Chapter 4 – I have a wife?

Many Thanks to Shia Veldr for ProofReading this chapter. all rounds of applause *Clap x100* 




“Where is my father!!?” with a threatening voice while releasing a strong killing intent towards Jman.



Jman with sweat coming down from his face then said



“I am so dead”



“I will ask you one more time. Where is my father!?” The vampire girl said it while releasing stronger killing intent towards Jman.



Jman thought to himself while having a pale face and sweat running down. (OMG I really am going to die right after I log in). Then Jman slowly stood up and slowly approach the vampire girl. While the vampire girl said.



“Answer my question, and don’t move or die” while glaring intensely at Jman.



Jman did not stop and slowly approach the vampire girl. When he was in front of her, he then said.



“You see that box over there?” he pointed his finger on the box located on top of the table around 5meters away from the coffin.



“Yes. Is my father in there?”



“Have a look inside of it and you will be surprised.” Jman said with sweat dripping and a face saying (I hope she falls for it)



The girl then went towards the box and took a peek inside of it. What she saw was books…yes a lot of books. Her face turned red from anger then she turned around and said.



“Yo-you bastard you dare trick me…” when she turned around Jman was already gone.



“….-_-….” Her face boiled from anger and you could easily see some smoke coming out from her head.


“YOU BASTARD! COME BACK HERE!” she shouted in anger, her voice was loud enough for Jman to hear it.



(kekekeke only a fool would come back to a place like that if some bitchy vampire is giving off such a strong killing intent, and she did not even introduce herself…that means if I answer I die… and if I don’t I still die. But I am such a genius and outsmarted that monster… oh wait I am a monster too, that just shows I am smarter kukuku kekeke) is what Jman thought to himself while running and laughing.



Jman was running through the chapel and was about to leave but… when he took a step out of the chapel he saw a group of vampires … yes and the weirdest thing was all of them were female vampires.



Jman then thought to himself with a very pale face (Oh My God! Why is this happening to me? I though this place is a safe zone…)
Then Jman ran back to the chapel…
He then bump with the white long haired vampire girl who was asking where her father was, then she said to Jman.



“Yo-you bastard! You dare fool me and tried to escape?” while glaring intensely at Jman and giving off such a tremendous killing intent.



“….it’s not my fault”



“Not your fault for fooling me?”



“I mean it’s not my fault that your father’s ash was spread outside in the open, because it was left…”



Upon hearing what Jman said the girl expression change and she was about to cry but then she said to Jman.



“Yo-yo-you bastard I will kill you” she then leap towards Jman and tried to stab his heart using her sharp claw like finger nail on her hand but Jman dodge it and decided to ran …



Jman ran and ran and ran… until he got himself cornered by vampires.


(….I am soo dead now (TT^TT) ) thought Jman to himself while feeling so sorry for himself
“Yo-you! I got you now you bastard” said the white haired vampire girl



“If I am gonna die anyways might at least go down with a fight” Jman then equipped black rapier sword he looted from the chapel.



The vampire girl eyes widen and said “Yo-you bastard why do you have my father’s rapier sword!”



“From the coffin of course”



“Yo-you bastard that’s my father’s weapon give it baaaack!” she shouted while rushing towards Jman.



“…… here”



The girl stops and was looking at Jman with confused face and said”… you what are you planning?”



“Well it is your father’s weapon right? So it’s supposed to be some kind of memento to you now since you can’t see him anymore. And I am really sorry I did not mean to throw his ashes away….”



“Mistress Claudia, please wait a second.”



Said one of the female vampire who were surrounding Jman, she has a long purple hair that reach almost at her knees and a reddish eyes, a beautiful face, and great body figure that could seduce any man.



“What is it?”



“Look at the rings at his finger…”



“Y-you bastard!” Claudia then again rush towards Jman and was about to stab him with the rapier sword.



“Mistress Claudia please don’t” said the unknown vampire girl, while holding her back.


“NO! I don’t want to marry the guy who killed father.”



“Hey! I didn’t kill any one yet.”



“Yo-you bastard threw fathers ash, that makes you his killer”



(….this bitch keep calling me bastard. Now it’s on) though Jman to himself while getting pissed off.



“Hey bitch.”



“Y-you bastard!” she was trying to struggle to free herself from her subordinates who held her.



“Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch…..” Jman then called Claudia bitch a lot of times.



“Umm please stop that please” said the unknown vampire woman.



