Chapter 2 – A new beginning

When Jessie was going home from school, she saw a woman in a black suit standing outside her house. Jessie then walked towards the woman and asked her why she was standing in front of her house.
The woman then said to Jessie that she was invited by Mr. Yoon Soo to live in Korea with Josh, her sister Cheryl and two other woman.

Jessi was also told that Mr. Yoon Soo of Uni-Corp sponsored her a scholarship because of Josh, Jessie ought to be happy, because she would soon be walking together hand in hand with Josh this coming school term.

But when she heard that there were other woman living with Josh and Cheryl, Jessie flinched and her face started to twitch from anger and shock.

Jessie had immediately agreed and packed her things up in a rush, because she was worried that Josh might have been already taken away from her or he might have been enticed by other woman than her.
But no matter how rush Jessie were, she still needs to inform her current school that she and Cheryl would be transferring to other country and will be attending school there, that’s why it would take her around 2 days to arrive at Korea because of the delay.


Meanwhile in Korea, it was still summer vacation for 2months, so Josh and the others have 2 months or 8 in game months until summer break is over.

Josh and the others accompanied by Mr. Yoon Soo arrive at their new home, they were greeted by the guard at the front gate. They could see how lavishly grand the place was.
They took a deep breath while gazing at the house that which they would be living. It was a large house with 6 rooms and 2 guest rooms, a big swimming pool at the back, a garden and a terrace.
((Author: This should help you guys visualized a little bit of what I had in mind))

Mr. Yoon Soo asked them if they needed a maid or a butler in order to cook and clean for them, but Lynn and Akane immediately declined the offer and said with a blushing face “W-we, would take care all of the chores and food…”

After some chat, Mr. Yoon Soo said his good byes and was about to leave, but he got stopped by Josh and was asked that if he could convert $55,643.16 USD to ₩60,000,000 WON of his winning prize so that he could buy a Dawn of Kings capsule for Jessie and Cheryl.
((Author: 1 capsule = 8million won so x2 = 16million won))

Mr. Yoon nodded and said that he would also have it delivered later on today.
After Mr. Yoon Soo left, Josh asked the three girls if they would like to go to the Mall for shopping. At first, the girls were confuse, they were asking why. After some explanation, the three of them were delighted to hear that Josh would buy them clothes.
The first one to reply was Cheryl, she Hug Josh and said.

“Oniichan is it really ok for me to pick some pretty Clothes?”
While heartfelt smile, Josh patted Cheryl’s head and said ”of course” while he also wink at the other two and said “well lets go”.

Josh bought 10 sets of clothes for each one of the girls and 10set for himself, whenever they walk passed by someone, they would attract the passers attention to themselves. because Lynn and Akane’s beauty where like honey attracting bee’s, especially with the new clothes that they were wearing.
Josh and Cheryl were holding hands while walking, Josh with his new clothes looked cool while Cheryl in her white Lolita dress looked adorable and lovely, their looks both complement each other’s, that’s why they also attracts the attention of the people that they passed.. Specially girls.
((Author: it’s not like our Mc Josh is a nerd type, he just took a special exam to be exempted from going to class, it’s no different from finishing school early… he also has a pretty decent looks, his body is average not too much muscle and not too thin either))

After walking around the mall for a couple of hours, they stopped at a restaurant and ordered food to eat.
While eating Akane was staring at Josh who was feeding Cheryl, it’s not like she was jealous or something, it’s just that her opinion of Josh had change. She though that Josh was always so full of himself on their first meeting, but now she realized that Josh is handsome, kind and an honest person.

Lynn also though that Josh was one of those guys that would lust after her and Akane, because both of them had an unmatched beauty, but sadly Josh never even looked towards them with eyes of interest.
But what pique Lynn’s interest is that, when Josh said that he would buy them clothes, she immediately though that Josh wanted to admire their beauty by pretending to not notice them at all, she was also thinking that buying them clothes is an excuse for him to see them in different clothes… but sadly he did not even notice them, but only glance at them when they asked him of his opinion.

Lynn was jealous that Josh was frowning all over Cheryl saying how cute and adorable she is and also saying that he would even buy her stuff toys to match her clothes. At that time Lynn realizes that she was starting to get interested at Josh, because the more she look at him the more she falls for him, his kindness to Cheryl and his bluntness in each of his words, she even remembered the first time they met at the plane when he declared that he would be the winner at the tournament with confidence oozing out of him, which is true because he actually won in a matter of seconds.

