Chapter 9

Holding the mysterious orb, I examined it but found nothing strange.

“Well… whatever.” I muttered as I put the mysterious orb into my pocket.

Suddenly, I had this urge to close my eyes. After closing my eyes I felt like I was being watched, I strained my ears, but was unable to discern or hear anything. Just as I was feeling curious, I suddenly could hear things moving around in the upper floor. Again I could not help but feel this weird feeling as if I am being watched.

But I was more interested in the fact that there might be someone in the 3rd floor.

“Hmm, there is a 80% chance of it being a zombie and 20% of it being a human.”

I don’t really know why I blurted that out.

Walking towards the stair connecting the second and third floor. I could not help but think to myself what I will do if I really did find someone other than a zombie upstairs?

‘If its a woman, then I’ll probably rape her? hmm easier said than done…a while ago, I felt like I was the one being raped’

 I picked up my paced while muttering.

“I bet that those punks, prostitutes and other people became much worst in this apocalyptic world. Those were the kind of scum who’d sell their own soul for survival or take advantage of the situation and sow more chaos in this already half ruin world. But kukuku, but I don’t care, I will just do whatever I want.”

Laughing as if I was a great villain. I finally arrived at my destination. What greeted me were countless types of zombies.

“Well goddamn, this is quite a welcoming party I have here.”

I saw a lot more types of zombie this time, but they all have one thing in common, a lot more missing limbs and rotting faces.

Not long after I arrived, the groups of zombies in front of me seemed to noticed me. They started to slowly walked towards me.

“At least they are not sprinting like the ones I have encountered downstairs.”

From their figures, it was apparent that they had been here for quite some time now.

“Time to clean these things up and find out what they where crowding over there.”

I tightly gripped my fire-axe and greeted the first zombie who reached me with a vicious smash upon its head.

“Ohh good not like the one I fought in the second floor. I hate zombies who regenerate.”

Seeing that the zombies here in the third floor are ordinary zombies. I immediately dispatched them out with out any trouble.


“Oh, shit!” I yelled, that was a woman’s voice, damn it, I hope she wasn’t bitten.

Arriving at the door, I found a blonde woman being bitten by a zombie on her neck.

“I hate this! Hey! You piece of shit of a zombie, get off her!”

With an angry yell, I dashed towards them and immediately mutilated the zombie.

“Hey are you OK?…oh course your not OK.”

Opening her eyes, the bloodied blonde woman looked up me with teary eyes and said.

“P-please t-take g-g-goood c-care o-of m-my d-dauther.”


Holy! did I just received a big burden?

Furrowing my brows, I looked around the room for her daughter.


Hearing the sobbing sound of a child coming out from the closet. I could not help opened it.


What came into my view is a blonde little girl that seemed to be around 8 years old.

“Don’t be scared, onii-chan here will not harm you.”

I reached out my hand which made the little girl tremble in fear.

“There, there, see? I will not harm you.” I said as I caressed her little blonde head.

As if sensing that it was already safe, the little girl came out of the closet.

“Wuwuwu, Mama!”

The little girl ran towards her mother.

“…Oh shit her mother was bitten, she should transform into a zombie anytime now.”

The little brat…I mean girl hugged her bloodied mother while crying in a ‘wuwuwu’ sound.

Raising her head, the little brat…I mean girl froze.

I guess she found out that the she’s hugging wasn’t her mother anymore.


I guess not, how can foreigners be this stupid? Oh wait she’s still a child, I guess its OK for her to be a little bit stupid, but I will make sure to train her well as my maid. I don’t like saving someone for free after all. Since she’s still only a little brat, training her as my maid will do for now.

I threw my fire-axe, hopefully I don’t hit the little brat…I mean girl.



“Damn I’m good at this.” I proudly said as I made a victorious pose.

“Wuwuwuwu, Mama!”

I walked towards the dead zombie and removed my fire-axe from its head.

“Sorry, little girl.” I stepped beside her while patting her head.

“Wuwuwu you killed my mama.”

I knew that what she said doesn’t really have any hatred in them. But I still felt guilty so I picked her up in my arms and started to comfort her as If I was her father.

“There, there. Your mama is now in heaven.”


With her little arms around my neck, I carried the little girl while contemplating whether I should continue my search or go back downstairs.

“Hey little girl, whats your name?” I asked bluntly while gently caressing her head.

“Erina” She answered as she look up towards me with an upturned eyes.

Erina huh? That name sounded more like a Japanese one rather than a foreigner. Her father must have been a Japanese man.

“I’ll call you little Eri from now on OK?”

Seeing my smiling face, Erina cutely nodded and went back to bury her face on my neck. After a few seconds, Erina already fell asleep.

“I love you papa”

Huh? Did I hear it incorrectly? or is she just dreaming right now? It felt like Erina was calling me Dad. Hmm, but ‘Dad huh?’

“Haiz, kids.” This must be how a father feel like… or rather I feel like I just became a father of Erina just now.

Without any other choice, I decided to go down stairs.


Arriving in the cafeteria, I saw Ruby wrapped in a white towel. It seemed like she had just taken a bath.

Seeing me approaching. Ruby froze for a minute and alternated her glance towards me and Erina.

Chapter 10

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