Chapter 5 – Jessie’s Arrival

Many Thanks to Shia Veldr for ProofReading this chapter. all rounds of applause *Clap x100* 



“Welcome home Jess.”



“Yes, I am home” said Jessie while hugging Josh tightly, Josh could easily see that Jessie’s was blushing and smiling from happiness….



(Woa! She can smile like that) ((…I expected this, he is such a dense one indeed))



“Come on inside Jessie, to our new home” said Josh while hugging back Jessie a tad harder and smiled back at her.



Upon hearing on what Josh said Jessie felt a bit disappointed. Because it’s like the kiss that she gave Josh a minute ago did not happened. But then again she felt quite relieved because Josh hugged her tightly back.


Upon entering her new home, Jessie saw two female with a really hot body which is 2nd to none compared to her proportions, and a beautiful face that could easily compete with her, was preparing food on the table. Then Josh said to the two girls,



“Ah hey Lynn and Akane. This is Jessie, Cheryl’s older sister and my childhood friend.”



When Josh called out to Lynn and Akane, the both of them immediately went to Josh and flinched upon seeing a beautiful girl with silver long hair and proportions better than theirs. And the most shocking thing is that the girl was Cheryl’s older sister and she is also Josh’s childhood friend.



“And Jessie, this is Lynn and Akane. The one who competed with me in the tournament that I told you about.”



“Oh I heard that the two of them together did not even lasted more than 10seconds against you Josh, and Hello Lynn and Akane,” said Jessie with her face shrouded with a dark aura stating that she hates the two of them already.



“Oh hello Jessie, and I heard you were so violent that Josh did not even took you with him to the tournament,” said Lynn with a smirk on her face and a dark aura around her, just like Jessie she hates her already.



“Umm… Hello Jessie” said Akane with a high class kind of an aura surrounding her,



“I like Josh more, than you two do!”



Upon hearing the unexpected statement of Akane, both Jessie and Lynn flinched and they then both said at the same time,



““I-I like Josh more than you do!””



“………” there was about a minute of silence then Jessie said,



“Fine! Let us ask Josh on which girl he likes best among us”



When the girls turned around in order to ask Josh….the three of them were dumbfounded because Josh was nowhere to be seen.


They then heard some noise in the dining room and immediately went to check what was making the noise, what they saw surprised them. It was Josh and Cheryl eating happily together already without inviting them.



“Geeez Josh, why did you and Cheryl started eating without us?” Lynn said with a pouting face.



“Well… you three were having fun chatting with each other and I did not want to disturb the girl time you guys were having… and also Cheryl was hungry already. I did call you guys but you guys were busy chatting with each other. So me and Cheryl ate first.” Said Josh while feeding the sleepy Cheryl who was sitting on his lap.



(How envious) is what Lynn and Akane thought.



“Hey Cheryl!”



“mmmh?” the sleepy Cheryl wondered on who called her, she looked around and saw a silver haired woman standing in front of her, when she saw that it was Jessie who called her, it made her fully awake and immediately went down from Josh lap and ran towards Jessie to hug her saying,



“I am glad that you are here already Oneechan!” with a tearful eyes.



“Hehe I am glad too Cheryl” said Jessie while caressing Cheryl’s back



“Ehem.” Josh made a sound just to interrupt their touching moments ((lolz damn him :P))



“Oh right.”






“What is it Cheryl?”



“OniiChan said that he will take you on a date and buy you some clothes also,”



Both Lynn and Akane flinched upon hearing on what Cheryl had said, while Josh froze and thought to himself.



(Did I say that?…oh right I did say that.) And he then said with a smile….. A forced smile,



“Yea, I will take you on a date Jess.”



Jessie smiled and then smirked at the two girls. But her happiness only lasted a minute because Cheryl said,



“So when are we going OniiChan?”






Upon seeing Jessie’s shocked face, both Lynn and Akane smirked at her, Josh then said,



“I will take you and Cheryl on a date… more like a tour and a shopping.”



“Oh, ok.” said Jessie with a forced smile on her face



“How about we leave after lunch?”



“Ok OniiChan.”



“Ah yea ok I am fine with that”



“Well? Let us eat our breakfast already before it gets cold.”



The five of them ate and chatted with each other for about 30min.



Then Lynn said to Jessie “by the way Jessie”



“Mmh? What is it Lynn?”



“I thought you hated men, since you were little?”



“Huh? Why would I hate men?”



“Well remember the karate tournament in Japan?”



“I do, yes, why do you ask?”