“Hmp, she’s the one who keeps calling me bastard since from the start.”



“Can I hear your name please? I’ll tell Mistress Claudia” said the unknown vampire girl.



“You don’t need to! Because I won’t accept him as my husband!” said Claudia while shouting.



“Hey you bitch, who’s gonna be your husband? Me? Hmph I would rather die singl.” said Jman with a pissed face.



“Uumm please don’t anger Mistress Claudia anymore.”



“Ok but I don’t want to marry this bitch.”



“Hmp I don’t want to marry a bastard like you!”



“… and why would I marry you?” said Jman with a confuse expression.



“Umm…?” Said the unknown vampire girl.



“Ah it’s Jman”



“Umm sir Jman…”



“Jman is fine.”



“Alright Jman, Do you know what kind of rings you are wearing right now?”



“Nope, I got no clue to what it is” said Jman with an easy going attitude.



“Umm… Try saying identify on it.”






Vampire Lord Ring
Durability: Unbreakable Quality: Legendary
Any one who wears this ring is automatically recognized by the vampire race as its new Vampire Lord. Soul bound and cannot be drop.
+25 health regeneration / sec
+5 mana regeneration / sec
+100 all stats
+20% resistance to all elements
+20% resistance to all physical attack
+20% more damage when using dark attributes skills
+5000 infamy
+you can now replenish 20% of your health by just killing your enemies
+immune to poisons and deceases


Wedding Ring(Groom)
Durability: Unbreakable Quality: Rare
A ring that would signifies marriage to the wearer of the Wedding Ring(Bride).soul bound and cannot be drop
+allows the Groom to communicate with his Bride anywhere in the world
+25% physical and magical damage, when Groom and Bride are together in a party
+25 health regeneration / sec, when Groom and Bride are together in a party
+10 mana regeneration / sec, when Groom and Bride are together in a party



Wicked Ring
Durability: Unbreakable Quality: Legendary
A ring that is imbued by pure darkness resides in this ring. Soul bound and cannot be drop
+ Shoots out a dark energy that drains 100% of the targets mana.(can only be cast 1 times a day and can only be cast to a humanoid targets)
+100% resistance to any killing intents, fears, fighting spirit.



“…………” Jman was speechless at what he saw and thought to himself (is this fair? I am only level 1 and yet….). The unkown girl then said.



“Master Jman, you are our new Master and this is Princess Claudia Boudreaux 2nd princess of the Boudreaux vampire family.”



“Hmm so that means there are other vampire families? “Asked Jman to the unknown girl.

“Yes. Master”



“And btw what is your name?” said Jman to the unknown vampire girl.



“It’s Sylvia Azkaranth.”



“And let me say this, you and Mistress Claudia are married”



“Oi oi oi don’t speak that nonsense, I never knew her until now.”



“Hmp I don’t want to be your wife either” said Claudia with an icy cold stare towards Jman.



“Master Jman as I was saying, you wore the Wedding ring, that makes you and Mistress Claudia a married couple now.”



“Hmp I don’t want to marry anyone who is weaker than me” said Claudia with a face who is looking down on Jman.



“Then Master Jman can you prove to us that you are worthy to become our master and become Mistress Claudia’s husband?” said Sylvia to Jman.



Claudia then took a fighting stance with her rapier sword signaling Jman to be ready and was looking down at him like he was some bug.



“Grrrr do you look down that much on me? I admit that throwing your fathers ash away was my fault, but… to look down on me this much? I can’t take it any longer! I shall show you my power!!”



Jman was then covered by darkness and is transforming to his Vampire-Werewolf hybrid Form






Jman was then covered by darkness and is transforming to his Vampire-Werewolf hybrid Form.














After the transformation, Claudia, Sylvia and the other vampire’s present were dumbstruck with their jaws hanging from their mouths and then Claudia said.



“Yo-you! What abomination are you?” she said with a shocked expression, then Jman said.



“Grrrrr. No more talks, you shall pay with your very life for looking down on me!” with a very angry expression.



“Bitch, I will tell you now for your sake, I never intended to become your husband in the first place, and if you are wondering on why I threw your father’s ash away, then the answer is, I will eliminate any treat to me and whoever stands in my way shall perish, no one can stop me in rising to the top!”



Jman was emitting a very ominous aura while saying those words to Claudia, he then felt power surging through his entire body.



