Chapter 6 – I became a disciple of a…

The next morning was the beginning of what would become my routine for the next several weeks. And as first days go, this one was a doozy.

After Aika woke me and brought me to breakfast on the way, I saw other races like elf, half beast man, and some demons, and it seems Aika and her parents are human and this kingdom is happen to be non-discriminating against other races., Her father approached the table, he was a tall, rawboned, rangy bearded blue eyes middle age fellow with a face so tanned by wind and sun you had the impression that his skin would feel like leather if you could affect the impertinence to test it by the sense of touch. Not that you would like to encourage this bit of impudence after a look into his devil-may-care eyes; but you might easily imagine something much stronger than brown wrapping paper and not quite so passive as burnt clay. His clothes fit him loosely and yet were graciously devoid of the bagginess which characterizes the appearance of extremely dignified man whose frames are not fully set and whose joints are still parading through the last stages development. This man, you could tell by looking at him that he has a majestic aura at him that fit of his title as king

And the one that followed him soon enough, is a tall, goddess in her late 20s maybe, her face is somewhat pale like milk, and would shine if put under the sun, the impression that her skin would feel like as soft as marshmallow. Her eyes is a deep blue sapphire, that gives any man a soothing warm feeling just gazing on her eyes. She is wearing a tight dress that covered almost the entirety of her body with gold linings. Her appearance is on par with a goddess, with great proportions, curves on the right places and you could tell by her aura that she is a queen that is fit to be fought for and envied by others.

I was hesitating to sit at first but Aika pulled me by my arm and had me seated next to her. When the maids came and prepared our food, my eyes widen, because the food that I saw looks really delicious, it ranges from pork, to beef, cakes, veggie’s, eggs and many others.

I did not spoke, because I am getting shy… oh well, but when the king signaled that it’s time to start eating I immediately took a piece of meat and started eating it, like I was starving for days. Aika and her parents watched me as I almost single handedly eaten all meat. The king and queen laugh on seeing me eating like a hungry wolf. While Aika could only watch in awe, she leaned to her mother and father then said.

“Mom, Dad, where does he keep all those food in with his small body?”

Then the three of them snickered with each other and started to eat as well, while eating the king ask me how I had manage to survive the forest of death alone, and how i had manage to arrive at their castle. Of course I told them all of my short adventures alone on the forest of death, while the queen ask me what happened to my parents, and when I told her that I don’t have one, well since my mother is going to die anyway in 2year’s time, or so I thought but later on, I would be shock. When I told the queen that I don’t have any more parents she gave me a sad look and yet, she was not giving me a pitying look which made me thankful for her thoughts.

We chatted for a while, and it seems like the queen’s name is Sheen Phoenix and the king’s name is Morbid phoenix the 3rd, of the flame heartz kingdom. And also Aika had brag to me that her family is one of the most influential and one of the most powerful in the area. Of course they also explained to me that there are over thousands of kingdoms known. Except those kingdoms inside the forest of death. And I had introduced myself to them as Josh Vermillion since I felt that using this name sounds pretty cool. And it’s not some random name that I came up on the spot with no reasons behind it anyways.

After finishing eating I was very very satisfied since it’s my first time eating those kinds of delicacies in my entire life. Then the moment of truth comes, as King Morbid had ask me a nonchalant question that almost left me hanging for a while.

“So Josh, what do you think of you stating here? well I mean since you are still small and such, maybe you like to stay with us a couple of years?”

(Oh, I forgot, I am currently a 3 year old kid now) as I started to sweet from getting nervous., well who would not? Since they must be wondering how a 3year old kid acts like an adult… oh well, I guess I will just go with the flow.

“Really! That would be great…umm King Morbid.” As I acted like an excited little kid, it gave a smile upon Queen Sheen and King Morbids faces, but the most happiest was Aika, I don’t know why…oh wait, maybe it was the kiss? Oh shucks I forgot about it, I thought I was kissing a beautiful angel.

Aika then grab me by my arm and had me toured the entire Castle/Mansion, it was tiring really, but what took my interest was the amount of girls working on the castle. There were a lot of different kinds of girls working on the castle, there were elf’s, demons, humans, half beasts. And what took me by my breath was, that almost all of them smiled when the two of us had passed by. And it seems they either smiled because Aika is friendly, or they smiled because Aika found a new toy to play with, which gave me shivered down my spine. Except for one girl, which was training on some kind of fire magic on the training grounds. She was an elf which is too young to be a maid, maybe she was around 7years of age. But I could say that she is one fine lady…or girl. With her scarlet long hair that came down to her hips and scarlet eyes I could say she would become one of the most beautiful girl to be born, that would rivaled Queen Sheen’s beauty.

