Chapter 9 – Lunch and trouble

*Yawn*, I woke up around quarter to lunch time, and it seems Mia is sleeping soundlessly and peacefully beside me, while hugging my whole right arm. (oh… so we fell asleep again, but I still could not believe it, the girl that I had recently met, not to mention not even a day had passed, became my eternal partner, or should I call this destined partner?) Many thoughts swirled through my mind, but I guess I will just go with the flow and see what happens.

Mia woke up, she then looked upwards meeting my gaze upon hers. I could not utter a word because of the awkwardness but Mia broke the silence.

“Good morning Josh”

(Pretty weird since it’s almost lunch time, on the second though we forgot to greet each other this morning, since when we woke up earlier things happened…)

“Good morning Mia” I said my greetings as I caress Mia’s head (Mia look really adorable when her hair is down. She gives an aura of maturity in her, not to mention that it’s pretty weird thing for me to feel, since I clearly know that me and Mia are of the same age.)

Mia then gave me a peck on the lips, well I think it was a good morning kiss so I just smiled at her, she then snuggled closer to me then closed her eyes, I could see that she was really comfortable and felt relaxed while snuggling my chest. I could smell some sweat fragrance from Mia, I don’t know why, but me and few where a few more years old, I could swear that I would immediately lose my virginity to her and gobble her up. Yes… I am still a virgin, never had sex before, all I have done so far with a girl was kiss, and I also think that the longest kiss I ever had was with Mia. I felt awkward about it at first, but since I already accepted that common sense doesnt seem to apply on this world. I just accepted the fact that I could now fall in love to whoever I want. I just have to follow my heart, I promised to enjoy every second of this life of mine.

After a few minutes of snuggling with Mia, I slightly tap her shoulders, she then looked towards me with a face saying “What’s the matter?”, but then growl was heard, and Mia immediately went beet red. (Oho, well I expected this outcome, since we hadn’t had breakfast yet and it’s almost lunchtime anyway)

“Mia, let’s go have lunch”

Mia nodded, I felt warm inside seeing the shy Mia embarrass.

We then stood up from the bed and fixed our clothes, then my eyes burst wide open upon seeing that Mia was stripping in front of me. Mia looked towards me with a face saying “what’s wrong?” but then she blushed seeing that I was looking , or rather ogling her body… I feel that I did something wrong, but her skin was white as snow and she was so petite, well it is expected since she was still young, and I also realized that I myself is also young… (ohh that’s right, I am still four years old) I took another glance towards Mia, I could see that she was blushing because of me staring at her. (Her eyes, in contrast with her body was alluring, even with her age) I felt a bit aroused but held myself together. It’s the first time I felt towards this way against someone… I never felt this aroused towards Arya, well maybe a little bit, but this is different, Mia is still a child… on the second though, I am also a child. I would have attacked and gobbled up Mia already and do all those kinds of things to her, but since the both of us are bound for eternity, I held my self-back (*sight*what am I thinking all this indecent stuff for?, Mia won’t go anywhere, so I better hold myself together and just look forward to the future) I never realized it but, my heart is slowly growing more and more fond of Mia, I don’t even know if I love Mia more than I love Arya. But one thing is real, I still have feelings for Arya, and my resolve of meeting her in the future would did not change. The only thing that I felt sorry was, not giving my first love my virginity… Or rather my first time.(oh I hope Arya has not fallen in love with someone else, since we have not met yet, I don’t know if she would love me when we meet, but when I meet her and my feelings for her has not yet change, then I would do everything in my power to get her….) some evil thoughts swirled through my mind, but I knew that little by little, my real personality was being shown, or rather the personality that I had no idea was there, was emerging from deep within me.

((Author note: I think this is the turning point? well our MC has not realized it yet, and I don’t know if it was because of the betrayal that he felt from Diane in the prologue but, his personality was being shaped or rather his personality is being molded to make him willing to kill for the ones he love, or rather fight for it, and could do the most cruel things to those who betray him and steal from him.))

After we had dressed, we immediately went to grab lunch together.

Upon arriving at the designated location, I could see that master Octavia and Mia’s parents were already having lunch together with the other adults. Me and Mia took a seat on the corner near the windows, I then immediately went to get food, since it seems that lunch here on the ship is like a buffet. When I returned I could see three older kids who were around 7-10 years of age surrounding Mia. And I had the gist of it, it seems that the three of them were hitting on Mia, I then immediately rush back towards Mia while bringing the food that I selected for the both of us.

“Umm excuse me? Is something the matter?” I was polite to the three kids.

“Hey brat, shoo! Go away, I can’t believe that they let commoners on this ship.” Said the older kid, while the other one said. “Go away you pest, can’t you see that you’re a nuisance.”

Then the younger one asked Mia “Hey, what’s your name? Are you waiting for your parents? How about you come with us and let’s eat together.

(What the hell are these kids? They have no manners at all and can’t they see that Mia is uncomfortable because of them) I then ignored them and seated myself besides Mia, I made sure that Mia was on my left side while the three kids was on my right side.

“Did I take to long Mia?”

Mia shook her head and said “Nope” she then cling to my left arm and snuggled on my chest, of course this made the three older kids fuming in anger.