Due to a overwhelming surge of power on your body
You have learned the skill Dominate


+ (Due to your True-Form) all stats are increased by 25%
+ (Its night) All stats are increased by 30%


Jman then thought to himself (Dominate? Show Dominate skill)




[Skill Name:]Dominate [Skill Rank:]1 [Skill Level:]1 [Skill Experience:]0%Dominate will force all targets within 50meters from you to kneel or lose consciousness. The area will increase by 50meters as you level.
+instill fear to opponents weaker than you
+intimidate opponents stronger than you
+prevent any opponent from teleporting away from you



“Pft. kukuku kekekekeke muhahahahahaha” Jman laughs like a mad man upon seeing his new profound skill.



“Hey you abomination of a bastard what are you laughing for?” said Claudia with an annoyed expression.



“Dominate!” as Jman activated his skill, every vampire present except for Claudia and Sylvia knelt before him, while Claudia and Sylvia are feeling intimidated like some sort of gravitational pull was pulling them towards the ground. Since they are stronger than the rest, the both of them were not that much affected like the others were.



“Tsk. I think I underestimated him too much, but his still weaker than me!” mumbled Claudia to herself then charge towards Jman and was going to stab him with her rapier sword… but Jman counter it with a slash from his hand, when Jman countered Claudia’s attack, her sword went flying towards the wall 20meters away from her.

You have learned Dark Claw skill


[Skill Name:]Dark Claw [Skill Rank:]2 [Skill Level:]1 [Skill Experience:]0%Dark Claw is one of the strongest skill any dark monster could have, it generate Dark energy surrounding its users Claw and further strengthen them. 150% damage to any targets. Dark Claw will get stronger as it levels
+deals 250% more damage to a light base targets



“Hehehe kukuku kekekeke”Jman was laughing evilly, and thinking to himself (Woah I am pretty over powered… and now that I think about it I don’t feel the pressure I gotten the first time I met Claudia. Kekeke this rings are really useful… but this Wedding Ring…..naaah I will think about it later)



“I am not done yet!” said Claudia while charging towards Jman again like a newbie….



“Hmmm… hey noob! Is this by any chance the first time you battle someone?”



“……..” Claudia did not answered but Silvia did.



“Yes, master Jman, apparently this is the first time she left our kingdom in order to visit her father.”



“How old is she?” asked Jman while ignoring the embarrassed Claudia ((well I think every girl would be embarrass if someone told them they were a noob…))



“She is six…” before Silvia could finish what she was going to say Jman interrupted and said.



“Hmm six hundred? She is an old hag in disguised then!”



“*Giggle*” the female vampires who were on the floor giggle on what Jman had just said, then Claudia’s face went red and she shouted.



“Sixteen! I am still sixteen!” she said with an angry face because of what Jman had just said.



“Don’t lie to me, you’re a vampire and you expect me to believe you are…” before Jman could say anymore, Claudia interrupted and said.



“Hmph! I am a half vampire and half human.”



Jman released everyone from his domination skill and said.



“Well? Do you still want to go at it with me?”



“I-I will let you off the hook for now, hmph!” said Claudia with a little red on her face from embarrassment.



“Oh really, I guess I am pretty lucky then” said Jman while rolling his eyes around and being sarcastic.



“Ah! Master Jman.”






“Congratulations, you and Mistress Claudia are now officially husband and wife.”



“Ugg… the heck we did not even had any proper wedding…”



“Oh that, well we can postpone that later when you get Mistress Claudia’s Mom.”



“And don’t worry about it too much, even if her mother won’t approve, since you wore the wedding ring which is a pair with my Mistress’ ring, whatever happens the both of you are already husband and wife.”



“….why did this happen to me again? And why the heck her father have the other pair of the ring?”



“Hmm its destiny, and the reason was because the previous master wanted to find the best partner for Mistress Claudia, but unfortunately we received a report that the master was killed by the were-wolf lord.”



“Hmm… why were the ashes in the coffin then?”



“Well, the subordinate who was with the lord hid it before running away and diverted the enemies away from this area. And unfortunately he did his best and died….”



“…..”Jman was speechless and thought to himself (ohh shit I did something…).



“I apologize” said Jman while bowing his head down to Claudia and Silvia.






“Master Jman, please forgive our mistress’ attitude. She was looking forward to marry a handsome prince because of her father’s promise.”



“The heck? Handsome prince? Marrying a vampire? Hehehe hahahaha!” said Jman while laughing real hard.


“Yo-you bastard!” said Claudia while charging again towards Jman.



