Chapter 10

Being stared at as if I had done something evil felt kind of…awkward?

“Von, who is she? Nnh?”

Wow? Does this woman think she’s my girlfriend or something? How dare her talk to me in that tone. Not to mention she is probably 14 or so years older than me.

“Hmp, what do you care?”

“I need an answer Von!”


I hesitated. If this is how she’s going to play it, then fine by me.

“She’s my daughter, what are you going to do about it huh?”


“Hah! Hahaha!”

It’s the end…not the world. But this crazy woman.

Did she perhaps suddenly became crazy?

“Haha, what am I going to do about it? I’ll do this!”


Fuck! She really became crazy! I should have not gave her that pistol in the first place.

“Woa woa, tell me your kidding Ruby. Don’t point that pistol at me”

A world in chaos is full of opportunity for a man with power. I don’t want to die in some bitch craziness!

This is little brat is really such a bad luck. Should I use this brat as a shield and make a run for it?

“Ruby what happened to you? I thought we were…ummm, close? Partner in crime? Ahhhg Whatever, just don’t point that gun at me!”

“Hahaha, every goddamn male are the same, after they have taken what they want from a woman, they immediately throw them away and look for a new one.”

Goddamn! To reason with a crazy woman is hard!

“Ruby, what do you mean by ‘throw away and look for a new one’?”

“You think you can easily lie to me Von? There is no way that, that child is your daughter! You think I’m stupid to believe an obvious lie?”

“Ok fine! She’s not my daughter OK? Now put the goddamn gun away Ruby.”

“Hmp, after you had your way with me, you are going to replace me with some child? Y-you pervert.”

Really? This bitch! No wonder her husband got tired of her. She is a fucking crazy bitch with over jealous attitude. I bet she had fucked countless guys because of her jealousy. Should I get rid of her now in order to prevent future problems?

“What? I had your way with you? Isn’t it the other way around? You were the one who had your way with me!”




Fuck! She really did shoot! This crazy bitch! Good thing I deflected it with my fire-axe. I never knew I had this kind of reflexes. I even instinctively threw my fire-axe and hit the stupid bitch head perfectly.

“Crazy bitch.”

“Hmnnm, Papa?”

“Shh, this is just a dream, you can go back to sleep now my little princess.”

What! I just replied casually as if I am really her papa.

“Unn, *yawn* nighty night papa.”

Seeing the brat… I mean my daughter going back to sleep. I finally let sighted in relief. I don’t want her to see me kill a living person after all.

Speaking of killing a living person, I actually didn’t feel any kind of emotion when I killed that Stupid bitch. Kukuku, does this mean that I can kill someone without even thinking twice? Or without feeling any kind of guilt?

Now with the bitch gone, who will cook for me? ohh well I’m not a picky eater anyway.

Laying down ‘MY’ daughter in a comfortable place. I finally took of my bloody clothes.

“Hmm. Looking at ‘My’ daughter… Hehehe, I finally have a daughter~ I always dreamed of having one.”

“Ehem, where was I? ohh right, I was going to clean her. She was after all covered in the blood of her mother.”

Removing her clothes, I could see that she is going to become a great beauty in the future.

“Mnn, not bad. As expected of a foreigner… I mean, as expected of my daughter. Like father like daughter.”

Leaving her in her underwear. I picked up a wet towel and cleaned her from all the blood and dirt. Then covered her a white blanket and went my way to take Ruby’s body and threw it outside and finally I can took my bath peacefully.


After taking my bath, I saw my cute little daughter wide awake. Her confuse look made her much more adorable than she is.

“Hey, I wonder what it is that my little angel is thinking.” I said as I playfully touched her nose.

“Oh Onii-chan, I was wondering where mama is…”


Did I perhaps heard her incorrectly? Yea, that must be it, I must’ve heard her incorrectly.

“W-what did you say again?”

“Umm, where mama is?”

“No, before that.”

“Umm, I was wondering where mama…”

“No no before that, and your mama is already in heaven.”

“Umm, Onii-chan?”

*Deeply shock*
Oh noooooooh! M-my dream is shattered now!

“Is there something wrong onii-chan?”

“Uwaa.” I can’t take it anymore, my daughter does not want to recognize me as her father.

“Onii-chan why are you crying?” my previously daughter asked while tilting her head cutely.

“I-I just lost my daughter, Uwaaa.”

“It’s ok *hic* onii-chan. I lost my papa and mama too Wuwuwu.”

Both of us started to hug each other and cried ourselves together.

Wait a minute… maybe this is my chance~

“Erina.” I called her name nervously.

“What is it onii-chan?”

“Since you lost your mama and papa, how about I become your papa from now on?”

Please agree, please agree, please agree!

“Really? I have a new papa now? Yeepeee.”

“Am I dreaming right now?”
“Um? What do you mean papa.”

That was easier than I thought.

“Oh nothing, I was just happy to have a cute daughter like you.” I said in a happy tone while touching my daughter’s nose playfully. This time, I am officially a father!


Hearing a grumbling sound, I was shock and immediately scanned my surroundings, but saw nothing.

“A zombie? But where is it coming from?”

“Umm papa…” Said little Erina as she tugged my clothes while fidgeting in an embarrass manner.

“Mmmn? What is it?”

“I-It was my stomach”

“Huh? You mean that was your stomach who made that loud rumbling noise?”


Seeing nod in agreement, I was utterly shock. Don’t tell me she hadn’t eaten for quite a while now.

“When did you last eat?”

“Umm, I think it was last 3 days.”

“What! Come together with me. I think there is still that sweat and sour potato left.”

I lifted up Erina and carried her towards the kitchen. Good thing there was still some sweat and sour potato left.

Now that I think about it, what will I feed my daughter from now on? It’s not like I could let her eat junk food always. She needs to eat a balance meal in order to grow up healthy.

Damn it why did that bitch Ruby suddenly became crazy? If that bitch did not lose her mind, she could have become our cook and maid.

What’s done is done, I will try to cook something edible and healthy food later. If I really can’t do it, then I can just give up and feed my cute adorable daughter what I can provide.

“Nom nom, Umm, papa this is really delicious.”

“Erina, slow down a bit or you might choke.” I said lovingly while wiping her mouth.

I might be too young to be a father. But who cares? The world is already in ruin. No one’s going to mind if I have a daughter or two.

Chapter 11