Chapter 10 – Mining and a flash back

*dink* *clank* Goes the sound that could be heard all over the mine.

Both Maylene and Selene were mining rigorously beside James. Bids of sweat could be seen falling from their beautiful face onto their juicy and slender necks.

Olrik continued to stare intently at his apprentice, while scanning the area that his three apprentice had mined. The dust cloud has risen a fair bit off the ground from the continuous mining of James, Maylene and Selene.

Olrik looks towards his first two apprentice, who is in a position a bit further away from James. Both their hands were raised above their heads while holding an iron pickaxe that he personally gave them.

Both girls were Staying still for a few moment, *Dink, Clink* their hands which was tightly gripping the iron pick axe suddenly slammed downwards. A chorus of sounds of rocks being smash soon follows.

Olrik then turned back his gaze towards the curly brown haired boy who he deemed to be worthy to inherit his unique personal skills. He could see that James was not having a hard time compared to Maylene and Selene. He keeps staring at the hard working young man to verify that he did not choose the wrong person to pass down his unique skill.

James surveyed the littered ores’ across the ground, then he exclaimed towards the twins,

James: “Maylene, Selene I’m going to gather up the ores, you two can just rest while I’m at it”.

Upon hearing what James had just said, both girls gave him a cute smile and said,

Maylene & Selene: “Thanks James”.

James started to collect the ores lying around into his ore pouch.

His ore pouch is an Item that Olrik had given to each of his three apprentices, it can hold up to 100 pieces ores and is easy to carry.

With his plain looking ore pouch at his side, James eyed the surrounding ores around him and began to gather the first batch of ore that he could grab.


+Acquired Iron Ore x 16


Iron Ore (Normal)
– An ore that can be smelted into metal and can be use into different kinds of purposes.

Upon seeing the first batch of ores, James had a feeling of satisfaction. He then proceed to gather the remaining ore which were scattered all over the place.


+Acquired Stone x 15
+Acuired Ruststone x 7

James had a look of confusion on his face, he then proceeded to examine what the Stone was.


Stone (common)
– A small rock that can be thrown.

James: “…”

James was speechless on what he had just read, he could not believe that he had just collected some worthless rocks. But alas, he soon then decided to put it inside his ore pouch anyways.

He then proceeded to examine what the Ruststone was before going for a short break.


Ruststone (normal)
– Looks like a lump of dirt, but it’s actually a rusted metal, try polishing it, you might still be able to smelt it into an Iron.

James: “I guess this is to be expected at a Newbies mine site huh”

James was no longer shock on what the Ruststone was, he had already deduce that there is a very low probability of chance that he could acquire a decent ore at a beginners Island mine site.

While stretching his arms, James saw Maylene beside him standing, he realized that she had helped him picked up the ores laying on the ground, despite him telling her that she could rest.

With her pinkish hair disheveled, as though a great wind had blown her hair in dis-array, Maylene leaned her warm cute head at James side and said with a content smile on her face.

Maylene: “Such a peaceful day, right James?”

With a height of slightly over 5ft and a cute features, Maylene gives off a scene of a love struck woman leaning on her man in a desolate cave.

James could not help but give the adorable girl’s head a ruffle, messing up her hair even more while making her blush at his casual action.

Combing her hair through the gaps of her fingers to clear out any tangles, Maylene stared at the figure of James which is full of sweat, she could not help but blush upon seeing his face covered with sweat. It is still a mystery on how could they sweat inside the game.

Maylene: “Mou, you’re so sweaty James, here let me help you wipe your it off.”

Maylene was like a doting girlfriend, she had casually grabbed James face with her hand and pulled his face closer to her and used the hem of her dress to wipe off his sweat.

It didn’t take long for James to realize what Maylene was doing. He blushed for a second upon having a whiff of Maylene’s sweet and aromatic scent.

James was confuse, he did not know that girls could produce such sweet scent inside a game. But he did not do anything to resist what Maylene was doing. In fact, without realizing, he was clearly starting to enjoy Maylene’s company.

It was not long before Selene spotted her sister, when she saw what her sister was doing together with James, she suddenly let out a shouting tone.

Selene: “Aahhh, May, no fair!”

She immediately rushed towards them while destroying the good atmosphere that Maylene had painstakingly created between James and herself.

Maylene: “Mou, Oneechan”

Maylene pouted, since her alone time with James is now over, because of the appearance of her elder sister, Selene. She sighed in regret but manage to pull herself back together with a though on her mind keeping herself in high spirits.

Maylene: (Don’t mind, don’t mind, there will be a next time.)

Selene: “So May, why are you stealing a lead?”

Selene was undoubtedly jealous on what Maylene had done, she could not help but feel a bit shock on what her shy and timid sister could accomplish in such a short amount of time.

Selene: (T-this girl…and I thought she would be shy and docile as a rabbit, tsk I let my guard down.)

With an annoyed face showing upon her face, Maylene said in a tone vastly different from her personality.

