Chapter 3 – Road to Adventure

Many Thanks to Shia Veldr for ProofReading this chapter. all rounds of applause *Clap x100* 
Meanwhile Lynn and Akane talked to themselves about the race that they were going to pick together and the city that they would start with. They went to their own capsule and started to log onto the game.




Lynn was startled because her surroundings suddenly went as dark as night and she heard a female’s voice saying
The scan on your iris and vein has determined that you are an unregistered user.
Do you want to create a new account?
She pondered for a few seconds and realized that she was in the middle of the activation process and said
Then the same thing happened, some flash back on what the game is all about and then the A.I said.
Select the name of your avatar
“Lynn” (hmm using my name is ok I think)

Select your gender from Male, Female or Neutral
DoK has forty-nine races. You may select your race from the primary twenty-nine.
Moon elves are tall and elegant and often extremely beautiful. Their skin is ivory-white, often with blue tints, with white, silver-white, sapphire blue, or black hair. Very rarely they can be blonde. Their eyes are blue or green with gold flecks; and occasionally gray. 
Both males and females wear their long hair – often plaited in intricate or simple braids, or pulled back into a ponytail. Moon elves prefer garb that may be simple and even rustic in style, but is exquisitely made and adorned with embroidery, bead work and other decoration. They also deck their bodies and their hair with adornment, and often use body paint and tattoos. When feasting or living in a place of comfort and safety their clothes are bright and cheerful – like the moon elves themselves.
Moon elves thrive on change and on passions, often seeming like young elves throughout their lives. They enjoy laughter and revelry and tend to be more light hearted than the other elves. Though on the surface it may seem they live for the thrills of the moment, these elves see the future of all the races grimly: they must all learn to get along, or they will all be overcome. They are keen practitioners of the arts of battle, and a moon elven warrior is a truly dangerous foe.
Moon elves have the affinity for wizardly magic seen in the other elves, but they often lack the single minded pursuit of these arts. Moon elves often combine their wizardry with the art of the blade or the more secretive arts and knowledge of a rogue.
Would you like to pick this race?
You may alter your appearancee
“Show me my appearance” (Whoa I looked pretty good) Lynn was pretty satisfied with her looks
the only changes was her pointy ears and ivory-skin.
“No changes are needed.”
Your account has been activated. Your stats and class shall be determined while you are playing Dawn of Kings.


“Umm can I request something?” is what Lynn ask to the A.I.



“What is it?”



“Can I have my starting City or kingdom on the same place where the player Jman is currently at?”



“You’re the 2nd person who asked me that question”



“Ohh is the other person perhaps a player called Akane?”






“Well? Can I start in the same place as Jman?”






“…..” Lynn blushed a little then said “I want to have adventures with him.



“Are you and Akane perhaps the players in Mythical Saga who fought Jman in the tournament and lost in less than 10 sec?”



Lynn finches and said “…….yes”



“Do you also have feelings for Jman?”



“Wh-why do you ask me that absurd question?”



“Because the other one… ahh I meant Akane said she is fond of him”



“………” (That Akane…. Also know how to like someone… I though her standards are someone who is elite or something.)



“Ok fine yes… I am also kinda fond of him” said Lynn with a red face.






“So will you send me also to where Jman is?”




“Why? But you sent Akane…”



“I never said I sent her to where he is… It’s because his race is kinda unique…  and you girls need to start in a town and can’t leave or hunt for 1month.”



“Ok fine send me to the nearest town or village which is nearer to Jman’s location.”



“….you two girls really think alike huh.”



“Well he is handsome “



Lynn flinched on what the A.I said and thought to herself.



(I never paid any attention to what he looks like in real life but… when I think about it…., yup he is kinda hot…) she then blush and said to the A.I



“Well…. Send me already.”



“Ok fine. I’ll be sending you to the village of El.”



“El? What”



“Village of El.”



“That’s it? The name is just El? No other extension?”



“Yup it’s called El.. it’s a village located near the wilderness of death…”



“Wilderness of death?”



“Yup, that’s where Jman is currently at. And it would only take one week of travel in order to reach him”



“Ok fine village of El it is then.”



Then Lynn was enveloped in a bright light and the next thing she knew she was already in a village.

And she thought to herself (…. This village is huge … it’s almost like a town surrounded by trees…)

Then a girl with a dark bluish hair with an ivory skin was sitting behind her and said.



“Lynn over here” while waving her hand



“Ah! Hey Akane so what do we do now?”



“Well I guess we should just enjoy our first month to this game “



“I see, and Akane I never knew you had the hots for Josh”



“…um…..i think you like Josh too” said Akane while fidgeting her fingers.

Then the both of them blushed.



