Chapter 15 – Golden Ring’s

~~~Mia’s POV~~~



Upon waking up early in the morning, I rub my eyes chuckled to myself upon remembering the intimate time that Josh and I did yesterday. I could still feel my body shiver and the slight numbness of my lower part.


Just thinking about it again is making me my whole body shudder and hot. I can’t help, I never knew that making love with my beloved felt awesome to the point that I regretted not doing it with him in the past when we were on Hells Island.

However, since master Octavia is not with us right now then I can have Josh all to myself.


Upon stretching my arm in attempt to hug my beloved, I found out that my beloved Josh was gone.

I panicked a little but then again when I think about it, He is probably just strolling around and left without waking me up…

“Nono. This can’t be. Josh won’t do that…”

Various scenarios flash inside my mind, all were ridiculous scenarios about my beloved being bewitch by some vixen.

It’s not like I am over protective, but since my beloved Josh is my husband I can’t really let any other women besides master Octavia lay their hands on my beloved Josh. Even though I really wanted to monopolize him…

Therefore, without any delay. I immediately stood up and got dress.

Since I am connected to Josh for eternity finding him in this large ship isn’t really a problem.

“*humming sound*”

I was humming while I walked towards my beloved Josh’s location. Being bound with each other for eternity is really such a handy thing. Since I can feel his location with just a thought of my mind.

While I was walking towards where my beloved Josh is at. I suddenly remember the things that he did to me yesterday. His touch when He hugged me and pressed me down while using his body to put pressure on my most sensitive areas, and even pushed my buttocks up with his hand so that I cannot squirm away from him while he greedily kissed my wet lips. I was totally caught unaware and almost lost my senses from the teasing. I kept crying out from the pleasures of his touch.

((Author: She’s lying, it was her who enticed our MC… probably))

“*giggle* I can’t wait to do this…and that to him again.”


Upon arriving, I saw my beloved getting embrace by a black haired woman whom who I have no Idea who or where she came from.

I can’t really explain it, but the moment I saw Josh embracing? or is it getting embrace intimately by some random female stranger, Anger seemed to suddenly swelled up deep within me.

My eyes which I was told was already red would become much more redder and a massive killing intent would accompany my deep blood red eyes.

I am angry, I can tell because I could feel my self burning up with tremendous magical energy(mana) which I don’t know where it came from. But one thing I do know is that someone is taking advantage of the kindness of my beloved Josh.

I know Josh all too well, so him initiating the intimate embrace that I am seeing in front of me is impossible(probably). I could not help but frown then I started to slowly walked towards them.

When I was walking towards my beloved who is still clearly being hug by this unknown woman, my eyes and his came into contact with each other.

Ahh, that eyes that showed shock, panic then into a firm one which I though is indicating that he is not at fault. Of course I already though about it, but confirming it made me much more calm so I unconsciously smile at him when I was an arms reach away from him.


His sudden action took me off guard, I admit that kissing my beloved is a thing that I wouldn’t get tired of doing how ever millions of times we do it. But kissing in front of other people which are strangers is somewhat embarrassing.

“Fuaaa, J-Josh stop their starring at us”

W-wha, His so bold ‘kyaa’.


I let out a giggle, I admit that I totally like the kissed that he suddenly gave me. It even made me forgot why I was angry in the first place.

“I’m sorry for what had happen Mia, but it’s because… (explanation bla bla bla)…”

Oh right, I see. It was that woman.

I turned my head towards the vixen who embraced my beloved for no reason. I was going to give her a stern look but seeing her flushed expression made me embarrass again.

Kyaa, I forgot that she was here and was too close near us. She probably saw all that tongue action.

Being seen kissing Josh by stranger’s is sure embarrassing… I better tell Josh later to not kiss too often in public.

With that, my preciously angry self somewhat subsided. I was just too happy to know that Josh seemed to have no interest to that woman. Well it’s not like I dis-agree of him having multiple wives, I mean, Master Octavia is already one of his wife right? even if it is in name only and not official.

