Chapter 1 – Tournament and New Challenge

1month after,


Ding dong ….. after 1min… ding dong…5min after…….ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong


“WTF! Hey you’re going to break my door bell!” said Josh, while he angrily opened the door.




“ohh sorry about that uncle.. It’s just that its still 6am in the morning”


“Damn it Josh! What took you so long to open the door” is what his uncle Bernard said in an irritated tone.


“Sorry about that uncle… it’s because it was hard to move earlier from my bed” suddenly Cheryl tug on Josh and said


“ne-ne, Oniichan who is this Ojii-san?((Old man))” she said while rubbing her eyes and cheeks.


“……..the heck Josh, I Thought you were gay because you did not have a girlfriend…and now I know why…”


“wo-wo-woa uncle stop with the jo….” Before Josh could finish his sentence his uncle cut in and said


“I never thought you’d be a lolicon Josh….” Is what his uncle said, then he took out his phone and dialed on it.


Tot tot tit tit chiing, riing riiing riiiing


“Hello 911…”


“Omg uncle it’s not funny anymore” said Josh with a paled face


“pffft hahaha sorry about that Josh, it’s because you made me wait”




“Well what uncle?”


“Won’t you introduce me to the little girl?”


“Oh right, uncle this is Cheryl, she is the sister of my childhood friend.”


“hhmm there is only one person that I know is your childhood friend Josh”


“Ah yes this is her Sister”


“Oho I see, so did she turned out to be a beauty in this last 5years?”


“ahh yea… she did turned out to be very beautiful, but she also turned out to be very violent…” said josh while shivering a little.


“hahaha well Josh she is violent even when she was little, so I guess that part of her did not change.”


And the both of them laugh “pfft hahahahaha”


“Oh right uncle what brings you here?”


“hey-hey, Have you forgotten already Josh you called me 1month ago, asking for help”


Josh realized that his own PC has arrive and said “awesome uncle!” said Josh while running to the van that his uncle brought in order to get his new Personal Computer


“Whoa take it easy Josh, have you forgotten our deal?”


“O-of course not uncle, 50% of my winning prize is yours” said Josh while smiling and rummaging his uncle’s Van


“Alright let’s take out your soon to be Pc Josh and assemble it on your room.”


“Wait uncle, can you put it in a secure Box”


“Why? And what for?”


“Because Mythical Saga’s tournament will be held in Korea and is going to be Hosted by Unicorn corporation”


“I see… wha – what the hell, so you’re going abroad just to play a game?”


“Not just a game uncle, it’s a tournament with 500,000 US dollars as prize”


”O-oh right I forgot about the prize, wow Unicorn corporation sure is one hell of a corporation huh”


“Yea and I heard that they released a game called RoyalRoad years ago and Dawn of Kings a month ago”


“I see, RoyalRoad game is aired almost always in all channels years ago and now it’s Dawn of Kings huh”


“Well uncle, will you come with me to Korea?”


“Sorry Josh, I can’t, I have a soon to be born baby” said his uncle with a proud face on.


“Wow, that’s great uncle, I hope your baby will be born with its limbs still intact”


“Oy Josh that’s a harsh thing to say”


“haha I was just joking uncle, it was just a comeback on what you did to me earlier hehe”


“Ok so Josh, when will be your flight?”


“Well… uncle since you delivered it much earlier than I expected I think maybe tomorrow”


“I see, do you even have a passport and money to cover your expenses?”


“No need to worry uncle, Unicorn corporation has it all covered for me”


“I see, what about your mother did she know that you’re going to Korea?”


“Yes uncle, I already sent a text message to my mother and father in States”


“I see I see, so who’s going with you to Korea?”


