Chapter 3

I stopped sobbing, even if I cry, nothing would change. I am still left all alone in this apocalyptic world.

I just hope that Mom and Rose is safe. Even if they left me, there must have been a reason. Because I don’t believe that they will just abandon me just like that.

Now that I think about it, There had been stories of some of the terrible shit that Humans do in this kind of situations, sustaining appalling casualty rates. Humans would go insane and will do all sorts of things, like rape, violence and so on.

I bet that the entire military strengths of the government had been deployed already. Since seeing those things… I believe majority of the people had already turned into zombies.

Just imagining about it gives me shivers down my spine, a massive horde containing tens of thousands of zombies…

If I’m going to think about it in a logical point of view. There is no way in hell that the government military had the resources to airlift out a few thousand civilians within a few hours before the the epidemic or what ever caused this zombies things to appear.

So if I’m thinking right, then my step father already took Mom and Rose to a safe location with force, that’s the only logical explanation, since there is no way that Mom and Rose would leave me behind.

I also understand the old man, because if he were to choose between the unconscious me or his real family, he will surely pick the later. But if I think about it in another way, then something must have happen that force my old man to leave me behind.

“*sigh*, what should I do now?”

Supposedly there were so many thousands of those zombies walking all around,  and  that the remaining survivors were forced to spread out into the surrounding area… then I guess I am really not alone huh? there must be many of those unlucky people left behind hehe, If I think this way, then its not that bad. I am not alone hahaha.

“Why am I laughing? I must be losing my mind…”

By the end of the day, the strongest survivor survives…

“Hmm, I guess I better start searching for some weapon and food.”

I took a look on my surrounding and found a fire-axe on the wall.

“Should I break the glass and take the fire-axe with me?”

I pondered for a bit and decided to break the glass and take the fire-axe out. I just hope that all the zombies are inside that chained double door. I don’t want to face one yet.

With my fire-axe on my right hand, I slowly walked towards the cafeteria.


“What the hell is wrong with the lights? why is it flickering… If this is a movie then around that corner, a zombie would suddenly jump at me.”

I slowed down my foot steps and carefully walked towards the said corner.

*step* *step* *step*

With each step, I felt like my heart is going to burst, and I was a trained killer? I bet my old man was just spouting nonsense. If I was a trained killer before I lost my memory, then I would not have been this nervous.

Reaching towards the said corner, I found out that there was no one there, only a long hallway with lights flickering can be seen.

“Phew, I guess those movies are exaggerated”

I relaxed my body thinking that there is no way that a zombie would suddenly come out and pounced at me.

But when I turned around, there was a middle man standing in front of my face. His mouth is bloody, clothes bloodied and his face dis-figured.

“Ohh god, you must be kidding me.”


The middle age man zombie suddenly pounced at me with the intent to bite me.

“Damn it!”


I don’t know what happened, but I reflexively smash its head with the fire-axe that I was holding.

“Haa…haaa, t-that was scary.”

“I finally believe you old man, If I was normally raised, then there is no way that I could have reacted that fast in that situation. I guess I’m really a killer and then lost my memory of it.”

With the zombie blood all over me, I looked like a serial killer on the loose. Haha pretty ironic since my old man said that was raised as a killer since I was young.

I killed my first zombie, I though that I would be more scared and shivering. But I can’t believe that I felt it was a normal thing to do.

Without dwelling on it. I proceeded towards the cafeteria.

Since my first kill of zombie, I felt an overwhelming confidence with my self. So I casually walked without minding whether a zombie may suddenly pop-out out of nowhere.

Upon arriving, I saw 2 female zombie nurse standing at the middle of the cafeteria. Both of their faces were pretty much attractive, but the only thing that is destroying their beauty is the way their neck is tilting in a wrong way and their bloodied nurse outfit.

“*phew* what a waste of beauty”

The two zombie nurse noticed me and they slowly walk towards me like some drunken bitches.

I readied my fire-axe for combat.

Since my first kill, I am overflowing with confidence.

“Hmp, their so slow.”

I said cockily, but then. The two zombie nurse suddenly sprinted towards me.

“Ohh shit, you must be kidding me? are they even zombies? how can zombies run? I though zombies are slow and can only walk.”

The two zombie nurse were running towards me, they were running groggily but still a zombie that can run… that is really terrifying.

One of the zombie nurse arrived first, she was a crazy woman with her arms open wide as if wanting to embrace me. Of course I knew that what this zombie really want is to have a bite of me.

So I smashed her head with my fire-axe while I kick the other one on her knees making her bend and also hacked her head with my fire-axe.

“Well, that was easy…”

With my successful win, my confidence grew even more. Fighting zombies are easy, I just need to destroy their heads and they go down in no time. But on the other hand, if there’s a dozen of them… If I can’t really fight a dozen of zombies, then that’s the time that I’ll run away.

After defeating the two zombie nurse, I slowly walked towards the storage room of the cafeteria.

Upon arriving at the front door of the storage room, I could hear some rustling sound inside.

‘I hope its a beautiful young woman in distress hiding inside’

With my hopes high, I slowly raised my hand and grabbed the door knob.


With some clinking sound, the door slowly opened.

‘Please let it be a young hot woman, please let it be a young hot woman’

I kept praying to this imaginary person inside my mind, hoping that the rustling sound that I heard earlier was made by a young woman in distress.


“For gods sake!”

My hopes and dreams is immediately shattered. Instead of a young hot woman, the one who made the sound earlier seems to be some tied up military zombies.

Three zombies in military uniform  are tied up against each other.

“It seemed like the government military already passed by this area… and they did not even checked on me?”

With my veins visible popping on my forehead, I was about to step forward towards the tied up military zombie and released my frustration on them.

“Kukuku, the government military passed by and they did not even bothered to wake me up? does that mean that they already left with all the survivors and left me all alone?”

Raising my fire-axe on my hand, I was about to dispose the three bound military zombies, but something caught my eye which made me grin wide from ear to ear.

“*whistle*, its kind of them to have left some gift for me. I’m actually touch hehehe”

Chapter 2

Chapter 4




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