Conquest Apocalypse.

This is a Story created by taking down both the adventures of Jman and The tales of a slave.

This is going to be a mix of both Romance and of course adventures. Like I promise, I will take into account about my habit of suddenly introducing girls one after another. So expect that romance here will be slow. Of course this will be a Harem.




Betrayed by the one he love, Von was engulf in a wave of sorrow and when it reach to the point on where he could no longer take it, Von attempted to end his life by hanging himself once and for all.

But he miraculously survive and now he made a promise to himself that he will live his life to the fullest.

Seem’s too good to be true, Little did he knows the world already started to change. As some kind of unknown deadly virus is currently rapidly spreading all over the world. Those who were infected and Dead will soon turn to one of the walking dead(Zombies).

How will Von fare in this apocalyptic world?

Can he truly live his life to the fullest?

Will he truly find that someone who can truly love him in this apocalyptic world?

Well, come with me on this thrilling adventure, since even ‘I’ the Author  still don’t know what will happen to Von in this world which is slowly getting overrun  by the dead.




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