Chapter 7 – Travel on a Ship

Somehow me and master Octavia appeared in a forest (this forest seems really familiar) as I pounder for a bit then realized, this forest is located just at the back of the castle. As I turn around, it really was there, the castle which my birthday party was being held at.

“Um…master Octavia why did you transport us near the castle and not immediately on Death Island?” as I ask her, I thought I saw her eyeing me all over and she looks like she was determining my worth.

Master Octavia licked her lips and said “Hmm you will do fine in a few years Josh and I hope you will satisfy me when the time comes” huh? Did I mishear master Octavia or something?
I felt a shiver ran down my spine and decided to ask master Octavia again for confirmation “Pardon me master, but what do you mean?”

Master Octavia then pulled me and whispered to my ear “oh you’ll find out when the time comes” I then felt another cold shiver but this time, I was somewhat blushing because when master Octavia leaned towards me in order to whisper, I could see her ample breast (woa master has such a great breast and not to boot, she even has a great figure. I am glad that the master I chose is not some old granny) yes I did a research on the people who were living or has influence on Death Island and it just so happen that I saw a description of a, brown haired devil who specialized in destructive magic and hand to hand combat. Truth to be told, I did not expect my master to be so young and beautiful. I am truly bless aren’t I? To be under such a beautiful master.

“And there is no such long distance teleportation magic my dear disciple” oh I see, “oh there is one method though” my ears perked up and then I looked towards master Octavia with eyes full of expectation. “One must sacrifice thousands of people in order to somewhat gather their mana and then with those mana gathered a long distance teleportation is possible for a while” I was then frozen stiff from the shocking revelation and had a hunch that, that was what my crazy step mother did when I was in a different time line.

“Umm Master I am guessing that we need to walk to our destination?”

“Not walk, cause I am planning on testing you” I frowned, and said in a childish manner (well…since I am a child and all, I might as well act like one) “boo, master I though I pass already” master Octavia somewhat twitch her face and said “oho, you dare talk back to your master? And even dare to question such obvious thing? I am starting the training and if you fail go look for another to take you in” I paled and starting to sweat all over, (I guess my master is not that sweet and caring type…she is more like a cool bossy type that rarely show’s her affection)

Then my master started to emit some kind of magic around her and the next thing I knew said “if you cant keep up with me or much less follow me, find another master to take you in” then she started to run going northwards. I panicked and started to chase master Octavia, but the gap is getting wider and wider. I fell a lot of times and stumble a lot of times since we were in a forest. (Master is getting farther and farther away. At this rate I will fail the test) why is my master soo harsh? I am still a 4year old kid, I don’t even have the proper body, much less run continuously for long distance.

I was covered in bruises, my clothes are tattered and my whole body is aching from fatigue and bruises. And the worst thing is, I had lost sight of master Octavia. I sat on a rock and pondered on my head on what I needed to do in order to catch up to master Octavia. I am guessing that she is going north and I should keep moving sooner or later since the distance would just widen. (Damn it, if I just had a flying vehicle…oh that might work) I have found the solution to my problems, the only thing that worries me if it will work or not.

Since I wind magic is my specialty I am guess that I could imbue parts of my body in order to fly?,  as I tried focusing my wind magic on the sole of my foot, I somehow manage to be launch on the air. But the thing is I also immediately fell to the ground. (oh soo I can’t fly for some reason, how I know? I just had a feeling that’s all…I guess I will try body enhancement wind powered version…) as I focus my mana on my legs, my legs felt lighter, I thought I had succeeded but as it was my first time using this magic, I felt like I was using too much and don’t know how to reduce the mana intake, I manage to ran a few kilometers I then felt really tired. Because as I take a step using my mana imbued legs, I could feel that every step I make, I expels mana to the earth giving me a slight boost forward which is good but I had a feeling that I was expelling too much mana for every step I had made and I don’t know how to reduce the mana that I expel, because I don’t even have a clue how in the first place(it seems the previous Vermillion did not have any knowledge about magic, sight he only lazed around feeling depressed, ohh he did learned that spirit merge spell which is luckily in favor to me).