“Well…the bit… I mean Jessie wanted to come with me and of course we will be bringing Cheryl with us”


Then suddenly Cheryl hugged Josh and looked up to his face and said “Oniichan do we really need to bring Oneechan with us”

(hehe she is soo cute I wish Jessie is this cute and innocence)


“O-of course, she is your Oneechan right?” (and I don’t want to be smack again) he said while smiling at Cheryl


“moou, but Oneechan will just hit you again Oniichan”


“haha don’t worry that bit…” smack, before he could finish his sentence he was smack behind his head with a frying pan


“Ouch…” Josh said while rubbing the back of his head.


“hhmm what were you and Cher talking about?” said Jessie with a frightening aura engulfing her.


“No-nothing.., and by the way Jess, this is my uncle Bernard, he came here to deliver my Pc , and I told him we were going to Korea soo…” before he could finish his sentence his uncle said


“ohoo she really is one violent Bit…” before his uncle could say more Jess glared at his uncle and was about to smack him with a frying pan but his uncle realized it and said.


“oohh look at the time I need to deliver your Pc to the airport Josh, and don’t worry I will make sure to have it stored in a safe place for ya” his uncle immediately ran towards his van and drove away.


“…………” (Nice one uncle, I should learn myself one or two tricks so that I won’t get smack again by this bit…)




“Ouch! hey do you like smacking people that much huh” said Josh while rubbing his head again”


“moou Oneechan don’t bully Oniichan too much, becaush he even said that he won’t leave you bewhind and will bwing you with ush to Korea” said Cheryl with a stutter because she is still very sleepy

(sooooo cute I wanna hug her) is what Josh is currently thinking of Cheryl


“uhh is that so , then come in already lets have breakfast” said Jess with a reddish Blush on her face when she heard that Josh would bring the two of them to Korea with him.


After they finished eating Josh said to the two of them




“What is it Josh?” asks Jessie with a confuse look on her face.


“Listen… This might be a bit sudden, but I decided that we will immediately go to Korea tomorrow morning” said Josh while fidgeting


“Wha-what., why so sudden?” said Jessie in a loud tone of her voice.


“Well. It’s because uncle already delivered my Pc on the airport…so we might as well go to Korea tomorrow, the earlier we got there, the better.” Said Josh with confidence.


“bu-bu-but I still have not announce a leave from school yet” said Jessie with a tear in her eyes


“ohh I am really sorry…I guess I be going alone then”


“mooou Oniichan I want to come with you to Korea” said Cheryl with a puppy dog eyes

(waa sooo cute)


“ehmm if its ok with your Oneechan…then I can bring you with me Cheryl” said Josh while patting Cheryl’s head


“n-n-no I don’t want to let Cheryl go with a lolicon like you alone, much more if it’s out of the country” said Jessie while glaring intensely at Josh with a hint of jealousy since, she can’t go with them.


“Ohh I see…” Josh had a look of dis-appointment on his face, but Chery then said.


“It’s ok Oneechan, I will make sure to bring you some souvenir”


“Bu-bu-but….” Before Jessie could finish her sentence Josh interrupted and said


“Why not, come on Jess, let Cheryl come with me to Korea” with a puppy dog eyes, Josh tried to plee for Jessie’s approval.


“A no is a no, hmp” Jessie was being too stubborn, guess she really wanted to come to korea too, but the situation isn’t favorable to her.


“How about this Jess, I will do anything you want if you will allow Cheryl to come with me to Korea” with some renewed vigor, Josh tried to convince Jessie no matter what.


“re-really?” said Jess with a drool on her mouth, her mind was floating all over the place when she heard Josh said ‘I will do anything you want’


(O god I hope she won’t ask something like, let me smack you every day…or you will be my sparring partner every day) when Josh were thinking all the possible scenarios that Jessie would want from him, a sudden shiver ran down his spine.


“Ehhmm, let me rephrase it… I will do anything you want if it’s within my capabilities…” after Josh had said his piece, he saw Jess smiled at him


“I-I won’t do something that will hurt me ok….”Josh frantically said with a fearful look in his eyes, like a rabbit getting cornered by a lion


“I..I..I want..y..ou to.. Go to…school… until we graduate..” with a red face, Jessie said that she wanted Josh to come back to school and accompany her daily…


“whaaaaaaaat!” Josh screamed, he was soo shock that his eyes might come off from its socket.


