Chapter 12 – Misunderstanding

James is currently staring at the face of a pink haired beauty in front of him. He could not comprehend the sudden development.

James: (Why is she here again? Oh right, she must have realized that she had forgotten to take my payment earlier.)

Without delay, James took out the money for the pizza earlier from his wallet and gave it to the pink haired beauty in front of him. He was even smiling while handing the money over to her.

Little did he know, the girl in front of him was in a total panic. Her face was flushed red while she stared at the money on his hand.

Sanae: (Oh no, does he think that I’m some kind of a hooker…but, it might not be too bad to have my first time with him fuehehehe)

Sanae: “Fuehehe”

Hearing the sudden perverted laugh coming from this supposedly pizza girl in front of him. James was in a total loss for words, he was even thinking that she was happy because of him taking the initiative to pay her, or was she happy because she though he was paying over price? No one knows what really is happening inside the head of this pink haired beauty.

James without even reading the changes in the atmosphere between him and the girl actually had the gut to grab her soft hands and immediately placed the money onto her palm.

This sudden action broke the perverted laughter of the pink haired beauty. She was even startled at the sudden intimacy of this tall, handsome young man in front of her.

Sanae: “W-wha-”

Seeing her flustered face. James then said with a smile that brimmed with confidence without knowing the misunderstanding the girl was having.

James: “Don’t worry, you can keep the change”

His sudden smile made the pink haired girl’s heart flutter. He has no idea that the girl before him was having a huge misunderstanding of his intention. Given his personality James wouldn’t even think that there would be a misunderstanding between them.

When he saw the pink haired beauty glanced at the money on her hand and right back at his face, James misunderstood and he just casually smiled and nodded at her as if saying to her to have no worries and just take the money.

The misunderstanding escalated making the girl blushed. She even threw herself towards him, hugging him in the process.

Seeing the sudden action of the beauty before him. James could only smile in delight, he though that the action of this pink haired beauty was just to show him her thankfulness. Until he heard her mutter an ominous word.

Sanae: “I’ll do my best my darling honey~”

James was delighted that this hard working girl was so happy on receiving a few couple of change as tips. Little did he knows, the girl before him is richer than what he had in mind.

James: (I’m glad she’s happy. I admire hard working girls like her)

While thinking highly of the girl in front of him, James unknowingly started to caress the beauty’s head. He even instinctively embraced her with his left hand while caressing her on her pink head with his right hand.

James: “You’re Sanae right?”

Hearing James gentle voice, the pink haired beauty intensified her hug. She even buried her face onto his chest while she sniffed his scent to her hearts content.

Sanae: “Yes~ *sniff* *sniff*”

This sudden action caused the awkward atmosphere to escalate even further. Anyone passing by could only see two couples passionately hugging each other. But in reality, James was only praising the hard working Sanae, while he comfort her from being too happy upon receiving tip from him.

James: “Work hard ok.”

Sanae: “I-I am still inexperience but I will do my very best.”

A couple of minutes had already past and Sanae was still hugging James in an awkward position. James even wanted to send her away so that he could rest before going back online. But it was hard for him to push a girl who was comfortably hugging him.

James: (Well…although shes happy, but I didn’t realized that she was that happy upon receiving extra money…)

James: “Ehem…want to come in? I could bring you-?”

Sanae: “YES!”

Sanae immediate answered without even letting James finish his words. She was even timidly holding his hands while following him inside dragging her luggage.

Sanae: (Kyaa. This is it! My darling is going to bring me to his room)

Seeing Sanae dragging a luggage took James attention but he didn’t press for it nor stick his nose to her business. Who knows? Maybe the luggage that she’s dragging along is in fact filled with pizza which she uses as container.

But in reality, Sanae’s luggage contain all sorts’ of necessities in order for her to live together with her beloved darling James.

What James wanted to say to Sanae was ‘want to come in? I could bring you some tea or juice’ but alas, Sanae is just too hyper.

As Sanae entered, she could see the grandiose of the so called dorm. It was huge and had so much space that even 10 or so people could live comfortably together. She was even ecstatic to see that there was no one else at home besides James. Her plans so far was going according to her…what’s more, she even though that James had mistaken her for a hooker and paid her money to service him or do adult things with him.

James: “Sanae you can just sit anywhere you like and relax for a bit, I’ll go get some juice and snacks”

Sanae: “Ok darling”

Sanae patiently waited for James, she was fidgeting with her fingers while she thought to herself

Sanae: (I am so nervous, it’s my first time alone with a guy at my age before…and I’m even going to lose my first time to him… kyaaa)

James: “Sanae, have some cookies and orange juice.”