Then Jman caught her on the Jaw of her face and he then lean forward almost about to kiss Claudia and said,



“Shut up and behave or I shall rip that tongue of yours from your mouth!”



Then Jman release Claudia and turned around to talk with Sylvia, he then sat in a chair and said,



“Ok then, since this is such a hassle. Me and Claudia don’t even like each other, I propose that the two of us are only married by name. And ofcourse I will be the Vampire Lord from now on.”



“”<Murmur>”” the other vampire girls who were present murmured with each other… one of them then said to Jman,



“Umm… may I ask what race you are master?” said girl 1



“Finally someone is interested on my race, I thought the bullshit about me being hated by vampires were real,” said Jman while feeling relieved.



“It’s a hybrid of Vampire and werewolf.” After Jman said that every one of them froze on the spot, others were sweating, and others were hostile towards Jman… that includes Claudia.



Then Claudia said “Yo-you’re not fit to become the Lord of the vampire race!”



“Hmm I thought I only needed to prove my strength and since I have done it, I assume I am already the Vampire Lord, not to forget I have the rings bound to me”



“Even so…..”



(This bitch is sooo stubborn, *sight* I guess I have no choice then) then Jman said with a serious expression.



“My princess, I shall promise to avenge the death of your father” said Jman while holding Claudia’s hand and looking towards her eyes showing his seriousness. (…I hope this cheesy line of mine works)



“Wha-what are you doing all of a sudden” with a blush on her face, Claudia look towards Sylvia asking for help



“Master Jman, I think it is impossible since the Were-wolf Lord is really strong… and can fight during the day, that’s why the previous master lost”



*Grin* with a big grin Jman then said” hehehe kekeke are you also underestimating me?”



Sylvia flinched and then said “I apologize master”



(Kekeke I am one step closer to becoming a supreme ruler)



“Well then, where is the current location of the Were-wolf Lord?”



Everyone present were dumbfounded because Jman asked with an easy-going attitude about the location of the Werewolf Lord. Claudia then thought to herself (now that I look at his face clearly… he is a handsome guy… even though he is a bit cocky…or is he just powerful).






Jman flinched for a sec then thought to himself (whoa that’s the first time this bitch called me by my name).



“Yes, what is it Claudia?”




Claudia blushed because it is also the first time Jman called her name.



“I think you need to train more, in order to win against the Werewolf Lord” everyone present nodded their head in agreement.



“Master Jman can you show everyone here your current stats?”



(hmm I think it’s ok since I am the vampire Lord….)



“Yea sure why not. Show Stats to everyone.”



Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid
Vampire Lord
Health Regen
30.0 / sec
Mana Regen
15.0 / sec
Stamina Regen
5.5 / sec
Physical Resistance
Elemental Resistance:
+100 all stat due to your race
+all stat is screase by 30% at night and 50% if it’s a fullmoon
+allows you to wear and use any kinds of armours and weapons due to your race
+will received 20% more damage from celestial bronze, stygian iron or imperial gold weapon
+allows you to learn all magic skills except for a light magic
+due to your race you will not receive any extra penalty from the sunlight and any light base magic
+due to your race all light churches will hunt you down if they found out that you are a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid
+increases your infamy by 5000 in your Hybrid form
+you release a seductive scent that attracts the opposite sex either human, vampire or werewolf.
+you will not die if not killed by a werewolf, vampire or celestial bronze, stygian iron or imperial gold weapon
+(Vampire Lord title) increase all stat by 50, and 10 for health and mana regeneration / sec


After Jman showed his stats, the females were dumbfounded on what they saw and look towards Jman. Especially Claudia, her jaw was almost hanging down from her mouth and then Sylvia said,
“Master Jman!”



“What is it?”



“You’re really powerful! And the most shocking thing is that you are still level one….” With eyes full of admiration Sylvia then leaned towards Claudia and she whispered to her,” Mistress Claudia, Master Jman is better than the prince your mother arrange for you.”
“Ssshhh, don’t be too loud!”



“But Mistress, if it’s master Jman then your mother won’t even be able to complain.”



“You know my mother hates monsters right…”



“But Mistress! Master Jman is the best candidate… no, he is the only one meant to be your husband! Your father would have approve of him immediately.”



“Sylvia you do know that my father’s enemy is the Were-wolf Lord.”



“Yes, I do know but if it’s master Jman he maybe can defeat the Were-wolf Lord.”



“But he is a level one.”



“Who cares Mistress?”