As I ogled the scarlet girl (well that’s what I decided to name her since I don’t know her name yet). Aika seems to had found out that I was infatuated. And seems to kind of pout and pulled me again by my arm and the both of us went towards the scarlet beauty.

Hey Zeph, the scarlet beauty smiled when she saw Aika and then stared at me intently which got my heart racing again, I am sorry my beloved Arya, oh wait, since we still have not met in this timeline yet that means I am not really unfaithful right? Zeph this is Josh Vermillion…um my…personal guard… and Josh this is Zephyline phoenix 1st princess of durain kingdom, she is my cousin and best friend. (ohh she is a priness and her cousin, and huh? Me, a Personal guard?) I frown for a moment but then again I went to my own world thinking about the scarlet beauty before me. As I was on my own world thinking fluffy stuff’s. Aika glared at me which got me back to reality. I saw Zephyline smiling, it was kind of a beautiful smile, but then again I had a hunch that her smile was somewhat cheeky? But I just shrug it off since I might be over thinking it.

Zephyrine snickered a bit, and then started to laugh at me which had gotten all the maids and guards attention towards us, even king Morbid and Queen Sheen who was passing by stopped and watched us and wondered what was the commotion is all about they then smirked upon seeing my embarrass face.

“what’s so funny Zeph?” ask Aika to with a confuse look, then Zepherine spoke with a loud voice, loud enough in order to be heard by the rest of the spectators around us.

“Sorry Aika, it’s just that, it’s so funny when you told me that this little brat here is your personal body guard. But next time Aika, when you lie please make it believable or at least get an old enough person to act the part, not a small brat like him.”

At the part which she called me a little brat which is true by appearance, but still it made me mad, I frowned again but this time all the spectators around me laugh, saying “haha I bet he does not even know what is magic”, “pfft body guard? Atleast let him grow first” and then the king was also somewhat giggling with his wife saying “ haha I bet he still have not kissed a woman yet, right honey” even Aika was laughing together with them. Which made me somewhat pissed off. (What is wrong with this people, they are soo rude.) And then I thought of something.

I smirked and gently pulled Aika towards me and kissed her, I swirled my tongue around hers which made her moan and gasp’s for air, we kissed for around 1min and then stopped. The laughing stopped and made the people all around us dumbfounded, even Zepherine was dumbfounded and was beet red. Queen Sheen, was holding her face with her right hand and was saying jokingly “oh my, oh my, honey I think our daughter is going to become a bride soon” which made King Morbid dumbfounded the most. He was going to complain and was going to ask me why I did that, but his chance did not came because I went towards the center of the practice ground and said.

“You people are so rude” which made them flinched, especially Zephyrine, I then said “you must be wondering why I did that right? Well I just fulfilled your expectations, and now I will fulfill the other expectation.”

I then gathered mana towards my right hand, as air started to gather towards my palm, I could see the rest of the spectators still dumbfounded on what had just happen, and now they are seeing a 3 year old kid who they just called a brat gathering mana towards his right palm. After I gathered enough I then looked towards Zephyrine and smirked at her. Which made her somewhat ticked off. Everyone was looking towards the spherical orb compose of compressed wind magic and mana ((imagine it’s like rasengan from naruto)). I then smashed the compressed wind magic spherical orb towards the training dummy, the training dummy was blasted and was torn to pieces by the compressed wind magic, which again left everyone gasping from excitement, because what they saw was a display of magical prowess by a 3 year old kid in front of them.

I looked towards Aika and she was still on her fluffy world beet red from the kissed. And then I looked towards Zephyrine and said while having a big grin over my face “ so? What do you say to this little brat now?” my golden eyes shone as if anticipating her reply towards my question.

“i-I guess you’re better than most kids in magic” she said shyly and still beet red because of the kissing scene that she had just witnessed

(hehe of course I am, if you found out that I am a demon lord. I bet you would wet your panties) as I thought that to myself, Aika regain her self-composure and glared at me intently, sweat started to form on my forehead, since I know that what I had just done is immoral to say the least. But the next thing I know, Aika proudly represent herself to Zehpyrine and said.

“See? He is my personal guard, of course this much is easy for him…” I sighted on that comment from Aika, and just rolled my eyes.


Few days have passed and it seems that the event that had unfolded where almost forgotten. And few days had passed with no worries and troubles. Oh well except that the king had talked to me on private. It almost gave me a heart attack, he glared at me for minutes and then talked about me becoming part of the military force in flame heart kingdom in the futures to come, which I happily agreed… oh well not happily since the king kind of threatened me, saying stuff’s like “hey Josh, I am a great king and a good friend, but make a pass on my daughter next time, you would be found walking on the street with no cloths and on chains” I can’t believe he said all of that to a 3 year old me.