“Akane, I’ll be Josh right hand” said Lynn with a serious face



“….the-then I be his wife” said Akane with a blushing face


Lynn flinched and said…” you be his left hand”



“Ok fine.” Said Akane with a pouting face



“But what should we do with Jessie?”



“Ahh yea… she is already in the lead.. and I heard she will arrive the day after tomorrow…”



“…..well I think Cheryl is the greatest rival…” said Akane.



“…………..” there was a 10sec silent then Lynn said



“Nah your just over thinking it Akane.” ((oh how I wish she is kekekeke))



Then the two of them explored the village and decided to separate ways and train in order to get stronger and find a suitable class for each of them before the month ends. Lynn went to the nearest Church in order to get a paladin class. While Akane went to the rogue guild to get an assassin class.



The night passed like it was nothing and now its morning. Josh woke up early around 5:00 am, read the text message his uncle sent him and decided to have a jog because he decided he would play DoK and that it is better to exercise in order to stay healthy.



After an hour of jogging, when he came back home he saw Lynn and Akane setting up the table for breakfast and said.



“Good morning”



When the two of them saw Josh drench in sweat, they could not help it but blushed and said



“welcome back”



“Breakfast would be ready in a while, why don’t you take a bath first” said Lynn and then Akane said “After you take your bath can you wake up Cheryl?”



“Ok, I’ll be taking a bath now and wake Cheryl up.”



Josh took a bath then went upstairs in order to wake Cheryl up. He then said while sitting in the bed near Cheryl.



“Wakey wakey sleepy head it’s time for breakfast” while rubbing Cheryl’s head.



Then Cheryl woke up and said.



“Mowning Onii-Chan” then she reaches both of her arms to Josh.  Josh took Cheryl and carried her up in a princess carry and went downstairs in order to have breakfast.



Upon reaching the table both Lynn and Akane flinched and were speechless on what they saw. They saw Josh carrying Cheryl in a princess carry and that’s not all, while eating Cheryl was sitting in Josh lap and was being fed by Josh.



Then Lynn said.



“Ehem, Josh I think Cheryl is old enough to eat breakfast without being fed by you.”



“It’s ok no need to worry” said Josh.



Cheryl then said “I’ll be Josh-Niichan Bride when I grow up” then kissed Josh cheeks.

Then Lynn and Akane flinched while Josh said “well it be my honor to marry such a adorable girl” while patting Cheryl’s head.



Lynn and Akane were dumbfounded on what Josh had said. They were pondering if Josh was just joking around or he was serious.




They then thought that Josh is just too nice that’s why he just went with what Cheryl had said. ((Oh man if they don’t tell Josh their feelings its gonna be too late and I think Josh was 80% serious on what he said kekekekukukuku)) The four of them talked while eating and decided to add each other in the game when they log in. Josh then ask Cheryl who was still sitting in his lap.






“Yes Oniichan?”



“Do you want to play DoK now?”



“Hmm I think I will play together with Jessie-Oneechan.”



Then Josh talked to Lynn and Akane about on what race they were and where they are currently at. After the talk, the three of them decided to went back to their respective rooms in order to log in to DoK.



Lynn and Akane went to their rooms and log in first, while Josh went to his with Cheryl and decided to log in. But before he could step inside his capsule Cheryl said.



“Umm Oniichan.” While fidgeting






“Can we go visit today the school that we are going to attend?”



“Hmm we still have two months before summer break is over.. .”



“Please Oniichan” said Cheryl with a very cute puppy dog eyes Josh has ever seen



Then Josh hugged and lifted Cheryl up and said. “How could I say no, you’re just soooo cute and adorable Cheryl “ while spinning.



Then Cheryl hugs Josh and said with a very happy face “Thank you Oniichan you’re the best!”



“And umm. Can we stop by at the bank? I need to deposit some money to my uncle’s account”



“Mou..” said Cheryl while pouting



“How about this.  After the bank I will take you to a theme park to play around then we’ll visit the school after lunch.”



Cheryl’s eyes sparkled at the word theme park.”Really Oniichan?”






Then Cheryl hugs Josh and said “You’re the best Oniichan!”





After Josh and Cheryl went to the bank, they  then went to the theme park in order to have some fun like what Josh promised.



They rode every ride in the theme park and had lots of fun. After the rides, both of them were pretty hungry.


Cheryl was pulling Josh hand toward a fancy restaurant and decided to enter it. Before the both of them can order, Josh phone rung and he answered.






“Josh it’s me Lynn why did you and Cheryl left without inviting us?” said Lynn with a sad tone.



“Well you guys were already inside the game that’s why I left a note in the dining table saying me and Cheryl are going out.”



“…. Yes about that. What do you mean by going out?”



“I meant it as I wrote it in the note. Me and Cheryl are currently at the theme park right now and were going to order our lunch then you called.” Said Josh with an annoyed tone.