“This bastard!”

“Yea, who does he think he is? Snatching our prey from us.”

“Let’s teach this brat a lesson guys!”

The three of them were loud, very loud indeed that we attracted the attention of the adults around us, even my master and Mia’s parents was looking toward our direction, but it seems like they just shrug it off and went back to their conversation as if it is a normal occurrences for them.

Why such unfortunate thing is happening? Me and Mia just wanted to have our lunch together peacefully. And now these three kids are causing unimaginable trouble.

The oldest kid spoke in a loud voice for all the people who were eating could hear.

“I challenge you, a commoner to a nobles duel for the authority of that girl!” he pointed to Mia, which made me fume in anger.

“What! Do you think you have the right to say that? She is not a thing, you can’t say such gibberish to her like that.”

Then the second kid interfered and said, “Hehe, never mind the challenge Karl, let’s just dispose of this brat and take the girl hehehe”

While the youngest was having impure thoughts and drooling to himself, (tsk, this bastards)

I looked towards Mia, and she seems fine, but she then stood up and walked towards the center while pulling my arm, making us the focus of all attentions.

“Mia, what are you doing?” Mia gave me a wryly smile and said “test”

“Huh? You are testing me?” which made me somewhat sad, but then she shook her head and pointed towards her parents and my master’s location. As I turned my head to them, Mia’s parents gave me a thumbs up, while my master Octavia blew a kiss with her hand to me.

(Oh, I get it now… so that’s what they mean about me being stronger huh? Well of course, since on my knowledge, being strong is one of the key points on this world. And being stronger than the female that I would marry would allow me to have the higher chance to produce offspring’s with her… I don’t quite get why, on how being the dominant one in the relationship is affecting the chance of impregnating the woman… well no use thinking it now)

“Haha look at them, they probably are shaking.”

“hehe let’s give our parents a good show Karl.”

“Ok Jason, and Mike stop drooling.”

The older guy, which was named karl, took out his sword, same goes to Jason and Mike.

Then the passengers or guest all around us started bickering with each other saying “Poor kid”, “Yea, he is unlucky”, “His opponents are higher nobles” “Yea, I wonder where his parents are? If they did not step forward, to save their child, that must have mean that they are a lower nobles.” , “And that older kid is a prince of some country, see that old man over there? Yes, that’s his father, the king of a small country.” “Yea, it might be small, but a king is a king, a noble can’t compare.” “Yea I hope both of their parents won’t cry while their children become our entertainment hehehe”

(Damn, are all of these people have screws on their heads?)

The three older kids started to laugh while the expectator was just giggling with themselves, and Mia’s parents and master Octavia was watching me, as if expecting me to do something.

“Tsk, ok fine, but you three shall die.” I said it with all of my killing intent, of course I was serious, very serious indeed, it’s the 2nd time I felt this anger, 1st was when Arya was killed on my previous timeline, and now that these three assholes, is making My Mia as if she were an object.

Every one fell silent, even the three kids flinched as if it was their first time experiencing or rather feeling what killing intent is.

I smirked as if I already had my victory, which was very foolish of me, how can this be any different when I lost control over myself when Arya was killed? I started to calm down a little bit, and started to conjure the spell that I developed, it’s the compressed air, and I think I shall call it… gyro mk3 …well my naming sense is pretty horrible but I guess this is ok for now.

As I cast my spell, air started to compressed on my palm, which made Mia, who was beside me fascinated, even her parents were impressed and not to mention my master. Since I am guessing that its not every day that a 4 year old child like me could perform such a feet. Even the other expectators held their breath upon witnessing such feet, I guess me doing this kind of thing is really rare? (huh? Why did the room got silent all of a sudden?).

I could see that the three older kids had wet themselves, I was dead set on killing them, I don’t know why, but I have the urge to kill them, so as I was going to slam my gyro mk3 spell on them, all of the sudden I felt that my body became heavier. And the next thing I knew, the fat king, who was the father of the oldest kid started to laugh and said

“Hahahaha, I did not know how a commoner like you can do such a thing but you better think twice you pest!” He snap his fingers, and my body felt even heavier than it did earlier. I was now almost kneeling on the floor. While the three kids ran behind the old king, I could see another old geezer besides the old king, and I could see that it was him. Yes he was the one that was casting a gravity spell on me, making my body heavier.

Mia became worried and positioned herself in front of me, I could see that she was going to cast some magic, but then I saw the old geezer motioning his hands down wards, which made Mia suddenly slammed on the floor, upon seeing my beloved Mia, on the floor, something inside of me snapped.

“Mia!!! Damn you, you bastard!!! You shall pay for that!!!” I shouted with all my might, I used all of my energy to move my body, but its too heavy, I don’t know what spell that geezer used, so I took a look towards Mia’s parents and my masters location, hoping that they would help me, or rather at least they should check if Mia was alright since, Mia lost consciousness. (wh-what are they doing? Why don’t they help Mia?) My head was filled with anger, I could feel that my heart was filled with pure rage… At that moment I could feel something inside me snapped, something within me is crying for blood, bloodlust started to leaked from within me. I could feel that my mind is being shrouded by anger and darkness, the next thing I knew I had already lost consciousness.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><>Octavia’s POV<><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

My disciple seems to be in trouble, but as Orfeo and Eva’s suggestions, we would just watch and see the full capabilities of Josh in the sidelines, even I was intrigued to know the full capabilities of my new disciple so we agreed not to interfere unless it is a life and death situation.