“My mother do, she already arranged a marriage with the Werewolf-Lord’s son as my husband in order to unite our two races and conquer other kingdoms.”



“She can’t do that Mistress, she might have planned the assassination of your father but Jman is the current Vampire Lord.”



“Wha-what did you say just now?”



“…Master Jman is the current Vampire Lord…?”



“No! Before that!”



“Eeek!….. nothing!”



“Tell me now!”



Sylvia with sweat on her forehead said “Ok ok mistress, your mother has arranged a deal with the Werewolf Lord to assassinate your father, in order to steal the wedding rings” Jman then interrupted and said,



“Oi oi oi so that means it’s not my fault that her father died? But I did scattered his ashes around…”



“I humbly apologize master Jman, and yes your actions merely threw the already dead ashes of the late master, since he won’t ever revive even if we have it in our hands,”



“Master was killed with a silver weapon.”



“So that means I was not the one who killed your father! And also since your mother already decided on someone as your husband that means I don’t need to marry you right?” said Jman to Claudia while glaring at her.



“Don’t look at me like that, I never even said you killed my father! I just asked where his ashes are!”



(Oh right she do have a point there.)



“And also I never even wanted to marry that mutt.”



”Ok then I guess I will take my leave then.” When Jman was about to leave, Sylvia stopped him and said,



“Master Jman please wait! “Sylvia stopped Jman with a teary expression saying,



“Master! You are the only one who can save Mistress Claudia from marrying that bastard!”



“You mean the son of the Werewolf Lord?”






“But I heard her mother arranged the marriage and approved of the marriage personally.”



“But master Jman you are currently the Vampire Lord and since you have the rings soul bound to you, they would hunt you down and take the rings.”



“Don’t worry about it, since I am one of those Candidate to be King, in other words I am not from this world and even if I die I will just come back over and over again*grin*, and also the rings won’t even drop upon my death kekekekekekekekeke” said Jman while laughing evilly.



Upon hearing this Claudia, Sylvia and the others were dumbfounded again on what they heard, then Claudia said,



“Husband,” with a little blush and a resolute expression on her face.



“……oi oi oi what are you saying all of a sudden.”



“Please save me” she said with a teary puppy dog eyes….
(….the heck. That puppy dog eyes….ugggh I can’t say no to her now)



Jman then patted Claudia’s head and said “leave it all to me.”



Then the girls including Sylvia was shouting something like a “kyaa kyaa kyaaa~” ….



“So when is the day that your mother will held the marriage of you and the dog kid?”



“Um master, his name is…” before Sylvia could finish her sentence Jman then said,



“I don’t need to know the name of that dog, and I don’t even want to know the name of the Werewolf Lord” (hehe since I would take and steal everything they possesses anyways kekekekekeke) Jman was grinning evilly with an evil aura surrounding him.



“Umm, its 2months from now, at night when the full moon is out” said Claudia with a sad expression on her face.



“Hmm I see, well then go back to your kingdom and wait for me for two months. Don’t worry I will keep my promise and save you.”



“o-ok” Claudia immediately blushed.



“Master Jman why do we need to wait for two months?”



“Well since I am waiting for my companions.”



“Wow! Master’s companions, I wonder if they are as strong as you”



“Hmm I don’t know that yet.”



“How about as handsome as you.”



“Well, they’re not even male so I think beautiful would be the right word to describe them.”



Upon hearing Jman saying the word Beautiful, Claudia’s face soured and said,



“Hmph! You don’t need to come! Let’s go Sylvia!”



“What’s with her?” said Jman to Sylvia with a confused look.



“…Master did someone already told you that you are really dense?”



“Nope, because I am not dense.”



“Mistress, wait for me,” then Sylvia looked back at Jman and said,



“Master Jman! Our kingdom is beyond the forest of El Village, Mistress Claudia will be waiting for you.”



“Sylvia!…” said Claudia with a reddish expression on her face.
(Wew I am glad that’s over) then Jman logged off from the game.










When Jman got out from his capsule it was already 1am in the morning. He then slept for a few hours.….


Ding dong!


Ding dong!



Josh opened the door and was surprised….



“Josh!” said the beautiful white haired woman to Josh while immediately hugging him and kissing him lightly on the cheeks… ((Hahaha gotcha))… let me correct… the white haired woman kissed Josh lightly on the lips.



“I am here Josh!” while blushing because she instinctively kissed Josh.



“Yea welcome home Jess.”

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