Chapter 7

Body trembling a little, I stood below the shower in dazed. Don’t tell me…No, I maybe just over thinking this. There’s no way that Ruby would take my M4A1 and shoot me right?

Feeling really nervous, I slowly exited the bathroom with a towel tied on my waist covering my private part.

“Ruby? are you eating well? I hope you are eating…”

Searching for Ruby, I nervously scanned my surroundings.

“Ah Von, about time you come out.”

Hearing Ruby’s voice from behind, I frozed and slowly turned my head.

I took a quick look, but couldn’t find Ruby.

However, I did smell something delicious in the air, and then I found Ruby cooking in the kitchen.

“Wait a second Von, I am almost done cooking”

“You mean you also cooked something for me?”


I don’t know what this warm feeling I am feeling right now. Am I…Nah, couldn’t be.

I quickly pulled a chair and sat there waiting for Ruby, of course I already wore something.

“Ah, what’s wrong Von?” Asked Ruby while smiling warmly at me.

“Nothing, I was just thinking somethings.”

“Here Von, I hope you like it.”

Ruby placed the sweat and sour potato on the table while returning back into the kitchen and bringing a freshly cooked rice.

Rice? why didn’t I find that earlier!


Gulping my saliva, I could definitely tell that the food laid in front of me is really appetizing.

Feeling Ruby’s kindness, I felt bad on what I said earlier.

Maybe its OK if I don’t rape her? its not like I am desperate anyway.

“Thank you Ruby”

“Your welcome Von, its natural since this is the only thing a weak woman like me can do in this chaotic world.

I nodded my head but didn’t say anything. How could I not know what she was implying? of course she is hinting me that she could cook and wash my clothes in return I will protect her from danger.

while eating my lips curled into a smile as I thought of what Ruby had just said. She is not someone stupid after all. She definitely is a smart and cunning woman. What’s more, I think Ruby had already known what I would do with her after I finished bathing.

However, at the moment there was only one thing on my mind.

‘Not bad’

“Oh right, I found something in the kitchen Von.”

“Hmm? what is it?”

“Wait, I’ll go get it.”

Standing up, Ruby returned to the kitchen. Of course I was tempted on seeing her meaty bottom sway from left to right as she walked. But since I got addicted on her cooking, I cancelled my plan of raping her.

I waited patiently as Ruby brought back 2 pairs of glass and a wine. Apparently she saw 10 or so wines in the freezer.

“Ruby…don’t tell me…”

“Yup, do you want to drink with me Von?”

“But I am a minor…”

“Oh come on, the world is already in ruins and its not like there’s anyone here who would criticized us on drinking together.”

“well, you do have a point.”

I won’t bother arguing anymore since I’ll definitely make Ruby drunk and take advantage of her hehe, and then I can achieve my 2nd life-long goal – Losing my virginity before I die. Of course the first is to live my life to the fullest.

Drinking with a beautiful woman like Ruby, I felt like this is the first step in order to live my life to the fullest.

*Hic* (Drunk)

“You know Von, I hate my husband~”

*Hicup*(Also drunk)


“Because~ I think he no longer loves me and I also found out that he is cheating on me waah”

“I see~ well I hate your daughter alice~”

“Huh? how do you know my daughter and why do you hate her~”

“Because~ she cheated on me, and here I though we were perfect for each other ~”

Swaying my head, I almost threw up and rage suddenly started to boil inside me. That Alice, I swear if I ever meet her again I would…kill? naah, maybe I’ll rape her in front of her new boyfriend hehehe *hicup*

“Then let us drink our sorrows away together~”

*Hicup*(So drunk)

“Yea I like that Ruby~”

The last thing I saw before I collapsed from over drinking was Ruby undressing and climbing over my body while kissing me deeply.


The next day,

I woke up with a headache.

“Ahg, my head hurts”

I clutched my head with both hands in attempt to somehow lessen my headache.

“Ahn no~ Von, you beast~”


Seeing the naked Ruby sleeping with a coquettishly face. I realized that something must have happen between us while we where too drinking.

“W-what the hell? D-did I just lost my virginity without remembering how?”

Nooo! M-my precious virginity! h-how could I have lost it without any sort of memories of doing ‘it’.

“Von? whats wrong?”
Seeing the already awakened Ruby, I could see her seductive naked body.



Ruby widened her pretty eyes while her pupils had some sort of seductive glint dancing in them.

“Oh my Von, You were such a beast last-night. It was my first time doing it with someone in 5 years.”

Ruby leaned her naked body in to mine while she reached her hand on my already erect penis.

This situation… I was suppose to be the rapist here… don’t tell me she took advantage of my drunken state and ate me up?

“R-Ruby…w-were you perhaps sexually frustrated?”

“My~ you are such an insightful young man Von.”


“Yup~ my husband and I already lost our love with each other in this last 5 years, he never laid his hands on me. And last night was my very first physical contact in 5 years”  Said Ruby, while licking her lips.

I was right! this woman is a cougar! just my luck.

Ruby started to lick my neck down to my chest while she rhythmically stroke my penis.

I smiled lightly, but when I thought about how I was going to be eaten my Ruby from now on, I felt like I was too near-sighted…

Oh well. At least I’ll get to have a memory of doing it with Ruby this time.

“Ruby! you are the best!”

I pushed Ruby down while kissing her deeply, we tangled our tongue with each other while sticking together like glue.

“Ahhn! Von you beast~”

T-this.. perhaps she’s acting like an innocent woman being rape? just the way I like it hehehe. I think I kinda started to like older women now.

“You bet I am”

I playfully retorted, kissing her cheek, moving my lips down her neck and down her navel.

“I got some good news and some bad news.” I said as I licked Ruby’s navel down to her vagina.

“Ahhn, w-whats the bad news?”

“I’ll be raping you lots and lots starting from now”

“Ahhnn, Von you beast~”

Hearing her reply, I think Ruby definitely like the bad news.

“Mmhhn, and the good news?”

“last night was my first time so, I’ll make you one of my woman from now on.”

“Oh my, haaann, mmhhnn I hope you will take me from now on Von, ahhn~”

“Hehe you bet I will”

With that, I inserted my erect penis inside Ruby while I pounded her to my hearts content.

Ruby coiled her arms around my neck while giving me deep kisses and licking my neck with her warm tongue.

The feelings inside me were indescribable. usually I though that I would be more… unhappy?

Never did I imagine that I would be fucking Alice mother like this.

“Von, I-I’m cumming”

“Let’s cum together Ruby!”


“I can’t believe we just did that,” I said. Ruby blushed as she replied,

“Me neither.”

I put my hand on her belly and traced her stomach gently as I said, again staring into her eyes.

“Your my woman from now on Ruby.”

“Oh Von…You beast~” replied Ruby as she playfully kissed me while she whispered into my ears “Of course Von, I’m all yours from now on.”


Chapter 8