“I said I want you to go to school with me every day”


“You do know I finish… Or rather I took a special exam and I am exempted from going to school right?”


“Ye-yes bu-but you said you will do anything” with a puppy dog eyes… Jessie tried to appeal to Josh, so that he would return back to school with her.


“Oh….. I guess I won’t be bringing Cheryl with me to Korea, sorry Che….” Before Josh could finish he saw Cheryl almost crying…


“Hic hic hic bu-but I want to hic go with hic Oniichan hic to hic Korea hic waaaaaa”


(O god even though she is crying… she is still soo cute, I feel bad now…) Josh was literally got captivated by Cheryl’s little tantrum.


“O-ok fine, I will be bringing Cheryl with me to korea” after Josh said that he would bring her, Cheryl immediately Hug him while he patted her head.


“S-so you’re going to come to scho.. Rather come to class with me right? Until we graduate.” Jessie was so happy that her little dream of going to school with Josh would come true, while Smiling and grinning Jessie gave Josh a captivating smile, very different from her usual smile.


“…Ye…yes.” Said josh while thinking (omg every day with her means every day I will be smacked or at worst kicked) ((well our Mc is really slow at this kind of thing even if he is smart))


“And one more thing” said Jess to Josh


“Yes what is it?”


“If you lay a hand on my sister….” Jessie pause for a moment while giving off a threatening aura to Josh




“You’ll be my sparring partner every day unti…” before Jess could finish.., Josh interrupted and said


“do….don’t worry I will keep that in mind…”(well I am not a lolicon……well maybe a little but not close to being a pervert that will assault a 7year old kid so I am probably safe…..yea maybe………..)


“Ok then, I be going upstairs to pack up Cheryl’s things”







“Hey Cheryl… why do you insisted on coming with me to Korea?”


“Umm because I want to watch my cool Oniichan win” said Cheryl in cute manner while sitting on Josh lap… yea she really like to sit on Josh lap.


“hehe leave it to me, I will be the victor kukuku kekekeke” Josh laugh with an evilly….(( I guess his ego took over his personality when he heard Cheryl said ‘cool Oniichan winning’…))




Its morning already and it’s time for Josh to leave the house, but he needed to wake Cheryl up.

So he went to her room and said


“Rise and shine, wakey wakey sleepy head it’s time to go Cheryl” Josh then pulled up the blanket that was covering the sleeping Cheryl and… he saw Cheryl hugging an almost naked silver haired woman…upon realizing who the silver haired woman Cheryl was hugging, Josh was already shaking from fear…


*Shiver* …. (Omg what is she doing here in Cheryl’s room? goddamn it if she wakes up now I am dead)


Josh then slowly returned the blanket and started to walk away….yes it’s just too good to be true that nothing happened, too bad that’s not what really happened, as he returned the blanket…. Man how lucky Josh was, when suddenly Cheryl woke up and shouted…




Jessie woke up, she saw her self-half naked and said ”wh-wha-what are you doing here you pervert”


And the carnage began….. ((I leave it to your imagination guys))


Few minutes have past and now the three of them are eating silently, Josh broke of the silence and was the first one to speak.


“You know it’s not my fault, nom nom nom..ouch I think I have an internal bleeding” while eating, Josh rubbed his body and then he mumble in a soft tone “ damn this Violent Bitch…I am soo glad that she is not coming with us to Korea”


“Sorry it’s because you went to a ladies room without nocking so its 100% your fault Josh” It was fortunate that Jessie did not hear what Josh was mumbling about.


“yea yea maybe next time if you were going to go sleep with Cheryl, you should hang a sign outside the door saying, ‘Beware Jessie is here’ ”


“Oho I think I have not beaten you up some more Josh…..” Jessie pissed off at what Josh had said, so she was while glaring at Josh while eating.


