Chapter 4 – Twist and turn

Upon hearing Kezaloz greeting me one more time, he nodded to something or to someone behind me to the left. I looked in that direction—and practically did a double take.

Stepping up to me was an incredible almost naked beauty beaming at me with a radiant smile. If someone had told me right then that the whole reason these people never invented full body clothes was solely to accommodate this girl, I’d have believed them, and given them a big pat on the back for their foresight. She had shining, wavy brown hair framing a gorgeous angelic face and soft hazel eyes. My gaze tracked down her smooth, slender neck to the curve of her shoulders and the gentle slope of her hypnotic breasts. Her skin was perfectly smooth and looked soft as a cloud. I looked further down, seeing her body slim down towards her waist before coming to the enticing flair of her hips. Like her father she wore a necklace of gold trinkets, though hers were circular, as well as a coiled gold band around her upper left arm. A pink tropical flower bloomed from her hair above her right ear.

“Hello,” she said, taking my hand in both of hers in greeting. “I am Ellen.”

All of a sudden I was very grateful for my pants.
“Ellen is the oldest of my three daughters, who will one day become Farees of Jivalku,” Kezaloz said. “The word you will hear people call her is ‘Veseed.’ In your words, you might say ‘princess.'”

“Well, I’m honored to meet you, your highness,” I said with an exaggerated bow of my head. “Josh…Vermillion at your humble service.”
She giggled. and I blushed.
“Ellen,” Kezaloz said, “take Vermillion sama back to the visitor’s house. I’m sure he needs rest after surviving the churundi.”

“The churundi?” I asked.

“The beasts that attacked you in the forest,” Kezalo clarified.

“Churudi are very dangerous,” Ellen said, looking serious. “To be alive, you are lucky.” It made me think (damn it, I lost my cool and composure back then, maybe all the had happened made me forgot all of my composure. Damn it I promise to die rather than ran away next time.)

“Afterward, daughter,” Kezaloz continued, “I want you to inform the people that tonight there will be a celebration to welcome our guest.”

“Yes father,” Ellen nodded, and taking me by the hand again, she guided me back outside.

And so I walked through the town hand-in-hand with an almost naked girl. Again, my pants were proving to be a very good thing to have.

“how can you and your father understand, or rather speak language that I do?” I asked her.

“Since I am one of the princesses he teaches me and my sisters all kinds of different language,” Ellen said. “Why does he bother, if your village only need one languge?”I asked again

“Father always says one day people from other places may come here on our village,” she said. “I always hope he is right. And he is, because you are here now!” She flashed me a bright smile at that part.

“Is that why you won’t let go of my hand?”

She suddenly looked shocked and embarrassed, hurriedly dropping my hand as she covered her mouth. “Oh, I am sorry! I am very sorry! Was that not polite?”

I laughed. “No, it was fine. I just haven’t met many people who are that affectionate with someone they just met or rather affectionate to me.”

Her look turned to confusion. “So it is good?”

“I liked it,” I shrugged.

She cautiously took my hand again, and continued on.

After she got me back to the guesthouse, I was a little disappointed to find that the leftovers from the food Eli brought me had been removed. Once I got over that, I laid myself down on the low bed, which was surprisingly comfortable. I think I dozed off for a couple hours, letting myself get the most relaxed I’d been since waking up from the car wreck.

When Ellen showed up to fetch me again, it was getting dark and I had though all about Arya. “We are ready,” she said.

I followed her through the village that was now lit with what resembled tiki torches. We found the people gathered in the big circle at the center of town. There was a large fire burning inside of a ring of stones, and beyond that was a wide raised platform in the shape of a crescent wrapping around the fire. There were a lot of curved benches set up to view the stage, but most of the people were still standing and socializing, not yet having taken their seats.

As soon as I appeared, I quickly became the center of attention. They cleared a line through the center of the crowd as Ellen led me to the front, but they still crowded us around as much as they could to get a good look at me. Once we were standing before the fire, Ellen stopped. “$%^^&!” she shouted. “Kro &^&^%^!”

A moment later Kezaloz appeared, stepping up onto the stage. At that moment, I found that these people actually had invented at least one item of clothing, if you could call it that, because Kezaloz was now wearing a long, flowing purple cloak over his shoulders, ornamented with tassels at the ends and glittering patterns.

The crowd immediately fell silent as he took the stage. “%$$%%^,” he called, spreading his arms. “&&^&, #@#$%%^ kla *(&^%^%%^&!”

Ellen leaned close to me and whispered, “He is saying, ‘tonight, Demon Lord Vermillion from another land has come.'”