Adding more without my consent or master Octavia is a no go. Yup, Me and master Octavia already agreed to repel those vixen who aims their sight on our beloved Josh. We will only share him if we deem her passable.

((Author: That mean’s, Josh has no say in the matter even if he likes the new girl?))

“Ehem, how about we have our breakfast?”

Hearing the woman who is obviously much older than the black haired one spoke so suddenly got me startled for a second. But guessing that she is the captain, I hurriedly embrace my beloved’s left arm.

My actions is clearly saying that Josh is my man and I am his woman.

Walking happily away, I missed to see the sudden glint of the black haired woman’s eyes. This mistake is something that I will regret in the future. If I didn’t missed her weird glint, then I would have done something sooner and prevented her from becoming one of Josh woman.

~~~End of Mia’s POV~~~

~~~~ Josh POV~~~

It’s been a week already, and we still haven’t reach our destination which is Gaia academy. The ship already passed 3 ward gates.

At first I was bewildered at the site of a huge warp gate in the middle of the ocean. But then again, Mia asked me “Josh? we already passed around 5 warp gate when we journey towards Hell’s Island before right? Don’t tell me that you didn’t know about the warp gate?”

I could only scratch my head in embarrassment. Well knowing that this planet is huge, it seems like using warp (teleportation) gates to travel all around is a common thing to do here in earthus.

Speaking of warp gates, there’s one more thing that I am having trouble dealing with. Yup and it’s Mia’s sexual desire, she seems to want to do it with me every night, and here reason is while pouting “Master Octavia took your first time before me, so I will do it with you every day”.

After she said that, she immediately pushed me towards the bed and straddled me.

Worrying about our nightly session seemed to be redundant, so I decided to just enjoy myself. I love Mia and she loves me so there’s no problem of us indulging to the pleasures of flesh right?

While thinking about various things, Mia suddenly arrived besides me and snuggled her head on my chest while tightly embracing my left arm, as always my whole left arm is buried between her soft breasts.

The feeling is just heavenly no matter how many times I experience it. I might be becoming a pervert? Maybe not since Mia is my wife right? Even if we didn’t have any wedding, Mia is already my wife. Her body and soul is mine while my soul is hers and my body is being shared between her and master Octavia.

Speaking about Mia, wasn’t she supposed to be waking up this early? I pretty much knew that Mia is not a morning person. I wonder why she’s up this early?

“Um, Mia?” I gently whispered to her ears while my left hand is around her waist. I got to admit that every time I smell her scent, I feel like I am always being intoxicated. I never knew why I feel this way, or why my body acts this way. I do have a hunch, maybe it’s because we are soul mate? Bound together for eternity?

“Hm? What is it Josh~” She answered while playfully rubbing my chest with her golden head. She also lovingly caressed the side of my face with her left hand as she met my eyes with hers.

“Have you heard of a ghost ship before?” I didn’t really know why I said ghost ship, I could have just said pirate ship. But the ship 6 kilometers away from is really all tattered as if it is really a ghost ship. That’s why I asked Mia whether she knew about ghost ship.

“Nope~” She answered as she intimately embrace me tightly.

Hearing that she didn’t, I suddenly thought of something great. If Mia didn’t know, and it also seemed that I don’t have any information about ghost ship in my memory, I then propose to Mia out of nowhere whether she wants to go explore that creepy looking ship with me or not. I already know her answer but I decided to ask her anyway.

“Great!, want to go and explore one?”

Flying through the air while holding hands with Mia feels like I’m floating in a fantasy world together with wife. Oh right, Mia is already my wife, albeit with have not been officially married yet.

Speaking of flying around, I suddenly remembered that I also flew in the sky when I was younger. It was one hell of an experience.

Now that I think about it, flying is easier if one knows how it is done, or rather if one knows the concept of it. In my case, flying is as easy as walking. Using wind and gravity magic, I can easily make myself float into the air.

“We’re almost there Mia.”

