roughtly 3 minutes of deep kissing before me and Mia separated our lips. A string of saliva could even be seen the moment our lips parted from each other, but it then broke the further our lips parted.


In order to break the awkward silence, I decided to pretend to cough a little.

“I’m sorry for what had happen, but pardon our actions since me and Mia is still young and we don’t know how to control our emotions well to those kinds of people.”

The astonishment of the three women was just what I had just expected. But Captain Octavia began to declare that me and Mia should not let this matter leak out no matter what, she also even sternly told both Elly and Alia to not speak to anyone else on what had just happened.

The rest of the talk which was had taken around an hour was spent on conjecturing on how to create a falls story about the disappearance of the four nobles.

We decided to the story of some pirate ships raiding our ship and within the commotion, all four nobles died in battle. Of course the story was even unbelievable even to me, since who would believe that such a grand ship doesn’t have counter measurement against pirates, but on our fortune, besides the crew who is managing the sailing and some maids, there was no other guards around. So the false fabricated story is somewhat believable even a little.

With the commotion starting to die down, we slowly strode towards the dining hall.

~~Unknown maid POV~~


Good-looking and gentlemanlike appearance, a man appeared together with our Captain. He had a pleasant countenance, and easy, unaffected manners. While the woman beside him had an aura of being a princess and a beauty comparable to a goddess.

My fellow maids even declared that the silver haired boy is probably the handsomest that we have ever seen, and with a goddess like woman beside him made us looked at him with great admiration.

“He is just what a young man ought to be” Said one of my friends

“Sensible, good-humored, lively; and I never saw such happy manners!—so much ease, with such perfect good breeding!”

Even I started to dream about this silver haired man being my own prince charming that would take me away. But a dream is a dream…



Entering the enormous dining, I could see a large lavish dining table filled to the brim with different kinds of delicacies.

Seeing those delicious looking food waiting for me to devour them, immediately made my stomach grumble. It’s not like that I haven’t eaten. But it’s because the food being displayed is a high class ones, ones that only royalties can eat, the scent of the freshly cooked sweets and meat is just too hard to resist.

Without any further delay, Captain Emelda, Elly and Alia strode first and took a sit near each other, while me and Mia took the opposite side.

“So Josh, where are you and Mia headed to?”

“*nom-nom* To Gaia Academy”

I answered captain Emelda’s question while munching a steamy leg of boar meat. Feeling satisfied of my answer, captain Emelda seems to have sighted and just went on to talk about trivial things. Like what were we doing on Hells Island and such.

Of course I only gave a vague answer which seems to be enough to convince captain Emelda and the two girls beside her who was quietly eating while watching me…

I don’t understand the reason for them to keep eyeing me the whole time while I was eating. It must be because Mia is somehow casually feeding me, is it really such an unusual sight? I mean this is how couples eat right? Or is Mia just overly flirtatious with me?

“Say Ahh Josh~”


“Wow, chocolate cake really taste good.”

“Yea right? There is no chocolate back on Hells Island, it sure brings back memory.”

“Do you mean that time when you and master Octavia fed me sake mouth to mouth?”

“Of course not silly, I’m talking about when we first met each other.”

Upon realizing what Mia was talking about, I immediately tensed up.

(Don’t tell me that she want to sit on my lap again and make me feed her…)

“M-maybe when we are alone…”

As if she was reading my mind, Mia answered while fidgeting. Her mature beauty while she shyly fidget made my heart raced frantically.

Seeing Mia’s downcast expression, I extended my left arm and pulled Mia closer to my chest while I whisper to her ear.

“Look fine as you are now Mia, well actually every time I look at you, I always get captivated by your beauty.”

“Hear, say aahh”

I then sliced a piece of chocolate cake using a fork with my right hand and fed it to Mia. My action was welcomed by her with a brimming smile.

I didn’t realized it but I totally forgotten that on the opposite side of our table there was captain Emelda who had sighted in resignation while Elly and Alia had an envious look on their faces. They were just silently eating while me and Mia were flirting… of course I don’t really care what they think, but It is still a bit embarrassing being watch by such eyes.

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  1. Haaaa… i understand that you loke lovey dovey sexual stuff and useless unnecessary killings but please. And i am in a rolling dogeza right now(trust me)pleadibg for you to NOT lose tolhe story to underage sex and orgies i mean it started off awesome. But you are divebombing i mean this was like a rewritten chapter and you know what i might not have had a problem with it if it wasnt for the fact that there was absolutely NO CHARACTER GROWTH. So please keep the story going and advance the plot a little. I hope you take at least a little of my advice


    1. mivaels

      Its a romance tagged story and i even thought that he wasnt ruthless enough.
      How would you feel when your girl was insulted and someone wanna took her away from you and violate her? Would you be like ‘im fine with it’?.

      Underage sex and orgies? In a fantasy like world where the mc is a reincarnated adult , 15 doesnt count as an underage sex there. I didnt even thought that he would be able to keep his virginity status until hes 15 i thought he would lose it when hes 8 surprisingly he keeped it.
      Btw does copulating 1 on 1 count as orgies? I thought you need at least 5 person for it cuz everytime .. Nvm just ignore it”

      Agreed , seriously i do agree that theres far too little character growth especially during the 10or so years timeskip and even during that time , the only training that you let us know he do is lifting rock using gravity magic. I mean seriously you trained lifting rocks for almost a dozen year?

      Well the timeskip is too rushed you should rewrite the timeskip chapter entirely or edit some and addsome information Or maybe you can do some flashback

      The sword weighted 50ton or 50k ton?
      Sorry if im too noisy it cant be helped


  2. mivaels

    ‘I mean, even if she was really beautiful it won’t even matter since Mia is a level above her. Her beauty can’t compete with my beloved Mia.’

    Could you also change it? I had no doubt that by some chance she knew how josh evaluated her she would felt humiliated

    Also from all the background you gave him , he seemed quite soft or rather he should be cruel , merciless and ruthless towards those who wished to harm/anguish him or his loves ones.

    one of the nobles were killed by josh and on what basis that he(josh) think that he would let them off anyway? Sorry but for an ex-commander he seemed quite stupid maybe?.
    Remove the weeds from its roots

    Those people doesnt have brain arent they or they all thinking using their lower half? From how the maid evaluate him to be some kind of prince why would those brainless male nobles think that hes a lower nobles?
    Could you change the trash that or what becauseit seemed like some cliche lines that some useless douchebag from xianxia novel would use

    He was supposed to protect and cared for his love ones wasnt he?
    I didnt mind that he ignored the nobles when they insult him because he doesnt want to make troubles for them.
    But when mia get insulted as a whore he didnt seemed to be mad or anything and even when he tried to flick the nobles he only wanted to flick him away from mia not to kill her.

    From the impression that josh gave me he probably wont kill the person who insult him but he definitely would when mia ot his love ones get insulted by some trash.


      1. mivaels

        Np, my fingers felt kinda clicky today so yeah
        I hope you could consider some words or actions a bit more importantly decision because when people read your story they would sometimes empathize toward the character too. So i hoped when you’r writing the stories you could put yourselves towards the character’shoes of what would he feel if that scenario happened


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