“A-a-ahh haha come on Jess it was just a joke, rather I am one lucky guy aren’t I? I got to see my very very beautiful child hood friend defenseless state in the morning before I leave” Josh tried his very best to smooth things out, or things would get ugly if he pissed Jessie off, he was sweating…. From fear until he saw Jessie’s face went red as a tomato…he then said in a low voice “until you woke up and became a beast”


“What? Did you say something Josh?”


“Nope nothing, I was saying, if you find a boyfriend do tell me, cause I will…” before Josh could finish his sentence Jess said “what? What will you tell him if the so called boyfriend of mine really appeared?”


(I will tell him to watch what he says cause he might lose a limb or two) of course Josh could not dare to say his thoughts out loud, or he would be the one losing a limb or two.


“well I will say I am very luck for I have escape a hellish life” (o god it slip out my mouth) Josh was sweating frantically after he accidentally revealed his own thoughts, luckily  he saw Jessie still in her own world

((Author: yes Jessie is imagining our Mc Josh beating the so called boyfriend of Jessie when he came back…well it will never happened anyway, because I hate NTR/Cheating genre, and Jessie liked Josh since they were little, but our Mc Josh is really dense in this kind of things Tongue))


(Phew she did not heard it)


“Umm Jess?”


“Hmm yes what is it Josh?”


“Did you finish packing Cheryl’s things?”


“Yes I have done it last night”


“Great, we shall leave after we bath and change to appropriate clothing”

After 1hour


“Cheryl are you ready?”


“Yes Oniichan”


“Jess bye hope you won’t be lonely when were away” Josh was showing some concern to Jessie, but he was at the same time happy that he would be away from this violent of a childhood friend of his.


“Josh please take good care of my sister”


“Sure thing, leave it to me Jess”


“And Cheryl don’t give Josh too much trouble”


Josh thought to himself (the heck… you’re the one who is giving me trouble, like smacking me on the head for no reason…)


“Ok Oneechan I will behave and won’t be a trouble to Oniichan”


Josh patted Cheryl’s head making Cheryl’s face blush with reddish hue, Cheryl really like it when Josh patted her head.


“Ok Jess were going now, bye” Josh and Cheryl slowly walk away, but before Josh Could reach the taxi Jessie called out him ”Josh!” when he turned around Jessie kissed him for 5 seconds and ran back to the house while being red on the face, when Jessie closed the door frantically she was thinking (I have finally done it, I gave him my first kissed kyaaa)


Josh was speechless to what Jessie had done he thought to himself (m-m-my first kiss was stolen, but it-it felt …good) he blushed for a moment and then shrugged it away and went to the taxi with Cheryl.


On the way to the airport Cheryl slept on Josh lap, while her head was being patted by Josh.


When they arrive at the airport, Josh receive a text message from his uncle Bernard saying “Josh, I had already packed up your Pc safely, and sent it at the tournament resort hosted by Unicorn-Corporation, PS: don’t worry they said that they will assemble it at your room for you”

Josh woke Cheryl up in order for them to aboard the Plane…before they entered the plane, the flight attendant asked Josh for passport provided by Uni-Corp,


Josh gave his passport to the attendant, the attendant then said” this way Please sir Jman… your seat is at first class, oh my you brought your sister with you? Well she can sit with you, your seat is quite spacious”

When Josh entered the first class area, he saw 2 beautiful girls sitting side by side together, a playful Blonde haired girl and a black haired cool beauty girl, both had blue eyes and can be easily mistaken as a model because of their beauty and great body figure.


When Josh and Cheryl walk passed them, his and the 2girls eyes met.


“hey! you are also Participating at Mythical Saga tournament held by Unicorn-Corporation?” asked by the busty blonde girl to Josh while the dark haired girl is sitting quietly at her side, she does not have any interest on Josh at all, but when she saw Cheryl she flinched a bit..


“Ah yes miss….?”


