Chapter 8

Opening up my eyes, I would’ve smiled brightly but I could still feel my muscles hadn’t loosened up yet. The fatigue I felt was gone and I felt pretty damned good, the only exception was my stomach, complaining because of hunger .


Luckily for me, Ruby had already made some hot steaming meat soup special waiting for me.

“Fufufu, I knew that after you woke up you will get hungry, after all, we did…kyaa Von you beast.”

I shook my head. This woman… down deep inside me, I still clearly remember in my memory that is was all her fault that I am this tired and hungry.

Damn her, I don’t know why her husband haven’t touched her in 5 years seeing that Ruby is quite seductive and in all honestly she is very beautiful.

My frustration was getting me nowhere but more confused.

Memories of Alice resurfaced inside my mind, I’d never worked out my feelings over her and her betrayal, I had tried not to think about it. But now I was being reminded of her because of this woman in front of me.

Ruby’s appearance is almost the identical as Alice must be because of the genes huh. And I had to figure out what I’d do if there is ever a chance I’d meet Alice again.

‘Would I want to kiss her or eat her?’ What the hell am I thinking? did I already forgiven her deep inside me? hmm, my love for her must have been erased because of what I did together with her mother. Now all I could think of are naughty things.

I stared at Ruby while holding a bowl of meat soup. I could feel something warm inside of me.

“Thanks Ruby.”

“No problem Von, you did make me feel like a woman again.”

I almost reprimanded Ruby when I heard her, the hell is she talking about? making her a woman again? that’s a good one, it was her who was shaking her hips like there’s no ending, actually I felt like I was the victim here in all honesty.

Its not like I hated it, actually I think I like woman who are proactive like Ruby. But… I do think that I sometimes want to be the one who is in control and not the other way. Being dominated by a woman is a new feeling, but dominating a woman is still much much more stimulating.

“Mn, No worries, I’ll give you more love from now on Ruby.”

I stared at Ruby’s smiling face, trying to find the answer in those luscious lips of hers, those perfect breasts that were so enticing…and so edible.

Before long I was becoming frustrated again as a healthy boy, Ruby’s delicious figure in front of me is really tempting.

“Aw, screw it!” I ate all the food that Ruby made for me and stood up, slamming my hands on the table. I’d deal with my personal problems later. Right now I’ll just enjoy myself with this beautiful woman in front of me.

“Ohh Von. you beast~”




First thing I did after doing it with Ruby…again, was to take a bath. Then wore a casual clothes.

I decided to explore the whole hospital and check whether there’s some survivor left or at least find some more weapons.

Before I left for the higher floors, I gave Ruby my one and only pistol, of course It was when I decided whether Ruby is trust worthy. Well, at least she’s better than her daughter Alice.

I grabbed my fire-axe. Yeah, I know, I really love my fire-axe and I don’t really like to waste bullets that’s why I prefer to move around with my fire-axe.


I left Ruby in the cafeteria while I climb the stairs connecting the cafeteria and the higher floors. My first stop is obviously the first floor.

Seeing the hall way in the first floor, I can only describe it as ‘messy’, as I expected this seems like something might jump at me out of no where.

As I walked towards the first room, I could see that the door in front of me was already open,

“This…I think I have watch something like this in a movie before, hmm I already forgot the title but if I push this door something will probably jump at me.”

Of course this is not a movie so I immediately pushed the door.


“God damn it, I knew it”

How come these guys seems to be so silent and then all of a sudden they appear out of no where.

The zombies that I have encountered so far are very different from the movies.

They move faster and much more smarter than those in the movies.

Using my right leg, I kicked the incoming zombie, lunching it a couple meters away, lying on the floor with its stomached being literally opened from my kick.

“Holy Sh*t, I never knew I have this kind of leg strength.”

Seeing the messed up zombie, I could not help thinking about myself being somekind of super soldier…nah, the zombie is probably rotting already to the point that its body is just so fragile that a single kick from me burst its stomach open.

Groaning as if in agony, the zombie which I kick is feebly trying to crawl towards me. I would’ve smiled but my muscles hadn’t loosened up yet. Without delaying, I smashed my fire-axe towards its head, ending its pitiful life.

“*phew* That was quite fun, now What did I came here to do again? Ohh right, search for a survivor like Ruby and find some more weapon.”


But before I could do my search, a cracking sound could be heard in front of me.

“…T-this is unfair isn’t it? Why would a zombie not die after its head burst open!”

In front of me, the muscles and tendons of the supposedly dead zombie made an ominous tearing sounds.

“Holy! Is it evolving or something? Damn it, I won’t let you.”

I could see that the zombie was regenerating and is probably in the process of evolving. I didn’t know that zombies could evolve. But I won’t let it.

With my firm grasp of my fire-axe, I chopped down at the zombies neck, severing it from the body.


“God damn it!”

A headless zombie appeared. This is waaay scarier than the zombies in the movies. Who said that the head was the zombies weak points? But thinking about it, I already killed a couple of zombies and saying that its head is its weak point is believable. But it clearly does not apply to this zombie in front of me.

“Tsk! let me see if you can still regenerate after I dismantle your whole body!”

With a frenzied expression, I chopped and chopped every part of this abominable zombie in front of me.

A minute after. I could see a blackish orb coming out from its pocket.

“What’s this?” I exclaimed in wonder after picking up the mysterious orb.


Chapter 9