As I rested for 15minutes, I found a sudden realization and another solution to my problem. I went towards a large tree and chopped it off using wind magic, I then have a 4ft tall tree trunk, I then sliced it in order to flatten after minutes of slicing, yes it was like I was carving using wind magic, which is pretty useful and handy to do, since I don’t have any crafting tool. The outcome of my hard work is somewhat a flat tree which almost took the shape of a stingray, why stingray? Because I think stingray could glide on the air and I decided to experiment if I could glide using this wooden stingray. I made a wooden ramp and then I stood on top of my wooden stingray. I gather mana on my feet and directed it towards the bottom end of the wooden stingray which cause it to be blasted forward together with me at an amazing speed, since I found a smooth ground here in the forest.

“YES!” I shouted in excitement because my experiment had succeeded and now I am on the air gliding with my wooden stingray. I could maintain  myself in the air since I am still using wind magic at the bottom part of the wooden sting ray, and it also did not tire me out because I was only using little amount of mana since I only needed to maintain my position and only needed to think about moving forward. As I shift my body weight I could go higher or lower. I don’t know why, but I think I just saw master Octavia running towards a town port, near the sea, since I was in the air I could not see well if it was really my master Octavia, and I am pretty much around 30k kilometer away and around 100-200ft up high in the air from the tiny moving person. Yes I say tiny, since I am in mid air and everything looks tiny from up here.

As I was on the Air, I could see that master Octavia had stopped for a moment and then she boarded a ship which started to set sail, I started to panicked and shouted on my head (oi oi master you planning on leaving me!) I was taking my time gliding on the air but not anymore I don’t want to be left behind. I then increased the mana output that I was releasing which made me speed 10x faster, why I did not do so from the start? Well since I don’t know how to land… and now I am getting left behind so it’s do or die I guess. I had decided to just crash land on the large ship that master Octavia had boarded.(…this is going to hurt!) as some little tears flow from my eyes, I gradually increased my mana ouput which slowly increased my speed from 10x-15x and still rising.

<><><><><><><><><><><>Octavia’s POV<><><><><><><><><><><><><>

I just got a letter from my old friend Sheen, or should I call her queen Sheen now. Saying that she wants to invite me to the birthday party of a 4year old boy after a month. I don’t have a reason to attend, but I don’t also have a reason to decline since all I do is lazed around and training myself now and then. (*sight* it’s hard to search for an interesting disciple, well there is one candidate, but she is a princess of a neighboring elf kingdom). When her parents sent her to be my disciple, I sent her back because to my eyes she was still too young at the age for of 4 to be learning under me here on Death Island. Her body may not be able to take the strain of my training.

I arrive just on time of the party, (hm so the birthday celebrant’s name is Josh Vermillion huh? Pretty weird, is Vermillion his family name? Or both are his first name?) Wow this kid Josh has such a nice pair of eyes, and it even seems to shone and shimmer in the dark. Those eyes looks wild, I even read it on an ancient text long ago that divine beings possess golden eyes,  and of course it’s just a legend I had read when I was studying on an ancient library.

I saw Josh eating alone in the corner of the room, I felt sorry for him, if it weren’t for the scarlet haired girl, I would have come to him myself and chatted with him if no1 had talked to him. (Why was Sheen’s daughter flirting with other man? I could see that Josh over there has much more defined look than that average guy, or is her daughter have not realized the rough diamond that is before her.) I smirked thinking that (if I would have gotten a chance I would take him away from her and have her fall in love with him deeply that when he turned she would never going to let him go again) well that’s my ideal love life, and I am going to be honest, I think if Josh would have gotten a bit older he would be my type.)
“Wow” I was impressed on how that Josh kid manage to eat all of those meat with his small frame. He seems like a healthy kid, and I bet he would turn out to become a nice catch if he was trained by me… *sight* but he is still too young for it.

Then few minutes after, the white haired kid, josh, went towards the center of the room. I could see that the scarlet haired woman went back to her friends and they were now murmuring and giggling with each other) and then josh said something that completely took me off guard. I was now grinning and my eyes is most likely shining with anticipation, because it was the first time that a kid like him did a research and decided to choose me as his master. I saw two woman that was going to approach josh, it was the scarlet haired and Sheen’s daughter. I then smirked for a moment and showed myself.

