Chapter 4

I finally regain my composure upon seeing the gift that the military government had left behind… Well, in all honesty, I have no clue or what so ever if it was them that left these things behind, but one thing is for sure, the feeling of hiding as a rat is no more. With these things, I eventually found the means to survive.

Previously, when I woke up all alone, I felt like it is only a matter of time before I also turn into one of those zombies. But with these things, I have enough confidence to keep my self alive.

My eyes kept sparkling as I hold the military weapons in front of me, like a little kid getting his Christmas gifts.

“Woa, 5 grenades, a M4A1 rifle with 10 magazines, full body military vest… I- I always dreamed that I would become a military soldier in the future. I just can’t believe that my dream came true.”

Even though I am not a legitimate government military personnel, I still want to wear this awesome military clothes and use these firearms to my hearts content. With the world as it is now, I bet no one would care if I am a real government personnel or not.

With my excitement dying down, I didn’t forget to return back towards the three bound military zombies. I just smiled at them and brought down my fire-axe on each of their heads.



Because of the sudden growl coming from behind me, I instinctively threw myself forward. I almost stumble upon the bodies of the previously three bound zombies that I had killed, but since my body is fit enough, I changed the direction on where I land.

“Jesus christ! that scared the shit out of me.”

While cursing out loud I did not forget to check on the zombie that had manage to snick up me from behind.

“How could I be stupid? of course the equipment already had an owners… but damn…”

In front of me stood two military zombie, one is a naked male zombie, while the other one is a female. The female zombie still had her clothes on albeit all the buttons were already undone.

“Hahaha, the two of you must be lovers huh? If I got this right, then the one who was infected first is the female and when the two of you attempted to do the act for the last time, the female one must have turned into a zombie and killed the poor horny guy huh?”

Of course the two of them cant reply to my great deduction since their already dead and all, such a pity.


“Woa-woa, take it easy”

Both zombie ran towards me, good thing that their running speed can’t be compared to someone alive.

“Did I forget to tell you two that I hate couples? because it reminds of that bitch!”

By suddenly becoming enrage, I disposed the two zombie couple in a matter of seconds. The storage room here in the cafeteria became silent ones again.

“Tsk, stupid couple, causing me to remember that bitch. I gotta hand it to them, they did well pissing me off while being dead.”

After calming my sudden anger down, I returned to my babies.

I lifted up the M4A1 rifle and carefully caressed it.

“You won’t leave me all alone right my darling? I know that you won’t become like that bitch Alice!”

“Kukuku with this babies, I can live and do whatever I want. The world had already fallen into ruin, why not enjoy myself while I’m still living? as long as mom and Rose won’t find out about the things that I will be doing from now on then everything will be as if nothing happened. kukuku”

“Now, its time for me to transform from an ordinary high school student into a military officer kukuku”

After wearing the military pants and shirt which for some reason fitted me perfectly . I took the desert eagle pistol from the dead body of the female zombie that I had previously killed.


I could not help but be attracted to her huge breast.

“Damn its huge…since I decided to do what ever I want, and since she is already dead…then its Ok if could just touch it for a second right?”

I do not really know why I’m talking with myself but I reach out my hand and coupe a feel of her attractive breast.

“Ohhh, so this is how it feels to touch a females breast…next time I wanna touch a living ones breast, and maybe I could do more than just touching hehehehe.”

There is no point in playing the good guy in this apocalyptic world.

*Grumble* *Grumble*

My stomach suddenly let out such a sound.

