Chapter 6

Alice was just enjoying her new profound popularity on her new school. She gave up the person she loves most for the sake of others attention. Her actions might have been foolish but she only regretted it for a week.

By suddenly dumping her ex-boyfriend Von and by the dating the heart throb of their campus. Alice popularity skyrocketed in no time. She pretty much enjoyed the attention and jealousy of her fellow campus friends.

But her so called popularity wasn’t long live. Everything suddenly went down to drain. The world had suddenly turned into hell.

Alice lost her popularity, she found out that her sister had hated her for dumping her ex-boyfriend without even a proper break-up and she also found out that her current boyfriend Mike is pretty much useless in this chaotic world.

Without anyone to lean on, Alice could only reminiscences the fun times she had with Von, for the almost two years that they had have been dating, Von respected her. He was not pushy, he was understanding, caring, loving, and most of all loyal.

Remembering on how cold hearted she treated Von, Alice felt shame. She was so sorry that she wished that time could be reverted back.

Alice knew she had little chance anymore of getting back together with Von. Since the last time she visited him out of guilt was a shock to her. She didn’t know why, or what happened to the gentle and caring Von to have such a hateful look on his face when she got closer to him.

“What are you both dilly dallying for? Move faster, we don’t want to be found out by those scum are we?”

Rin called out.

Rin, Alice younger sister. Rin was at first a very timid girl, she was always shy around strangers but one day, she also change into a different one.

Long gone is the shy and timid girl, now, Rin could be said to be a charismatic, strong and beautiful woman.


Compared to her, Rin is tall with lusciously curved. Her appearance even though she was cover buy dirt and blood was still very beautiful. This could’ve been on account of the fact that both of them haven’t have a proper bath since the start of this so called nightmare. Compared to her, Rin still looks 10 times more beautiful and energetic. Her hair, where it still clung to her scalp, was blonde and luxuriant. No dirt could properly cover her once porcelain, now bluish complexion an almost natural skin tone, marred only by the dirt and blood she got from killing those zombies. Her low-necked, curve-clinging satin dress. A black silk scarf draped around her throat and shoulders didn’t quite conceal her attractive collar bone.

Comparing herself to her sister. Alice felt shame, if what her sister said earlier is true, then the next time they meet Von, she wouldn’t have a face to tell her off.

Knowing her sister felt about Von, Alice could don’t know what this sour feeling budding inside her. It’s not like she has the right to tell her off, since in the first place she dump Von and she knew full well that Von hated her for what she had done.

There was silence as Alice and Rin eyeballed each other.


“Less talking, more on moving. Oh and tell that baggage over there to also stop dilly dallying and move!”

Hearing Rin’s remark made Alice swallow the words that she was going to say. Even if Rin is a bit harsh, there is no doubt that it was also her who saved them countless of times.


“That hurt” I snarled.

How did I end up in this situation anyway? Well, let me recap what I did after I exercised.

First, I took my clothes off and went into the bath room. Seriously, this hospital is really classy. I never really knew staffs in this kind of work could take their shower anytime.

Upon opening the door, a woman’s shriek suddenly entered my ear. I never thought that I’d find a woman in her mid-20’s inside the bathroom.

Thing’s happened and now I am in this predicament, I am not even in the mood to rape her.

“Well, it doesn’t look like you would last much longer. And at least I can take care of myself. See? Can’t’ you see my unblemished perfect body hehehe.”

I don’t even know what I am bragging about, and why. But at least she’s a beauty.

Seeing the black haired woman blushing, she raised her one hand over to her wounded cheek. How she got her wound? Well, I threw back the knife the she threw at me, good thing it only grazed her beautiful face.

“How dare you! I was with my husband when he died and…”

I see, her husband died huh, lucky me then.


I grabbed her wrist as she sprang to her feet and tried to slap me from across the face.

“I wouldn’t do that,”

I cautioned as she tugged angrily against my grip.

“You might lose your hand.”

She immediately stopped struggling. I let go of her wrist and she sat back down. I gave her a few minutes to regain her composure and thought about how many people died because of sentimentality.

So what does the grieving widow do when her husband returns home as one of those zombies. Does she go for a gun or even a baseball bat? Nope. Nine out of ten, the dumb bitch screams ‘Darling!’ and runs right into the arms of her hungry hubby. And dinner is served. Hubby’d have his meal, wife would come back minus a few pieces from her body, a little kid a la mode for dessert.

Well, seeing this woman in front of, looks like a fine woman to me. And her being alive means that she’s not dumb. She must have lock herself here when her husband turned into a zombie.

*Hic* (Sobbing sound)

Oh great she’s crying now. Geez. Since I am a gentle man, I’ll offer her some food and rape her then.

“Sigh, what are you crying for? I know, how about you have some food first while I take a bath? Sounds great?”

The woman nodded her head while trying hard not to look at my naked body.

“Thanks…” she said softly while blushing. Really? First she threw a knife at me then we argued and now she is acting all innocent all of a sudden?.
“Don’t thank me, I’ll be taking payment later.”

Hearing what I said, the black haired woman froze for a moment and then nodded her head in agreement.

‘Yes! Jackpot!’

The black haired woman stood up and turned to leave the bathroom.

“There’s just one other thing,” I said.

She stopped, teetering precariously on her heels as she reply, “What is it?”

“I’m just curious. What should I call you from now on? I’m Von by the way.”

Realizing that we have not introduced ourselves to each other. The black haired woman smiled and said ,“You can call me Ruby, and it’s nice to meet you Von”

I watched appreciatively as Ruby swayed out the door, her rounded ass clearly defined beneath the satin of her dress.

I picked up the photo that Ruby had drop, there I saw Ruby, her husband and the image of Alice and her sister.

“Holy cow, this is such a great coincidence, Ruby is the mother of that cheating bitch Alice? Kukuku, now I don’t have to feel guilty when I ravage her later.”

One thing that definitely hadn’t changed was the sour feeling I feel deep within my stomach when I looked at Alice in the picture.

Alice, former love of my life and is almost the cause of my death. She’d been something all right, a curvy blonde with big blue eyes and full, pouting lips that were made for kissing. Her breasts were like firm summer melons and she had the kind of round ass that you wanted to sink your teeth into…no pun intended.

Now now, I wonder how my first time with her mother will feel. I can’t wait!

I entered the shower and hummed while I bath.

“Hehehe, I am finally going to lose my virginity tonight!”





Chapter 7