Chapter 6 – The twin’s

Many Thanks to Shia Veldr for ProofReading this chapter. all rounds of applause *Clap x100* 






Upon opening his eyes, Jman saw two cute twin lolis on top of him sleeping, and he thought to himself, (OMG not again).



Jman struggled for a bit, but to his dismay it did not work. The twins did not even budge an inch and he was also gentle enough not to be rough so that he won’t wake them up from their sleep.


Josh stayed on that uncomfortable position until the twins woke up. All he did was stare at the twins. You must be wondering how he know that they were twins right? Well since Jman saw that both of the girls have the same face and have the same pony hairstyle and has same height. The only different between the two is the color of their hair and the clothes they wear.



Twin1 has a blonde hair color which reaches up to her butt or longer, she also has a deep blue eyes and is wearing a black frilly dress with some checkered design which reach around her knees and she is also wearing a white stocking which reaches around her skirt.



Twin2 has a darkish hair color which is long enough to reach her butt or longer, she has somewhat reddish orange eyes, and is also wearing a black dress but with different style, she is also wearing a leggings with a black stripe design on it reaching her above her knee around the level of her skirt I presume.



And by the looks of it, Jman already presumed that both of them are around 10-12years of age.
Josh was going to touch twin2’s face out of curiosity…but both twin suddenly woke up…((oh man what timing))

When the twins woke up, twin2 and Josh eyes met and they stared each other for around 10seconds before twin2 shouted.



“Hentai!” ((Hentai means Pervert))



“Oneechan?” said twin1 while rubbing her eyes.



“Taiyo, this guy is a hentai!”



“But Tsuki Oneechan, How did we get on top of him?” said Taiyo with an expressionless face, yes Taiyo is somewhat devoid of emotion like those cool type beauties while Tsuki is a cheerful one like those beauties who always seems to like to play.



Jman was silently watching the exchange between the twins, what cough his interest was the name.


Twin1’s name is Taiyo which means sun and twin2’s name is Tsuki which means moon. Then he thought to himself (weird… it’s clearly the opposite… or maybe their parents named them base on their hair color?).



“Hmm… the blonde haired one is a calm and cool type huh, while the black haired one is noisy as hell” Josh accidentally spoke out loud his thoughts about the twins



“What did you say!? You hentai!” said loudly by Tsuki with a red face from embarrassment and anger.



“Tsuki Oneechan, this guy must be the vampire lord, let’s kill him and complete the quest,” said Taiyo with expressionless face and a cold stare towards Jman.



“What? Quest? Don’t tell me that both of you are players?” said Jman with a shocked face and,



“Yes, now please die,” replied Taiyo with no hint of emotion or what so ever on her face and eyes. While chanting some kind of spell.



“Wait! Taiyo, he must be also a player like us.”



“Oho thank you miss loud mouth.”



Tsuki flinched on the rude remarks of Jman. She was also going to chant a spell but halted because Jman patted her head and said.



“Just kidding…ummm… Tsuki.” While giving her a gentle smile.



Tsuki face immediately turned red and blushed like there was some kind of smoke coming out of her head.



“Tsuki Oneechan, love at first sight?”



“O-o-of course not”



Then Taiyo said with an expressionless face “Tsuki Oneechan, you can’t fool me. But if you don’t like this Oniisan here, then I guess I won’t have any rival”((hehehe I wonder what Tsuki’s and Taiyo’s reaction, when they find out that they have more rivals than they think kekeke))



“So what brings you guys here?”



Taiyo answered with her head held high, “We are here to kill the vampire lord.”






“Ok fine, but I won’t go down that easily.”



“Hmm? What do you mean…ehh ummm….”



“Jman, my character name is Jman.”



“Ah yes Jman Oniichan. What do you mean by won’t go down easily?”



“Ah if you are looking for the vampire lord, he is in front of you already,” said Josh to the twins while winking at them.



“Wha-whaaaaat?! You serious Jman Oniichan?”



“Yup, here I will show you guys my stat box.”



Upon seeing Jman’s stat box, both twins were shocked upon seeing Jman’s stat box. Specially his race of being a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid.



“Taiyo Oneechan, what should we do?”



“Ummm Taiyo, you have seen Jman Oniichan’s stat right?”



“Yes, Oneechan.”



“Do you think we will stand a chance?”



“Oneechan honestly speaking, no we don’t.”



“Kekeke, am I that strong?”



Then both Tsuki and Taiyo answered at the same time while their eyes were sparkling from admiration
“Yes you are Oniichan.”



Jman blushed upon the straight forward answer of the twins and said “Don’t worry my race might be a monster but I don’t hurt children,” a smile on his face.

“Umm.. Jman Oniichan.”



“What is it…umm Taiy…. I mean Tsuki?”



“Jman Oniichan… me and Taiyo is a half vampire and half human race. And due to various circumstances we receive a quest where we needed to slay the vampire lord. “



“Hmm I see, but as you can see I am the current vampire lord.”



“Yes, we were wondering how that happened.”



