Chapter 1- Short Encounter

Credits to myself for doing my best Proof Reading this chapter until the latest.

by: thejman09, 4/26/2016



Upon arriving at his new home, James became speechless. It’s not because the house is shabby, but to him, he like it was almost good to be true, his grandparents’ house was somewhat huge, located at the top of the mountain. It’s like those shrine house but his grandparents’ house does not look like a shrine, but a villa.

James: (Is it ok this way? Well at least my father and step mother will be much happier without me.) James was already accepting the fact that his father and step mother does not love him, the only reason he accepted Julie’s offer ((the grandmother)) is because he felt love, he felt the motherly love that he yearned for from his grandma. And of course he was convince that she really is his grandma by instinct.

As both James and his grandma entered the house, James saw an old man sitting on a sofa, once the old man saw his wife and James together, he yelled and came rushing towards James.

Oldman: “Oohhh, my grandson, it’s good to see you, damn that father of yours for neglecting you for so long” the old man hug James as if he was his own son, even though it was literally the first time that they had ever met.

Julie: “Now now, Clain dear, James here has not had any dinner yet, let’s eat first then we will bond together later on”

Clain: “Oh right, I was going to have dinner with Airi”

Julie: “Oho, you mean Airi is here? That’s great, James here could make a new friend”

Upon arriving at the dinner table, James eyes were already attracted towards a very beautiful girl sitting in the dinner table. She has an unusual aura around her that gave of an unearthly calming feeling. Something about her had caught James mind, he did not know what, and it was literally at the tip of his tongue.

The beautiful girl was wearing a white miniskirt, a white blouse with a scarf which was wrapped neatly around her neck. Her long lavish black hair and her deep-sea emerald eyes complemented her looks. James clearly saw that she was actually shorter than him, but her otherworldly beauty had caught his eyes.

James: (She is beautiful.) when James and Airi’s eyes met, the both of them blush for a second, of course both Clain and Julie saw the spectacle unfolding before their eyes.

Clain: “What are you staring at James?” Clain smiled together with his wife

Julie: “Oho, love at first sight huh? this brings back memories when Clain and I met long time ago, right dear?” both Julie and Clain were now smiling with each other, they then glance towards James and the both of them winked at him.

James face was now as red as a tomato, the same goes with Airi. There is no doubt about it,  she also fell in love with James at first sight.

Airi: (Wow, he is soo tall, I heard grandpa Clain, talking about a kid name James who is 2 years younger than me, but I did not expect him to be so tall at his age. His deep dark eyes is really attractive, I wonder why, but I feel like my heart found its destined partner, for it won’t stop from beating louder and louder when I see him.)

The four of them is now seated together around the dining table, James and Airi is seated next to each other, while Clain and Julie is sitting at the other side.

Clain: “Now, let me introduce you both to each other, Airi, this is James, he is the son of my deceased daughter and from now onward he will become our adopted son.”

Julie nodded in agreement, while smiling and slowly eating her food.

James: (I don’t know why, but when grandpa Clain said I will be their adopted son, I somehow felt happy)

Clain: “And James, this is Airi, she is the daughter of the son of my brother”

Clain: “Isn’t she beautiful?”

James nodded without thinking much about what Clain had just said and only stared intently at Airi, after a few seconds, James realized that he literally admitted in front of Airi, and his grandparents that he had a crush on her.

Realizing that their attention was on him, James retracted his gaze away from Airi, but it was already a tad too late.

Seeing James staring intently at her, Airi also began blushing . Who would have thought that a 10 year old girl and an 8 year old boy would fall in love at first sight with each other.

Julie: “Hohoho, kids these days” Julie began to giggle together with her husband, both of them was actually pretty happy that James had found his first friend, and his first love. The greatest thing is, his first love also has fallen in love with him.

After chatting and eating together, both James and Airi quickly became close to each other, the silent James who hardly even speak was now happily chatting with Airi and his grandparents.

In the past few hours, Airi was hugging James from behind.
she would also lean on him casually and occasionally when Julie bring them snacks, Airi would eat the half eaten cookie of James and would drink juice from the same glass as him. Is it innocence?

But the weird thing is, if Airi eat James half eaten cookies, then James would eat hers as if he was responding to her.

After eating some snacks, James and Airi took a bath, separately. Then the both of them went together to their bed room… yes its ‘their bed room’ since Clain and Julie gave them a single room with a single bed in order for them to bond together for the first and last time,because Airi will be returning home tomorrow morning.

Because it was still early, James and Airi decided to watch some movie before going to bed.
James seated himself upright on the bed, while Airi could be seen sitting beside him for a few minute, before she decided to move her sitting location located in front of James. To be precise, Airi seated herself between James legs, and she also leaned herself on him and snuggled on his chest.

No one would realize that Airi is two years older than James, since she clearly acts as if she was the younger one. With her height just around 4’ft she was perfectly fitted between James legs.

Airi was actiong somewhat spoiled because she only have this time to be closer to James and bond as much as possible with him. Since she is after all returning to her home by tomorrow, who knows when the two of them would ever meet again.

It’s now almost midnight, Julie went towards James and Airi’s room in order to check on them, and upon peeking she was pleased on what she saw.

She saw that James was sleeping in a sitting position while hugging Airi between his arms.

And Airi was snuggling inside James embrace while sleeping peacefully and comfortably between his arms.

Julie: (Such a lovely sight, I am sadden that the two of them will be separated so quickly, but I am sure that the they will meet again)

Julie left quietly with a smile on her face.

Next day….

When James awoken from his comfortable sleep, he saw that he was already laying down on the bed with Airi on top of him. James caress Airi’s head and smiled.

James: (Airi, it saddens me that we only have a few hours left before we are separated.)

Airi woke up and cutely rub her eyes, upon realizing that she was on top of James, she blushes for a moment and then said a heartwarming smile on her face.

Airi: “Good morning James”

James: “Morning Airi.”

The both of them stared in each other’s eyes for a brief moment,

Airi: “Umm, James…”

James:”Hmm? What is it Airi?”

Airi:”In these past few hours I had fun together with you…”

James: “ I also had fun being together with you Airi”

Airi: “Soo…umm…have you decided which school you will attend James?”

James:”Hmm, nope.”

Airi:”Ah , that’s good, I recommend that you enter Seien Girls High School”

James: “Is that the school you are attending?”

Airi nodded and smiled cutely at James.

Airi: “Yes, it’s a great school…umm and I hope we could……know….like….go to school together and spend some time…”

Airi was blushing on the words that she was saying.

James: (Wow, she is so beautiful and cute at the same time)

James did not even though what the school was, heck he did not even asked where the school was located.

James:”Yea, sure, and I also want to spend some time with you Airi, and …go to school together…”

The two of them were creating their own atmosphere, they did not even realized that Clain and Julie was already at the door of their room and was giggling and smirking with each other while watching the love drama thatboth James and Airi was doing.

Clain: “ Ehem,…”

Hearing Clains voice, James and Airi were startled but they knew that it was time for Airi to go.

Airi:”Bye, James, and I hope we meet each other again very soon”

Airi was almost at tears but held herself back, James was also the same. He held back his tears because he knew deep down in his heart that the two of them would meet again. It might take a while but they will surely meet again.

James:”B-bye Airi….”

As James said his goodbye,  Airi took the chance to suddenly kiss James on the lips when Clain and Julie was downstairs waiting for them to follow, it was just a peck on the lips but it made James blush deeply.

Airi:”*blush* till next time we meet James.”

James: “Yea…till next time…”


chapter 2

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