“It’s Lynn Mayer((name of blonde)) and this is Akane Isuca((name of the cool beauty)),me and Akane are Childhood friends, and you are?”


“Ah it’s Josh Galvz and this is Cheryl Borg, Cheryl is my childhood friend’s sister, due to some circumstance she can’t come with me to Korea”


“And by the way are both of you going to participate in the tournament?”


“Yes, it’s fate that the 3 of us, met in the same day we decided to go to Korea”


(Omg I had a hunch but…why is it that, it is always a girl that’s giving me troubles) Josh was feeling that meeting this two was akin to meeting some unfortunate incident. Since Josh remembered that the name Lynn and Akane are both the ruler of their respective faction/kingdom in Mythical saga.


Mythical saga has 3 kingdoms, its Terra, Atlas and Mythos, Lynn is a warrior and the ruler of Terra while Akane is an assassin and the ruler of Atlas.


While Josh is a mage is the ruler of Mythos, Josh hated the ruler of Terra and Atlas because they made a treaty to each other and had always attacked Josh’s kingdom together… which made Josh struggle very hard just to repel their attacks every month.

((every month there is a so called kingdom war , which is held ones a month to liven up the game in Mythical Saga, Josh was pretty much at a dis-advantage in every war, since he was always at a defensive each month in this past five years)),


Each player who becomes the ruler of their respective kingdom will earn the title of King or Queen (if female) and will have their stats multiplied by 10 and skill damage is strengthen by 500%,


Example. If a warrior has a skill of Unmovable Body, which will give 1000 defense and increases its life by 2000 in 25sec and has a 5second Invulnerable state(will not receive any damage for 5sec) then it will become 5000 defense and an increase of 10000life in 25sec with a 5sec Invulnerable state,

Or an assassin which has a skill of Ultimate backslash that deals 1000damge +200% critical hit with a mini stun of 5sec (If attacking the back of a player) then it becomes 5000damage + 700% critical hit with a mini stun (if attacking the back of a player)

and then if a mage who has a skill of Meteor Shower that launches a Shower of meteor that deals 1000 damage per/sec (each meteor) and a burn damage of 200 per/sec(the player will not stop the casting of the Meteor Shower until his/her mana has ran out) then it becomes 5000 damage per/sec with a burn damage of 1000damage per/sec each meteor, the bonuses are only applicable to the King’s/Queens of each kingdom((well no wonder they team up with each other, what an OP skill Josh has))


Josh then said to the two beauty, with a smile on his face

((he is thinking that the tournament is very easy, since it is a pvp type, not the one that was held once a month which required the player to destroy the opposing players kingdom, which is very hard for Josh, Because if he decided to go and destroy either of the two’s kingdom then the other one will attack Josh kingdom while he is away.. that’s why Josh was force to be on the defensive each month making the war always in a stalemate))


“Hey Lynn, Akane, you do know that I’ll win the match right?” Josh casually said with confidence brimming out from him.


Lynn then said in a seductive way” oho you sure are full of yourself huh J-M-A-N”  Lynn was not offended at all, instead, she called Josh in his In-game name.


“and don’t worry you will surely lose against us “ Lynn added with a smirk on her face


“Us huh, so you don’t care what the audience want? Which is a fair fight” said Josh while grinning.


“Nope, it does not matter to us all” said Lynn with a face showing no hint of shame.


“I see, well good luck to the both of you then”

Josh still in his high horse, was thinking (hehe it does not matter to me if I have to fight you 2 or even a hundred of players at the same time for I have a secret skill with me kukukuku kekekeke)


When Akane her gaze with Josh, Josh wink at her which made her blush…he then went to his sit with Cheryl at their allocated place.


Few hours had passed and now they had finally arrive at their destination, upon arriving they were immediately surrounded by the Korean reporters.

Luckily for them, there was a limousine waiting so that they could arrive at the resort faster.


Upon arrive at the resort, Josh while holding hands with Cheryl went to their room and checked if his Pc was set up, when he saw that it was set up quite well and was brand new too booth, he smiled and pulled Cheryl into a hug, which made her blush and happy at the same time.