When I showed myself I could feel the stares of the guest around me, some were admiration, lust and fear. But what surprise me the most was the gaze of the white haired boy, his stares where piercing to say, with his golden eyes I could felt from it expectation and excitement. I could feel my heart react as if it’s telling me that I have finally found its soul mate. Of course it’s just me and wishful thinking, but my heart did react as if it wants to come out on its own from my chest. I don’t know why it reacts to this kid but he seems interesting. So I went towards him and said that he pass and hugged him in order to quench the beating of my heart, then I was almost dumfounded because it did quench and stopped the frenzy beating of my heart when I hugged him.
(oh it seems like he likes being hug) I then looked towards the two girls and smirked at them, I step and leaned forward and whispered to their ears on how this kid here, josh, would become such a nice man in the near future. And the best part is when I said to them “ I be sure to taste him myself then” the two of them went beet red and screamed but I did not gave them the chance to change josh mind.
I instantly went back to josh side and teleported us out of the party room.

We are now a few meters away from the kingdom, and josh here is asking me a lot of question.(*Sight* I guess he is just excited huh, but Hell Island is not that simple. I must test him a little bit in order to gauge his full potential).
I told josh to follow and keep up with me until we reach the port in which we would board a ship to sail to Death Island.

As I started sprinting, I could not believe that this new disciple of mine could already invoke such magic, which strengthen or rather speed him up, he was clumsy but it’s understandable it might be his first time, but for his first time he sure is promising. I lost my self for a bit and started to enjoy the race, I picked up the pace and by the time I had realized it I had lost, rather I had left my new disciple far behind me. And I mean waaay behind, almost around 30kilometers away…

So I decided to wait for him at the ship, but something had happen. The ship started to set sail and I was really worried since my disciple had not yet arrive, but then I was wrong. Wrong that I had though my disciple would arrive later on.

I suddenly felt josh presence, and I know he was using magic but where? I looked around from the ship but I don’t see any one coming, until I looked up towards the sky. I saw him! Yes he was riding somewhat a wooden plank? But with more refined design. Then I heard him screaming something about “MASTER…” I could not hear well the other words that he said but I was glad that he manage to arrive sooner than I had expected and also I was amazed and impressed on how he use such magic that way. It was unheard that magic could be applied that way since it was unstable to fly around using magic. And it is also dangerous to fly around with magic. Especially if the one using it are still an amateur.

Then it hit me, as josh got closer and closer, I could see that he was not slowing down. I could finally hear what he was saying when he was around 500meteres away. “MASTER DON’T LEAVE ME!, AND ALSO I CANT LAND, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LAND”. I was dumbfounded my new disciple is such an amazing kid and also a very interesting kid. But at the same time I felt relieve that he is also acting like a kid. I though he was going to be some one of those serious type of prodigies. I was amused in thinking why he tried such a magic in the first place even though he don’t know how to land.

Josh, my disciple is getting closer and closer by the second, and now he was going to crash on the ship. But luckily the ship was moving already so I assumed that he would crash land on the sea water. Then again his actions made me somewhat in awe, or rather his actions were interesting, if he weren’t a kid I would have killed him for sexually harassing me, but then again I guess he could not help it. I though he would crash on the sea water but I made a mistake since he jump towards me before crashing to the sea, which made him crash on my breast instead, and I surely felt it the he had a feel on them, or rather I though I felt that this disciple of mine had just slipped a squeeze on my breast using his crash-landing as an excuse. But then I smiled, I have got to admit he is pretty adorable for a boy, he has this unique side of him that is mysterious, and I could not help thinking that maybe when he matures enough I would be the one who would be slipping some feels on his future body, I chuckled for a bit when think on how I was about to repay this disciple of mine in the near future for what he did today*giggle*.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><>JOSH POV<><><><><><><><><><><><><>

I am now getting closer and closer to my master, then I realized I was exerting too much mana and it was too late already, I was gaining more momentum as I was going downwards towards the ship. I shouted to my master in order to warn her, but to no avail. Then I somewhat got lucky? Since the ship was moving I was sure that I was going to crash to the sea, but then, when I was going to crash, I saw my master’s eye and I saw that she was somewhat impressed that I had manage to catch up to her?(so I guess I pass again?) then I instinctively jump from the wooden stingray towards her before I crash on the ocean.

As I leap towards my master, I landed face first towards her soft ample bosom, then I accidentally touched her breast with both of hands (woa soo soft) then I kind of had got taken in the moment and squeeze my master’s breast harder… my heart kind of leap and I thought I was going to get killed or get scolded but then I saw my master giggling with herself (wew, I guess she did not found out.) then I felt a shiver ran down my spine, but I just shrugged it off since it might be just the cold wind.

