Chapter 8 – Contract

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><>(recap) Aika’s POV<><><><><><><><><><><>

It’s been week’s now since the kissing accident that had happened between me and Josh, not only did he kissed me when he passed out the first day he arrive, he even kissed me in front of all those people, not to mention my parents was also there. But since I could see that he was still a kid, I had though that it did not meant anything to him and it did not matter, but I got to hand it to him, he made my heart race for the first time.

For two months me and Josh had fun playing together, until I got infatuated with Zeph’s brother, I don’t know why but, I think I got attracted to him because he has this mature aura around him. For the last 8months I had stopped playing with Josh because I needed to sort out my feelings, I flirted with Alex, Zeph’s older brother. I even went to play in their home every day, without bringing Josh alone because I am afraid that he would something embarrassing again, and of course we are only friends since though that Alex did not even kiss me or as to touch my hand like Josh did.

In these few months I realized that my heart does not race as it race when I am together with Josh, but I am still immature so I did not realized it. Today is Josh birthday, well that’s how my parents decided it, since Josh did not even tell us when his birthday is. I immediately wore my best dress because I wanted to show off to my friends and I also decided that today I will sort out my feelings to Alex, I would to find out if it’s really love that I have for Alex or just brotherly love since I am an only child.

I had forgotten to greet Josh and tell him happy birthday since I was Busy flirting… with Alex and the others, my heart ache’s as I watch my friend Josh sitting alone on the corner and eating by himself. “he looks lonely, I should go talk to him now” but before I could get my chance to do so, I saw Zeph, my best friend went towards Josh and talk with him. It made me think that Zeph must have taken a liking to Josh since it’s seldom for her to initiate a conversation with the opposite sex.

I keep glancing towards their location from time to time, and I am always bewildered on how Josh could eat a lot of food with his small frame. Then after a few moments, Josh stood up and went to the center of the room and announce that he wanted to go to Hell’s Island. Upon hearing those I heart tightened and it’s as if its telling me not to let him go, then I heard Alex saying something rude to my friend Josh which had gotten me to my foolishness, I could even see that Zeph was almost tearing up upon hearing what had Josh said to everyone. The both us then went towards Josh location as to convince him to change his mind. As I ran towards him while thinking why he decided to leave even though he is younger

than me “don’t he know how dangerous Hell’s Island is?” then he looked towards us and I could see in his eyes sadness and loneliness then a sudden realization hit me “i-its my fault… I should have not ignore him these past few months I should have showed to him that there are people here he could call family and friend” I had resolve to prostrate to him and ask for forgiveness but I could feel my heart beating louder and louder as if I had a premonition that its already too late, I am already at tears while running towards him. Then suddenly a beautiful girl, in her late 20’s stood up amongst the guests and went towards Josh.

I instinctively stop my movement few meters away and even Zeph stop her movement in order to also listened to their conversation, I realize that the beautiful girl who stood up was Octavia the one the Josh had decided to be his master, my heart again ached and keep pounding and pounding my chest as if its blaming me for this outcome. Then I froze, no every one froze because of the killing intent that the Beautiful girl has emitted, I was on the verge of collapsing but Josh suddenly grabbed her breast. It made my eyes wide open and also his action subdued the killing intent. Then what shock me the most was the beautiful woman laugh and then pulled Josh and hugged her between her..Bre-breast…I stared daggers at her but she smirk at us and walk towards me and Zeph and whispered words, indecent words to be precise which made me and Zeph blush beet red and she even said that she would be the first one to-to taste Josh body, me and Zeph shouted but we were too late since the beautiful woman instantly went back towards Josh side and in an instant poof, the both of them were nowhere to be seen in the party room. On that day I had promised that if me and Josh ever mange to meet again, or when he came back I would not let him go even if I would throw my title as the princess I would never ever leave Josh side again. I realized that I love him and will follow him even to death.