Josh, Cheryl and Akane were listening to the conversation between Lynn and Jessie.



“Well… it’s just that those who men who confessed to you during the tournament were seriously beaten up.”



“Pfft, they deserve it”



“….no, they said that they had only asked if you already have a boyfriend.”



“So you are saying I beat up men with no reasons?”






“No, I don’t, right Josh?” said Jessie while looking at Josh, but Josh averted his eyes from Jessie, then Jessie repeated herself “Right Josh?” is what she said while emitting a murderous aura.



“Ye-yes, you don’t beat up guys with no reasons Jessie” said Josh with a pale face.






“…. Ah yea fine let’s leave it at that “said Lynn while sighting and giving up to pursue the topic any further.











“Ok we’re gonna go now, take care of the house ok Lynn and Akane” said Josh.



“Ok, be safe Josh… and co..” said Lynn.



“Darling be safe!” Upon hearing what Akane said. Both Lynn and Jessie glared at her.








Josh, Cheryl and Jessie were taking their time on walking towards the mall. They could not fail to attract attention towards themselves.


Passersby would stop by and stare towards them, especially Jessie, she would attract every men’s attention towards her and others would stare at Josh with murderous eyes and jealousy because Jessie was embracing Josh’s left arm and it was clearly seen that Josh left arm was pressed against Jessie’s ample bosom which cause the men to grit their teeth from jealousy.



Josh did not even notice that his arm is touching Jessie’s wonderful breast. And the vicious stares from the males around them. Because on his right hand, the lovely Cheryl was holding his hand and swinging it around joyfully.


Josh thought to himself (ahh Cheryl is super adorable when she is happy)

((Author: hmm that’s why he did not even noticed Jessie’s breast and the stares around him….I am realizing this now… is Josh a lolicon? Naah it can’t be right?)).



Before arriving at the mall, they were approach by 2 ugly men which were dress like a delinquent. One had a piercing to his nose and the other one has a piercing around both of his ears. Both of them are what you may call tugs or a good for nothing. Then delinquent1 said,



“Hey babe, why don’t you leave this guy and the child here and have some fun with us hehehe”
“Yea, I don’t want to hurt your boyfriend here, and your sister?” is what delinquent2 said while tilting his head upon seeing Cheryl for confirmation.



“Hmph get lose you trash, I don’t want my boyfriend here to beat the shits out of you, so scram!” said Jessie with a cold attitude towards the delinquent.



Josh then thought to himself (her boyfriend? Me? Naah, I think she just told them that in order to get rid of them. *sighted*).



The two delinquent did not liked what Jessie had just said. So they were going to do something stupid. Delinquent2 was going to grab Cheryl to threaten Josh and Jessie, while delinquent1 was going to grab Jessie forcefully.


But sadly delinquent2 was sent flying because of Josh’s kick to his abdomen. While delinquent1 was beaten to a pulp by Jessie. The surrounding men who watched the gruesome beating of delinquent1 from Jessie turned pale and went away immediately… yes they must have realized that if they stayed any longer they would end up as delinquent1.



“OniiChan you are so cool” is what Cheryl said while hugging Josh.



“Oho so you still have some skills left in you eh josh?”



“Well we did spar a lot….the horror” said Josh while remembering the horrible past as a sparring partner of Jessie.



“Hmp you’re a man, you ought to be stronger than me at least.”



“You’re just violent.” Muttered Josh in a low tone voice.



“What did you say?”



“I said you being stronger than most men is quite attractive too.”



Upon hearing on what Josh said, Jessie blushed and said.







“Ouch” Josh got smack in the back of his head.



“What did you do that for?”



“Hmp! You thought I did not heard you say I am violent?”



“But you are vio….” Josh cut his words because he saw Jessie raising her hand in order to smack him again…



“…. Oh Jessie you look good on your dress today. You look more stunning than usual”



“Geez Josh” said Jessie while fidgeting her fingers and blushing.



“What about me OniiChan?”



“Of course you look cute and adorable Cheryl.”



“Ehehehe geez OniiChan you’re so honest” said Cheryl while blushing a little bit.



Josh smiled and said “Yea I am plenty honest” while happily walking together with Jessie and Cheryl towards the mall.



Upon arriving at the mall they immediately went towards the clothing store. Jessie immediately tried on the clothes she picked and she asked Josh what he thinks about her cloths.



“Hey Josh what do you think?” is what she said while posing seductively.