Kezaloz continued speaking while Ellen continued translating. “Anin #@#$%^%^! Ran ges #@#$%%%^, &^^&$%^!”
“‘Tonight is a special night. After thirty years, one of the three Demon lords decided to visit our village.'”
“Akweliav, $%^%^%&^! *(&^%%^&^& nin!”
“‘We must welcome him. Tonight is a night of celebration.'”
And suddenly I was surrounded by cheers. The cheers stopped when Kezaloz then said, “%^^%^%$#@, #@#$%^%^.” At that, everyone moved to take their seats on the benches, which Ellen guided me to do likewise by taking my arm and bringing me to a bench at the front center. “!@#$%^&*(!” Kezaloz shouted, stepping off the podium.

The crowd cheered as a bunch of dancers began appearing on stage. There seemed to be equal numbers of men and women dancing, their bodies painted head to toe in matching patterns of swirling colors. Their movements seemed serpentine and incredibly fluid. Some of them carried thin cloth veils that they twirled around in spiraling patterns. Off to the side were musicians playing drums and some sort of flutes. The crowd clapped and stamped with the music, cheering on the dancers in any way they could.

A pair of hands held a bowl of some kind of fruit in front of me. “Oh, thank you,” I said, taking a piece of … I’d have to ask somebody what it was. It was shaped like an apple, but had the texture of a pear and was kind of orange colored with yellow spots.

“Thhank youu…” the server echoed.
I did a double take—for real this time—into the server’s face. I hadn’t recognized her at first without her hunter’s paint. “Oh, Eli, hi!” With her paint and her belt removed, she seemed even more naked than she had before.
“Joosshh,” she said.
“Yeah, that’s me,” I laughed.
She grinned at me, and then moved on to someone else who was hoping for some of the fruit she was serving. Ellen tugged on my arm, and gave me an “isn’t this exciting?” sort of grin. I sighed, and turned my eyes up to the night sky.

And right then, looking at the sky, was when it really sunk in just how improbable it was that I would never see again my men and the people that I/ we had protected. And when I looked towards the moon, I remember Arya’s face again. At that I made my resolved to live in this world and enjoy it to the fullest that I can.

So I dug again even deeper through the previous memories of the late Vermillion. And I found it a spell that would allow me to instantly teleport towards my mansion. I grin upon finding such a useful spell, being a demon lord has its own benefits I guess.

Now I need to talk to Ellen and Kezatoz about this, I don’t want to let Arya getting more worried about me now do I, then suddenly I felt all my strength  faded out of my body, and before I faint I realized I was drugged. The next thing I knew, I was being tied in a cross stick with both of my hands nailed at each side. And then I saw my beloved Arya tied up in front of me. Then I heard something or rather someone crying from the side, yes it was Ellen and Eli.

I then was filled with rage not because I was hammered in a cross, it’s because I saw both Ellen and Eli, got decapitated in front of me, their head rolled towards me and I could see that the rest of the villagers were also dead all around me, I yelled from anger and force my hand to be set free from being nailed and I then immediately went towards Arya, but I was in shock upon seeing Arya. It’s because there was a hole in her chest. I shouted from the very deep of my soul and I can fell that I was immediately being covered in some kind dark miasma and losing my self-little by little. And then I heard a laughing woman revealing herself to me. Then it all make sense upon seeing the woman’s face. Yes it was Meryl my step mother.

And I then said “Why?”  While tears of blood flowing down from my eyes

“It’s because Marcus made you the next demon lord instead of his own flesh n blood heir.

Yes Marcus was the step father of the late Vermillion, and now I think this crazy bitch is doing all of this because the late Vermillion became the Demon lord instead of one of her twins.

“You, think you could get away with this?” i said with overflowing killing intent towards the crazy bitch, and then I saw her laughing like mad

“Hahaha, of course I could, you think you could hide even if your body change? I can feel your presence. Anywhere you go since you were not taught how to hide your presence hahaha”

Oh shit now it came all into pieces now, this crazy bitch want me dead, and she even killed my beloved first love Arya, even Ellen and Eli, and the rest of the villagers. As I was covered in dark miasma and keep releasing killing intent towards the crazy bitch, I saw her facial expression change from over cocky into one who is being crush by my killing intent.