She was also starting to think that she is ugly or is not beautiful enough, but then she realizes that, maybe Josh is only nice to Cheryl because Jessie is his Childhood friend, and she though at the same time (I knew Jessie is a karate expert but she was not that feminine 3years ago at the competition… don’t tell me she turned out to be very beautiful that even Josh won’t look at me and Akane with interest…)
((Author: well she is not that far off but, Josh only likes Cheryl and is oblivious to feelings directed to him, so if they won’t tell him their feelings he won’t noticed it, lolz long live loli!))

After they finished eating, Lynn and Akane sighed and though at the same time (why am I thinking too much about him…)

“Oniichan when will Jessie-Oneechan arrive?”

“I think 2 days from now, do you miss her already?”

“Yes, and I am scared on sleeping alone in my new room” said Cheryl with a sad expression

“Why? You were sleeping alone in your old room…” before Josh could finish what he was saying, Cheryl interrupted him and said.

“It’s because my new room is soo spacious”

“well then how about sleeping with me in my room then” when Josh said those words, both Lynn and Akane flinched and though at the same time (maybe Cheryl is the biggest enemy after all… naah I am overthinking it, Josh is just kind and I bet she is like a sister to him)
((Author: oh how I wish that’s true kekeke))

Upon hearing what her Josh had just said to her, Cheryl smiled and immediately leapt towards Josh for a lovely hug, while being patted in the head Cheryl said “yes! Oniichan I love to sleep with you” when she said the word ‘sleep with you’ the other 2 flinched again… before they could object Josh said

“ok, how about we go home now, oh and don’t forget the things that we bought today it is my gifts to you girls, so that no conflict would happen with us living together” Lynn and Akane blush a little hearing the word (living together) and nodded in agreement.

“Oniichan , what about Oneechan? Will you buy her new clothes also?” at those word’s Josh flinched and said.

“Of-of course, when she arrive I would buy her new clothes, well I also did intend to bring clothes for her as souvenirs anyway so it’s the same thing”


“Yes Cheryl?”

“I want to buy more clothes with Oneechan when she arrive” said Cheryl with an exited face,
Lynn and Akane though at the same time (Wh-what a greedy little girl… she already have 10 new set of clothes and she still wants more…)

“Of course” Josh immediately replied without any kind of hesitation at all.
Lynn and Akane were dumbfounded because Josh had immediately agreed on Cheryl’s selfish wants without even any second thoughts, with the affirmation of her Oniichan, Cheryl buried her adorable head and snuggled Josh chest with a very happy face.
“Thanks Oniichan, I love you”

Lynn and Akane was going to say something but Josh did not gave them the chance to speak and said

“Well that’s that lets go home and try playing DoK(Dawn of Kings) all night”

“Bu-but Oniichan I thought we were going to sleep together” said Cheryl with a cute pouting face.

“Of course, I won’t play until you fall asleep Cheryl”
Josh had manage to convince Cheryl while patting and hugging her adorable head.

“moouh OniiChan , I won’t sleep until you fell asleep first”
With a cheeky face, Cheryl proclaimed that she would not sleep before Josh.

“Oh-I-wonder” is what Josh said while rolling his eyes balls around…while still caressing Cheryl’s head.




Upon arriving back at their new home, both Lynn and Akane immediately went to their respective rooms, while Josh and Cheryl went to Josh room.
Lynn and Akane took a bath before logging in to DoK(Dawn of Kings), while Josh and Cheryl also took a quick bath.
((Author: separately of course since Cheryl is old enough to take baths herself.))

After taking a bath, both Josh and Cheryl went to bed…5mins had passed, and Cheryl is now fast asleep. Josh thought to himself (…I though you won’t fall asleep before I do? Well I guess she’s just too tired, after all she is still just a cute loli… I mean child)

Josh then went towards his capsule and decided login and play…
The surrounding lights became as dark as night and suddenly a bright light shone on the dark space void and Josh could hear a female voice saying.

The scan on your iris and vein has determined that you are an unregistered user.
Do you want to create a new account?