As few more months has passed with nothing better to do and lonely too since I felt that Aika is now tired of me or rather bored playing with me and would often travel towardss her cousin’s place, Zephyrine without inviting me to come with her…, of course since there was nothing better to do, I experimented on some magic’s but it seems that I am more suited on using wind magic. And I also discovered that depleting my mana everyday would also slowly increased my mana capacity, which made me very happy. I can’t wait to see what myself would become on the future.


Today I will become four years old. It seems that King Morbid and Queen Sheen decided that my birthday would be today, since it’s the day I came here to their kingdom. I would reminiscence about the time I played together with Aika those 2months that I arrive here. but then again I guess now she is tired of me? or maybe she hates me…was it after the kiss on the training grounds? Hmm I guess not since we still played together. It’s after two months since the incident on the training ground that Aika became cold towards me.

It’s time for the small party held for me, and since I don’t know much people, it’s just me, Aika, and her family, all the guards and maids on the castle and some close friends of king Morbid and Queen Sheen, Zephyrine and her brother? As I watched Aika getting all worked up and she was dressing a rather expensive clothing, I would say she was wearing a rather cute and almost revealing attire for a 6years old. I though she wore it because it was supposed to be my birthday, but then again I was hugely mistaken. It seems that she dressed up well to take the attention of Zephyrine’s brother onto her’s. (Oh so the reason she kept going to Zephyrine’s place is because she has a crush on her older brother huh). Zephyrine’s brother is 10years old. With decent but cocky face and blonde hair(maybe his mother is different than Zepherine) and somewhat weak appearance. Why weak? It’s because I know what a trained body looks like and by just looking at his shoulder I could say that he was not trained for combat. And I also observed that he was also somewhat of an idiot. So I guess his redeeming feature’s is only his decent face. What’s wrong with Aika? I could say that I am 10x more handsome than him if I ever reach the age of 10 right now at this moment, which is impossible to do so. I could only watch in despair as one of the girl I consider a friend or somewhat a possible interest of love is flirting with another man. Or rather another kid…

As I was eating alone on the far end corner of the room, I saw Zepherine came closer and closer towards me and said


I looked towards her and said “oh, hi” and continued eating my favorite meat. Oh this Juicy meat is soo delicious, the meat is as big as my head. And I needed to use both of my hands in order to hold the bone on both sides, after eating around two piece of large meat I then look towards the chicken and ate some chicken legs. And then I ate another after another. I totally forgot that Zephyrine was in front of me, rather now she was beside me watching me as I ate.

“Umm, do you need something?” I ask, while chewing a piece of chicken legs.

“woa, you eat a lot huh?”

“Of course, since I am a boy I need to eat a lot in order to grow faster, and…” I pause and looked towards Aika’s direction, and saw her eating together with Zephyrine’s older brother and some other female friends? I am not sure since Aika did not even bothered to introduce me to them. And even King Morbid and Queen Sheen did not introduce me to the kids, but introduce me as the birthday celebrant at the beginning of the party. Which made me feel somewhat lonely on the inside.

“And what? Do you like Aika?” I somehow froze for a while. And though for a sec, and gave Zephyrin a slight nod.

“Too bad, since Aika is infatuated with my older brother Alex. And it seems that on Aika’s 18th birthday, she would become Alex Fiancée.” I froze again, but this time it was like I was shock for minutes. And after I had regain my composure. I said to Zephyrine. “Why? Your brother is weak, his not even that handsome” which made Zephyrine. Somewhat ticked off “you know, Alex, my brother maybe useless and maybe spoiled, but he is waay more handsome than a brat like you and he is a prince of a neighboring kingdom, while you a little brat which is only has a future as a guard.” Her voice was loud enough to attract attention which then was shrug off by them after a few minutes and returned to their bickering. She then said again “I was coming here to greet you, and accompany you since you were alone and seems lonely”

(Ah I tick her off, she seems very angry, maybe she is in love with her brother? Oh a bro con huh? Yea that must be the reason of her outburst) ((or she is jealous since you are talking all about Aika, hehe don’t mind me, it’s just a random though of an author)) I then quietly sad, “I am sorry, it’s just that I don’t have any friends and… family here that I felt really lonely since Aika is ignoring me and won’t play with me anymore” Zephyrine did not reply at all and was quite the whole time, I won’t know what she was thinking, but I could see in her eyes that she was pitying me(oh my acting is quite good huh, but half of it was the truth. I wanted to experience just a little longer on being a kid again, but then again I guess 2months is all the experience that I manage to accumulate).

