Chapter 0 – Prologue

Josh was currently in his room playing a game called Mythical Saga; he also has his own

Customized PC for gaming purposes, which he obtained with the help of his uncle Bernard.


A month ago, Josh was currently at his wits’ end searching for his own personal computer.

His old one had broken down from overuse, and the cause of it was because he never turned off his computer (24/7).

It was a miracle that the computer had even lasted for two years now, only because he had customized it with seven built-in fans for cooling, and he has three AC(air con) in his room. Which he never also turned off in the past two years.

It also has the latest Video card, which he had spent all of his allowance just to buy. It was regrettable that it was now all burnt up together with his PC from inside out.


Josh immediately ran to his phone and called his uncle Bernard.


Totot tit tit cling, prrrtprrrrt prrrrt.


“Hello, Bernardo High Tech Shop speaking, how can I help you sir?”


“Uncle, it’s me Josh”


“Ohh Josh what’s up? why did you call me at this late hour? It’s really late.”


Josh called his uncle at 2 am in the morning to ask for help.


“Uncle, I have a VERY BIG PROBLEM!”


“WHAT!!! What is it?! Is your house on fire?! Did you get shot?! Is your mother alright?! OMG,

Omg,  what is it! Tell me already! “


Josh’s uncle was assuming that Josh had called him because something bad had happened

And was now frantically shouting at his phone.


“Uncle, it’s not like anything really bad had happened. It is just that…”


Before Josh could say another word, his uncle cut him off again…


“What! Did your mother get shot by a robber? Etc…..”


After ten minutes had passed, his uncle was still assuming all those bullshit scenarios, so Josh turned off his phone.


When he turned off his phone, it rang again.


Ring riiiing riing riiiing riiiing riiiiing


Josh knew that it was his uncle calling him. So he answered and said.


“The number you are calling is unavailable. Please leave a message after the beep.”




“Wtf are you talking about Josh, you think I don’t recognize your voice.”

(Ahh he knew it’s me), is what josh is thinking


“Okay uncle, I was just playing a prank at you.”


“Yes, yes, I realized it when you turned off your phone, and I am sorry for jumping into those thoughts of mine.”

(Oh, so now he realizes that those bullshit scenarios that he said earlier are not the reasons why I called him)


“Uumm uncle, do you know why I called you?”


“I think I know, there are three reasons I can think of.”


“Oh really, then do tell me. Please.”


(Hmm he knows why I called him… and he even said I have 3 possible reasons why I will called him…)

Josh was thinking that his uncle really knew his personality well for him to say that.


“Okay uncle, what are those three reasons?”


And his uncle was thinking that ( hhmmp, you brat you don’t even call me for any important event, like

When the time your father came home from abroad and you guys went swimming, you did not even invited me)


“Okay, the first thing you need are new Pc parts, the second is that you want my help for reason number one, and the third reason is that you don’t have money, so you want me to loan you for reason number one also.”


“What! So you are saying I only called you because you think I need new Pc parts and thinking that My PC is already burnt up?”


“Ohh, am I mistaken?”




(Ha I knew it! you never really called me except if its related to your gaming life) His uncle really knew his personality well.


“Hahaha, so I got it right then.”


“Yes, uncle Bern.”


(Damn it if I called at another Shops, I don’t have money to pay for the parts… no forget the parts the whole thing is burnt to crisp and I spent my childhood allowance for it, and the goddamn thing gave up in just 2years) Josh was almost crushing his phone in his anger


“Ok, so what is it that you need this time?” asked his uncle


“Umm I need new….Pc….”


“Ok what part? Is it the mouse? Or the keyboard? Or new video card?” was what his uncle said, because he had not heard clearly what Josh just said.


“Nnn-no I don’t need parts.. I-I….need a new co-co-computer…”


“Hmmm do you have the money to pay me?”


“Ummm uncle, can you just loan it to me. I promise I will pay you after the tournament of Mythical Saga if I manage to win the 500,000 US dollar prize.” Josh needed a new Computer and he knew that his uncle had one of the best Pc’s and its parts. If not the best, then the second best PC shops in the region.


“Hhmm, that’s a lot of prize money. I never knew tournament in games had that much prize money, “said his uncle while pondering whether to help Josh or not.


“Uncle, it’s because I am the top player in the game,” said Josh while grinning.


“O-ho, I knew you were good at games, but I never expected you to be a top player at them. Did you spend your allowance on that game? What’s it called again? Marthyl Saga?” said his uncle, a little confused about the name of the game.


“No, no, it’s My-Thi-Cal-Sa-GA “said Josh aloud.


“Oh right, Mythol Saga.”


“No-no-no, its My-Thi-Cal Sa-Ga,” said Josh again, this time in an irritated tone.