<><><> ((Authors Note: well guys I think I will not be doing Zephs POV since I am afraid it will have a negative impact on how you guys view her character, so I will just leave it be to your imaginations Very Happy, and what do you guys think about Aika’s POV? Do tell me on the comment below, I had made sure not to write too much since it’s a recap POV, and also I don’t like writing POV that much only when the MC is unconscious or something inorder to continue the story because I refrain from doing too many time skips))<><><>

<><><><><><>Back to the main story, Mia’s POV<><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Me and my parents are on a vacation on some Island that I did not know of, eventually we decided to go back home, I love my papa and mama, they take care of me and give me everything that I want from toys to clothes, eventually I asked them if we could ride the largest ship back home. They immediately agreed which had made me so happy that I get to ride such a huge ship.

Its evening already and my parents decided we eat together here in the main hall of the ship, I could see that there were a lot of people and different race eating, but I could only see few kids and it seems all of them are older than me. I know that I am four years old, but I don’t know how old is my papa and mama since they don’t tell me what their age is.

“Mia dear, why don’t you grab some delicious cake over there I know that it’s your favorite” my eyes sparkled upon hearing what my mama has said, so I immediately went to get myself a cake. Upon walking towards the cake I could feel my heart pounding for some reason, with each step I take I could feel that I was getting closer and closer to something or to someone and my heart keep beating and beating until I saw him, a white haired boy with golden eyes. I could feel my heart beat, louder and louder as each step I take towards the whitehaired boy. When I had gotten near him, my heart was literally beating which made me remember one of the stories my mama, had read me when I went to sleep each night, the story was a bout love at first sight and a fateful encounter. I think I finally understood that story, since I think I have fallen in love at first sight to this whitehaired boy.

And I also remembered the words that my papa would always tell me, its about how he and mama manage to meet, he said that it was a 1% chance and that 1% chance was fate, since papa also told me that I could only meet my partner by being summoned. Papa told me that I any demon can be summon through a summoning spell and depending on the summoner’s potential, if he/she is weak he/she will summon weaker demons and if he/she is extremely strong he/she can summon ancient demons like dragons, ancient vampires etc…, in my papa’s case he summoned my mama through a summoning and it was supposed to be a 1% chance that out of all people my papa had summon my mama, since its almost impossible to summon someone who is the same species through summoning. But my papa did it, and summoned my mama. The both of them had love each other since childhood, they could not marry since ancient pureblooded female vampires has a belief that only the first to summon them has the right to become her partner for life. And my papa did it and they live happily ever after.

Now it’s my turn, I could feel it, I am 100% sure that this whitehaired boy is my destined partner for life so I shyly grab his hand and took him with me to my papa and mama, and also It made me happier since the whitehaired boy did not even resist or rather he had let me, a stranger to him, grab him and led him to my mama and papa. While walking towards the table of my parents took a glance upward towards him, and I could feel my chest tightens and my heart started to race again. Especially his golden eyes I could not avert myself from glancing from him, it’s the first time that I had taken a liking to the opposite sex this much. And what more, it is our first time meeting and we have not even yet introduced ourselves to one another.

Upon arriving, my mama, was teasing me, and asked me who was this whitehaired boy was, and I shyly said my partner which had made me instinctively snuggle at his right side. Then he suddenly tensed up and I looked towards his eyes again and I could see he was looking towards my papa, so I thought for a while and realized that my papa was emitting some killing intent to wards him, so I glared my papa and snuggled myself towards the chest of my destined partner. Which had made papa released the killing intent.

We sat in order to eat, I was in daze and was looking again towards my destined one. Then he looked towards me and our eyes met, my heart began to beat *ba-thump-ba-thump* again, louder and louder as we gaze each other’s eyes. Then he spoke, saying if I wanted his cake, which I instinctively nod, I am glad that I don’t mostly show my emotions on my face, because if I do, I am sure my face would be very very red right now since, my destined one has fed me the cake that he was eating using his fork (kyaa, it-it’s an indirect kiss) I was now happily eating, then I stood up and position myself to sit on his lap, I don’t know why I did that but… I am glad he did not say anything and kept on feeding me. (This-this is the happiest moment of my life).

He then introduced himself while eating and feeding me alternately. (Oh his name is Josh Vermillion, *fluffy atmosphere* ah I want to kiss him) I was going to kiss him now and then but I refrained myself since my parents were present and also I am a little bit shy, since it’s my first time doing this kind of things with the opposite sex.

