Chapter 2 – First love

As I awoke from a very comfortable sleep, I realized that I was sleeping while cuddling together with Arya, yes Arya is my maid and I wonder why she was in my bed… I as I dug deeper and deeper through the memories of Vermillion, I saw how he save Arya from being an orphan and how he gave her a place to live. And I also found out about their relationship. Yes it’s just a normal master and servant relationship. The thing is, why was Arya sleeping together with me? it defies everything that I saw from Vermillion’s memories.

Then it struck me, I realized that maybe, no just maybe that Arya has taken a liking to me? Or rather to me the new Vermillion with a decent body. I looked towards my body and I smiled, because I can clearly say that I still do have my previous good body. I have a lean body with a supple muscles that would make any woman drool over me.

As I stroke Arya’s head as she was still sleeping, I thought for a while on what had just happened. And I also though on how I did not really love Diane that much, since I did not even touch her and we did not even have done what couples would do with each other. And then I took another look towards Arya, I and I felt a surge of emotions. The emotions that I felt is like a warm sensation in my chest. I could not stop but smile on just looking towards Arya’s sleeping face. And at that moment I had realized that I am in love with Arya. Thinking about it now, it’s pretty funny. Since I just became Vermillion recently and his and Arya’s relationship was supposed to be of that of a master and servant. But since I became him, I decided that I will love Arya. I think she is my first love.
Morning came and we lolled around for a while, talking and being lazy. It was fun. I don’t think I did that very often, if at all, in my previous days in the military. We were on the go people. When it was time to get up and go, we got up and went. This was a wonderful change from the rut of my former life.

“Arya, about last night…” as I talk fidgetly like a 14year old boy, Arya suddenly grab my head and gave me a very warm but sexy kiss on the lips and said

“master, it’s really weird. At first we are like an ordinary master and servant, then after the comet its like you’re a different person now master. Well I cant say much to my self either, since…umm… I saw you laying naked on the ground, my heart skipped, and I knew that I fell in love with you master. It’s a first for me” then she gave me again a sexy kiss, but this time we had our tongue entangle with each other.
After a few minutes of kissing, I said smiling to Arya, ”Arya how about, you rest here for a while and I will make you a breakfast”

Arya was in shock on what I had just said and though for a while on what to do, well who would not? If you’re very own master is going to cook food for you hehe it’s once in a life time thing. When she was done thinking Arya smiled and then poked me in the chest and asked what I was making her for breakfast, then she was stunned when I tossed back the covers and said, “You lie here and I will surprise you.” I’m not sure she believed me but, to her credit she let me try and shock her.

One thing I knew how to do was cook. Being a lonely mad before and after me and Diane became a couple in name only, had me able to do a lot of domestic things that men don’t do well.
I rummaged around through the cabinets, shelves and drawers in the kitchen you might be wondering how I know where things are located right? Don’t be shock but I know all of it because I have Vermillion’s memories remember.
It seemed we had all the basics, so I whipped up a couple of bacon and cheese omelets, wheat toast, orange juice, fresh melon and some strawberries in cream. Arya was suitably impressed but afraid to see what havoc I wrought in the kitchen. She was going to be surprised at how neat and clean I left things and I hoped that would win me some love points as I tried to fit into this new life.

Once I had breakfast ready and the kitchen cleaned up, I took everything up to the master bedroom and after spreading a towel across Arya’s lap, so I could serve her breakfast in bed. By serve, I mean that I fed her each bite, paused to gently wipe her mouth with a cloth napkin I’d found in a cupboard drawer and held a glass to her pretty lips, to help her drink her orange juice without spilling, or lifting a finger. We giggled a lot as she enjoyed being pampered for a change.

She was, of course, immeasurably impressed with my exclusive, first rate, room service and customer satisfaction skills and dutifully showered me with praise, which was precisely my plan. If I was going to build a life in this new setting, I needed to work hard to make it the best life I could. Vermillion, her real master – not me the interloper – was dead. I was borrowing his identity at least for the time being and it was my responsibility to be a good steward of his life and my intention to give her some happiness, which seemed like it had rather rare for her lately. From the sound of things, she had precious little real joy, of late. Maybe we could find some, together.

The thought of hurting Arya by informing her that the previous Vermillion was dead and that a strange man is now masking himself as Vermillion and shared her bed the last night, was too much to contemplate. Maybe I was a coward but I couldn’t imagine hurting her that badly. It would destroy Arya’s new profound feelings and I wasn’t willing to be the person that did that to her.

My previous life was gone and the reality of that was still seeping in. I pushed it to the back of my mind and just went with the flow but the truth continued to intrude and it affected my every waking moment. Like it, or not, this Is going to be my new life. There’s no going back.

This second chance was a far better place for me and as much as it hurt to know I had left my men dedd, having lived such a pathetic existence; I wanted my second chance to be my chance to change my previous lonely life. If my old life had been an explosion, you couldn’t have found a place where the bomb had gone off. I now live a life which is pretty comfortable to me, with Arya who seems to be my very first love is developing feelings for me is enough of a reason on why the more I need to make this new chance to live a loving life with her.

There was no second option. If I fail to become Vermillion, I can’t protect Arya from a brutal amount of pain and grief. It had to stay my secret and it was up to me to keep it just that, a deep dark secret.

It’s possible to change my mind later but that was not too likely. I will not hurt her, or let her be hurt so I had to guard against any loose comment, incorrect behavior and suspicious changes in this life. Besides, I really liked seeing her smile and she has a killer butt. This girl turned me on in ways I didn’t know I could be turned on.