“Are you guys on a date?” said Lynn with a sad expression, while Akane was paling on what she heard ((yes the phone was in a loudspeaker mode)).



“Hey Cheryl, does going on a theme park together with you considered a date?”



Cheryl flinched and said “What! Oniichan, we are on a date?”



Lynn and Akane calmed down upon hearing Cheryl’s clueless remark and thought to themselves (maybe they were just going out to have some fun since Cheryl’s DoK capsule has not yet arrive).


“Well Lynn, I think this is not a date since Cheryl was in shock.”



“Ah… ehem… yes. and Josh..”






“Will you and Cheryl be having dinner at home?”



“Hmm yea I think so, since will be back before six.”



“Ok then I and Akane will cook dinner since we bought a lot from yesterday’s shopping.”



“Yeah sure, me and Cheryl will be looking forward to it”



The call ended and the waitress who were taking Cheryl’s order said.



“Will that be all Lil-Miss?”



When Josh heard that word he looked at the table and saw 2 plates of stakes. And a lot of deserts….



“Umm Cheryl…”



“What is Josh-Oniichan?”



“Why is it that there are a lot of deserts on our table?”



“Ehe-hehehe” said Cheryl with a very cute pose.



“Can we eat all of this?”



“I think so Oniichan.”



After 30mins…..



“Josh-Oniichan, I can’t eat anymore I am full already.” Said Cheryl while rubbing her stomach.



“Oi oi you want me to eat all of this? The deserts is not even half finish yet.”



“But Oniichan” said Cheryl with a teary puppy dog eyes.



(Damn that adorable puppy dog eyes) “…. Ok fine I will eat it all” said Josh with his shoulder lowered as if he was defeated.



When he was looking around he saw a hot girl with black hair and black eyes and a great body figure…and of course a huge breast …bigger than Jessie was eating a Pocky while reading a book.



When the hot girl look at Josh direction their eyes met, and the girl wink at Josh which made Josh wink back at her in response…



With the sudden come back the girl flinched and thought to herself (…it’s the first time a guy who I winked at, winked back at me…). She then saw Josh walking towards her direction and thought (Wha-what!. Did he misinterpret my winking at him as a signal that I was interested at him? Well he does look handsome himself…Wha-what am I thinking to a stranger who I don’t even know) while blushing. She then heard Josh saying..






“Uh—um hello.” she said while blushing.



“Are you alone?”



When she heard Josh ask if she was alone she thought to herself (Wha-what! Is he really hitting on me?).



“Ye-yes” she said while being even redder from her blush.



Then Josh said would you like to join me and my companion over there eat?



When she heard companion she snap out of her thoughts (Ohh he was already in a date) while being disappointed.



“Ahh! By the way my name is Josh” said Josh while smiling.



“Ah right! My name is Haewon-Lee “is what she said while losing interest on Josh.



“As I was saying would you like to eat with us?”



“No” she said immediately.






Hae flinched because Josh just gave her a nickname and even called her with no honorifics. She then thought to herself (does he have that much confidence on his looks as to give me a nickname as if we are close already) while glaring at Josh.



Then Josh thought (why the hell is she glaring at me? Did I do something bad…nah I am even nice enough to treat her for free deserts, it’s better than the Pocky she is eating, she should be happy).



“……” Haewo-Lee did not even reply.



“Ok, then I’ll be direct, would you like to eat some deserts? Of course it’s free no catch or what so ever.” said Josh with a look on his face that says I don’t care anymore.



“Yes if it’s free, and it’s not like I can’t afford it or something I am just here to meet someone, but she suddenly had some important matters to attend to and could not make it.”



“Ok let’s go”



Both of them walk towards Josh table and when they arrived, Haewon flinched when she saw a silver haired loli…. I mean girl waiting in the table…



And she was surprised when the girl suddenly jumped towards Josh and said ”Oniichan you idiot! I was scared when you suddenly disappeared” while crying a little.



“I am so sorry Cheryl. I just went to someone that could help us finish the deserts.” said Josh while rubbing Cheryl’s head.



When Haewon heard the words that came out from Josh mouth she was really red from embarrassment and thought to herself (Help eat the desert? So he was not hitting on me…how embarrassing…).



“Geez! Oniichan, next time tell me if you’re gonna go somewhere ok?” said Cheryl while looking upwards towards Josh eyes.



Then Josh said ” Ok ok I promise that I won’t leave you alone without having your permission” while rubbing Cheryl’s head and wiping her tears.



“Ah I forgot to introduce her… Cheryl this is Haewon-Lee”.



“And Hae this is…”before Josh could finish his sentence Cheryl cut him off and said.