“ummm… You don’t have to pity me you know, since I am old enough to understand that I am somewhat dislike.” Zephyrine was still silent, so I just told her some of my plans for the near future since she came her to me to talk and all.

“Zephyrine, can you tell Aika for me that thank you for being my first friend and for playing with me even in those short amount of time” as I said those words, I could now see some reaction’s from her and some reply. “What? Why would I do that? You do it since the both of you live on the same castle”.

“Not anymore” she flinched, before I could give her the chance to speak, i said “since I decided to accept King Morbid’s proposal, to train on the hell island in order to nurture my abilities, since he said that I have a talent for magic”

“What! Do you know what Hell island is for?” Zephyrine was now literally shouting which had gotten us a lot of stares and murmurs. “yes I know, it’s an island for high ranking mages and warriors to train and reach their limit in order to become strong, they would spar and train together despite their races and social standings, which I think is good place and beneficial for me, if I am lucky I could earn some new friends their and become stronger myself, since I don’t belong here with you guys.”

Zephyrine was almost at tears on my dramatic speech, well its 100% true anyways. If I would spend the rest of my years being bored and nothing to do, I would rather train and become strong myself, who knows, I might get a chance and get back to Forest of Death and see my beloved Arya again. But first I must become strong, and training is the basics in becoming strong.

Zephyrine then spoke “huh I know you are a liar, you have white hair and a beautiful golden eyes, I bet you are secretly a prince of some fallen kingdom that became an orphan and got picked up by King Morbid, and you are saying this to me on purpose so that I would react and indirectly Aika would hear those gibberish you had said and she will come running for you and being friendly again, am I right?” hmm she has a nice imagination, I could have done other things to attract Aika’s attention, but I don’t like to chase a woman who already has someone she likes. Cause it will only make our relationship more complicated and weird.

“sorry Zephyrine” Zephyrine seems to have a big grin on her face and she was somewhat looking down on me” huh I knew you were lying from the start. I bet you don’t even have the guts to leave this kingdom alone”

“That’s not what I mean, I meant that I am sorry since you got it all wrong, I am planning to train on Hell Island, and I am planning to leave, and it’s supposed to be a surprise to make you guys happy”

Zephyrine was looking at me with somewhat disgusted eyes and said “hmp lie all you want, a 4year old kid going on a hell island? Haha that’s a new one” I sighted and walked towards the center of the party hall, while I was walking Zephyrine was looking at me agape with her mouth almost twitching and she was almost tearing up, I wonder why?

As I reach the center, everyone was looking at me, Zephyrine, Aika, Alex and the others, and also King Morbid and Queen Sheen. Zephyrine was still looking at me with a worried face, while Aika… was still flirting with Alex and with those other girls. I did saw some who did not have interest at flirting with Alex, and was looking at me with somewhat hopeful eyes full of expectation to take their boredom away.
“Ehem, I am sorry to disturb everyone, but I have an announcement to make”

Zephyrine went back to the group and sat near Aika, I could slightly hear what they were talking about since I was at the center and they were in front of me, not too close but not too far either. Zephyrine seems to misunderstand my intention and said to Aika and the others who were at their table.

“hey Aika, it seems Josh over there is going to declare his love for you” which got everyone grinning and smiling and giggling with each other while teasing Aika, and Aika was somewhat beet red which got Alex to just smirk, Alex seems to know Aika has taken a liking to him, and yes I know that Aika was only embarrass because of the teasing. Aika then glared at me, signaling me to stop. But I ignored her and continued.

“I am really glad that I could spend my first and last birthday with you everyone today.” Zephyrine, Aika and the others seems to flinched, since what they had expected me to say was completely different from what they expect.

“thank you King Morbid and Queen Sheen for taking care of me these past 1year, and I would repay this kindness in the coming future.” This time the King and Queen was now the ones who flinched and somewhat had a worried look on their faces.

“and also, Aika, thanks for being my friend In just a short amount of time” as I said those words I gave Aika a heartwarming smile, which made the other girls blushed and it seems Aika blushed also, she was going to react and speak, but I did not gave her the chance to do so and I continued to talk.

“pardon me for interrupting this wonderful party, it’s just that I need to announced that I am planning to spend some time training on the Hell Island” everyone was now murmuring with each other and Zephyrine, Aika, the king, and queen and all the others were somewhat dumbfounded on y declaration. The king then came down patted my head and said.