Jessie was wearing a black short skirt and black top that covered only half of her stomach and showed a little too much of her boobs. But to Jessie’s dismay, Josh wasn’t even paying attention to her at all because he was looking at Cheryl who was wearing a black fluffy gothic dress.
Josh eyes were sparkling and he thought (wow Cheryl look adorable in that gothic dress).
“Hey Josh!”



“Ah, yes yes you look stunning Jessie,” said Josh without even glancing at Jessie.



Jessie’s eyebrows twitch, and when she was going to smack Josh in the head, she tripped towards him instead and fall on top of him. Every girls around them blushed, others where even saying something like


“ kyaa, so daring” because Jessie buried her breast on Josh face.((soo lucky)).



“Kyaa,*slap*” Jessie blushed and squealed then slapped Josh in the face…



“Sorry Josh, I am really sorry”



“*sigh, ok fine I forgive you, but next time don’t slap someone if it’s your fault in the first place.”



“Ok Josh, you’re really kind that’s why I love you,” said Jessie while hugging, and slightly kissed him on the cheeks. But as usual Josh blushed a little, then he shrugged it off thinking that Jessie only kissed him because he had forgiven her.



Jessie and Cheryl then force Josh to try out some clothes, surprisingly each time Josh came out from the dressing room every girls present, including the staff and the other customers all goes “kyaa~” because Josh really look good on the clothes that he had tried on. Specially those bad boy clothes. Clothes that is usually being worn by some K-pop singer and rockers really match Josh appearance and physic.






“What is it Jessie?”



“You should dress more often.”



“Huh? Why?”



“Because you look good if you just dress up nicely Josh,” said Jessie while fidgeting her fingers and blushing for what she had said.



“Yea, OniiChan you are really handsome ehehe,” is what Cheryl said while immediately ran towards Josh and hugged him.



“Oh really?”



Both Jessie and Cheryl nodded in agreement… even the other girls present in the store nodded in agreement too.



Josh blushed… yes his entire face turned red and you could easily think that there is smoke coming out from his head. That’s how embarrassed Josh was.



“Geez Josh, you’re such a ladies’ man,” said Jessie while winking at Josh.



Then they heard the girls around them talking, saying that how Josh and Jessie look good together and that their daughter is so adorable too. Upon hearing what others had just said, Jessie’s face also turned red from embarrassment. ((And then both of them blushed like a tomato))



While Cheryl was clueless on what was happening. They then proceed to pay for the dress they had picked and played a little on the mall then went back home.



They arrived home around dinner time (6:00pm), they were greeted by Lynn and Akane, of them talk while eating their dinner together. After dinner they chatted and then decided to go to their respective rooms.



“Wait,” said Jessie to Josh.



“What is it Jessie?”



“Umm…” Jessie was fidgeting here fingers.



“Come on tell me.”



“Ca-can I sleep in your room just for tonight?”



“*sigh* tell me the reason why?” said Josh while giving up to resist.



“It-it’s because we went to the mall, and I still haven’t unpack my things yet…so let me sleep in your room for tonight” said Jessie while blushing.



(oi oi come on now I know you only carried one baggage) *sigh* Josh sighted and said,



“Ok fine both you and Cheryl will sleep on the bed”



Upon hearing what Josh had just said Jessie flinched and said “both me and Cheryl?”



“Yes, both you and Cheryl, since Cheryl decided to sleep here in my room because she can’t sleep alone yet on her room”
“Mou” is the only word that came out of Jessie’s mouth while she pouted.



“Oh, by the way Jessie.”



“Mmhh? Yes what is it?”



“Do you want to play DoK with us” said Josh while giving Jessie the best smile he could make.



Jessie blushed a little, and then she said “hmm…ok, I guess it won’t hurt to try.”



“Great” Josh hugged Jessie, which cause her to turn red, very red that even Josh noticed and he then said,



“Jessie, do you have a fever?” while putting his forehead against hers which in return made her redder.



“hmm, I guess it you must be tired Jessie, have a rest, you can play DoK tomorrow with Cheryl.”






Jessie then went to the bed with Cheryl.



“Goodnight OniiChan”



“Good night”



“Good night Josh”



“Good night may the both of you have a sweet dreams”



Josh took a deep breath and then he log in to DoK(Dawn of Kings)
(its time to train)



Welcome back Jman.
Do you want to log in to Dawn of Kings?






Upon opening his eyes Josh saw two cute twin lolis on top of him sleeping, and he thought to himself, (OMG not again).



((Author: oho another troublesome girls arrived, how lucky can Josh/Jman be? damn I am jealous of him lolz))

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