Chapter 11

Thinking about it again, Erina is really pitiful. Losing her one and only mother must have been hard. I hope she does not hate me. Even though what I killed wasn’t exactly her mother anymore but a zombie. I still feel some lingering doubts.

(Erina is adorable, she immediately became happy once I told her that I will become her new papa.) I said to myself while contemplating if what I am doing right now is acceptable.

“Ne ne Papa.”

“What is it Erina?”

“Do I have a new mama?”

Hearing her asking such question, I became baffled at the same time confuse.

(Is she asking indirectly whether I have a wife? Hmm sadly I am single…If only Alice….fuck! Remembering that woman is making me angry for some no reason.)

“Nope, its just you and me.”
“But~ who was that scary lady earlier?” asked Erina while looking at me cutely.

This little…, she sure is one attentive and smart brat. Hehe just as expected of my daughter.

“Listen here Erina, Papa here will protect you from all kinds of bad things.”

“Really? Hoooray I love you papa.” exclaimed Erina happily while she launched herself at me.

I feel like I am somehow being trick. That couldn’t be right? I mean, she is still around 8-9 years old.

Like a little kitten. Erina purred while she kept on snuggling innocently in my embrace.

“Erina.” I called, while stroking her head gently.

“Mnn? what is it papa?”

“Do you want papa to teach you how to kill those scary monsters?”

After all, among the requirements to survive on this apocalyptic world is how to deal with the living dead. Of course I’ll be there to protect her, but what if I suddenly meet a mishaps? what will happen to my cute and adorable daughter then?

This is why while its still early, I will slowly teach Erina the number one skill needed to survive, and that is on how to ‘kill’.

Like what I have in mind, I will teach her how to kill a zombie, a human or even a monsters. Even though Erina is still young, in my eyes, she can become a killer machine.

Of course I don’t remember anything about my past, so I’ll just teach her the very basic, and that is how to shoot a gun.

“Erina listen carefully, there are all kinds of bad things in the world. But the most dangerous once are still humans.”


“Yes Humans, like me and you.” I said seriously while pointing my finger at myself and her.

“Why? papa won’t hurt Erina right?” she asked while smiling at me.

“Of course not, I finally have a cute and adorable daughter why would I hurt you, you silly” I playfully said while pinching her nose gently.

“Un, I know papa won’t hurt me.”

“Where was I again? oh right, Erina remember that to always never, I mean never ever trust anyone, and that includes me.”

“Why?” she said while tilting her head in confusion.

Erina might not yet understand these things that I am teaching her, but however, the earlier she learns it the better.

I know for sure that I am not sane…or I think I’m not.

Because the way I killed Ruby without batting an eyelid despite the things that we had done together. I couldn’t even believe that I am this heartless.

“Because, Humans are selfish. And since Erina is such a cute girl, I’m sure that when you grow up you would become as handsome as papa”

“No! Erina does not want to become handsome as papa, Erina want to become beautiful like mama.”

Oh shit, Is she gonna cry?

“Ah-.. of course, Erina is going to become the most beautiful woman in the whole world.”

“Where was I again? oh right, Never trust anyone.”
“Got it Papa, Erina won’t trust anyone, including papa.”

Wait…that, meh who cares.

“First lesson, If you a zombie what will you do?”

“Ummm, Hide behind you papa?”

Cute…I mean, adorable…I mean, cute…

“Wrong, its you either kill it or run away.”

“B-but Erina is scared of ugly zombies. Can’t just Erina hide behind papa?”

Looking at Erina’s puppy dog eyes. I had a hunch that she’d be able to control men on her bidding when she grows up. But for now, I’d teach her on how to kill a zombie, so that she won’t be be ever eaten by one.

I know that Erina is too young, but zombies does not pick their food, that is why I don’t have any better ideas than teach her how to kill at the moment.

(Should I take her with me when I explore the upper floors later?)

Thinking about it, I should take Erina because with me by her side, no harm will ever come her way. And on the other hand, I am basically bringing her towards danger.

(I guess I’ll take her with me.)

“Erina are you tired? if not papa will bring you-”

Before I could even finish my coaxing, Erina hugged me by the beck and said;

“Erina is tired, can Erina sleep together with papa? Erina is really pitiful, can papa stay here together with Erina for now?”

Am I hearing this wrongly? or is it me who is getting coax here. It should be the other way around right?

Taking a closer look, I could see hint of intelligence on Erina’s eyes.


“Hm ok, papa will stay together here with Erina.”

Weird, this is seriously weird, I though kids would somehow be scared stiff if they their mother killed in front of them? I might have killed a zombie, nonetheless, it is still her mother.

I got this weird feeling right now that Erina is somewhat more intelligent and compose than other children are on her age.

Now that I mention it, why the hell did Ruby became crazy earlier? I even thought that we had some kind of spark with each other. I got to admit, she was my first woman. And killing her left this bitter feeling inside of me.

(No point in thinking about Ruby now, she died because she pose)

I closed my eyes quietly, trying to take a nap together with my adorable daughter.

Before long, Erina fell asleep. But I could somehow feel that she is somewhat…shaking?

“Oh look at that, shes still a normal kid after all. She must be having a nightmare.”

I wrapped my arms around Erina and Hugging her in my embrace.

(She finally stopped shaking.)

Well I wonder what will happen to the world from now on? I hope mother and Rin are safe and sound right now.


I can feel a sense of discomfort at my right hand, and when I opened my eyes, my voice leaked out unconsciously.


(Am I dreaming right now? there is no way that my cute and adorable Erina is this…lewd? why the hell is she licking and sucking my right hand? Hmm this must be a dream.)

With that in my mind, I went back to sleep.


Chapter 12