“Josh, you are waay too small and young to go to the Hell’s Island for training” which made Zephyrine, Aika and the others feel relief, I could swear that I heard Alex, saying “hmp stupid brat, he just wants some attention” which made Aika stare at him, and she seems to started to evaluate at him, and then upon realizing that he was not that great, Aika now seems to look towards me with eyes full of worries.

(Hmm I think it’s too late now Aika, I waited for you for months, and months hoping for you to come around to play and spend some time with me, now that I made my decision there is no turning back for me now) I looked towards her and smiled which made her blush a little. And she also smiled towards me, but she then frown since, I was not looking at her and did not saw her smile, she was going to ran towards me but got stopped by her mother, it seems that Queen Sheen realized that my mind was already made up and there is no changing it.

“King Morbid, it seems you don’t really know me well, I admit I am still young and little but, I think I have the qualification to train on Hell Island, and if you think I am doing this because I want some attention and that I was not thinking properly, or I was lonely…” I paused for a little which made Aika, felt guilty, yea she should feel guilty even if it’s a little. And continued “but I assure you my King, I am by no means stupid. I chose this time to announce my intention, because I was checking if Master Octavia was here on the party, and since she is I decided to asked her personally if I can become her disciple and come with her back to Hells Island” yes I did some research and it seems that Master Octavia is one of the instructor, or rather residents of Hell’s Island.

Then a woman with brown hair that reach towards her back, a great body figure rivaling Queen Sheen’s stood up from the crowd and walked towards me while looking towards my eyes and all over my body as if she was checking and evaluating me and such, of course there were some murmurs saying how beautiful and young she was and such. We are now standing face to face, well, I am looking upward since I am still a 4years old, I could see that Octavia was a really really beautiful woman her skin could be seen that it was soft and would melt if you touch her, I could guess that she was around the Queen’s age, yea around her 20s and she also has a very nice pair of breast.

“Hmm you are quite an interesting kid, Josh right? Tell me why would I take you in as my disciple” her voice were cold, and then the atmosphere became damp, as Octavia began to release her killing. It made Zephyrine, Aika and the others gasp for air, as if they were being suffocated. Even the king and queen were kind of uncomfortable because of Octavia’s killing intent.

I then grab Octavia’s left breast with my right hand and said nonchalantly as if I was not affected by her killing intent, “master you have such a nice pair of breast” while grinning and blushing like an Idiot, damn such soft breast I could stay like this forever, I was now on my own fluffy world thinking about how soft Octavia’s breast were , Octavia released her killing intent which made every on the room felt relieve, while Aika and Zephyrine were now staring daggers at me. And at the next moment, Octavia’s laugh could be hear all over the room.

“hahahahaha, you pass, I like you already, your are such an interesting kid, to not even flinched from my killing intent, and even dared to grab my breast” I was now beet red, not because I grab Octavia’s breast, it’s because Octavia is now hugging me between her soft mound (oh such soft breast, should I call her master Octavia from now on then?)

Master Octavia turned towards King Morbid and said “my king, It seems that I had finally found an interesting and worthy disciple. I would like to personally train him, and of course you need not worry because no harm will come to him as I will become his master”

King Morbid can only sight and gave his approval, then Aika and Zephyrine were running towards me and Master Octavia, but then Master Octavia gave them both a big grin and said to me, “your quite popular huh, Josh” I only smiled at her remark because I know that those two Aika and Zephyrine would just scold me or something, but I was mistaken, since they were now telling me not to go, specially Aika, she was now in tears saying she would play with me every day from now on if I just stayed with them, but I only said” Aika, your boyfriend is waiting for you” as I pointed to Alex, Aika then said “no he is not my boyfriend because… the one I like is…” I could not hear the last part because she almost whispered it.

Before Aika could continue. Master Octavia, pulled me and hugged me towards her and hug me again crushing me between her soft ample bosom and said to Aika and Zephyrine “sorry girls, Josh is now my disciple” and she then leaned towards them and whispered making sure I could not hear her, “don’t worry, girls I be sure to train him really well, and once his body start to develop I bet he would become really handsome, just imagine it” both Aika and Zephyrine are now beet red she somewhat pause and started to speak again on a low tone making sure that I could not hear her. “and I be sure to get to taste him first and enjoy him when the time comes before returning him to you girls” the two were now left hanging with mouth wide open.

I don’t know what Master Octavia said but, it made both Aika and Zephyrine in a state of utterly shock. I could see master Octavia smiling wryly and then both girls screamed and ran towards me “Nooooo!” but before they could reach me, master Octavia is now standing beside me and said “bye” and the both of us disappeared.

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