Suddenly an intro pop and scenes of wars and turmoils flashed in-front of Josh

(DoK) Dawn of Kings
In a world of fallen empires, some relics of the past are good only for a beastman’s bludgeon; others make ruin delvers rich. You may start out with no higher ambition than a sack full of ancient coins, but each gold piece you spend ties you into a dynamic realm of commerce and carousing, driven by the hidden engines of court intrigues and distant wars. As you grow in power, will you fight to hold back the darkness looming at the borderlands of an aging civilization, or will you pull down the last decadent barriers to the coming of a new dawn?
Enter a world where empires totter on the brink of war, and terrible monsters tear at the fragile borderlands of men; where decaying cities teem with chaos and corruption, nubile maidens are sacrificed to chthonic cults and nobles live in decadent pleasure on the toil of slaves; where heroes, wizards, and rogues risk everything in pursuit of glory, fortune, and power. This is a world where adventurers can become conquerors – and conquerors can become kings.
Will you survive the perils of war and dark magic to claim a throne? Or will you meet your fate in a forgotten ruin beyond the ken of men?

He looked around to see who had spoken to him, but there was no one he could see, but a place covered in darkness and scene of wars.

Josh then realized that he was in the middle of the activation process of creating a new account.

Select the name of your avatar


Select your gender from Male, Female or Neutral


Dawn of Kings has Forty-nine races. You may select your race from the primary twenty-nine.

Before Josh could pick a race, the female voice which came from an AI inside the game said.

Since you won the tournament of Mythical Saga, the admin of the game decided to let you choose any race that you want.

(wow great, hmm what race I pick? how about a vampire.. naaa they are weak against sunlight and.. oh wait .. I read it once on a book that there was a vampire-werewolf hybrid that does not take any penalty from the sun.. and since they both gain extraordinary powers from the moon or at night it should be great.) Josh was thinking hard on what character he would want, and decided to go for a Vampire=werewolf hybrid.

“umm can I have a vampire- werewolf hybrid?”

Vampire-Werewolf hybrids are a deadly cross between a Werewolf and a Vampire. They are among the most powerful creatures and a hybrids in existence, having both Werewolf and Vampire powers.
Since vampires and werewolves are each their own greatest foes, it is near impossible to obtain this abomination of a hybrid, but it is not entirely impossible.
all light base Churches will not associate with you and will kill and hunt you if you were to show your true form to them.
Would you like to pick this race?


You may alter your appearance

(hmm true form? That means I have a monster and human form, that’s soo awesome) Josh was overjoyed upon learning that his race could have a monster and human form.

“show me my monster and human form”

An image of his monster form appeared before him. it was beyond hideous, with fangs sharper than blade on his mouth 8ft meter height, and obsidian colored skin. with over grown muscle.

(Woa I looked exactly myself in my human form without the strange tattoo, but my monster form is hideous)

“change my monster form to be more human like.”

“Yes that’s it”

“compress the muscle, change the face to look exactly like me”

“and also change my skin color”

You may not alter your skin color due to the nature of your race.

“how about remove those strange things in my body”

You may not alter your body except for the size due to your race

(well I guess this look is ok than that previous hideous form)

“ok done”

Your account has been activated. Your status and class shall be determined while you are playing Dawn of Kings.
Select a city and kingdom you want to start.

“hmm I would like to start at…” before Josh could utter another word, the AI had cut him off and said.

Just kidding. Due to your race you cannot choose a starting kingdom and a city so we will be teleporting you to a random safe place with in the neutral zone.

“Omg you bitc…” before Josh could finish his insult he was engulf in a bright light and was transported to a random place.


Meanwhile, Jessie was getting ready to go to the airport but then she decided to go to Josh’s uncles house first to say her goodbyes. she also explained to him that Josh, Cheryl and her would be living in Korea from now on.

Upon hearing what Jessie had said, Bernard said to her.

“hhm I see, when you arrive tell Josh to take good care of himself” he then took his cellphone out and texted Josh, the message was this

Hey Josh I hope that you have not forgotten our deal right? Cause if you did I might tell the beautiful Jessie that when she left 5 years ago you cried because she suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye to you.

PS: send the money to my account and also my wife is going to give birth to my baby boy this month

And if you are wondering what the name I came up with, its Janbern.