Jman explained to the twins how he became a vampire lord and that he somehow got engage to Claudia, the previous vampire lord’s daughter. And how he promised her to rescue her on the day the forced wedding that her mother arranged for her.



Upon hearing on what Jman had said Tsuki’s eyes sparkled while Taiyo said,



“Being a mistress is ok too.”



“…..” Jman was speechless and dumbfounded on what Taiyo said with her poker face

((poker face, can be describe as an emotionless face too.)).



“Oi oi, I thought you guys came here to kill the vampire lord… yes to kill me?”



“Jman Oniichan?”



“What is it umm… Tsuki..?”



“Please take good care of us from now on.”



“Wha-…” Before Josh could complain both twins did a puppy dog eyes…yes even Taiyo with her poker face…(damn it that puppy dog eyes, i-I can’t say no, the both of them are just too cute and adorable)



“Ok fine I don’t care on what happens afterwards anymore.”

((oh really? Let’s see how you deal with Jessie and the others kekeke))



“Yay~!” Tsuki said while high fiving with Taiyo.



“Well I guess I will train my stats now and up my level for a bit.”



“Ok see ya, Jman Oniichan.”



“Huh you girls leaving already?”



“Yes Oniichan, I wanted to spend some more time and get to know you better Oniichan… but we already promised our uncle Yoon that we would take flight today and arrive at his place tomorrow” is what Tsuki said.



“Ohh you girls going to spend the rest of your summer break at your uncle’s place?”



“No, we are going to start living with our uncle. Since our parents died when we were born, and we were left to our grandma’s place… but our grandma passed away last week. That’s why our uncle adopted us and is willing to take care of us.”

Jman saw a hint of sadness in Tsuki and Taiyo’s eyes. So he did not asked anymore question and only thought to himself, (hmm uncle Yoon huh… where did I heard that name before? Hmm…) Josh was thinking real hard about the name Yoon, he was pondering his brain real hard to remember but sadly his concentration broke because Taiyo suddenly called him.






“Ah yes? What is it? Um Tsuk….i mean Taiyo”



“Umm” Taiyo was fidgeting… yes she was really cute and adorable and was even glancing towards Tsuki, then she said with a puppy dog eyes… Jman thought to himself (damn it a pokerface puppy dog eyes is sooo cute) “Will you be our friend Oniichan?”




“Hurry up Taiyo were going to be late to our flight!” Tsuki shouted.



“Ok Tsuki Oneechan.”




Taiyo and Tsuki want to be engaged to you.
Will you love and care for them till the end of Time?



“YES!” Jman agreed immediately without even reading the content of the pop up.



CONGRATULATION! You got engaged to two beautiful maiden.
Number of wife – (3)



*giggle* both Tsuki and Taiyo giggled and then wave a kiss from their hand to Jman and log out









Jman was taken a back on what had just happened, he then thought to himself…
(God damn it, why did i not read the pop up message first before I accepted….uggg how could I explain this to Lynn, Akane, Cheryl, and specially Jessie… that I have an NPC as a wife, well it is acceptable and un-avoidable… but adding two more, and to top it off both of them are player and under age…hahayz I guess I won’t think too much about it this time.)



*sight* “I guess I better go train now and grind some level”



Jman went outside of the chapel and looked for an enemy to kill. What he found was not what he had in mind. It was a zombie 100meters away from the chapel, yes a walking corps of a human being that has risen from the dead.



“Hmm this is not what I had expected. I thought I would kill some rats, bunnies or a chicken on my very first hunt” is Jman said out loud, he then examined the level of the zombie and thought to himself (hmm this zombies are level 25… do a level 1 like me with a little bit OP stats even stand a chance? Well here goes nothing)



Jman then charge towards the nearest zombie and used his Dark Claw skill, he was shocked… because the zombie got hit…



“…..” (The hell? Is that even possible? A level 25 got one hit by me a level 1…ohh well I guess I am stronger than I think… yea that’s probably it)



Level Up…


Level Up…


Level Up…


Level Up…


Level Up… etc…x5



Jman leveled up 10times and then he checked his Stats. He pondered upon himself on what stat he would used his 50 stat points. ((each level gives 5 stat points))



(Hmm I guess I would try to be a hitter type of character now… Well I want to be a magician, but… since I have high intelligence already and I so think that my race is a hitter type… ok I decided)



Jman putted 20 stat for strength, 15 for agility and 15 for vitality. He was going to kill some more zombies but his alarm set off ((Note: the game has an alarm built in system to let the users know in advance his/her plan/schedule in order not to let them over play, and forget their plans etc..)), Josh set his alarm around 12 midnight, so that he could have a decent sleep and won’t affect his health from over playing.