When I was full, I got off from Josh lap and returned back to my sit, yea the sit besides him… and then what I saw had made me somehow impressed, since I saw Josh was now eating and he was eating a lot, I was wondering how he could eat all of those meat, cakes, rice, juice, etc… (Even the way he eats is lovely) was all I could think…yea I am definitely in love.

After we ate, I am now screaming since my papa and mama is separating me from my destined partner, Josh, when my papa had explained why, I had to be separated, he also said that, only by being summon will I met my destined partner. I then gave up, kissed Josh on the cheek and said “he is my destined partner and I know it” then went back together with my papa with thoughts it mind (Josh I would be waiting for you, no matter how long it takes of you to summon me.)

We arrived at our room, and decided to go to sleep, few minutes later, I suddenly began on glowing, my mama and papa are now screaming and getting worried, yes especially my papa, he was saying something like “ dear, dear, I can’t believe this but it’s too early for our daughter to be summoned, who is it? who is the bastard that is taking my baby girl away from me!” I began glowing brighter and brighter “nooooo my baby don’t leave papa alone” (my papa is really worried, but I wonder why I feel so calm about this don’t tell me…).

The next thing I know, I could see my destined partner, and I could see him slightly crouching while covering his ears. I went closer and closer, each step I took I could feel that my heart is racing harder and harder as if I was getting out of breath, when I was close enough by hairs breath, Josh opened his eyes, and the moment he opened his eyes I lost control of myself and buried my lips upon his. We kissed for roughly 3min and was now panting for air. After the kiss I now realized that I am feeling a burning sensation on my chest I took a look and I saw it, yes there was a pentagon mark with star marking’s all around it (I know this mark, my papa told me that this is the highest and strongest symbol of contract and it bound both pairs for eternity even death could not separate us anymore) I was now grinning and blushing at the same time, then I took a look towards my true love, I could tell that he was somewhat shock for what had happened but when he saw me gazing at him, he then sighed and patted me on the head. While taking advantage of the moment I decided to indulge myself for another kiss. And said

“Josh, your my one true love even death could not separate us anymore. Please take care of me now and forever” while smiling honestly from the deepest part of my heart, what made me happier was his reply.

He also gave me a heartfelt smile and said “Yea, I promise to also take care and love you for eternity”

(Huh? Also?) I just shrugged the thoughts to the deepest part of my mind since it does not matter, because even death could not separate us, and so I decided to kiss Josh again, this time it lasted roughly for 3min.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>Josh POV<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Mia Appeared in front of me, and kissed me deeply, I could swear she used her tongue… oh well since I kind of somewhat like her, I guess its ok to kiss…yea I doubt I will cross the line…yea probably. After the hot kissed which felt hours for me, I could feel a burning sensation on my chest but before I could take a look, I saw Mia she unbuttoned her black dress and took a look on her chest. Of course since I was in front I could see *cough* her breast I also needed to remind myself (…yes I doubt I would cross the line…well not now anyways maybe after a few years.), her breast is small since she is still young but I could tell that she would become quite a woman rivaling even my master and Queen sheen, and for some reason I could feel my heart thumping like how it thumps for Arya to Mia. Then I saw a pentagon mark on Mia’s  chest the same mark that was on the scroll that I had read earlier, a pentagon mark with star symbols all around its corners and somewhat with line tracing around it as if forming a circular symbol on her chest. I then took a look on my chest, since I also felt the burning sensation, yes, I also saw the same symbol on my chest.

I could see that Mia is gazing towards me, I sighed and patted her head, then Mia kissed me again. I was having mix feelings since I don’t know if I am betraying Arya, but I realized that since we have not met yet I guess I am not really betraying her but I do promise to myself that I will meet Arya in the near future and sort out my feelings.

“Josh, your my one true love even death could not separate us anymore. Please take care of me now and forever” I could see that Mia was smiling and I could tell it was a heartfelt smile since it made my heart race.

“Yea, I promise to also take care and love you for eternity” while saying what I really felt, I smiled at Mia from the deepest part of my heart, I guess this is 2nd time that I smile like this, the first was with Arya, now it’s with Mia. We kissed again it lasted for roughly 3mins but for me it seems it lasted longer.