When Arya was temporarily finished being pampered, I was free to get her dishes to the kitchen. As soon as they were washed, dried and put away, I went back upstairs to see what she was up to and got a pleasant surprise.
Arya had jumped in the shower when I left to do the dishes and was just covering up with a towel when I returned. Arriving when I did got me a quick peak at her full breasts that lasted about two seconds. Her nipples, in the brief time I caught a look, were small and dark red, just right for sucking. My Junior(dick) howled in protest when her nipples disappeared behind the towel. She didn’t hurry to cover herself but she didn’t delay, either. Her smile told me she caught me staring and was OK with it, as far as it went. I couldn’t wait to see how far it might go in the days to come. Being a master and servant relationship is now gone from my mind, now in my mind its just a girl and a boy leaving in an over huge mansion, yes as I strolled all over and rummage through the memories of vermillion, I had found out that only me and Arya is living in this huge mansion and ofcourse I know why since, also saw it from the memories about the circumstance that he suffered, it might be because of his huge body or something do to about family, but all I know is. Those people will have a very shock facial expression when they found out the new Vermillion (me) with a new body hehehe.

The short glimpse I had of Arya’s breasts confirmed what I suspected. She was blessed with firmness. They weren’t huge but I didn’t think you could trap a pencil under those puppies, though I would love to try and desperately hoped to find out through personal, scientific evaluation, one day soon.

We chatted while she dried her hair, then I went to clean up and dress to give her some privacy in the bathroom. I didn’t want to leave her, but I knew it was the right thing to do. My junior (dick) kept asking me if I knew that there was a smoking hot woman in the big bathroom, so what was I doing back here in the bedroom? Thinking about her beautiful breasts and perfect nipples was making the rest of me wonder why I was in here, instead of there with her, too.


Examining myself in the bathroom mirror, I could see the bruising was very noticeable, today. The dark blotches had that sickly look they get just before the circulatory system starts to clean it all away. This was the first day and it wouldn’t be getting any worse. I looked like someone had used a bag of potatoes to beat me all over the right side of my body. It felt like I had been caught on an explosion, which is pretty much what happened. As far as pain, it was worse in some spots and not as bad in others. It hurt to lift my right arm and everything below hurt, manageably but noticeably.
After a shower I moved slowly to avoid making anything hurt worse than it did. Reaching up to put some clean towels in my linen closet I caught a glimpse of movement in the mirror and without giving anything away, I caught Arya watching me. She seemed to be studying my naked body with the same intensity that I would like to employ on her.

I smiled at her and then went back to what I been doing, I thought for a second and it hit me, why did I not think and wonder about it? This world is a fantasy world so healing this injuries of mine is pretty easy. I went towards Arya and had a short talk with her. Then I was kind of in a shock but not too much on the revelation. It seems like Arya did not really intend to prey on it any further on why I did not heal myself… of course I forgot all about it since I saw my very first love in front of me when I awoke from sleep. And I rummage again from my new memories and found out that I as a demon lord can’t be heal by those weaker in healing magic than my own, and since Arya is not that great at healing magic that’s why she only covered me in bondages and such. Oh well who cares, I then healed myself with my magic, it’s the first time I had use magic in my Entire life and doing it made me very happy and it made me think (wow this world is amazing) as I healed myself of course I had remove the towel that was covering me, I forgot all about Arya because I was so excited about the thought of using magic, well who would not? Since using magic is so awesome. I looked towards Arya and I know she was looking towards every part of my body.

The idea that she could see me naked was a huge turn on and My Junior stood up tall. I couldn’t stand there all day waving my dick and arranging three towels, so I pulled one back out and went back to the bathroom and started to wipe down the mirror to clean off any splashes from my shower. That allowed me to continue to showcase my adolescent erection without being obvious, or crude about it.

With the mirror shining, I decided it was a good time to brush my teeth. That would give Arya another three minutes to stare at my erection in private.
As soon as my teeth were clean I knew I couldn’t drag it out anymore, so I turned as if I had no idea she was still there and discovered she wasn’t. There was no way to know how long she watched, because I was careful not to make eye contact in the mirror but I knew she’d been able to see it all long enough. That excited me and I gratefully gave my Junior(penis/dick) the workout it’d needed for  the first time since I arrive here on this planet.

It didn’t take long to blast off and I spent a few minutes cleaning that up before dressing and going to find Arya and get the day underway.
As expected, I found her downstairs, trying to look like she’d been there the whole time, puttering around in the kitchen. She had a rather sneaky smile on her face and I had to be careful not to give the game away. The sexual tension was getting noticeable between us and letting it build was half the fun. There’d always been a thrill to the dance and even if it had been a long time since I pursued a woman; I found I still enjoyed the chase, since Diane was not that enjoyable.

I went towards her and gave her a deep kiss with tongue’s for around 2min and said

“Arya, I will go out for a while on a stroll, would you like to join me?”

“I am sorry master but I have a lot of things to do here in the mansion”

Seeing here face made me dejected since I saw it in her face that she wanted to come with me, but since it’s only the two of us in the overly huge mansion. I sight and said to her.

“Arya, can you quit calling me master, and call me by my name since…umm we love each other”

Arya’s eyes widen and then she look towards my eyes as if confirming that I was not kidding, when I gave her a serious look and smile at her gently and went for another 2min deep kiss with her. And then I went out of the mansion, before I got out Arya called out and said

“Um, take care, Vermillion Sama” I smiled at her and went out of the mansion in a happy mood.

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