“Oh yea right, whatever it is that you said,” said his uncle while grinning ( kukuku don’t take this personally but it’s the payback for cutting our conversation earlier ) I guess his uncle had a grudge for putting down the first call earlier when he said those Bullshits, because he was really worried when Josh said that he has a Big problem.


“So Josh, here is the deal, I will get 50% of your winning prize.”


“WHAT! That’s 250,000 US dollars,” said Josh in a shocking tone.


“Well Josh, let me explain, this is where I excel – making sure you get the best bang for your buck. If you’ve only got a budget of $200,000 for your new custom gaming pc, we have to make sure you’re getting the right balance of CPU, Memory, and GPU performance – too much of any one of those three will make you compromise on the others thereby hindering the performance of your custom gaming pc! Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from that latest and greatest CPU so you can spend more money on the GPU – and you definitely don’t want your custom gaming PC to choke on too little RAM. If you’re going to be playing at higher resolutions, you’ll be GPU bound. That means your GPU will be stressed more than your CPU – and a faster CPU will be idle waiting for your GPU to finish what it’s doing. In this case it’s better to drop down that CPU and spend more money on a GPU. Furthermore, if you’re not getting enough RAM (8GB is a minimum these days – and goes up depending on your computing style) your custom gaming PC will have to use the page file on your hard drive, significantly decreasing performance as textures and game data have to be cached on the slower hard drive instead of read from the much faster system memory. I have the expertise to build you the ultimate gaming rig tailored to your budget and your gaming preferences.”


“Wa-what the heck uncle, are you using your business tactic mumbo jumbo on your own nephew?”


“No-no Josh all I want is that you will have the best Personal Customize Computer for yourself that will last more years than your old Pc,” he said in a reassuring way.


“Ok uncle, we have a deal, so when will it be done?”


“Ok, it’s going to take…” Before his uncle could speak, Josh cut in and said,


“I need it next month.”


“……-_-……..” his uncle turned speechless and was thinking that

(damn you brat for a 15year old you do know how to rush people… and I was planning on giving this Customize Pc at your 16th birthday for free…hehe but when I heard that the prize is 500,000 US dollars, I wanted half of it because every time you need new video card and mouse , keyboard etc.. I gave them to you for free) his uncle wanted half of Josh prize money because somehow he knows Josh will win the tournament.


“Ok fine, I will personally deliver your new Personal Computer with the latest components in it,” said his uncle


“Ok uncle, thanks. I knew I could depend on you even though I know that 250,000$ is waaay too much. But since when I needed help, you are always there for me uncle, I promise half of the prize money is my payment for you,” said Josh in a happy tone, for he knew that his uncle would give him the best Personal Computer he could assemble.


“Ok Josh, bye. I need to re-assemble your birthday present.”


“What? What did you just say just now,” Josh said in a confused voice.


“Oh…. I-I said that I will have your new personal computer ready.” (Damn it slip out my mouth)


“Ok bye uncle. Thanks again in advance uncle” said Josh in a happy tone.


After the call from his uncle, Josh went to his room and sleep.

A few hours later, realizing that it was already, Josh woke up and decided to change from his sleeping clothes into a jogging attire and went out of his room.


Josh decided to have a jog outside and a few steps from his house, he saw people carrying boxes and furniture from a truck into a house beside his. Josh got closer and greeted his new neighbors.


“Good morning”


After a while, a silver haired beauty with reddish eyes, a decent bust and a curvy body appeared. She can easily be mistaken for a model in a magazine! She came out of the house and immediately ran towards Josh and gave him an unexpected hug.


Josh’s mind was all over the place. He was almost literally floating from the wonderful feeling of the hug,

It got him thinking (Wow! Who is this hot babe? Is she my fiancée or something? Hehehe…oh who am I kidding, I am not that rich, I am just an average person who loves games).

To his surprise, the girl greeted him like an old friend does and said onto his ear.


“Josh it’s been a while!” while still hugging him tightly.


Her breath was electrifying, which made Josh as red as a tomato.


“uumm. Who might you be?”


The silver haired beauty pouted and replied “moh Josh! have you already forgotten your lovely and very beautiful childhood friend?” the silver haired beauty replied with a seductive smile.


It got Josh thinking (What?! How could have I forgotten a HOT BABE like her?)


“Umm nope.. I don’t remember anyone as pretty and hot as you in my entire life.”


When Josh said that, the girl’s face went red and said “Oh you! You sure know how to complement a woman with a straight face eh, Josh?” she said while blushing and smiling at him as she wraps her slender hands around him.


“O-Ok! That’s enough hugging already or do you want to have rumors floating around in this neighborhood?!”


When Josh said that, the girl immediately released him and took a look around her, she saw a couple of elderly ladies that were whispering amongst each other saying “Ohohoho kids these days! They just don’t have any shame!”