I talk with my master and it seems that it would take about a weak of travel before we arrive on Death Island. My master gestured me towards the VIP room on the ship, and I was really impressed on what I saw. It was more of like a big house rather than a simple room, and I just noticed it but, this ships really huge. I learned from my master that only those of royalty and nobles could ride this ship, and it seems that my master has enough reputation and power to ride the ship and even manage to get two VIP room’s, one for me and one for her.

“What is it my dear disciple?”

“Master firstly, just call me by my name Josh”

“Ok then, what is it Josh?”

“Master, do I still need to do some more test?”

Master Octavia smiled and then said “nope, you pass and will be my disciple until your training would end”

“Ok master, I will surely work hard to your expectation”

“Of course you will my dear, Josh”

We talk for a bit and then my master allowed me to explore the whole ship for the night while she went back to her quarter/room in order to rest.

I roam all around the ship for hours, then as I was going upwards, I saw that there was some kind of party, and everyone is invited. So immediately joined the party, well I felt left out because most of them were wearing expensive clothing and such. And I could only see a handful children which were older and few were same age and younger than me.

As I entered the party, I could see some children were looking at me. Their gaze were piercing, as if I were an annoyance and was not welcomed. Then after a few minutes I saw a blond haired girl around the same age as me, she was wearing a black frilly dress. Yea I think it was called gothic. She has reddish eyes and also her hair style was twin tails. She looked upwards meeting my eyes, we looked at each other for some minutes. Then she pulled me towards the table, and what I saw surprised me. (…these people looked very important). Because I saw two a middle age man and a middle age woman who seems to be wearing a very expensive tunic. I could swear that if the both of them wore a crown. They could be mistaken as a Queen and King on vacation.

I was still staring towards this little girl and the two important people in front of me, because I could swear that the three of them has reddish eyes and their skin seems paler than the rest and guess these two are her parents…I was going to say that they were vampires, but I saw them eating like normal humans do so that though of mine was discarded into the corner of my mind.

“Oh, Mia who’s that young man you brought.” Is what the middle age beauty which I guess was around in her late 30’s?

“Partner” oh she is the silent type. (Huh? Did I heard it right?) I flinched and looked towards the blonde haired girl, she blushed and immediately hid her face behind my back while still holding my right arm. She looked really adorable, she has this mysterious beauty of her with the contrast of her gothic style dress.

“Huh?” was all I could utter.

Then her father, stared at me with his killing intent, which made me shivered (damn I want to run away…but I can’t move because of the killing intent) I can’t breathe too much killing intent, Mia, the girl who was holding my right arm, glared at her father and snuggled closer to me. (*sight* finally the killing intent has been subdued, I got to thank little Mia here, wait it was her fault at the first place for bringing me here.)

“Dear” then Mia’s mother called her husband and gave him a terrifying smile which made him released the killing intent.

“Sorry about that my dear, it’s just that I could not believe Mia here brough over a human male, and she even said he was her partner, you understand right? It could not be help my dearest wife, our only daughter is going to leave us”

“Dear, you know it’s impossible for her to choose her own partner, because only by summon and contract will she find her partner. Like how you summoned me dear.”

And now… the both of them are on their own world, while Mia was still holding my right arm and burying and snuggling her face on my side. (*sight* I guess I shall go with the flow…and I think Mia here would become a beauty when she grows up.)

Mia then drag me towards the table and we began eating. Of course she was still sticking close to me, waaay close. Well I guess its ok since she’s adorable. While I eat, Mia was looking at me as I ate the cake, like she wanted to eat it too, I could see that she did not touch her chocolate cake for some reason. I then asked her “Mia do you want some of my cake?” she nodded happily, I then fed Mia some cake using the fork that I was using. (hahayz, am I going to keep feeding her now? I want to eat some of those meat.) I keep feeding Mia while her parents were somewhat staring at me, specially her father, he was staring daggers at me and was saying to his wife with a sulking face. “My dear, look our little Mia is…” before he could finish his words, Mia stood up and sat on my lap. “…” there was a moment of silence and then his wife said “oh my, dear I think we might see our grandchildren sooner than later” which cause the grown man to somewhat cry “nooooooo! Mia don’t leave papa alone”.