Jessie then said her goodbye’s to uncle Bernard.

She left and went towards the airport were the black suited woman who was going to escort her to Korea. Jessie was so excited that she was finally going to Josh and Cheryl again, but too bad, her flights got delayed becuase all the planes going to Korea were fully booked for today’s flight.

~~~~Back to Josh

When Josh opened his eye’s the first thing he said was.

“DAMN YOU GODDAMN BITCH! How do you expect me to become a king if you send me in some abandon wilderness!”

while shouting, Josh thought to himself ( damn it!, she did not even tried to explain to me that my race won’t start in a city or kingdom and that I would start in the wilderness… oh wait that means I don’t have to wait 1 month inside some safe city in order to hunt monster. ufufufu that bitch is pretty nice after all )

Josh looked around him moving his body up and down until he realized how realistic the game was, he also notice that he was in a wilderness with so many graves, he saw an abandoned chapel/church in front of him.

The sky was dark and the entire place was illuminated with moonlight, Josh then thought himself ( hmm so dark and spooky… maybe its because that is how the wilderness setting is always about, dark and creepy and since I am a vampire-werewolf hybrid.. this is kind of environment is expected I guess )

Josh walked to wards the abandoned chapel, and when he entered the abandon chapel, a sudden message popup in front of him.


Abandoned Chapel is set as your respawn point.


Since you don’t belong to any kingdom and your race is hated by Vampire and Werewolf race alike and pretty much all light base churches, this abandon chapel shall be your re-spawn point when you die until you find another safe place, city or kingdom to set your as your new re-spawn point.

((this should help you guys visualized the creepy place))

While exploring the chapel Josh found a basement. he entered the basement and saw a lot of old books, and some black clothes that a vampire would wear.

(hmm this place must have been used to be a vampires den?)

Josh took the black vampire clothes and kept on searching and rummaging the whole basement for anything useful for his up coming adventures.

Upon delving deeper, Josh saw a coffin laying at the corner of the basement, his heart was beating like crazy while thinking (OMG, a-a-a coffin….)

Josh face was pale, but he steeled himself and slowly approach the unknown coffin.

“Gulp, here I go..” with his trembling hands, Josh slowly opened the coffin, and what he saw was different on what he had in mind, he saw a vampire cape which was stab with a white stake and some ashes scattered around.

(phew I guess the vampire who was living here was dead already.) Josh felt relieved upon seeing that there were no living vampire alive inside the coffin.

(hmm I know how to revive a vampire from the game I had played years ago… what was it called again? hmm, I think it was called Castlevania. yup, it was an amazing game filled with vampires and monsters… ohh right I remember that vampires are cunning creatures sooo…)

Josh grinned and took the late Vampire’s ashes and spread it outside to ensure that it wont be revive EVER again.

(kukuku kekeke I am a genius) Josh was laughing hysterically out loud like an idiot.

After scattering the previous vampires ash, Josh went back to the basement and continued his search for useful items. upon delving much deeper, Josh saw a treasure room which is filled with lots of gold coins.
Upon seeing the abundant of Gold coins in front of him, his eyes sparkled with a glint of joy and happiness.

“YEEEEEEEEEEEES! Thank you for sending me here oh great bitc… I mean goddess A.I. kekekekeke” Josh took all the Gold coins leaving none for the next player that will discover this abandon chapel.

Upon collecting all the coins, Josh checked his inventory to confirm his loots.


+ black rapier sword(Un-Identified)-new-
+ 3xrings(Un-Identified)-new-
+ Black cape(Un-Identified)-new-
+ 50,000 Gold-new-
+ 10x rye bread
+ Canteen of water

(kukuku kekeke I bet I am the riches newbie here in the game, I am one step closer on becoming a King… I think)


Your satiety is less than 30%, all stats are reduced by 50%

Josh took 2 piece of rye bread and ate it to fill his satiety, he then went back to where the books were located. He then started to read the first book that he could grab, upon reading the book, Josh found out that he is most likely the 2nd Vampire-Werewolf that had existed inside the game.


The beginning of the hybrid race was Angelo coven, when he transformed into a vampire-werewolf hybrids his body first felt as cold as ice and the venom froze his body into a diamond hard form and then augmented his cells into stronger than diamond form.
His body began to burn like an intense fire which perfected all physical features, including muscle mass, and got rid of any moles he once had.
