Chapter 12

I tried to keep our contact non-sexual, carefully avoiding touching my cute daughter  genitals or her tiny new breasts, and moving her hand away when it strayed toward my cock.

The trouble was that, as we moved while we were asleep, our hands sometimes strayed.

The first time that I woke up, Erina was licking and sucking my arm, and then her little hand would stray towards my waist and wrapped around my cock, I simply pulled her hand up to my chest and kissed her forehead. She smiled in her sleepy way and we both went back to sleep.

However I didn’t how long we slept, but it Erinas sleeping habit seemed to be more surprising. As time went by, also, I often woke up with my hand wrapped around her breast or squeezing a nipple…

I reproached myself when this happened, until I woke up and realize that Erinae was moving my hand from her hip to her breast. I fell asleep again before I moved my hand away.

And so I was utterly surprize when I woke up realizing where my hand was currently at. My hand was squeezing Eirna’s budding breast.

I tried to admonish Erina.

“Erina. You put my hand on your breast last night didn’t you? That’s not appropriate for a father and daughter.”

I know I shound;t say this since we are not even blood related in the first place, but I felt like I have to say something and draw the line between us.

Hearing my scolding, Erina burst into tears.

“Wuwuwu, papa! Erina was so sad remembering that mama has left me. When you were holding Erina’s tit it felt so nice and Erina forgot how sad Erina felt. And please don’t make Erina sleep Alone. Erina would cry all night and never be able to sleep. Erina really like it when Erina feel papa’s body rubs against Erina. Please papa.”

I am speechless… Is this how a relationshp with a father and daughter goes? I think I might like it…

“Oh Erina, papa also really like it when Erina is hugging papa. Don’t worry, papa here wont make you sleep alone. It’s just that…papa really feels guilty, we should not be sleeping together or touching each other inappropriately.”

Now this should make here realize her mistakes. Or so I thought.

Erina grinned at me. “What harm can it do? Erina and papa both enjoy it. No one else need ever know. Papa’s not going to get Erina pregnant by squeezing my tits, are you?”

The look that she gave me melted my heart. But she do have a point, I mean, I little bit of kinship won’t do any harm would it? But still, I felt like I am being led into a trap…I don’t really get it, but that’s the feeling I am getting.

As time passed Erina and I snuggled together since there is still time before morning, before we drifted off to sleep, Erina grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest while she sniffed my scent.

I still avoided her pussy and I would not let her touch my cock, but I allowed myself to play with her breasts without any inhibition.


Waking up early, I was organizing breakfast, Erina started coming into the kitchen in the morning with a wide grin plastered on her cute and adorable face.

I wanted to argue her sleeping habit, but the truth is, I kinda liked it when she sleep hugging me.

“Morning Erina.”

“Good morning papa.”

“Papa! You seem to enjoy touching at my body last night. Do you think that it’s fair that you’re always the one touching Erina?”

“Erina… You see, it was you who put my hand on your body when we’re in bed together and you even like it. Isn’t that enough for you?”

“No Papa. Erina want us to spend as much time as possible, it would be great if we sleep naked together. It is something special that Papa and Erina should do together. Please, Papa?”

I was shock on hearing the nonsense that this cute daughter of mine is saying. that she wanted to see me naked? I started eating breakfast with Erina while ignoring her previous proposal. I’ll just pretend that I didn’t hear anything.

“Hello, Papa? Didn’t you hear Erina? Papa, you can kiss Erina whenever you like, so please sleep naked with Erina and also take baths together with Erina.”

“…Erina, do you do these things with your real papa too?”

I know I shouldn’t have ask that, but I feel like I need to know something in order to figure out why Erina is like this.

Shaking her head side by side, Erina answered me with a depressed look.

“Papa you know ne, Erina does not have a papa before you papa.”

I see now, this is why she is so touchy and flirty. Erina never had a father figure taking care of her.

“I see, sorry for asking.” I said while lovingly stroking her head.

“I know that you are really handful, but papa will try her best to take good care of you.”

Erina snickered. “Is that what you think of me papa? That I’m a real handful?”

“Well… You certainly seem to twist me around your little finger.”

“En, Erina loves you papa.”

“Yes yes, Papa also loves you Erina, so you should hurry up and finish your breakfast.”


“Because Papa will teach you how to kill zombies today.”

The moment I said that, Erina’s face lost all of its color.

“Papa…Erina does not want to kill zombies… Please, Papa?”

Oho? puppy dog eyes attack? ha, that won’t work on me.

“Nope, papa will teach you today.”

“But papa…”

“Its either that, or Papa won’t sleep together with Erina anymore.”

“Y-you are a bad papa.”

“Oho?” I raised my eyebrows while smiling at my cute daughter.

“But, Erina is glad that you’re a bad Papa, because you’re the sort of Papa that Erina need. Papa you are very special to Erina, and I hope that Erina is also very special to you too Papa.”

“Of course you are special to papa too Erina, if not? then I wound’t want to teach you how to kill zombies in the first place.”


I hugged Erina tightly and kissed her in the forehead, cutting off her sentence.

“Erina, you do realize that if the world was not in this chaotic state, then if the police ever found out the things that we do together, I could be put in jail for the rest of my life and you would end up in a foster home you know?”

Erina was almost tearing up as she replied, “Erina knows Papa, but Erina will never tell anyone and neither will you, right Papa?”

“Yup, this is going to be our little secret.”

Chapter 13