“That’s right, I came here to get something to eat and some food supplies.”


~~~Somewhere within the City~~~


3 teenagers are currently running.

The large mall was right in front of them. The screams and noises from within echoed all over the city. Bodies upon bodies littered everywhere.

The smell from rotting flesh and burning tires tickled their noses and when they walked towards the building. The entrance was very wide and the automated door that were supposed to to automatically open didn’t work.

“We can enter in that hole over there”

Said by a female blonde while pointing at the said hole.

“You both go first!”

“You’re a fucking chicken, you know”

Said another young blonde girl.

“Come on, you know what they say, ladies first. Better safe than sorry though.”

“I’ll go first! But cover me.”

“Are you sure Rin?”

“Don’t worry Oneechan, I wonder why you left Von for a trash like him?”

Rin spat in front of her sister as she walked slowly into the building with a machete in one hand and a flashlight in the other.

They could see two zombies twenty meters away. A few seconds later the two zombies were already dead and young blonde girl could be seen removing her machete from one of the zombies head.

Seeing her sister leading the why and her current boyfriend following from behind. Alice could not help but think in her mind: (What the hell came over me? Am I really that gullible as my sister said?)

“Mike, will you protect me and my sister when the situation calls for it?”

“Wha- A o-of course.”


Rin snickered upon hearing Mike’s stammering response, while raising one of her eye brows towards her older sister and is giving the ‘I told you so’ face.

Rin as a kendo master could easily handle 2-5 zombies without sweating.

After removing her machete, Rin wiped the blood off her face. Seeing that there wasn’t any other zombies in sight Rin and co walked into the closest store. The shelves were completely empty. No food in sight.

“There’s also no more food found here Oneechan.”

“You’re right, Rin. What should we do? we haven’t eaten much these past few days.”


“H-how about we go towards the grocery area?” Said Mike

“No, that area is probably crawling with zombies.” Replied Rin as if she’s talking with a roach.

“Rin!, how could you be so rude towards Mike?”

“Rude? How can it be consider rude? I was just replying casually as one reply to a trash!”


“Enough Oneechan, What can he do huh? you believed that he can protect you? pfft. I don’t know what had gotten into your mind and you decided to abandon Von just like that. But I am disappointed on you Oneechan. You abandoned Von, the guy you had loved you for almost 2 years for a rich fucker like him?”


“I know you dated Von at first because you both had mutual feelings with each others. But then you abandon him because your classmate told you that their boyfriends are rich? you are really stupid Alice Oneechan”

“Hmmp, if you want a rich boyfriend, then why didn’t you ask Von what job his step father has? You though that he is poor because he is adopted and only live in an apartment?”


“I liked Von, but I gave up because you two were dating.”

“Lastly, let me tell you this. If you weren’t so gullible then you would have been the happiest woman alive right now.”

Rin was fuming in anger, she was previously holding back her anger because she did not want to make her older sister feel bad.

Since the apocalypse started, the so called new boyfriend that her sister exchange for Von is totally and utterly useless. Unlike Von who had saved her when she was surrounded by thugs, at that time, Rin was helpless and in her helplessness, Von arrived like a meteor and dealt with the thugs as if he was her own white knight.

Because of Von saving her, Rin fell in love. But her love could not bloom because Von was already dating her older sister. That’s why she started learning kendo to pour her frustration on her opponents.


“Oneechan, I’m sorry for calling you stupid.”

“You are not stupid oneechan… you’re a gullible moron!”

“That’s enough Rin!” Mike could no longer take Rin’s abusive language towards his girlfriend.

“Huh? and why are you suddenly becoming courageous? Ohh right, your father is the head chief police.”


“I bet his already one of those zombies, too bad huh?”


“What are you going to do about it? you man enough to fight me?”

“T-that’s too much Rin…” Pleaded Alice

“I’m only here because you are my older sister Alice oneechan.”

Alice and Mike could not retort from Rin’s spiteful tone towards them.

“Ohh and one more thing oneechan. You wanted a rich boyfriend to boast to your friend that’s why you dumped Von and picked this bastard right? Even though rumors of him are all over the campus , like his a virgin eater, and a playboy. Oh did you perhaps already lost your virginity to him?”

“Of course not”

Rin squinted her eyes as if confirming what her older sister had said is true or false, but it seemed like she wasn’t lying.

“Well at least you seemed to be not lying”

“I hope my words won’t break your heart so I’m going to give you a chance whether you want to hear what I want to say next or not.”

“I…I want to hear it, I don’t want us to fight Rin…”

“Good, then I will say it. Von’s step father is the manage of one of the biggest banks in Europe.”

“Shock? regret? hahaha too late. I only found out about it when I played together with Rose.”


“When what?”

“When did you find out about his fathers job!”

“Ah I see where you’re getting at. You must be feeling regret huh Oneechan? so you want to ask me when I found out and blame me why I didn’t inform you, right?”


“Don’t speak anymore, I know that you’re stupid. But I guess its really my fault huh.”

“W-what do you mean”

“What I mean is, I found out about his fathers Job when around 8 months ago”

“Like, I said, You are gullible, if you only swallowed your worries and shame and just ask Von about what his current step parents job is and everything would have not even come to this.”

“I know you love Von…well, I mean ‘HAD’ love him, but It seems like being popular for a short while outweigh your love for him.”

Rin emphasized on the word HAD before halting. Because Alice has started to sob.

“Why are you crying? Well, I guess that’s enough for now. How about we go towards the HFTR hospital? I heard the military stayed their for a while, so it is safe to think that that place is much safer.”

Rin and co only manage to scavenge a handful of food supplies before embarking their way towards the HFTR hospital.

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