When she heard that, her face went red .. So red that you might think smoke is coming out from her silver hair head.


“Oh, I’m sorry about that Josh!”


“It’s ok it’s not like I hated it or whatever” Josh said as he imagined perverted things in his own world (something like a day dreaming).


Josh then inquired with the silver haired woman after he returned to reality “Um do I know you?”


The silver haired woman took a step back and said while pouting, “What are you talking about, it’s me your childhood friend!”


“What! I only have one childhood friend who left 5 years ago for some reason, and she didn’t even say goodbye to me!” and this got Josh thinking really hard until he finally remembered.


(What…. No way! Is she Jessie? I almost didn’t recognize her If she didn’t mention that she was my childhood friend. Hmm the flat chested Jessie is now an extremely hot babe! Hehehe! Man! 5 years and she already looks like one of the best model that I have ever seen.)


“Ar-are you Jessie?”


“Yes! You finally remembered me Josh! It’s been 5 years and I am really really happy to see you! I have been waiting for this day for so long and to think that we can finally go to school together every day!”

(What?! Waiting for this day? Do I owe her money? Did I lost a bet against her?!) ((He is slow in these kinds of situations))




“Yes Josh? And can you call me by my nickname? It’s not like we’re strangers you know!” She said while pouting.


“Ok! And Jess” when Josh called Jessie on her nickname, she smiled even further and started fidgeting with her fingers due to happiness.


“What is it Josh?”


“It’s just that… I’m sorry I can’t go to school every day with you!” He said while bowing.


“Wha-wha-what, but why? Do you hate me now?” Jessie said with a shocked and grim expression on her lovely face.


“It’s not like I hate you. It’s just that I finished high school when I was 10 years old.”


Jessie was shocked even further… she was really shocked with what Josh had said.


“…………”she even almost fainted due to being too shock.


“I really am sorry Jess…”


“Why…” said Jess with tears in her eyes


“What do you mean why?”


“Why did you decide to finish your high school life so early?! *hic.hic..hiccup*” Said Jess while crying


“And in the first place, you weren’t even that smart when we were younger! *hic.hic*….ho..w y..o..u ….”


Before Jessie could finish what she was saying, a little girl with silver hair and a deep black eyes who looks to be around 7 years old came running out of her house house.


“……Jess since when did you have a child? Or rather who is the father of your child?!” Asked Josh with a shocked and disappointed face.


His face turned pale upon seeing the silver hair girl.

Jessie smacked Josh head and said “Baka- I.I…I….I am still a virgin!” is what she said with a loud tone.


“Sorry Jess! Of course you are still a virgin.”


At that, Jess smiled and blushed as she said “It’s ok that yo…..”, but before she could even finish her sentence, Josh completed his earlier statement with “Since you always smacked people around and you’re quite the tomboyish girl, even more so now than before, of course no one would approach you! Who in the right mind would hit on a black belt Karate master and expect his limbs to be intact after… ”


Smack! Smack! Smack! Kick Before he could even finish, Josh was mercilessly pummeled. It was such a frightening combo.


“Agghh…Like…I…said….you……are…such…a tomboy Jess!!”


Tud! Smack! And Josh finally lost consciousness.


– A few moments later…

*Sniff Sniff*(Something smells good..?)

When Josh opened his eyes, he found that he was in a bed,when he decided to stand or move , he realize that he couldn’t move, and when he looked at his side, there was a little silver haired child sleeping in his arms while cuddling his body


(OMG…..I got smacked and kicked because of this little fffuuu….Oh…wait, it was clearly my fault….But she sure is cute! She almost looks like Jess back when she was at her age)


When he looked around, he saw a photo of Jessie and her parents, he saw that her mother was carrying a small toddler on her arm. (Oh so that’s how her mother looks like! I thought her mother died but I guess she is in Japan while she and her father resided here in Europe. So the reason she left 5 years ago was to meet her mother huh?)


(Ohh so she is Jess’ sister after all! I knew it! They look so much alike that I mistook her for being her daughter.)

After a while, the silver haired child woke up and said to Josh “M..Morning Josh-Oniitan!”

(Shiit! She is too cute…I’m not a pervert or a lolicon but….she sure is so goddamned cute that I want to hug her and take care of her!)


Tud! Tud! Clank!

Before Josh could hug the silver haired child, he was hit with a frying pan in the head and lost consciousness again for the second time, the last thing he heard was.


”Yo-yo-you lolicon! What do you think you’re doing to my sister?!”


Jess went to her sister and said ”Are you ok Cheryl? Did this lolicon did anything bad to you? And why are you even here Cheryl?” in a worried tone.