“His bride” said Cheryl with a cheeky look on her face.



“”“…………….””” there was a silence for about 10sec.



“Such a lovely little girl she is” said Haewon thinking that Cheryl was joking.



“Well let’s eat” said Josh while cutting off the awkward atmosphere.



While eating, Cheryl suddenly sat on Josh lap and said

“Oniichan as punishment for leaving me, you have to feed me the parfait” ((it’s the desert. Yes there was ice cream and parfait)). Then time went by as the three of them talk with each other while eating the deserts.



“Oh right! May I ask the direction of the elite school around this area? “asked Josh to Haewon.


Haewon flinched and said “Yes and apparently I am the student council president of that school”.



“How convenient, actually I and Cheryl decided to have a look at the new school that we’re going to attend to.”



Haewon was speechless for a moment and said “But Chanseon Daeyeong high school is an elite all-girls school.”



“……well I think I heard Mr. Yoon Soo said about that school being an all Girl’s high school…I guess I am a special case” said Josh while thinking about what Haewon.

“Oh I see, I do recall that Mr. Yoon Soo is a friend of our head Mistress.” Said Haewon while nodding her head.



“Well let’s go”



Josh, Cheryl explored the whole campus of the school with the guide of Haewon and there was only one annoyance that Josh could not take any longer… yes it is the screaming of the girls like” Kyaaa~  a guy is in our school!” and others were saying like “Kyaa~~ he is so good looking and very handsome” and so on….



After the tiring tour Josh and Cheryl said their goodbyes to Haewon and Haewon said.



“Umm there is two months left before the school starts again will you guys visit the school again before then?” said Haewon while fidgeting her fingers.



“I think not, because we will be playing DoK (Dawn of Kings) in this two months”.



“Dawn of Kings right…? yes it is already a popular game here in Korea since the release last month…because of its theme of becoming a king or an emperor, building yourself up , raising an army, and waging war with other kingdom”.



“Yeah, are you playing it also?”



“Ah yes I am already on my 2 in game weeks”



“Ah cool you started before us.”



“Us?” said Haewon with a confused face.



Then Cheryl said “Josh-Oniichan is currently living with me, Oneechan, Lynn-Oneechan, and Akane-Oneechan!”



Haewon flinched again and she was kinda shock of what she heard… that Josh is living with 4girls… She thought to herself (…I thought Josh is an easy target …Bu-but I think I would have a lot of competitors and I am already at a disadvantage) while being down.



“Um…where do you guys live?”



Then Josh pointed his finger” there do you see that house over there with a swimming pool?”



Haewon was speechless because that place on where Josh pointed at was the biggest place in their district and she thought that it was Mr. Yoon Soo’s personal house.



“Bu-but isn’t that Mr. Yoon Soo’s place?”



“Not anymore he gave it to us to live in.”



At that word, Haewon was dumbstruck and though to herself again (I better ask Mr. Yoon Soo to let me live together with them…even if I have to use underhanded method ohohohoho) is what she was thinking while having an evil aura around her.



“Well it’s pretty late now, we’re going home now and thanks for the tour Hae”



“You’re welcome” said Haewon while blushing a little.














When Josh and Cheryl arrive home, they were greeted by Akane and Lynn.



“Welcome back home”



“We’re home” said Josh while carrying the sleepy Cheryl.



“What happened to Cheryl?” ask Akane with a worried face.



“Ah don’t worry she just had too much fun and exhausted herself”



Josh then carried Cheryl in the dining table to have a quick dinner and had her took a quick bath with Lynn and Akane. Then laid her in his bed and patted her head and kissed her forehead and said.

“Goodnight Cheryl have a nice dream.”



“Go-goodnight O-Oniichan” then Cheryl closed her eyes and went to sleep.



Josh then went and talked with Lynn and Akane on what they had plan to do from now on in DoK(Dawn of Kings). They discussed how and when they would meet up with each other, and decided to add each other only after they met in the game. Then each one of them went to their own respective rooms and went to their capsule.















Welcome back Jman.
Do you want to log in to Dawn of Kings?






When Jman opened his eyes he slowly opened the coffin ((Yes he laid down in the coffin before he logoff from the game)) then when he was about to stand up from the coffin he saw a long white haired girl that had a black eyes with a little glint of red in it. With a petite body, and a pale skin, in all– the girl was very pretty even though she had little breast size. Jman thought to himself (….. who is this beautiful vampire girl standing in front of me?) but before Jman could even utter a single word, the girl screamed–



“Where is my father!!?” with a threatening voice while releasing a strong killing intent towards Jman.



Jman with cold sweat coming down from his face said…



“I am so dead” ((well guys, you do know why he said that right? If not read the previous chapters kekeke Tongue))



Select a city and kingdom you want to start.

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