Chapter 14 – Liliana

~~New World Online Japan main branch corporation headquarters~~

Staff: “Sir! Sir! There’s an emergency!”

One of the New World Online staff was running and shouting frantically towards the CEO of the Japanese New World Online branch.

Boss: “What are you shouting for you moron?! Can’t you see that I am busy here talking to my daughter!”

Staff: “But Sir… There is really an emergency that we deem is needed of your attention.”

The guy was brave enough to not shrink back upon being shouted by his boss.

In fact, he even tried to reason with him.

Boss: “Tch, why now of all times? This is a rare time for me to talk with my daughter and here you are disturbing me!”

Staff: “But sir…”

Boss: “No buts!”

Receiving a piercing gaze from his boss, the guy who had been brave earlier was now shutting his mouth tightly. He was afraid of angering his boss any further.

???: “Daddy.”
Boss: “Oh sorry about that Lily, did my shouting perhaps scared my little angel??”

A cute and somewhat gentle voice suddenly spoke, upon hearing his daughter calling him, the previously angry boss immediately transformed into a kind and doting father.

The girl who spoke is named Liliana, nickname Lily, she is the only daughter of the previously enrage CEO of the Japanese New world Online branch Hase Takejiro.

Her unique flaming red hair could attract dozens of eyes of both gender. While her cute pouting lips and beautiful body figure wouldn’t lose even to the most beautiful models, and of course her gorgeous face could make most men fall in love with her.

Lily: “Of course not! Daddy I’m already 14 years old, I’m not little any longer, see?”

Staff: “*gulp*”

With confidence, Lily straitened her back while she stared intently at her father, Takejiro.

Her actions showed or rather emphasized her growing breast, since, when she straightened her back, her breast shook up and down making the previously down staff gulped his saliva, making him intently staring at the growing breast of this beautiful red haired girl in front of him.

Takejiro: “You fool, what are you staring at huh? Go back and wait for me at the studio.”

Staff: “…”

Seeing that the staff was ignoring him, Lily’s father, Takejiro erupted again from anger.

Takejiro: “What are you waiting for? Or do you not want to keep your job anymore huh!? ”

Hearing his boss getting angrier and angrier, the poor guy suddenly got nervous and started sweat all over his body.

Staff: “R-right away Sir”

After seeing the brazen guy who drooled at the beauty of his daughter scrambled rapidly away. Takejiro sighed and then turned around towards his beloved daughter.

Takejiro: “Ok, where were we, oh right, Lily what are you going here in Japan? What about your mother in Korea?”

Lily: “Don’t worry daddy, mother said that she will fly over here after 2 months. Mother also said that if you make me cry, then you better pray daddy~”

Takejiro: (W-what happened to my adorable and gentle angel? Why do I feel that she is somehow threatening me?)

With sweat covering his back, Takejiro replied with a fake smile.

Takejiro: “Haha, that’s easy.”

Lily: “Daddy?”

Takejiro: “What is it Lily?”

Lily: “Don’t you need to go over and check what the emergency was?”

Takejiro: “It can wait, right now I need to accompany my lovely daughter.”

Lily: “Hehe stop it daddy you tease, how about I accompany you daddy?”

Being tickled by her father, Lily laughed cutely.

A 14 year old with a very sexy body laughing cutely is a sight to see.

Takejiro: (She…she’s crafty like her mother, must be from the blood. Did she really think that those kids parent who she pranked their child when she was younger didn’t report her actions to me? Like mother like daughter huh? Both of them are such a handful… but I guess that’s part of their good points.)

Takejiro: “*sigh* ok fine”

Lily: “Yay!”

Takejiro gave up and decided to just bring along his lovely daughter with him.



After walking for around 10 minutes, Lily and her father finally arrived at the said studio.

The studio was large with all kinds of computers and gadgets lying around all over the place. The most eye catching inside is probably the large screen which is around 3meters in height and width.

Lily and her father were greeted by 10 people which are compose of 3 males and 7 females.

The three males seemed to be around the age of 24-28 while the females are around 18-24.

Takejiro: “So? what’s the problem that needed my attention? I hope its not some minor thing like you lot did few weeks ago.”

Unkown male staff: “But sir… it was Mashima san you know? that currently super teen rising idol”

Takejiro: “Fool! who cares if its some idol! heck, even if its the president himself I don’t care. Our job is to monitor those who broke the rules.”

Takejiro: “I know that our job is really boring, since New World Online is bug free, and is impossible to hack. But we are here just in case that happens.”

As Takejiro keep sermoning his staff, one of the staff suddenly spoke.

Unknown female staff: “Sir, that’s what we need you for.”

Takejiro: “What? don’t tell me its another super star again?”

Unkown female staff: “No sir, we think one player is hacking the game.”

Takejiro: “What?!?”

Takejiro: “Impossible! it’s only half a year since the launch of the game!”

Unknown female staff: “But sir… the data said so its all the proof that we need.”