(oh… I wonder why Mia is fixated on me, I am sure its our first time meeting each other, but she sure is adorable) as I feed Mia, while feeding myself alternately I introduced myself to both of her parents,
“um it might be late but, I am Josh Vermillion, Disciple of Octavia razzle “

“oh the youngest instructor of Hell’s Island is your master? You must be quite talented then, and I am Eva and my husband who is sulking is Orfeo and we are pureblooded vampires”

“…vampires, I though vampires only ….” Eva cut me off and said

“Drink human blood? Well we find its taste good, but we are an ancient pureblooded vampire race which is not affected by suns and also we could survive without drinking blood, we only drink blood if we go to war, since its where we get our strengths and we also find eating normal foods are much to our liking than human blood. “

“i-I see, sorry for the rudeness” I then went back to feeding Mia and after Mia was full I then ate, a lot of course since I am still growing I need to be healthy and strong. The weird thing is, I don’t gain any fat at all, with all the eating that I have done this couple of months.

After we ate I decided to go back to my room and sleep, well not after some trouble, it seems Mia does not want to be separated from me. and she was forcefully remove… rather she was forcefully taken by her father Orfeo. I felt sad because Mia was crying while saying “Mia, love Josh”, and she keep saying “No, no, no! Josh is Mia’s partner”. Then her father said “Mia, you will meet Josh again if you both are really meant to be together, and even if u wanted him to be your partner, it’s impossible since only by summing will you meet your partner. And he/she must possess some traits like, powerful mana and such in order to summon you and form a contract.”

Orfeo manage to convince Mia to be separated from me, not before Mia say’s something which had made me shock and her parents too, “Josh is Mia’s partner I can feel it” then Mia Leaned upward and me a gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then the three of them went back to their rooms while I was going back to mine.

As I walked, I saw some sparks on the upper part of the ship, which I immediately went towards, I saw two old man fighting with each other saying “oldman#1, this scroll is mine” while he cast some fireball towards oldman#2, oldman#2 block the fireball and casted his own towards oldman#1 and said “no that is mine” the both of them keep firing magic wind, lightning, water, and so on, until they both ran out of mana. The both of them then took out their own swords and was now slashing with each other. I watched on the corner the funny battle, since it’s not every day that I see two old man fighting each other to the death for just a book. I saw that the match was nearing its climax since oldman#1 was slash on his arm and had dropped the scroll that he was holding, oldman#2 went closer expecting that oldman#1 was no longer able to put up a fight. When he got close enough oldman#1 stab him on the gut which he then stab oldman#1 on the gut also, then the two of them fell to the ocean.

“…..”(well that was…a good match I think…) I then went towards the scroll that the two of them were fighting for. I took a look at the scroll “it seems it’s a normal scroll to me”., I opened the scroll and started to read it, thank fully there was enough stream of moonlight allowing me to see printed black letters on the page. I held it up to the light and examined them closely. And read the letters “Do ra fe ka lei…” the nonsensical syllables rolling off my tongue. They made no sense, yet I could not stop reading, my eyes glued to the page, as I spoke, a strange familiar sensation suffused my body, starting as a dull drunkenness and gradually growing in intensity as word after word rolled of my tongue. The darkness of the night slowly seemed to become brighter, the colors where intensifying my vision.

“sao le kei so mon sha…” the words droned on, my eyes roving back and forth across the page as if they have a mind of their own. My heart was pounding, I could feel that something inside me was stirring up. A spark flickered in the darkness beneath my feet, the wooden floor seems to glimmer with golden light, patterns flaring along its surface. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that it was the outline of the pentacle, surrounded by symbols on each point of the star. The glow pulse like a beating heart, accompanied by a low hum.

As I reach the last part of the page, a spinning ball of light formed in the air, growing into a brilliant orb that seared my vision. My ears popped as the humming turn louder and louder with every second pass. I read the last words and then turned my eyes away and dove to the ground, clamping my hands over my ears. I could feel a fiery heat washing over me, as if I were lying on a great bonfire. Then, as sudden as a lighting strike, my world went still.

The new silence fell all over the ship like a cloak, only broken by my deep sobbing breaths. I saw a figure, which I realize that what I had done was summoning spell, (oh damn I think I just summon something, I should have not read that damn scroll.) I could hear a low rustle in the darkness, followed by a low growl. I froze and held my breath, the noise intensified, moving closer and closer, until I could feel the hot moist breath of the creature in my ears, when I looked towards the creature. It left me quite shock since I could see that it was a girl, almost as tall as me, with twin tails a blonde hair and in a Gothic dress.

Before I could even speak a word, she  leap towards me and gave me a deep kiss.

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