Since it was nighttime already I decided

“Mia want to come to my room and sleep together?” I could see that Mia is now beet red…(oh I guess Mia shows her expressions from time to time.) I then realized what I had said and now I am also blushing from embarrassment. I had to correct myself so I said.

“do-don’t get me wrong Mia, we-we could always do that after a few years when we are older” (oh damn) I said something awesome just now… after realizing what I had said again, I am blushing as if I would explode from embarrassment. Mia just nodded and cling to me while we went to my room.

I thought we could not get enough sleep after that awkward moment but I was wrong, we slept like a log and even better I don’t feel any shyness even though Mia was clinging and hugging me like her personal pillow. And also I could smell some sweet scent coming from Mia which had helped me slept comfortably while laying her down comfortably on my arm and slightly caressing her head.

Next morning I could see someone was tugging me on my side, when I woke up I saw Mia, she did not have a twin tail hair this time which made her appearance look much more mature and somewhat hot. It made my heart race for second.

While rubbing my eyes while positioning myself on a sitting position I then gave Mia a kiss on her cheek and said to her “ good morning Mia you look much more beautiful when you lay your hair down like that” while caressing her hair lovingly. Then I heard someone *ehem* which had gotten me frozen on place.

I slowly turned my head around and saw that it was my master who made the ehem sound, sweat started to form on my face and I was getting nervous since I also saw Mia’s parents together with my master. (oh damn, did they saw that scene just now?)I was going to make some excuses but when I took a look towards Mia I could see that the buttons of her black dress was undone and she was almost naked, while I looked towards myself and more sweat started to form since I could see that the buttons of on my clothes are also somewhat undone. I almost gave up on making excuses, because no matter what I say I could tell that I would only be digging my own grave. With this much evidence in front of them, it might be appropriate for them to think that we did indecent things together. But I had to try my luck.

“We-we are innocent we did not do indecent things together.”

Mia’s father frowned a bit and then said “really? Even a kiss?” I froze again, which made his wife Eva giggled to herself while putting her right hand towards her mouth “so how many times did you kiss?” I was speechless on her nonchalant question, I was going to tell her that it was only one time but, Mia beat me to it and said cheerfully while raising three of fingers “three times” I could now feel some killing intent, one from Mia’s father and another one from my master.

“now now dear, don’t be like that to our future son in law” which made Orfeo’s killing intent slowly diminishing. Now I only need to think something about why my master is giving me her killing intent.
But then she sighed and her killing intent also started to diminish, which had made me feel relieve. “so this disciple of mine had gotten himself his future partner huh” which made me blush, then that blush of mined turned into a shiver because my master licked her lips while looking at me.(am I the only one who saw that?) oh well my master is also beautiful and is comparable to a goddess, yea goddess of war to be precise since she has this sneaky grin on her face and all.

Mia’s father was now sulking over there in the corner, while his wife decided to call him and said “dear, don’t be like that it’s not like Mia is the only daughter that you have” upon hearing his wife, Orfeo suddenly perked up his ears and immediately went to his wife “wh-what do you mean dear?” we then could see Eva caressing her belly “yo-you don’t mean…” Eva smiled and then gave Orfeo a nod. “did you hear that Mia, your going to have a younger brother  or sister” Orfeo lifted Mia and was spinning her together with him because he was happy, yea too happy. After spinning around for minutes, Orfeo went back to his wife and caress her belly “so how long?” Eva smiled and said ”it’s been 2months already”. It seems like Orfeo was in deep thoughs, after he was done thinking he went towards me, stared at me and Mia who was now back onto grabbing on my right arm.


“Y-yes, what can I do for you fa-father” I got startled and called Orfeo, father… oh well might as well call him now that than later.

Orfeo somewhat twitch his right eye and then sighed “Josh since I can no longer separate Mia from you, please take good care of her and protect her with everything in your power” I could see that Orfeo…I mean father in law was being serious so I gave him my honest reply

“yes, I will take good care of Mia for eternity” which made him felt more relax, then he suddenly asked me a weird question.

“soo, who’s stronger? You or Mia? Well Mia is by far the strongest and could be considered a prodigy in the entire history of our ancient race.” Huh? I don’t know who is stronger…  but Mia shyly blush and them pointed towards me.