His body becomes accustom to the heat and his senses became more defined, and if he had any supernatural abilities or potentials it became more defined and easy to access.
His skin is flawless and textured with a marble-like substance much is harder and stronger than diamond. Due to the crystalline properties of his cells, when he is exposed to sunlight, his body will sparkle like diamonds though for unknown reasons he sparkle a red gold or blue color depending on what he eat. He can drink human and animal blood a like or eat animal flesh but what he preferred to eat is vampire meat – if he eat human or animal flesh then his eyes turn gold – if he drink human or animal blood his eyes turned red – if he eat vampire flesh then his eyes glow blue. vampire-werewolf Hybrids also possess superhuman powers, such as speed and strength. Vampire-werewolves hybrid also has an incredibly keen senses and are able to hear for miles and see clearly in total darkness as if it were day time.
vampire-werewolves hybrids are indeed immortal unless destroyed by either: a vampire, a werewolf, a shifter or being slain from celestial bronze, stygian iron or imperial gold weapon.
When a vampire-werewolf sleeps, it’s like he is hibernating, except he can wake himself up at any given time. After transformation, a vampire-werewolf will gain special abilities such as foresight or telepathy. And shows a prominent personality or his/her physical trait magnified from his human life. He also have a scent that is attractive to humans, werewolves and vampire females a like.


You have read the origin and information about your race
+15 wisdom
+15 Intelligence
Since you have learnt about your race, you learned
– Diamond skin(passive)
– Foresight(passive)
– Telepathy(active)

“Wow so awesome! Buy just learning about my race, I manage to earn a few stats and I even learned some new skills ufufufu” Josh was so happy that he was laughing hysterically.

“Show skill”


Skill Name: [Diamond Skin(passive)] Skill Rank: [2] Skill Level: [1] Skill Experience: [0%]
Diamond Skin will reduced any incoming damage you receive by 5%. This skill will automatically get stronger and level the more damage you receive.


Skill Name: [Foresight(passive)] Skill Rank: [4] Skill Level: [1] Skill Experience: [0%]
Foresight will automatically allow you feel any incoming danger from within 20 meters. The range of the area you can detect dangers from will increase as you level it.


Skill Name: [Telepathy Skill] Rank: [3] Skill Level: [1] Skill Experience: [0%]
Telephaty will allow you to communicate with other people or creatures in a 10 meters radius through your mind. The range of your telepathy will increase as it levels.


Skill Name: [True-form Skill] Rank: [1] Skill Level: [Max] Skill Experience: [Max]
Allows you to transform back and forth from your human and Hybrid form.
Hybrid form will increase all your overall status by 25% and will instill fear to those creatures weaker than you.

((Author: skills are rank from 5(weakest) to 1(strongest) ))

“wow I got  some awesome skills” Josh started to sweat from excitement. but he controled himself and said “show status window”







Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid

















Health Regen

5.0 / sec

Mana Regen

10.0 / sec







Stamina Regen

3.5 / sec







Physical Resistance










Elemental Resistance:













+100 all stat due to your race
+all stat is increase by 30% at night and 50% if it’s a fullmoon
+allows you to wear and use any kinds of armours and weapons due to your race
+will received 20% more damage from celestial bronze, stygian iron or imperial gold weapon
+allows you to learn all magic skills except for a light magic
+due to your race you will not receive any extra penalty from the sunlight and any light base magic
+due to your race all light churches will hunt you down if they found out that you are a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid
+increases your infamy by 5000 in your Hybrid form
+you release a seductive scent that attracts the opposite sex either human, vampire or werewolf.
+you will not die if not killed by a werewolf, vampire or celestial bronze, stygian iron or imperial gold weapon

Josh was speechless and is dumbfounded on what he saw, he could not control himself any longer and said out loud

“OMG why the hell am I so OP? is this normal? And what’s with my wisdom and Intelligence? It’s freaking over a hundred already … oh right I forgot that the game will adjust and adapt on the original body of a user… in my case I am a genius kukuku kekekeke”

((Author: and Josh is back to his evil laugh again ))


While Lynn and Akane

The scan on your iris and vein has determined that you are an unregistered user.
Do you want to create a new account?Yes/No


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