Chapter 13 – Sleeping together.

After carrying the sleeping Sanae to a vacant room, James decided to return back to his room and enter New World, but he was called out by Sarrah and they both sat down in the living room in order to chat.

Sarrah: “So, James. I heard that you are also a first year this year.”

Seeing Sarrah’s expectant look gave James a feeling for foreboding.

James: “Y-yes?”

Sarrah: “ Mmh, great that’s great. I hope you’ll take good care of Sanae ok James?”

Sarrah’s words caused James face to contort in confusion. He couldn’t understand what Sarrah was implying. Is it because she worry about her daughter? Or does she have other motives?

James: (Of course I’ll take good care of Sanae, we will be living together after all)

James: “Of course.”

As James answered, Sarrah’s eyes seemed to glint for a second. She was grinning from ear to ear while nodding to herself.

Sarrah: (Ohoho, I can’t wait to see my grandchildren.)

After a few minutes of giggling. Sarrah then stood up and put her hand on James shoulder. while interlocking her gaze with his.

Sarrah: “James, be sure to tell me if Sanae gets a positive ok?”

James: (Positive? Oh must be the grades.)

Sarrah was talking about the positive sign on a pregnancy test, but alas, James is just too innocent to figure that out.

James: “Of course”

Both Sarrah and James chatted for another couple of minutes before Sarrah decided to leave. They talked about the company that she and her husband was currently managing.

Of course James suggested a few points and improvement which had made a great impression on Sarrah. On Sarrah’s mind, James was not just handsome, but he is also smart and is probably hardworking to booth.

Not anyone could casually point out mistakes and even casually suggest such improvements to a large scale business that she and her husband manage.

Even if James could not marry Sanae… let me rephrase that, Sarrah would do everything within her power to rope in James to their family. With his natural intellect and appearance, James could easily compare to a fairy tale perfect prince.

His strength does not only lay with his outer appearance and his intellectual prowess, but his strength also lies within his calm and serene aura when talking about serious matters.


After Sarrah left.

James went towards Sanae’s room in order to check on her.

Entering her room, James saw that Sanae’s blanket had fallen off the bed and her navel was exposed. Seeing her jade like skin James momentarily stopped, but shook his head and strode forward, picking up the fallen blanket and gently laying it on top of her.

Taking a closer look on Sanae’s sleeping face, James felt an admiration to her beauty. Her sleeping face is really too beautiful causing him to remember what Sanae had done earlier.

Remembering the scene earlier where her stomach was expose and her breast almost peeking out from her clothes made James blush. It can be said that it was the first time that he ever saw too much skin from a girl before. Thinking about it again, James realized that Sanae wasn’t even wearing an undergarment beneath her clothes.

James: (…)

Sarrah must have change her daughter’s clothes before she and James had their talk earlier.

Seeing this scene in front of him, James could feel his face burning. It’s not like his thinking about something perverted, but it’s because he naturally remember about the time Sanae had mounted him earlier. If Sarrah had arrive a bit later earlier, then…something might had happened between him and Sanae?

Conflicting feelings started to bloom within James. He knew that his first love was Alia, but he also knows that he has come to develop feelings for his childhood friend. And now his having these kinds of feelings towards Sanae.

Realizing this type of emotions left James in a state of stasis. While he was thinking, he unconsciously sat down at the edge of the bed and started to gently caressed Sanae’s head.

James: (Does this mean that I like Alia, lucy and Sanae? Is this love?)

James could not help but think whether he is in love with the three girls or not. How did he reach this conclusion? It’s probably all because whenhe was just a kid, he had read from a magazine that his grandmother owned all about love. And it was stated there that ‘Love is a phenomenon that causes ones hearth to beat for the person he/she truly desires to be with’.

Sanae: “Mhhhmm”

Hearing Sanae’s purring sound, made James broke off from his trance and immediate realize that he was caressing this sleeping beauty’s head.

When He retracted his hand, stopping his caressing. Sanae’s expression turned into a frown.

James was about to leave the room.

James: “!?!”

James was stopped by a sudden force, pulling him towards the bed.

He could not believe what had happen. He was about to leave but his hand was suddenly grabbed by Sanae pulling him closer to her, making him lay down together with her on the bed.

This development to others might have been a divine blessing from heaven. But to James, it was a punishment. He could be said a shy person, and this development where he is laying down together on a bed with an extremely beautiful woman is going to make him faint from nervousness.

Despite being dense, James was still attracted to a woman’s body. His gaze could not help but lock on towards Sanae’s meaty breast. Her bountiful mounds was just right in front of him, and a few more inches then his face would be buried in between.

James: (T-this is not good!)

Of course James is not that stupid, he knew that his situation right now was not good, what if Sanae woke up and found him in front of her? Surely it will make her the happiest woman ali-, I mean it would make her feel embarrass to death.

Struggling to free himself from Sanae’s embrace.

James reach out his hand and slowly removed her hand from entwining his body.

Upon successfully escaping from Sanae’s grasp. James heard a sobbing sound, and when he turned his head over, he saw the sleeping Sanae sobbing.

*hic* *hic*

James didn’t know what to do, or why Sanae was crying. So he reluctantly went back and laid down besides her and gently stroke her head. Which unexpectedly had calmed down her sobbing.

James was bewildered at the same time confuse, he also felt that he had been fooled. Of course it was only a feeling but little did he know, Sanae had already woken up when he first stroke her head. She liked the stroking so much that when he stood up and was about to leave. She dramatically sob.

Accomplishing her goal, Sanae’s face bloomed into a smile. She snuggled closer to James, hugging him tighter into her embrace and at the same time making him her own personal hug pillow.

Sanae opened one of her eyes, peaking at what James expression was. Upon seeing his calm and a slightly smiling face. Her heart began to beat uncontrollably, her face flushed into a deep red while her breathing became erratic.

Of course on James point of view when he saw Sanae’s erratic breathing. He misunderstood it as her having a bad nightmare. Feeling bad for her, James slightly move closer to her pulling her head close into his chest.

James: “Shhh, sshh, everything’s ok Sanae your just having a bad dream right now.”

James action made Sanae’s heart to jump another leap. Her face which is now buried into his chest was bright red.

Sanae could not help but took a whiff at James. Smelling his scent made her to instinctively let out a ‘fuehehehe’ sound.

Hearing a sound suddenly coming out from the girl he was embracing made James smile.

James: (I guess embracing her works like magic huh, her nightmare should be gone now.)

And thus James slowly drifted to sleep, while Sanae also started to doze of comfortably within James embrace.

Looking at it in someones point of view. Sanae and James embracing each other to sleep look exactly like a loving couple sleeping together.

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