James said as he sat besides Sanae. This sudden action of his made our overly perverted pink haired girl hearts jumps a couple more beat. If Sanae had heart problems them she would have already died from too much stimulation.

Sanae: “Umm… James.”

James: “hmm? What is it Sanae?”

Sanae: “About the money…”

James: “Oh, don’t worry about it. You can keep the change.”

Sanae: “B-but it’s my first time”

Seeing Sanae’s timid look and action made James to sympathize to her.

James: (Oh I feel bad for her. It’s her first time receiving tip…but now that I think about it, it’s also my first time giving tip.)

James: “Don’t worry it’s also my first time.”

The misunderstanding went on. Sanae was talking about something else, while James was also talking about something else.

Sanae slowly got closer and closer to James until their arms were sticking to each other side by side.

Sanae then stood up and immediately pushed James on the couch, mounting him in the process.

James was startled at Sanae’s suddenly pushing him and mounting him. His heart started to beat in an unnatural way. If his suspicion is correct, then Sanae would then kiss him like what his childhood friend from long ago have always done when she was mounting him down.

Sanae: “J-James I-I…”

??? : “darling I’m here to visit yo-“

Sanae was going to proclaim her love towards James until she was interrupted mid-way by an intruder.

???: “…”

Sanae: “…”

James: “…”

Silence filled the air. The intruder’s happy tone died down when she found out that her daughter was mounting a man on top of a couch.

???: “Oh my, oh my….am I going to become a granny soon?”

Hearing the sudden teasing tone of the intruder’s voice. Sanae regained her bearings, she immediately stood up and sat properly. Her face is bright red from embarrassment. Because of all people to catch her in an embarrassing position, why was it that it has to be her mother.

Sane: “M-mom!”

Sanae could not help but cover her face onto James chest…

She was so embarrass that she hid her face onto James chest, while screaming ‘Noooo~’

Seeing her daughter’s bold action. Sanae’s mother could only sigh in surrender while smiling at James teasingly.

James was silent the whole time. He could even see that the intruder was an older version of Sanae, and when Sanae called the so called intruder mother, James only heave a sigh of relief.

James: (Phew, I thought it was a thief or something…good thing its only Sanae’s mother…wait, why is that her mother is here anyway?)

Confusion filled James expression. Why is Sanae’s mother here? And why did Sanae pushed him down earlier?

Questions after questions started to appear inside his head.

Sanae’s mother: “You must be James that I always hear about from my husband.”

James: (Huh? Do I know Sanae’s father?)

James squinted his eyes while he was deep in thought for a moment then answered.

James: “A-ah yes”

Sanae’s mother: “I hope you’ll take good care of our daughter James.”

James: “Huh?”

Seeing James confusion, Sanae’s mother could only raise her eyebrows. And seeing that James really did not know anything, she started to explain to James why Sanae was here at this time and the reason why she was also visiting.

It so happens that she only wanted to see the man that Sanae had fallen for. Of course she didn’t say it out loud but the message was there.

Sanae was still burying her face onto James chest while listening to what her mother and James was talking about. She even heard James explain to her mother about the pizza that he ordered and that she had forgotten to take the payment. Sanae also found out that the money that she received a while ago was actually the payment for the pizza.

Sanae was shock upon realizing that she had misunderstood James intention. She was embarrass to show her face to the point that she even started to hug James tighter.

Her action did not go unnoticed by her mother. But it did go unnoticed by James.

Sanae: “Zzzz.”

Sanae’s mother: “Oh my, she must have been tired. James could you possibly carry Sanae to a vacant room please.”

James: “Sure umm…”

Sanae’s mother: “Sarah, you can just call me Sarah.”

James: “Sure thing Sarah.”

Sarah: “…”

Sarah was baffled at James casually calling her name without any honorifics, at the same time she also found James to be an interesting guy.

Sarah: “Oh, what an interesting young man. His tall, polite and handsome to boot. I don’t even mind having him as my son in law ohohoho”

It seems like Sarah already approved of James as her son in law. And it is also rare even for her to find a nice young man like James as her daughter’s future husband. Both she and her husband were searching for a heir to their company and it seems like James is the perfect one.

James troubles with woman had just increase by one, and it is a pink haired beauty who is currently getting carried by him to her soon to be room. Sanae was even drooling while hugging James in her sleep while saying ‘mhmhm, I’l snag you for my self darling.~’

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