After some time, Josh door suddenly opened… there he saw both the blonde hair woman with the dark haired woman…yes it was Lynn and Akane.


When Akane saw Josh and Cheryl hugging while spinning around and around she felt jealous… ((Yes Akane likes… or rather loves cute things, of course Cheryl is really cute so she likes Cheryl also not in some perverted way though.))


Josh then said in a grumpy manner because his happy moments were interrupted.


“Hey don’t suddenly enter my room without knocking”


“Oh sorry about that Josh, Mr. Chang Yoon Soo wants to meet us”


“Huh? Who is this Chang Yoon Soo?”


“He is the head of the Unicorn-Corp..”


“wha-what are we waiting for then? Come on lets go meet him already”


When they saw Chang Yoon Soo, the four of them chatted for a while, while Cheryl was sitting and eating some cookies at the side.


“Ok do the three of you understand?”


The three of them said “ yes Mr. Chang Yoo Soo sir.”


When Chang Yoo Soo left the room, the three of them began to talk with each other


“Phew… is he in a rush or something?” ask Josh to Lynn and Akane


“Yea I think he is, what do you think Akane?”


“Maybe  … He has something more important matter to attend”


“ohh yea I think he does.. Everyone was talking about it in the hallway, was it about something like.. Dawn of Kings need to have more action?” Said Josh with a confuse face


“Wait you don’t know what it is??” asked Lynn to Josh


“Nope, it’s the first time I heard about that game name” said Josh e with no care about what Dawn of Kings really is.


“Then I will tell you, Dawn of Kings …uuggh…what was it again Akane?”


“……… idea”


“……………………………………………..” there was a silence in the room for around 10seconds then it broke when Cheryl said


“*chomp* Virtual *chomp* Reality.” She said while eating


“…………is it a game?” Asked Josh


“Yesh*chomp*” said Cheryl while still eating


“Lynn do you know that game?”


“Ye-yes I think I know it  … it was release a month ago…”


“I see”


“Well I think it does not concern us…” Josh was not troubled at all, with a happy go lucky attitude he just shrugged it all off his shoulder.


“Akane come let’s eat with Cheryl” Lynn called out for Akane so that they could enjoy the cookies Cheryl was eating.


Next morning…..


The three of them Josh, Lynn, Akane was in their respective room and they were comfortably sitting in front of their respective Pc.

They started log into Mythical Saga with their respective account.

When they were Inside the game, they immediately went to the Arena, which look more like a coliseum than an arena, at the center there was some kind of a referee player standing who started calling their respective game name and their Kingdom


“Announcing, Ashley ((Lynn’s character)) Queen of Terra and the Best Warrior in the game”


Clap clap clap… there was a lot of players sitting and watching at the side, the match was actually made as an actually event inside the game.


“Announcing, Isuca ((Akane’s character)) Queen of Atlast and the Best

Assassin in the game”


Clap clap clap, woot woot piiipphew, some players where even blowing whistles at Isuka because, she is an Assassin and was wearing some skin showing clothes.


“Announcing our last contestant, Jman ((Josh’s name in game)) King of Mythos and the best Mage in the game




Meanwhile inside the studio of Mr. Chang Yoon Soo was bored, he was thinking about the game Dawn of Kings and its players there.


Then all of a sudden one of his staff called him and said “ Mr Yoon Soo the tournament is almost starting”


“Oh right, first let me see those three’s stats” said Mr. Yoon Soo with a face that showed he don’t really care…


After he saw the status, he was kind of speechless, because… Ashley, Isuca and Jman stats were kind of unique… he then said… Show me their status and skill without the benefit of a ruler.


Mr. Yoon Soo… was yet still again speechless again….he said “what the heck is this? Did they cheat?” asked Mr Yoon Soo with in an angry tone


“N-no sir, we were monitoring their Characters since they became one of the top 10 players in Mythical Saga.”