“Uumm Oneechan I always wanted to talk to Josh-niichan because you always told me how much fun you had with him, and you said that you can’t wait to meet him again Oneechan” said Cheryl in a cute voice


“But why are you here in the bed with him anyways? You could have spoken to him when he woke up while we eat our breakfast”


“It’s because I wanted to wake Oniichan up Oneechan, but when I saw Oniichan sleeping face, it made me feel sleepy so I slept right next to him… on his arm. It felt good sleeping beside Oniichan” said Cheryl in a happy tone with a little blushing mixed in her facial expression.


“Ho-ho-how envious…” said Jess with a pouting face


Few minutes past Josh woke up and saw Jessie talking with her sister and said


“Damn you Jessie you..bit…”


Smack! Before Josh could utter another word he was smacked on the head… Again. (Editor Note: I’m starting to worry for his mental health)


“Ouch…damn it….. It hurts damn you, you bit…”before he could utter another word he was smacked again in the head.


“I’m sorry….I am sorry so please don’t smack me again you bi…”


*Smack!* he was smack again Before he could even utter the word bitch.


(What the fuck is wrong with this bitch? Why is she always smacking me in the head? Did her personality change into a sadist in these last 5 years? Oh who am I kidding! She was sadistic even when we were children!)




“Did that teach you that it’s rude to call a girl a bitch?”


“Pffpfff… Ahahahaha!“


“Whats so funny?” asked Jess with a confused look (Editor Note: Yup. He lost it.)


“What did I call you again Jess?”


“You called me a bitch!”


“Pfft hahahaha!” (So she knew what I would say hehehe but this time, it came from her own mouth so I won’t get smacked in the head this time kukukuku!)




“What the fuck did you do that for Jess!?”


“Because I felt that you made call myself a bitch!”


(Damn it! I get smack until the end. Oh god, my luck sure sucks. I did not even manage to have a jog and instead, I got smacked and kicked this morning until I lost consciousness and smacked again and again when I woke up. Grrr! and I thought that she became more mature and pretty but I guess only her appearance changed. This….sadistic bitch…)




“What did you do that for this time!?”


“Because I felt that you were thinking something dirty about me” said Jessie while blushing.


(OMG this Bi…..wait can she read my mind? Or is her instinct is just like an animal’s? Yeah that could be the case!)


“Oh right let me introduce you! This is Cheryl! She is my sister and she is 7 years old.”

Cheryl leapt onto Josh and hugged him. Which made Jessie raised her arms ready to smack Josh again.


“O-o-oy put your hand down! It’s not my fault that she is hugging me, so don’t you dare smack me again” said Josh while having his hand block Jessi’s in midair.


“O..oh sorry it’s a just reflex.”


“Reflex my ass! You’re just a sadistic bitch” said Josh out loud.




“Damn it! What did you do that for?”


“Because you called me a ‘sadistic bitch’ you bastard!” said Jess with a red face ((not a face of blushing but a face of being angry))


“Ohh did I say that out loud…sorry Jess it’s because you kept smacking me in the head that I might have lost my mind”


(Damn you bitch! if you weren’t a girl I would have probably retaliated and kicked your ass already but be glad that I can see your panties)” keekekek hehehe ahahhaa cough cough cough”


“Why are you laughing now?” said Jessie with a confused expression.


“Nothing…and umm by the way, what were you doing before you came here Jess?”


“Oh I was cooking our breakfast.”


“I see but why are you wet?”


“Oh it’s because I was washing some clothes outside and I got sprayed with water.”


“I see I see I see so why did you came here while being drenched in water?”


“Oh because I wanted to wake you up for breakfast.”


“Oho am I included in the breakfast too?”


“Of course” said Jess with a little bit blush in her face.


“Ne-ne ne Oneechan” said Cheryl while still being seated on Josh’s lap.


“What is it Cher?”


“I can see your pantsu Onee..” before Cheryl could finish her sentence Josh covered her mouth with his hand. Of course he was already too late, since Jessie had realized that her underwear were visible due to her being soak.


“Wha-wha-what are you looking at you pervert?!”




(Oh god. In the end I got smacked again *sigh*)


“Hmph!” said Jess while running outside the guestroom/bedroom.


“And Josh, Cheryl come down so that we could have our breakfast” said Jess in a loud voice because she was already far away from the two.


“Sooo Cheryl was it?”


“What is it Josh-Niichan?”


“When are you going to get off my lap?”


“mou..” said Cheryl while puffing her cute cheeks.


“Ok let’s go down now. I promise I will play with you next time.”


“Why next time?” said Cheryl cutely with a confused look on her face.


“Because after breakfast, I will go and register for the Tournament of Mythical Saga.”


“What Mushical Sange”


“Ye-yeaaa “said Josh while thinking (Wow! You’re so cute! I wish Jess was more like you.)


“What is it Josh-Niichan? Is it a kind of food?”


“No, no it’s a game.”


After the two were done talking they went downstairs and had breakfast with Jess.

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