Chapter 5

At first, I was afraid that the military had already taken all of the rations.

“At least they left some for me, with these here, I can probably live for a year or two here in the hospital”

Checking out the rations, I could discern that most of the food that the military took are the rice and in can goods.

Seeing the rations in front of me, I could not help but twitch.

With different kinds of chocolate, chips, drinks, and other beverages in front of me. I feel like everything in sight are foods meant for a Neet.

“Well at least I have something to fill my stomach with.”

I was about to reach for a piece of chocolate until I felt something cold blowing from my right side. Turning my head, I could see an open door.

“Hmm, is that perhaps the freezer room?”

Without delaying any further. I entered the said room and saw countless of preserve meats all over. It’s like I entered a butchers storage house.

“Woa meat! hahaha”

I estimated that the meat here are around 40 tons.

(1 ton = 1000 kg)

Seeing the meats, I took 1 kg of meat with me. Before I exit the meat storage room I saw from the corner of my eyes a box shape container.

With the meat in my hand, I walk towards the box shape container. And upon opening it, my eyes shone with delight.

“Hahahaha, this is what I call heavens blessing. Who would have thought that there’s this much ice cream here, and it is all for me.”

Who cares about rice! as long as I have meat and ice cream I can survive and live like a king.

After I finished stuffing myself with the meat I had cooked in the cafeteria and a half gallon of icecream. I decided to locked the cafeteria doors and sleep on the cold ground.

“Damn it, I’ll ransack those beds later and bring it here.”

I did not know how long I slept, but I do know that I was awakened by a loud noise.

I could hear the sound, I immediately stood up but stumbled halfway, falling down, I could here some growling sounds.

“Shit! did those zombies broke out? and how the hell did they broke out? damn it! there is no point in thinking this pointless things right now I need to barricade myself.”

Opening the cafeteria door, I pushed all the chairs and tables out in the hallway.

“Hmm, they should not be able to get through now…unless they could pick up those steel chairs and tables. Yea right, there’s no way a zombie is that smart right? I must be getting out of my mind, why the hell am I talking with myself?”

With that, I closed the cafeteria’s door again and laid down on the hard floor again, back to sleep.

“…I can’t sleep”

I curse those zombies for waking me up from my sleep earlier, now I can no longer fall asleep.



Hearing a sudden sound, I immediately stood up while grabbing the M4A1 rifle and aimed at the location where it came from.

“I think I am missed to check something but what?”

Thinking about it, I suddenly realized that I forgot to check whether the cafeteria’s emergency exit is lock or not.

Since I don’t want to waste ammunition, I hanged my M4A1 on my shoulder and picked up my fire-axe.

Holding my fire-axe, I went softly towards the emergency exit door, I knew I was getting closer to a zombies since I could hear its  ‘growling’ sound more clearly.

I wasn’t even bit nervous since I could deduced that there is only two or three zombie’s based on the sounds I am hearing. Now, If I only have some pretty woman accompanying me while we both check together for that sound then…


“Oh my god! why do zombies always comes out and jumping all of a sudden out of nowhere!”

This is not even funny, If I were a little bit normal then I would have already died from these fuckers, just how do they even know I am getting closer? do they even have some heat sensor or something?

“Fuck! these zombies are high level, not only do they move faster than what I saw in the movies, they even appear out of nowhere!”

I cursed as I hacked and slash the in coming zombies.

Looks like someone forgot to closed the emergency exit. Good thing that there isn’t much of them here.

Exerting a bit of effort, I took down all 5 zombies. Too bad my deduction earlier is off the mark by two.

Before I closed the door, I saw that it was already dark outside.

“Hmm, zombies are more active at night.”

With another deduction, I knew that this time I am 100 percent right. Well, there is no one to denounce my deduction here anyway. Since I am all alone…yeah its just me, myself and I.

It was dark, and that shone very bright giving off a very gloomy atmosphere, I hope zombies don’t have werewolves ability… I know I am spouting nonsense here but who knows? they could run and could even appear out of nowhere, there is a chance that they could also transform.

Taking a deep breath, I prayed to the god almighty not to make the zombies anymore powerful as they already are.

“At least let me lose my virginity first before making my life anymore harder than it is.”

Complaining alone, I went back towards the freezer room and took out some icecream. Exerting myself earlier made me hungry, of course I’ll eat something sweet.

“Hmmm delicious! there is nothing can compare than a half gallon of icecream after killing those zombies.”

While eating the icecream, I could still remember the zombies I killed earlier.

There was one zombie who left a deep impression on me, his left cheek had little meat left in them and maggots crawling in and out, I am sure his face was bitten off, his nose and mouth is hardly recognizable, leaving only two eyes and an exposed rows of dense white teeth.

I don’t know what was it but from his mouth I could see some black liquid flowing out.

That man was wearing only a white shirt, and a white pants. Yup, he was a nurse…or a doctor? .His upper and lower body is bloody, he was probably eaten alive. To sum it all up, that man was the most ugliest zombie I have ever seen so far, maybe I can see more ugly fuckers in the future kukukuku.

After eating the half gallon icecream, I felt it is about time I start to exercise.

taking off my shirt and pants, leaving only my boxer on. I started my exercise with a simple stretching. I stretched for a couple of minutes then I went to do a two hand push ups.

“1, 2, 3….”



“Phew that was tiring, now I’ll do some sit ups.”




“Feels weird, I can’t believe I could do this many push ups and sit ups without even fainting.”

What did I even do when I was a child soldier? Since I can’t remember, I’ll ask my step father the next time we meet.


It came too suddenly, I was not ready or rather, I don’t know what to do with this pressure I am feeling, I am not even mentally prepared!

“Damn it!, I want to fuck a woman!”

I almost screamed like a madman, good thing I am the only one here.

After venting off my sudden urge and frustration. I felt my head started to clear up again.

“Seriously, I really need a woman! I want to lose my god damn virginity already!”

Being all alone, even though it wasn’t even a day since I woke up. I felt like I am slowly starting to change into a different person, or was I just reverting back to my original personality before I lost my memories?

Since I can’t regain my memories anymore, I might as well embraced this distorted personality of mine.


I think I am in a stalemate right now, I am thinking that I will immediately rape the first woman I meet. But my other consciousness keeps telling me to rape the first girl I meet.

Seriously, I am not even sure whats the different between a woman and a girl. And why am I even thinking this right now? for gods sake, I was thinking at first how I will show my good side to the first woman I meet. Then for some reason I am now at this stalemate.

To rape the first woman I meet or to rape the first girl I meet?

Who know’s? maybe I’ll meet both and I get to rape both kukuku.


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  1. xmachina

    Thank you for mentioning me. I never know that you dedicate a chapter for me to be honest.
    I just help support you because I think it is worth it and I enjoy the story.


    1. You must be Gabriel right?
      Thanks for the support Grabriel, it means a lot.

      I will try to improve myself and write more chapters for my readers.

      Once again, thank you for the support.


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