“Really? then why the heck is their Character stats not balance?” said Mr. Yoon Soo


“I think it’s what you call pure build sir” said one of his staff”


“What’s so shocking sir?”


“Ok show these three’s stat on our screen”



Name: Ashley Alignment: Max
Level: Max Class: Warrior
Race: Human Gender: Female
Titles: Ruler of Terra
Fame: Max
Health: 200000(+200000) Health Regen: 500/ Sec
Mana: 5000 ManaRegen: 25/sec
Strength: 1000(+9999) Agility: 300
Wisdom: 150 Intelligence: 150
Stamina: 1000 Vitality: 1000
Luck: 300 Dexterity: 300
Physical Def: 9999(+9999) Magic Def: 9999(+9999)
Special skill: Inmomitable Body Aura: Golden
Queens Sword
& Shield 9999-9999(+9999) Over-all P attack 9999-9999(+9999)
Name: Isuca Alignment: Max
Level: Max Class: Assassin
Race: Human Gender: Female
Titles: Ruler of Atlas
Fame: Max
Health: 100000(+50000) Health Regen: 250/ Sec
Mana: 5000 ManaRegen: 50
Strength: 400 Agility: 1000(+9999)
Wisdom: 150 Intelligence: 200
Stamina: 250 Vitality: 200
Luck: 1000 Dexterity: 1000
Physical Def: 5000(+9999) Magic Def: 5000(+9999)
Special skill: DualBackSlash Aura: Darkness
Queens DualDagger: 9999-9999(+9999) Over-all P attack: 9999-9999(+9999)
Name: Jman Alignment: Max
Level: 100 Class: Mage
Race: Human Gender: Male
Titles: Ruler of Mythos
Fame: Max
Health: 50000 Health Regen: 50/ Sec
Mana: 100000(+250000) ManaRegen: 1000/sec
Strength: 100 Agility: 200
Wisdom: 1000(9999) Intelligence: 1000(9999)
Stamina: 100 Vitality: 250
Luck: 500 Dexterity: 200
Physical Def: 9999(+9999) Magic Def: 9999(+9999)
Special skill: MeteorShower
Armagedon(Ultimate) Aura: BloodRed
BookOfAncient(left) & King’s staff(right)
0 physical
+500% more magical damage
Over-all P attack: 0(+1000% magical attack)


There was a silence of more or less 1 min in the studio






“Wha-what the heck is that?” said one of the staff member


“Omg is it due to the items only the rulers have?” said the other


Bla bla blab la….the chattering went on for around 5min… Until Mr Yoon Soo said


“If they play Dawn of Kings …then this three is Unstoppable” Mr. Yoon Soo’s was now already gone, it was replace with hope.


Every one of them were sweating, awaiting the start of the tournament, and to see who will be the winner.


“I must have this three play Dawn of Kings.” Is what Mr Yoon Soo said while every staff members nodded in agreement?


“Ok tell the referee that each one of them will receive a Dawn of Kings capsule, free from any monthly charges for 5years


Back to the game, the referee received the message and he said


“Here is the prize,

1st – 500000$ dollars

2nd – 250000$ dollars

3rd – 100000$ dollars

And each one of you will receive a Dawn of Kings capsule with no monthly payment for 5years”


“…..”The three of them were speechless and though at the same time “Sweet, awesome, great”


“ok I will announce the rules of the game, there is only one rule, it’s a free for all match, only one man standing shall be declared as a winner!” said referee while signaling the three of them to back away from each other.