I was impressed upon seeing that Josh, was able to conjure such magic in his age, but when Josh suddenly fell to the ground, my heart tightened, if Orfeo and Eva had not tried to stopped me, I would have come flying to wards Josh, and pulverized those bastards, but I held my self-back since I could see that even Orfeo was burning in rage when he saw his little girl suddenly collapsed on the ground. (tsk, that geezer might be stronger than we had expected).

The three of us where going to interfere, but the second we moved, we felt a killing intent coming out from Josh body, so we instinctively stopped and stared towards Josh. We could see some black miasma coming out from his body, the area around him was enveloped with thick killing intent, even though we were far away, we could still feel it, the disgusting feeling was unbearable, it felt extremely suffocating.

Josh eyes suddenly lost its color, (did my disciple lost consciousness?) as I was moving closer steadily towards my disciple, while Orfeo was itching to jump towards his daughter and see if she were ok.

Josh suddenly was laughing, every one of us were dumbfounded upon seeing a child like him laughing evilly, and it’s as if he were a completely different person from before. The color of his eyes returned, but all I could see was emptiness on his golden eyes, As if it were a devoid of emotions.

Then he started to mutter while his eyes shone brighter, and the symbol that was on his chest could be seen on both of his golden eyes.

“Analyzing existence…release contract of destruction… I create nothing, forgive nothing, save nothing… I just erase, completely …shatter…collapse, break and disappear, I feel it… my power, the contract is different… erase everything”

What came out of his mouth made everyone who were present shiver, his childish voice became cold, as if he were a being with the sole purpose of destruction. Even I shivered, I who was renowned as the youngest master of arcane magic, and the youngest general of the Yin-Yang Empire who were once one of the most strongest kingdom, before its downfall.(how can this be? I felt scared for a moment…)

Josh continued to speak as if not minding the people who were collapsing one by one around him.

“I am the destruction, I bring forth nothing, I bless nothing, I save nothing, I only erase…completely, and I have waited ages for this day to come. Haha hahaha *evil laugh*”

“Ha! Such arrogance! To even think of sealing me forever”

“By consuming you all here the seal shall shatter and the world shall be plunged into darkness once again muhahaha *evil laugh*”

“I have no choice, you have no choice, I am compelled to devour you all and plunge this world to total darkness and destruction, and once it is done, this world shall be born anew and become peaceful” hahaha*evil laugh…again*

I shivered and then I heard Orfeo and his wife mutter something which made me freeze.

“Don’t tell me… He is Dante’s son?”

(omg, you mean that Dante, the dark overlord of mankind, destroyer of plains, harbinger of destruction and the slayer of gods, everyone knows here that Dante is carrying within himself the very first being who wreaked havoc here in Earthus, for generations his bloodline was holding the seat within them… And if Josh really is Dante’s son, then he must be carrying within himself the very being who is on par with the gods themselves or stronger than the gods)

“Ohh my, I guess we won’t need to worry dear”

(huh? What the hell is Eva saying?)

“Yes dear, I expect two sons and one daughter in the future”

“ufufufufufu” *both laughing evilly…*

(omg,… what hell is wrong with these two? Why the hell would they want…. Oh wait… it all makes sense now, since Josh is the son of the man who could easily terrorize half of the world and is considered one of the legendary beings for 300 years… then that means Orfeo and Eva, knew Dante? And that having known that Josh is the son of Dante…omg so that’s why… with Josh possible strength’s from the dark entity sealed inside him, and from the genes of his father… then he is now considered one of the strongest creature who will walk Earthus)

((Authors Note: Earthus, is the name of the planet that Josh had landed to))

I was now in daze, but then I suddenly came back to reality since Josh started to slaughter the old geezer that made Mia unconscious (if he just collapse he might have lived…)

Josh was floating in midair, and grabbed the old geezer by his throat, the old geezer pissed himself while being strangle by Josh to death.

“Damn it, Josh snapped out of it!” I shouted as I ran towards him, since he already was burning the old king and the three kid’s using his dark flames. And he turned his attention towards Mia, he slowly descended near Mia.

“Josh!!!” I tried to grab him but Orfeo and Eva spoke.

“It’s ok Octavia”

“Yes, don’t worry too much Octavia, Josh won’t hurt his wife ufufufufu” *both are now laughing evilly again*

(huh?) I was dumbfounded, again. I glanced towards Josh and it seems he was truly slowly returning to his senses, the dark miasma surrounding him disappeared and that disgusting killing intent also disappeared with it.

Josh then fainted near Mia’s side, and was now in deep slumber.

(Truly this disciple of mine is such an interesting one, who would have thought that this child has such a great and interesting future ahead of him.) I smiled while thinking about the fun things and the great things I could do and teach my disciple in the future.

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