Chapter 1

“Mrs. Cendana I’m not saying that your son is mentally sick… I’m saying that the cause that drove him to kill himself should not be allowed to get near him”

“W-what! So you are saying that Von will lose himself and will harm or potentially kill Alice the moment he sees her?”

“Sadly yes… and not just the girl, also the boy who took her away from your son. It seems that Von’s case somehow needs to be thoroughly check”


“Mrs. Cendana, have you forgotten on what happened to that girl Alice earlier when she got neared him?”

Me and my step sister Rose had this weird silence between us while we listen to what my step mother and doctor were talking about just outside the room. The two of us can clearly hear them since their voices is pretty much loud enough to be heard and they even forgot to close the door.

“T-they must be kidding, there is no way that I would attempt to…” I was going to say that ‘there is no way I would attempt to hurt Alice’ but seeing Rose serious expression I just shut my mouth and quietly listened to what my step mother and Doctor were talking about.

I was still in daze while thinking about the matter of me trying to hurt Alice. I mean, I did practically love her and she is also the reason why I attempted to hang myself to death. But hearing them saying that I was going to hurt her and even potentially kill her when she is near me is just…too unreal?

In the first place, why did she even visited me? Did she come over to mock me? T-that damn whore when I see her again I swear I will…

Before I knew it I was clenching my fist until my palm started to bleed from the force, but thanks to Rose who affectionately grab my clench fist and was just smiling at me lovingly with understanding in her eyes made my anger to subside quite a lot.


“No but’s Mrs. Cendana, I have dealt similar cases in the past and I know well the consequences”

Seriously? I don’t even remember seeing Alice earlier… Even if I think it thoroughly, I can’t seem to remember seeing her and much more, hurting her. Maybe this is the sickness that my step mother and doctor are talking about?

I can’t believe I am this kind of petty of a person, haha bearing a grudge… well I guess this is fine too. The moment Alice tore my feelings for her to shreds apart without any proper explanation, I knew deep down inside me then that I will surely bear grudge against her and that guy who she replaced me with.

But…*sigh*, life is unfair. I wonder what I did wrong to receive this kind of outcome. My very first girlfriend who I treated with great care and love betrayed me just like that without any kind of explanation… *sigh*

“S-so what do you suggest doctor? I don’t want my son to become crazy…”

“Hahaha, Don’t be too nervous Ma’am. I’ve dealt a lot of patient like him, and most of them have this hatred deep within them that will only awaken to the person he/she hated.”

“The solution is usually distancing the patient far away and give him/her time to recover, the other solution is… well I don’t actually recommend this one, but it is the fastest but also the most risk taking one.”

“W-what is it?”

“Have the patient face his/her the person that he hates, who knows? Maybe after talking, the patient might quell his/her anger.”

“I see… then I pick the 2nd…”

My step mother was probably going to pick option number 2… but her face suddenly paled upon hearing what the doctor suddenly said, Even I, paled upon hearing him.

“But in your son’s case, I suggest the first option ma’am. Since we all saw Von earlier attacking that girl Alice instinctively even though he was unconscious.”

“I meant to say option number one…”

“Of course you do ma’am, a mother knows what is best for her son.”

“I’ll excuse me for a moment, I will just call my husband and let him know what happened.”

“Wait a second Ma’am, I forgot to mention one more thing. Don’t give me that worried look ma’am, I promise it is not something grave.”

“Ok… then what is it?”

“The mark on your son’s neck will probably take a month or two to fully recover.”

“What! Is there no ointment for it? What about his studies? I don’t want my son to be left behind…”

“Hahaha Don’t worry too much ma’am I can make a letter so that your son will be excuse for two months. Of course I’ll take a little extra for my hard work *wink* If you know what I mean”

“haha… Of course, I will let my husband know… Greedy bastard…”

“Hahaha, don’t be like that ma’am, I am just working extra hard for some extra income hahaha”

Hearing my step mother’s worried voice for me made me somewhat happy. Even though we are not that close, but having someone worry for me is making me feel loved.

Speaking of someone worrying about me…

“What is it brother?”

Seeing Rose replying nonchalantly made me smile but at the same time worry, I mean the two of us might not be blood related, but her affectionate behavior is new to me.

