Chapter 2

3 days had already passed by so fast.

I never really knew why I had to stay here at the hospital these past three days.

Because, since the moment I opened my eyes and made a resolution to myself. I felt like I was reborn, becoming a new form, or rather, becoming someone new, someone not bound by his past.

Then again, when I think about it in a healthy male’s point of view. Rose is a beautiful and charming girl. One would die just to be able to talk and spend time with her.

But in my case it’s different. I owe my step father a lot. Even if he adopted me because he took pity on me.

Speaking of being pity, I was told by my father secretly that I was found by him in one of the military camp of some US navy soldier. He said that when he found me, I was tied up in the ground unconscious.

He asked why I was tied up pitifully to a soldier and he was told that because I am a dangerous kid. Which I found shocking because I have no further memory ever since I woke in a hospital 3 years ago.

When I woke up back then, the first person I saw was the smiling face of my step father and my step mother. Apart from that moment, I couldn’t remember my past or who were my biological parents or what was my previous name was.

My step father also told me that on the camp where he found me, he also saw some corpses of other children around my age. Curiosity took over and my step father asked one soldier again.

“What happened to this children?”

Then the soldier answered with a melancholy face.

“They attacked us deep in the night and we almost lost our lives if it wasn’t for the gap of our age and experience. Oh, and that child bound over there is the only survivor from the 20 children who attacked”

With those words said, my step father already knew that those children lying dead on a corner is probably trained by terrorist to do things for them.

“Then, how did you guys manage to catch him?” My step father said as he pointed his finger at the unconscious little me.

“It was bloody…One of the soldier got hold of a grenade launcher and fired at those kid… It was gory, but this place is a battlefield. Even if they are children, they are still a trained killer so there was no need to think twice. He fired his weapon and took half of them out in one go. That one there must have hit his head pretty hard seeing as he isn’t waking up any time soon.” The soldier said as he pointed at my unconscious body.

A trained killer huh.

Listening to my father talking about my past is really shocking to me. No matter how hard I think, I can’t remember my past. Even the doctors said that there is no way for me to remember my past.

“Don’t worry too much about it Von, the doctor said there is no way for you to recover your past memories. But remember this, you don’t need to recover them, since from the moment you woke up, you are no longer that child who were trained to kill, but you are now Von, my Son”


Damn it… remembering my conversation with my step father is making my eyes all teary again.

I know that I am lucky for being alive, and I shouldn’t have tried to kill myself over some woman. Thinking about it all over again, I guess it’s my 3rd chance already?

I’m such a moron, I forgot that the moment I was taken in as part of the family, that was already my second chance in life, and now, I almost wasted that 2nd chance…

Well, I know that it’s too late for regrets but I did promise that I would better myself and not do anything stupid anymore.


Hearing a loud noise, my consciousness suddenly got shaken and I slowly started to open my eyes.

Well, look at that, I was just dreaming…

Feeling the desolate atmosphere, I felt like I am the only person left here in this hospital. But that couldn’t be right? I Rose just slept with me last nigh…

Turning my head I couldn’t find any presence of someone being here except for me.

“Fuck! How long did I sleep?”

I couldn’t help but curse out-loud. But seeing the already decayed flowers which my mother had putted inside a vase near my bed, it already wilted and died. I already deduced that I must have slept for more than a week? or is it a month?

“Mom? Rose?”

Calling for the two person whom I am most intimate with, but seeing that there was no one replying. I forcefully stood up groggily and unshaken.

“How the hell? I mean, I only remember sleeping last night together with Rose and I find my self waking up alone?”

Muttering to myself, I slowly walk towards the door and exit my room.

But seeing the The hallway is dark and disheveled. I felt like I am in some kind of horror game.

“Pffft, don’t tell me that there would be a zombie waiting for me in that corner? hahaha, no way, I bet this is some kind of prank show.”

Giggling to my self, I started to walk towards the said corner.

But every time I got closer and closer, I felt like my heart would burst from this unknown pressure that I am feeling. I bet anyone who suddenly found themselves alone in a disheveled hospital all on their own would probably be screaming like a crazy person by now.

“Here goes…”

I sighed in relief because there was no zombie waiting for me. Why zombie? well, I can’t really explain it, but I somehow heard a week or two before my incident happened that zombies are real.

“But wow, was there some kind of terrorist attack here?”

Well, if it wasn’t a terrorist, then how could I explain this deserted place? and the bullet holes in the walls and the wreckage all over the place?

“Hmm what would a sane person do in this situation?”
Thinking about it deeply, I immediately found my answer.

“Ohh right, find a phone. But where should I find one? I guess I should go check the nurse station”

I arrive at the nurse station and tried the phone. But sadly, the line seems out. So walked further down the hall, the walls are covered in blood and riddled with bullet holes is  making me nervous all of a sudden.

“Damn, this place is getting creepier and creepier. Oh this must be the exit.”

Thinking that the double door in front of me is the exit. I immediately sprinted towards it but seeing the double door being chained shut and a message is written over it.

“Don’t Open / Dead Inside. Huh… well this is the hospital”

I was going to reach and try remove the chains but then all of a sudden the double door suddenly opened but because of the chains it only opened a little, living gaps in between.

“What hell!”

Seeing a woman’s hands suddenly pop out between the gaps trying to reach me, I could not help but shout by being startled. I was even shock in seeing that the woman’s hand is bloody, her fingernails dirty and ragged, reach through the gaps between the double door and is trying to reach me.

*Arrgg* *Grrr*

“What the hell is happening?”

Hearing growls of more people inside the double door is making me more nervous by the second. Are they sick? No… the message clearly states ‘Dead Inside’.

“Are they zombies? but, that can’t be! Zombies don’t exist… then again, the sounds and the sign clearly show it all.”

“Rose…Mom, where the hell are you guys? why did you leave me all alone here.”

I wasn’t feeling sad because of being scared, but I am sad in thinking that Rose and Mom abandoned me all alone…

Tear’s started to flow from my eyes and I also started to sob a little, making the zombies inside the double door more restless.

Little did I know, the world already change these past few days? that I was unconscious.

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Chapter 3

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