Takejiro: “What really? show me the status of this so called player.”

Takejiro did not believe his staff, even if all of them had said so in unison. That’s why when Takejiro heard that they have the status of the said player as proof, he immediately asked for it and see for himself.

Takejiro: “What the heck is this? how the hell did a level 1 player get all of that skills? and his defense is way over the top! his defense could already be compare to the top ranking knights.”

Takejiro shouted while squinting his eyes. He could not believe what he is seeing. How can a level 1 player have all of those high ranking skills? even his Hp, mana, defence, attack and magical power is not what a level 1 should have.

Takejiro: “Is there any proof that this player is hacking?”

Unknown female staff: “N-no sir…”

Takejiro: “…Then how the hell did he get all those?”

Takejiro was now getting annoyed while pointing at the said player’s status being shown on the large screen.

Seeing their boss getting angrier and angrier, all the staff where just shutting their mouth tightly, even if they retorted, they could not show any proof of the said player hacking.

The entire studio is engulf in a long silence.

Everyone was just staring dumbly at the screen.

Meanwhile, Liliana’s eyes  has an excitement glint in it.

Liliana: (I-isn’t that James? I could probably wrong since he has brown curvy hair, but that height, face and that stupid grin plastered in his face… I couldn’t be mistaken could I? I-its not like I miss him these past couple of years… who am I kidding? I really miss James)

Liliana was slowly drifting off to her James wonder land while the studio is still in a tensed silent atmosphere.

Takejiro: “Should we just ban his account?”

Liliana: “NOOOO!!!”

Liliana: “You can’t ban him daddy.”

Liliana suddenly shouted after hearing her father suggesting to ban James account. She didn’t have any proof whether the player in the screen was really James but Liliana still protested to her father while using her teary puppy dog eye.

Takejiro: “Lily darling, don’t tell me that you fell in love with his face?”
Takejiro’s face was twitching while pointing at the screen on where James grinning picture and status could be seen. He knew his daughter too well if she wanted something or like it she would  use her dreadful puppy dog eyes to beg him for it, and here she is now, using that very dreadful technique.

Liliana: “Y-yeah…”

Liliana’s face flushed while she hang her head down and fiddled with her finger playfully.

A maiden in love, and the weird thing is, she is in love to a game character.

Takejiro: “*sigh*, Does any one have any proof that this player here is hacking?”

Unknown staff: “N-no sir.”

Takejiro: “Then his not hacking, case close.”

Hearing their boss final decision, all the staff could only wryly smile. How could they deal with something which they didn’t have any proof to begin with? they could only wallow and wait patiently on what big waves this player would bring to Japan.

With just a couple of hours playing New World Online and getting those kinds of benefits and skills, everyone was in sync in thinking “This player will become a legend”

Liliana: “Thank you daddy! I love you!”

Liliana was over joyed upon hearing her fathers final decision.

Meanwhile, Takejiro seeing the smiling face of his daughter could only smile happily. Which father would want to see their daughter sad? of course none.

Liliana: “Daddy.”

Takejiro: “Hmm? what is it Lily?”

Liliana: “I need another favor.”

Liliana was now using her puppy dog eyes again while fidgeting her finger.

Takejiro: “… what is it this time Lily?”

Liliana: “Can you please use your authority and check where he lives?”

Takejiro: “What!? you mean that? that guy? James?”

Takejiro felt like he was about to collapse, knowing that her daughter is going such lengths just for one guy whom she probably have not even met or seen.

Without any other choice, Takejiro finally gave in to her daughter and used his authority in order to check where this James is currently staying at.

Takejiro: (Seien academy? *phew* good thing that this James is a female after all.)

Takejiro: “Oh look at that, Seien academy, my condolence Lily.”

Takejiro with an obviously fake apologetic face said his condolence to his beloved daughter. But deep inside he was secretly rejoicing, he though that James was a man but in reality was actually a girl that is attending an all girl academy.

Takejiro: (Is that suppose to be a girl right? yeah maybe she’s one of those cool type beauty that I have heard about.)

Takejiro’s misunderstanding of James gender seemed to be fixed. He dare not believe that a male could be enrolled to an elite female academy.

Liliana: (Why is father’s face disheartened? oh well, at least I know where James is currently at.)

Liliana: “Daddy.”

Takejiro: “What is it agian Lily?”

Liliana: “Can I choose to enroll in Seien daddy? pretty please”

Using her sure kill puppy dog eye, Liliana tried her very best to convince her father to let her enroll at the academy where James at. Even though she wasn’t 100% sure that the James on the screen is the same as the James that she knew in her childhood, but still she took a gamble and decided that this James and the James in her past is the same.

Takejiro: “Of course darling, actually I’ll contact the principal right away and have you enroll immediately.”

Liliana: “Thanks daddy, you’re the best!”

Liliana hugged her all so doting father with a face brimming with happiness.

While Takejiro is  inwardly rejoicing.


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