“Ok” said the three in Unison while backing away from each other…


After the distance was around 200meters away,


The referee then said, “ let the match begin”

Suddenly, Ashley and Isuka started buffing each other and then readied there special skills and attacked Jman at the same time… while Jman on the other hand said ” earth and fire heed my call, ARMAGEDON” after chanting his spell, the whole arenawas engulf in a massive shadow.










every one froze and silence could be heard… even Mr. Yoon Soo and the other staff members who were watching the match froze and were speechless on what they saw, it was a Huge Meteor, huge enough to cover the entire arena with its shade, which then Smashed at the two player approaching Jman,


the referee was the first one to broke off the silence and said…


“we-we-we have a winner!” he shouted


Woooo clap clap clap clap everyone was cheering despite the Over Poweredness of Jman


Meanwhile the two girls, Lynn and Akane was dumbfounded and speechlessly staring at their Computer…


The both of them Rushed to Josh room and knocked


Knock knock knock!


Josh opened the door and said


“Yes?” when he saw the two girls he grinned and said


“See? I told you I would win, muahahahahaha” mean while the two girls were dumbfounded and did not know what to say.

Cheryl tug onto Josh clothes and said, “Oniichan lend me your ear I have something to say”, when he got closer to Cheryl, he was then kissed on the cheeks which made him blush a little, while the other girls stared at the kissing scene that they had witnessed.


“Ho-how?” said Lynn while Akane said


“so-strong” while blushing ((she blushed because she saw Cheryl kissing Josh…maybe))


“Well that’s a trade secret kekeke”


The four of them then went to Mr. Yoon Soo, upon they arriving, the studio was still engulf in silence,


“ Ehemm “ they turned their head towards Josh and stared at him


Mr. Yoon Soo got closer and said, “Co-congratulations Josh I never expected that outcome, to be honest I though you would lose because both of them charge at you at the same time.”

With a gulp. Mr. Yoon Soo then said.


“W-would you three play Dawn of Kings?”


Lynn and Akane said unison “ of course” while Josh said..


“hhmm I don’t know… I think I be busy with school and could you explain what Dawn of Kinds is all about?” Josh said while scratching his head.


“Oh it’s our latest Virtual Reality game which is based on RoyalRoad, but in Dawn of Kings every player don’t have his or her own kingdom so everyone has to struggle to become a King/Queen or even a Imperial General on an NPC kingdom, it’s all up to the players to decide. But that’s not all,

Like RoyalRoad you have to fight and conquer other kingdom with their own Respective Ruler or what you might call them Kings or Queens. In order to reign supreme in Dawn of Kings (DoK)”


Mr. Yoon Soo also added. “It’s ok if you just play it for a few hours in real life, for the time inside the game is 4:1 so it won’t be a problem.. and also I be giving a house to the three of you here in Korea you can live here and study here with a scholarship and I be giving you guys a 500,000 won allowance monthly, in return you three must play DoK”


The three of them were speechless , meanwhile Cheryl then said..


“Oniichan what about Oneechan?” Cheryl was worried for her older sister Jessie. Upon realizing Cheryl’s dilemma Josh then said to Mr. Yoon Soo


“uumm Sir. Yoon Soo can my childhood friend in Europe also come with here scholarship?”


“Hmm of course why not if it would make you play DoK (Dawn of Kings) with no worries, then sure and what is the name of your childhood friend?”


“Ah its Jessie Borg,” Lynn, Akane and Yoon Soo became silent.


“As in that Jessie Borg? The one who won the Karate tournament in Japan when she was 13?”asked Lynn while Akane’s eyes was shining in admiration


“I-I don’t know about the karate tournament but, Yes Jess is a karate expert since we were small” said Josh awkwardly with a confuse look on his face


“And by the way would the two of you ok not consulting your parents?” this time, it was Josh who asked Lynn and Akane.


both Lynn and Akane said” Yup” while Lynn added “since it’s a scholarship, both our parents would be happy”


Mr. Yoon Soo was silently thinking at the side (this should be interesting) and said


“ok that’s that then, I be sending an agent to picked Jessie up in Europe, while in the meantime, why don’t the rest of you go to your new home and explore our country Korea, and I be applying the 5 of you at the same school” Mr. Yoon Soo was happy that he could have this 3 expert players from Mythical Saga play Dawn of Kings and a karate genius like Jessie.

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