(huh? So I am stronger? How does she even know that… even I don’t know if I am stronger or weaker than her.) Upon seeing Mia pointing at me, Orfeo was perplexed on what to say.

“oho, hohohoho” Eva is now suddenly laughing and giggling to herself, she then took a look towards me and gave me a sneaky smile and said to Mia.

“Mia dear, how many children do you want?” (Huh? Children? Don’t tell me…) I was now at complete loss of words, while Mia shyly fidgeting with herself and shyly raised her three fingers up. (…….)

I took a look towards my master, but I saw that she was not affected, when she saw me looking at her, she winked at me and licked her lips seductively. While Orfeo said “hmm three huh? Make sure its 1 boy and two girls” (I am now confuse…very and utterly confuse, I though marriage and such are such a serious matter, but I guess it’s not that serious huh….)

“Dear, you do know that we have to wait until Mia is in the proper age for conceiving a child”

“Yes, dear. I just could not wait to see my grandchildren, and by the way dear, let’s think of a name to our soon to come son or daughter”

They gave their blessing etc… then said to Mia to take care of herself and to be sure to take good care of her body in order to give healthy children… after Mia’s parents left, my room now is silent, while my master is just standing in the corner and somewhat was in deep thought to herself. After a few sec’s master Octavia look towards me and Mia, then she slowly approached us.


“y-yes master!”

“be sure to not neglect your training ok, now that you have your self a fiancée? Or is she already your wife? Well it does not matter, as long as you give your all to your training”

“of course master”

My master now took a look at Mia, the both of them stared at each other, then my master smirked at Mia and then suddenly kissed me on my lips, she even used her tongue the kissed took roughly 1min and then she slowly walked away. When she was almost at the door, she turned around and told me.

“Josh, be sure to give your all at your training, we will start later, for now make your little wife over there calm down.” She then left with a smiling and somewhat satisfied look on her face.

I then took a look towards Mia, who was somewhat shock on what my master have done, well even I did not expected my master to suddenly do that to me, but since I don’t hate her,… and also its not like I hate my master or such. So I welcome good events that happened as good karma. Then Mia suddenly snapped, she look towards me with an almost tearing eyes and pouted. Then she slowly approach me, (well I did not expect this outcome but, oh well I will just go with the flow, and see where it will lead me.)

Then Mia whispered to me, “I won’t lose and I won’t give you to anyone else without a fight” with her hair down that reach her back, Mia look really attractive and not to mention she also look much much more seductive than before. Mia then gave me a passionate kiss, our tongue in twined with one another, our tongue was somewhat fighting back n forth, pushing sucking and pulling, Mia pushed me on the bed and continued her relentless attack on my lips, minutes passed and Mia and me are still kissing each other, we only stopped for a while gasping for air, and then she returned to kissing me, as if she was declaring that I am hers and she was mine. After roughly one hour of kissing and tongue swapping, we broke off each other while gasping for air, Mia is now back to her usual shyly attitude which made me think that the Mia earlier was an alter ego, which made me felt utterly wrong since Mia kissed me again, this time it was not a clumsy kiss but a very passionate kiss.


“hmm? What is it Mia?”

“Do you hate this side of me” I could see now that she was back to her old self, and was fidgeting her fingers together.

“of course not” upon hearing my words, Mia perked up and was smiling (oh she looked much more beautiful like this when she smiles with her hair down) something rose within me which I could not explain but I know that I was falling in love with Mia, even though my first love was Arya, even now I still love Arya but I realized that I also am starting to fall in love with Mia.


“hmm?” she tilted her head cutely, while I stared at her with loving eyes

“you look stunning with your hair down” I could now see the rare expression that Mia shows from time to time, yes I could see that she is blushing on what I said. Without letting her give an answer, this time I took the initiative and attacked her with my lips. We kissed again for minutes with our lips together and our tongue hovering on our mouths.

The morning passed by with the two of us just kissing each other, the weird thing is we never crossed the line, even with those moods all over, (I guess this is best for now, oh how I expect some great events on the future), with those thoughts in mind I was now expecting some great events that I have not experience in my military years.

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