Maylene: “hmp, Oneechan, I was having a lovey dovey time with James.

With a love struck smile on her face, Maylene was grinning from ear to ear, she could not help but remember the very first intimate contact she was having alone with James. She clearly remember in her mind the sweaty appearance of James.

She took a glance at James, checking if what she had said to her sister had been over heard by him.

Maylene: (Kyaa, h-his staring at me…don’t tell me that…he really did heard it all just now.)

James was staring intently at both twins.

James: (Now that I think about it…their clothing are very different from what a new players have)

James was thinking, about pointless stuff, it was clearly evident that he still does not realize the feelings of Maylene and Selene for him.

Upon seeing James stare, Selene’s face suddenly burned red from embarrassment.

Selene: (Oh no, I…I looked like a jealous girlfriend just now.)

Selene was covering her face with her hand, while Maylene was fidgeting with her hair.

Their actions was amusing in the eyes of Olrik. he clearly just sat at the corner while having a smirk on his face, he was greatly enjoying the love comedy in front of him.

Olrik: (Hohoho, I feel sorry for these girls…but, I gotta hand it to James, he clearly is a natural born ladies man, I can’t believe that he still has not realize the feelings of little May and Sel.)

James was still confuse, he was thinking why was Selene covering her face, and why was Maylene fidgeting with hair while sneaking glances at him. He though it for a minute and suddenly had a flash back in his mind.

~~~ Flash back (James) ~~~

A little boy was running down his little back garden (talking about the huge forest behind his home)

James: “Lily, *huff* *huff* w-wait for me”

This little kid was running very fast, chasing a red haired girl. But his speed was still not enough to catch up with the red haired girl named Lily.

Lily: “Geez James, you’re so slow!”

James met Lily a few years after meeting Airi.

James and Lily’s first meeting was not such a dramatic meeting like his meeting with Airi. They first met, at his 8th birthday, James was still a very very shy kid back then, he would literally blush at every girl that approach him, may it kid, teen or those beautiful mothers.
Until one of Clain’s(James grandfather) college brought with him his granddaughter(the same age as James). A beautiful face, flaming red colored hair, and a cute pouting lips.

Both James and Lily were acquainted at that time. At first Lily was a shy kid that would hide behind her grandfather, but after spending another hour talking with James, she slowly started to reveal her playful and bashful side.

She would drag James with her everywhere until exhaustion. Not until one day when James shared to her his meeting with Airi, he stated that he fell in love with Airi and had promise to meet her again.

That was the greatest mistake James had committed, ever since that day, Lily’s attitude amplified even more. She would constantly harass James every time they met, like kissing him ((Author: Ehem…)) while telling him that his feelings for Airi was not love, and it’s just a reaction to the opposite gender.
James: “*huff* you’re too fast Lily”

Lily: “Hehehe, come on hurry up. This will be the last time that we will play with each other.”

Upon hearing what Lily had just said, James had very shock look on his face.

James: “What! *hic* w-we won’t meet again?”

Lily: “Silly, of course we would, maybe after 6-7 years.”

Lily was moving away because of her father’s work, this left James sad. They might have only met a couple of times , but he clearly took a liking to this red haired girl.

James: “Promise?”

Lily: “Of course, now come on we are almost there”

James wiped his teary eyes and nodded, he followed Lily until they arrived at a small waterfalls. This small waterfalls is the location on where they constantly play, and is also the location on where Lily would teach James different things…

Lily: “James…this would be the last time we kiss…”

Lily was fidgeting with her hair while blushing, when she met with James gaze, she would cover her face and blush even more.

James: “Unn”

James only nodded and they slowly approach each other’s lips and kissed. Anyone who would discover their little acts would faint from disbelief, who would have thought that two 8 year old kids would actually do this kind of kissing in their own little hiding spot.

They spent the last day together while kissing…
Lily: “Its time for me to go James.”

James: “Bye Lily”

Lily: “Don’t forget those things that I had taught you ok~”

James: “Ok, I promise I won’t”

Lily: (Great! With this I won’t worry about any girl taking you away from me fufufu)

Lily was pretty much happy, she taught James many times, Like how its normal for girls to be intimate with boys, and that a kiss is ok if it’s done with the person you know, or is a sign of greeting or goodbye with one another and the final thing that she taught him was that, if his heart race for any other girl who he did not spent a lot of time with, then that means that he is a pervert.

~~~ End of flash back ~~~

Back to the main story~

James patted both Maylene and Selene’s head while thinking.

James: (Hmm, I wonder what Lily is doing right now, I can’t believe that she tricked me that time…*sigh* oh well, I guess that’s how she show’s her affection to me.)

Because of what Lily had done to him when they were young, James now does not feel any embarrassment doing intimate things with the opposite sex, it’s just that talking with them is still a little bit hard for him.

Olrick made a sour face and walked towards his three apprentice while thinking.
Olrick: (*sigh* how can they mine this fast? I guess it’s time I give them their rewards.)

chapter 9

chapter 11

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