Seeing that Mia seems to have not heard me, I decided to just heave a sigh and then kept on flying while holding with my beloved Mia who seems to be in a dazed for quite a while now.

Her blissful expression is really something, I can’t help but keep on admiring her beauty. Who could have thought that the cute and adorable Mia back then would become an extremely beautiful.

Arriving at the so called ghost ship, I could see that it is quite large. With 200 hundreds of meters wide and 100 ft. long.

Like the name ‘Ghost ship’ the exterior and interior of the ship is as tattered as I imagine a ghost ship would be. Wreckage of other ships is scattered all around the one big gigantic ghost ship.

“Woa, with this much of wreckage, I wonder how this ship is still floating?”” I could not help but express my astonishment. Bones of the dead is littered everywhere, some of them are even floating around the wreckage’s.

I am excited in exploring this gigantic ship, and I bet Mia is too.

“Mia, isn’t this exciting? this will be our first adventure together.”

“Mn, I’m excited too Josh, this is after all our first date together~”


Ohh well, at least she is excited even if it is a different kind of excitement.



I can’t help but sigh while being dejected. I had hope that something amazing will happen while me and Mia explore this huge wreckage of a ship, but to my dismay, nothing happened.

I expected those skeletons lying all over the place to suddenly move and attack us or maybe some demons will suddenly pop out of nowhere and attack… but, nothing. absolutely nothing  happened.

Well, I should be glad since nothing bad happen, but this is just too much. Compared to me, Mia seemed to be enjoying herself.

I admit that having a casual walk is not too bad from time to time, specially if it is together with the woman that I love-.

Ohh no where did Mia go?


I called out Mia’s name in a loud voice hoping that she is still nearby.

H-how can this happen? I should have paid more attention to Mia and just enjoyed our date.

Feeling panicked, I was going to search for Mia but stopped myself when I heard her melodious voice from behind me.

“Josh, look what I found.”

The woman whom I was worrying about a minute ago is now standing in front of me smiling innocently while showing me the small golden chest on her hands.


I was going to scold Mia but then again, it was my fault for being absent minded. So I just embrace her while calling her name affectionately while feeling relieve deep inside that nothing bad happened to her.


“Mnn? what is it Josh?”

“Nothing, so where did you run off to a second ago?”

“I went and pick this up”

Seeing Mia’s eyes suddenly went round as if it was sparkling with delight and hearing her joyful tone. I carefully took the box that she was holding to me and opened it and upon seeing the content inside, I could not help but to suddenly open my eyes round and alternate my gaze towards the box and Mia.

“T-this…where did you get this Mia?”

“Hehe, I got it over there”

Seeing my startled face, Mia proudly pointed out on the location where she took the box from. And upon seeing where it came from, I could not help but think of the word ‘shady’.

Because, the location Mia pointed is totally out of place in this wreckage.

“An altar?”

How can an altar be in this kind of place? And there is not even a speck of damage around it. Damn why am I thinking too much? I should just go with the flow and deal of the consequences when it happen later.

“Josh? is something wrong?”

“Nope, so Mia since you found this do you want to wear it”

I took out the two rings inside the box and smiled at Mia which she happily replied.


Geez, she might have grown but Mia still acts childish from time to time.

I gently took Mia’s hand , kissed it and wore the ring on her ring finger,  she also did so with mine. I don’t know why and how the hell I did that without even realizing it. But seeing Mia’s smiling face I could not bring myself to ruin her mood.

Seeing the golden ring on my and Mia’s ring finger. thoughts of ‘What if’s came flooding my mind’. What if the golden ring was something dangerous? what if it was curse?

So I secretly tried to remove the ring which I found impossible without cutting my ring finger off.

“It’s stuck huh.”


“*sigh* nothing, should we go back now Mia?”

“Ok, *Chu*” (Author: Mia kissed Josh)

Feeling the sudden kiss, I could only smile and held out my hand grasping Mia’s with our fingers entwined with each other as we slowly depart from this surprisingly not dangerous ship.






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