“Ohh its time already… damn it I wasted so much time because of those brats… I mean, new wives of mine…” then Josh logout from the game and slept on the bed…



The next morning, there was a commotion going on, and suddenly the door on Josh’s room was suddenly flung open. Of course it made Josh open his eyes, and he saw Lynn and Akane standing infront of him while glaring daggers at him. Then it made him think…



(wha-what is happening? Why is Lynn and Akane staring intensely at me?) And then he heard a female voice saying,



“Ahh its Oniichan!” she said happily while smiling. Yes it was Tsuki. And the other one also said,



“Ohh, it’s my husband sama.” she said it with an emotionless face, it was Taiyo who said it while slightly bowing towards Josh.



Lynn and Akane kinda flinched alittle when they heared Taiyo called Josh ‘husband sama’.



“Husband? Umm… can you please explain, Josh?” is what Akane shyly said while having an insecure face towards Josh, and then Lynn said,



“How long are you going to lay down?” then she hastily removed Josh blanket, and everyone in the room was shocked on what they saw… yes on top of Josh there was the adorable Cheryl sleeping soundly and on his left side it was the beautiful Jessie, sleeping while hugging Josh’s arm between her ample bosom.



(Oh shit, I forgot that Jessie and Cheryl were sleeping on my bed, damn it I should have slept on the floor…) is what Josh though while sweat is dripping from his face, then he said,



“I-I can explain” then everyone in the room heard a mumble saying “ahn, Josh stop, it tickles”, the room was engulf in silence for around 20sec, they then looked towards the woman who made the moaning sound…, and yes it was Jessie. She was kind of, sleep talking. (Oh damn, this is the worst situation I ever gotten into)













After a while,

They were eating while chatting together with each other.



“I am so sorry Josh,” is what Lynn said, because she had slapped Josh in the face.



“*sigh* its ok, I forgive you, but next time please don’t resort to violence. You remind me of someone”, he looked towards Jessie who was smiling because she had slept together with Josh. And Josh sighed again and thought to himself (oh why do these unfortunate things happens to me all the time, *sight*)



Then Akane interrupted, and said with her shyly attitude,



“Umm, Josh?”



“Yes? What is it Akane?”



“Umm, Josh, are you perhaps engagef to Taiyo or something?”



“Huh? Of course n…” before Josh could finished his sentence Taiyo immediately said.



“Yup, we are already engage, I am his wife, and so is Tsuki Oneechan”, she said it while blushing cutely with her poker face…



Upon hearing those words, Jessie, Lynn and Akane flinched and immediately asked Josh for explanations…it took them a couple of minutes to understand the situation and they simultaneously said,



“Hm so that’s how it is huh, you got tricked” Is what Jessie said, and then she added,



“Since you have two wives, now then …” Josh cut in and said,



“Um actually I have three, the other one is an NPC and in two months… No maybe a month left, in game time. I need to kind of rescue her…” Josh explained about Claudia, and how she was his very first woman who he got engage in the game and her circumstances, then Jessie said again continuing her cut off sentence.



“As I was saying, Josh make me one of your wives too” is what Jessie had said while smiling cutely at Josh, and then her face turn into a seriously scary one and said. “And you don’t have a choice in the matter”



Upon hearing her remarks, Josh fell silent and was dumbfounded to the point that he would almost collapse from the shock. That’s not all, Lynn, Akane and even Cheryl also said that they wanted to be Josh’s wives also.



Josh face paled, and thought to himself (wha-whats going on? Why do all of them want to be my wives? Do-don’t tell me that I am really popular?… naah I am just over thinking it, they must have a reason on their own… yea that must be it) and then he said with a smile on his face.



“Sure, it’s my pleasure to have such beautiful girls as my wives.”



Upon hearing those words, all of the girls blushed, some was even hiding their face from embarrassment. Then Josh asked the two troublesome girls who caused and started all the ruckus.



“Ah by the way Tsuki, Taiyo I have been meaning to ask, what brought you guys here at such early in the morning?”



“Oh I thought uncle Yoon told you already, that me and Taiyo is going to live here together with you, A-Na-Ta”
((Note: anata… kinda means husband in Japanese language…probably…)) is what Tsuki said mischievously.

Then Josh thought to himself (Seriously? I thought we were only married/engage in game…why the heck she and her sister calling me husband as if we are already married outside of the game?) Then he said,



“Uncle Yoon? You mean Chang Yoon soo?”



“Yes” replied Tsuki while smiling.



Josh immediately called Mr. Yoon’s number, Mr. Yoon explained to Josh and had kindly asked him to take good care of his two adorable niece. Of course given Josh’s personality he accepted. That’s how Tsuki and Taiyo officially became board mates (?) with Josh and the others.



“So do you guys have any plan for today?” is what Josh asked to the others



“Oniichan, me and Oneechan would like to create our account now on Dawn of King’s. So that we would become your wife and adventure together with you Oniichan” said Cheryl with an adorable smile on her face.



They talked for an hour and then decided to go back to their respective room and play Dawn of Kings. While Tsuki and Taiyo had chosen a single room and immediately assemble their own DoK pods, with the help of Josh.



While Jessie and Cheryl went back together to their room and decided to create their account on Dawn of Kings with the goal of becoming Josh wife and adventuring with him.


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