“ho-how can you be still releasing such killing intent and such power even though you lost too much blood and grieving the loss of your love ones”

As I ignore the rumbling of this crazy bitch I felt that little by little my original personality is coming back to me, yes a cold blooded killer who would kill without a second though in order to protect those I deem is right

“Hmm, hey crazy bitch lady” since I don’t want to call her my step mother I just called her lady “have you forgotten how powerful is a demon lord? Did you think the tittle of a demon lord is just for show?” as I say it I keep releasing more and more killing intent towards the crazy bitch.

Before she could even utter another word I immediately sliced both of her legs with the use of wind magic, it seems I can use wind magic at will now since I decided to just return to my old self.  And now it seems like I had fully returned to being a calm and collected person that I used to be.

As I saw Meryl lying in the ground and shrieking in agony, when she looked towards me I immediately sliced of her fingers one by one, until she fainted. Then I stopped, in order to awaken her. After 5mins she is now fully awakened, of course she showed me an expression that she does not want to die.

Of course I could leave her like this, she only need a priest who is good at healing and all her limbs would be back together. But I won’t, since she killed my beloved Arya, and even killed both Ellen and Eli in front of me. I tortured Meryl for hours until I was satisfied, after I was done, the only thing that was left was Meryl’s head and her upper body. Since she died while I was removing her organs one by one. The best part was when I remove her heart, yup she died by then.

As I was done, I felt empty.  My beloved Arya is gone and I am now left alone with no one to love. But the weird thing is, and I thought that I would still be grieving until now. But I guess I was wrong, I can’t seem to be able to cry now. I guess my last cry was a blood of tears because of the death of my beloved Arya.

As I was getting depress and lonely, suddenly all of the light seems to have been gone, silence took over y hearing and darkness is all I could see through my eyes, then suddenly a dim light appeared and I could see a man with long horns that curve on his head, and there seems to be a massive wings on his back comparable to a dragon wing. Then the enigmatic man spoke.

“My son,”

It left me speechless, why would this enigmatic man call me his son? Its obviously my first time meeting him, then I check on Vermillion’s memories and it seems like there was no sign of this enigmatic man in his memories also. Then the enigmatic man spoke again.

“No need to be afraid my child, you are here on the boundary between life and death”
Hearing the enigmatic man’s statement, I can’t seem to swallow it all up, since I don’t even remember dying, much less I don’t even remember if I was actually just sleeping right now or I actually died and I am now here.

“Pardon me sir, but how did I die?”

“I brought you here my son, since you seem to have lost all reasons and you were clearly going to become insane sooner or later”

As I quietly listened to this enigmatic man, I saw a vision of my self-torturing my step mother, and it seems like I did not even felt guilty all about it, even now. I then asked another question to the enigmatic man.

“Are you perhaps, Vermillion’s father?”

“Yes, I am, and of course I know that you are not exactly Vermillion, but you are also not exactly yourself, since Vermillion’s soul had become one with yours, you are now carrying two identity with you. And since I could see that your other identity is not from this world, it seems like only Vermillion’s is recognized in this world so, you are free to either hide your other identity or reveal it. It won’t matter much anyways.”

“And to answer your question, I am Vermillion’s father, dark overlord of mankind, destroyer of plains, harbinger of destruction and a slayer of gods” he paused for a sec and then smiled at me and said “and you are Vermillion, or whatever you may call yourself, but remember this, you are my son, and sooner or later you will understand all that is to understand about me after you unravel the secret of this world, or rather after you explore this world”

As I patiently waited until his overly long speech ended, I was left hanging, yes I am in no less shock on the revelations. It seems I am now officially Vermillion from now on. And at the same time I am also Josh.

“Why did you call me here? Umm… father.”

Upon hearing me call him father, the enigmatic man seems to smile and then he said. “My son, since it’s my fault that all of this became what it is now” I then said “what!” and then my father said in reply “My son, before I died and left this world, I fell in love with a woman on a small village. And I somehow had gotten her pregnant with you, the day I left or rather the day that I died because on what you may call it the end of my lifespan” I forgot to put a magic seal on your mother, that’s why Marcus, yes your step father had fallen in love with your mother. And that had led to many loops of jealousy and hatred, and as a result you should have seen it first hand on what Meryl had done…”

My expressions change, I wanted to cry but I seem cant. Remembering my beloved Arya dying before I could show her my love is gripping my heart with regrets. As my father took a notice on the change of my expression he then said

“And as an apology my son, I would use my very soul to do an ancient magic that would send you the day that your mother was taken from the small village, and of course it would make my very existence dis appear forever from the loop of reincarnation and rebirth.”

As I was going to complain, my father did not gave me the chance to do so, since he immediately mumbled something and the next thing I knew, I was covered in bright light.

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