She might not have much of emotion shown on her face, but I know deep down that Rose is one cunning and scheming beauty. If she wasn’t my step sister, then I might have considered her confession to me back then… but alas, we are just not meant to be together. Since then when me and Alice became a couple, Rose became cold to me.

But now, I know she is planning something. I am not a hypocrite but I have a feeling that she is planning something wicked… well at-least that’s what I think.

“How long do you want to hold my hand?”

“As long as I want brother”

Seeing her expressionless face smile… wait, is that even a smile? Compared to her smile earlier, her smile now seems to be filled with schemes and malicious intent, I hope I am just over thinking this.

I tried to pull my hand away from her, but she just pulled it again and this time she even forced my hand to caress her face.


Seeing her satisfied expression while her face is being caress by my left hand is making me swallow my dissatisfaction. I admit her face is smooth, she is beautiful, and she loves me. I wonder if the both of us…

Oh no no no, what am I thinking? She is my sister for god sake, even if we are not related by blood… she is still my sister and thinking such things even if it is just for second is not appropriate.

But then again, maybe this is how Rose shows that she is happy of me not kicking the bucket yet.


“hmm? What is it Rose?”

Could it be? Did she finally realize that I am uncomfortable of her forcefully holding my hand.

“Never  mind it’s nothing.”

“W-what are you doing Rose?”

“Oi oi oi come on listen to me, you can’t do this to a patient.”

I keep complaining but Rose just won’t stop. I thought she realized my worries but now I know she is definitely an opportunist.

I can’t believe she took advantage of my situation. If it was any other girl, then I might have become somewhat happy and ecstatic. But Rose is my step sister.

“Rose, you shouldn’t do this… what if…”


Seeing Rose piercing stare made me shiver, as if she was saying that I should  just accept my misfortune and let her do what she wants.

I admit Rose scent is enchanting, her breath which brushes my face is also quite seductive and her body warmth which I could feel directly because of her taking advantage of me.

Never did I have thought in my wildest dreams that Rose was bold enough to snuck into my bed even thought I am awake in front of her.

Then again, most men would have probably gnash their teeth in envy of my situation.


Both of us were just staring to each other as if we were on a staring contest, but I somehow lost… I mean, any healthy guy would lost if a beautiful girl is staring  intently at him.

Even though she is my step sister, but that smirk she did at the end told me everything.

“*sigh* I give up, do whatever you want.”


“I love you.”
“I love you too.”


What did I just say… I better correct my self

“…As a sister, I love you as my younger sister”

Damn it, how can she fall asleep that fast? She is even hugging me…

I was going to wake Rose up again and explain to her that I love her as a family member. But I could not bring my self to wake her up upon seeing her satisfied smile while she sleeps comfortably on my arm.

This must be how a sister show her affection right? I hope there isn’t any deep meaning behind her action…

Convincing myself that there wasn’t anything malicious to her action. I slowly close my eyes and fell into deep sleep while I unconsciously hug Rose with my right hand.



Chapter 2



4 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Test-Run

    I can’t be the only one who wants to see Von smile coldly down upon the bitch Alice, as the zombies creep up to her, ready to rip her to pieces. Only to have her cry and beg him to help her and he just does nothing but watch, smile and then say: “Maybe you’ll understand what it is like to get the thing you value the most ripped to pieces (by the one you love?).” (If the boyfriend is the zombie.)

    I totally would like to see him go psycho, not caring about the world but about those he cares for. Yet not discarding options that can help him, no matter how “evil” they might be. That way he might “help” Alice just to use her as a meat schield, by stabbing her in her leg or something 🙂

    BTW: Is your ex named Alice? Since it is the second time a bitch has that name in one of your stories.

    Thanks for the chapter, can’t wait for the next one.
    When can we expect it? Oh and are you going to have a schedule for this book?



    1. Maybe? I guess, I am still very busy with my projects and health problems in real life.

      Once I have free time I will probably update this story 1-3 times a week. (Just a maybe since I still don’t know when that ‘free time’ will come)

      And on the good side, I already wrote chapters up to 10 but I still have not posted it here for various reasons.

      PS: Yea Alice is the name of my Ex in RealLife. She’s a bitch that betrayed me 2-3 years ago.


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